• Are you looking for how to be indifferent in a relationship?  A relationship is bound to enter a crisis whether it is old or now. You need to look out for indifference in a relationship.
  • Your partner being indifferent in a relationship, are you worried about how they are feeling towards you? It is best for you to study your relationship to know the reason why your partner is acting indifferent towards you.

“Feeling indifferent towards your partner won’t solve a problem”

You need to understand that humans are bound to change anything and it is paramount for you to look out for the signs of indifference in a relationship. Whenever you noticed that your relationship is turning into indifference or your partner is showing indifference despite how much they claim to love you.

You can suddenly become indifferent to someone you love whenever your relationship is getting boring and there is no spark to bring it back to life. Most couples often go through a lot of boring weeks or routines in their life, but these are the things that make relationships thrive and grow. YouGov statistics show who end long-term relationships with their partner.

Your partner might not care about how they dress up but feel indifferent towards you because they are not sure about everything around them, they might even question the reason why they fell in love with you in the first place. 


There are a lot of ways in which someone can act indifferent towards you in a relationship. This can be caused by a fight and if a partner is acting indifferent towards another partner, there will be a replication of indifference until both decided to break up from the marriage.

The indifferences between partners can be caused probably because one of you cheated. It will be very hard for anyone to forgive and forget, this will make them act indifferent towards you. Trust will be hard to create and your partner will stop caring and show no love towards you.

There are times when your partner might let go of small fights or stop complaining about your bad attitude. If your partner show saying “I love you” or they don’t want to show any signs of commitment in a relationship, this could be caused by how indifferent your partner has become towards you.

No relationship is free from indifference, your partner might act indifferent to you while you are in a relationship. In order for you to face indifference, you need to know steps on how to become indifferent to someone you love.


Everybody wants to be kind, loving and caring to their wife or girlfriend anytime in a relationship. But this can be ignored that sometimes your wife or girlfriend might prove difficult around you.

The best way to deal with this is to be indifferent towards her, this will save you from unnecessary anger or frustration. You need to allow time to access her behaviors and how she always reacts to things in a relationship, also look out for all the warning signs she might portray before you can act indifferent towards her.

You can check on how she will react to your indifferences from there you can see all possible patterns in her behavior and this will allow you to predict what to do whenever she proves difficult to be around with and you can show indifference towards her without feeling guilty.


Whenever you think that the best thing to do is to be emotionally detached, indifferent towards your wife or girlfriend because of how they are reacting to you which is aggressive. She will notice at some point that you are ignoring her and she will definitely want to seek your attention back. 

If she notices that you are acting indifferent towards her, she will challenge you on why you are acting strange and this might escalate the issue faster than before. The best way for you to prevent this is to avoid getting sucked in an emotional world prepared by her which might get you angry or frustrated. You acting indifferent towards her should give her time to access her behavior and understand that her negative behavior is something that you will not condone.

This will help her to quickly reflect on her past deeds and stop the behavior for good. But unfortunately, for many women out there the moment they feel that their partner is acting indifferently towards them. Then, feel it is best for them to double down on their behavior and change for good. 

You need to understand that your girlfriend or wife will always crave attention from you and she will believe that the best way to get it is by acting aggressively and unpleasantly toward you.


Once you have identified that you acting indifferent towards your girlfriend and wife doesn’t mean that you are ignoring her completely but instead you are not participating in any emotional challenges she might have setup up towards you.

You have decided to play along with her and not get sucked into an emotional spiral that can create a mental health problem for you, the best way to prevent getting sucked into that world is by acting indifferently.

To protect your sanity, you are merely turning off your emotions and changing into reality only because you won’t condone any negative behavior that is being demonstrated by your wife.

You can engage with her intellectually but always try to avoid interacting emotionally because this will not be easy to do overtime.


To be indifferent to someone you love so much can be annoying to your partner which you are indifferently towards.

They will always expect you to respond to their emotional outburst whenever it happens but since you are acting indifferent towards them, you will find it hard to react to her emotions or reply back to whatever emotions she is displaying.

The moment your girlfriend or wife noticed that you are acting indifferent towards them they will always react aggressively towards you. Since you are emotionally detached from her behavior, you will find it easy to deal with anything she throws at you.

If you noticed that her aggressiveness towards you intensifies every day despite acting indifferent towards her, then it is time to sit your girlfriend or wife then and have a meaningful conversation with her. You need to make her understand that her behavior is not acceptable and you will continue to act indifferent until she changes her ways.

