What does it mean when a girl tries to make you jealous? 5 important meanings.

  • If you are asking what it means when a girl tries to make you jealous, the answer is quite simple. When a girl’s actions are intended to incite jealousy in a man, it would be for five major reasons, and we’ve discussed them below.

“There is nothing wrong with a little bit of jealousy. But never allow yourself to get played easily. Excessive jealousy could ruin you.”

Jealousy is a natural response to threats, whether real or imagined. How we respond to situations that make us jealous can serve multiple purposes to us and those around us. The feeling of jealousy can primarily help us to act in ways that protect and preserve what we cherish. However, our jealousy can also serve more complex benefits to others. This is why it is important that we recognize when we feel jealous so that we don’t respond poorly when people try to make us jealous.

A girl trying to make you jealous will do it for one of these five major reasons; 

  1. She wants to know if you love and care about her.

When a girl is uncertain about your feelings towards her, it can be very unsettling for her, especially if she likes you. Be rest assured that she will do all she can to clarify the situation between both of you. 

Aside from asking her friends about the meaning of things you’ve done for her that suggests you are into her, aside from her googling ‘signs a guy likes you,’ she may keenly test your feelings for her. One of the ways to get the answers she seeks is to do things that will make any guy nursing romantic feelings for a girl jealous. 

In a situation where a girl trying to make you jealous wants to know if you’re nursing any romantic feeling for her, here are some of the things she’ll likely do to make you jealous;

  • Flirt with other guys. 
  • Pretend that she does not notice you. 
  • Make statements that show that she is available and can be pursued by guys interested in her.
  • Purposefully spend less time entertaining you, etc. 

If you are nursing a romantic feeling for a lady and she behaves in the above-listed manners, you might get visibly annoyed about her, actively pursue her more than you did, fight for her, or start to avoid her. When you react in any manner, she will know that you are nursing a romantic feeling for her as much as she is doing for you.

As a guy, if you like a girl, but you are undecided about actively pursuing her, let her go. If you keep giving her mixed signals, do not get surprised when she does things to make you jealous. More so, she’ll find it disrespectful if you keep leading her on with no true intention of pursuing her. That’s how to make haters out of innocent people.

  1. She wants you to actively pursue her. 

Is a female friend trying to make you jealous? Is she suddenly so busy she can’t hang out with you? Is she playing hard to reach? Does she care less about you than she did before? Is she suddenly admiring guys on social media and flirting with a couple? Is she creating some distance between both of you? Does she spend time with another guy or compliment another guy often? 

It is her way of telling you that she wants more than just friendship. She is tired of you showing her that you care but not enough to ask her to be your girl. When a lady is tired of a guy’s indecisiveness towards her, she might do things that will motivate him to make a bold commitment to her.

When she tries to make you jealous, you should also understand that she is ready to move on from whatever ‘situationship’ she has with you. She might have been getting a lot of mixed signals from you, and she finds your actions deceptive or frustrating. 

If you romantically like her, seeking her attention and communicating with her frequently might be how you’ll react to your feeling of jealousy. When you act in this manner, you’ve done what she wants. Your reaction to your jealousy is neither a good nor bad thing in this situation. It all depends on your ‘situationship’ with her. 

If you notice signs she is trying to make you jealous, it’s your cue to be decisive about her. Have a mature conversation with her and tell her where you stand with her. It is best to respect her feelings and let her go if you are indecisive about her. 

  1. She wants to get back at you for hurting her.

Why do women try to make men jealous? The third reason is she is mad at something he did. Yes, some women get their revenge by making a guy who annoys them jealous. Sounds crazy, right? But it happens. 

The reasons for trying to make him jealous could be as serious as finding out he was flirting with another lady or as petty as finding out he ate her apple pie without her permission. 

In your marriage, if you notice that your wife is trying to make you jealous, it could be that she feels being taken for granted. Secondly, you may have complimented or behaved too nicely towards another woman, and she found it disrespectful. 

A lady might try to make you jealous when she is trying to hurt you back by being kinder to other people more than she will be to you. She might also praise the achievements of other men and ignore yours to belittle your effort, etc. 

We honestly think that making someone jealous to hurt them is childish. But if you notice a girl trying to make me jealous, try to have a mature conversation with her, and she’ll call it off.

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