After the conversation, you can make her understand that you will no longer accept her aggressive behavior and she has to change for good, or else you will move on without looking back.



Most people in a relationship often believe that the best way to make it work is by avoiding arguing which is quite the opposite. When you and your partner argue, this comes with a feeling where both of you have to show some emotions rather than act indifferent towards each other.

An argument in a relationship should not be occurring every time, but if you are able to end an argument in a constructive way without breaking up or divorcing each other will be great. Apologizing should always be the sole of a relationship whenever a fight breaks out. You are learning how to improve your relationship and also more about each other daily without feeling tired of one another. Once you stopped reacting to your partner’s behavior due to indifference, your relationship will not improve and it will end quickly.

If you want your relationship to have a better future, you need to learn how to fight for it. The moment you stopped acting uninterested in your relationship there won’t be any changes in it.


Communication is the key to keeping any relationship alive. If you can communicate effectively with your partner, your relationship won’t survive. 

You need to communicate deeply with your partner and this moves from “asking about their day”, but it should be that both of you are on the right page of the relationship. It is not always easy to establish an effective way of communicating with your partner, especially during an argument or when you are expressing your emotions, you and your partner need to communicate with each other clearly during sensitive times.

If you think the best way to stop communicating with your partner is by acting indifferent towards them, this shows that you are not giving out a chance for them to make things right. Choosing silence over communication will never make an issue disappear also this will weaken a relationship and a breakup might occur anytime.

You should always be with a partner who expresses their feelings easily and wants to share their experiences with you without feeling guilty. If you don’t choose communication in a relationship, your partner might decide to find someone who makes time for them.

It won’t be proper to put your partner in a loop over an issue and expect them to create a solution to the problem they know nothing about, if you want to fix your relationship, it is time to open up about any issue your relationship might be facing.


Lying won’t save a relationship, the more you lie to your partner in a relationship the more they are bound to leave the relationship. It will be best not to lie about something that might hurt your partner, if they have to find out the truth about what you have been lying about will cause more problems and this will make them lose trust in you.

You need to show your partner the respect they deserve and do away with distrust or anything that can do destroy your relationship. If you are always happy to take a risk that can destroy your relationship for your own personal gain, this shows that you never  wanted the relationship before now.


Taking time in a relationship for yourself is not a bad thing to do. You will always need separate needs either as a couple or when you are dating, it is very healthy that you work on yourself and improve better when you are in a relationship.

Whenever you take time apart from your partner and you did not miss them a bit or for once you do not think about them, this is a sign that you have become indifferent to someone you love.

If you are doing something for yourself as long as you are happy while doing it whether in a relationship or outside, the connection you created with your partner should always make their life better and not become worse because they are in love with you.

Feeling indifferent towards your partner whether you are around them or not, shows that you have stopped appreciating the time shared together and you are not as happy as you should be in your relationship.

If you feel indifferent to someone you love, it will be best for you to spend your time with someone who deserves your love and will always be there for you. If you don’t enjoy full love in a relationship or your partner does not genuinely love you, it will be best for you to find someone else who will give you what you need.


Take your time to think if you feel disconnected from your own relationship, this will affect how you also feel in other areas of your life too. Anytime you feel disconnected from yourself, it will be hard for you to give back to your relationship. You might struggle very hard to contribute anything because you feel unmotivated.

When you feel sad deep down, you will unconsciously take out these feelings on people who are around you, and also, you will always look for a way to leave your relationship. The secret to having a great relationship is to explain how you feel to each other. If you don’t feel your partner or you are not connected with them it might be hard for you to take interest in them.

You need to make time for yourself and analyze what went wrong and how to fix it. If you think the best thing to do is take a break till you find a purpose and how to give back to your relationship. It will be best to take all the time you need before getting back into your relationship.



Indifference shows that you don’t care about what your partner does in a relationship. There might be no arguments in the relationship because both of you have stopped arguing because you don’t care about each other emotions again.


When someone acts indifferent toward you, it means that they don’t care about you. Caring is important in a relationship. If someone you love is showing signs of indifference this can be seen as they have withdrawn investing in you as their partner.


 You will always feel indifferent towards someone you love if you are in a long-term relationship. The feeling of being alone or staying away from your partner cannot be avoided, this will always happen once in a while.


Should I be indifferent to my partner?

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