9 Ways on How to Be in a Relationship With Someone Who Has Anxiety

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If you plan to date someone who has anxiety or is already in a relationship with someone who has an anxiety disorder, it will be good to know more about your partner and how you can cope with them. You are already making an effort or looking for a way to understand them more, which is the best way to know helpful things you can do with your partner.

You can have a wonderful person as partner who will have a healthy relationship with you, but dealing with anxiety disorder can be a huge problem because your relationship can be destroyed due to their inability to partner while dating. Your partner might look at you as a source of comfort or see you as a problem. Do you know that some behavioral addictions often cause anxiety disorder?

Source from KK shows the symptoms of anxiety and depressive disorder exhibited by adults during covid 19.

Share of Adults Reporting Symptoms of Anxiety or Depressive Disorder During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Everyone has different anxiety, so be on the lookout for the one your partner is expressing. Some common anxiety which people exhibit includes overworking, hiding their feelings, acting immature and many more. This anxiety will often stress and make them overthink, from which they could lose control and destroy a relationship. This same anxiety can also affect people mentally and socially. They might find it difficult to try new activities or enjoy things at the right time because they fear being mocked. Suppose your partner often sticks with you while going out on an event or hates to engage with others either in a conversation. In that case, this is a symptom of anxiety, or you might be dating someone with anxiety disorder. Ways to explain anxiety to your partner.

Below are things to know if you are in a relationship with someone who has anxiety and ways on how to correct your partner:

1. Time your time to learn the type of anxiety they have:

You need to take your time to understand your partner and check for the type of anxiety. It might be hard or sometimes easy to find how your partner expresses their problem. You can trace back the events that have ever occurred between you and your partner to see how you can help them, dating a girlfriend with anxiety or in a relationship with a guy who has anxiety and ignores you. All these problems can be solved once you understand the type of anxiety they have.

Also, it is advisable to check with your therapist for a proper diagnosis of the anxiety and how you can deal with it. Being in a relationship is all about two individuals looking out for each other, don’t be afraid to be there for your partner when they are showcasing their anxiety disorder.

2. Listen and show care

The moment you notice that your partner is exhibiting anxiety issues, it is up to you to show them care and listen to how they feel. You can ask them questions like: “when did this anxiety issue start,” “how can I be of help?”, “can I offer a solution or have a discussion on how your partner feels about their anxiety is one way to form closure an understand what they are going through.

It might be hard at first for them to open up to you, probably they are embarrassed or afraid about your decision on the issue; make them feel comfortable and listen while they share their anxiety disorder with you, learn how to comfort someone with anxiety problem.

Note, don’t judge them on how they are acting in any situations around them. This might trigger their anxiety disorder, creating a wall to shut themselves in with their feelings.

3. Ask them what triggers their anxiety

Anxiety is often activated with triggers because of natural phenomena. You are in the best position to ask your partner what causes their anxiety; you might often be the cause of their anxiety to showcase, or someone around might trigger them. Know what to say and not to say to someone who has anxiety problem. Either way, you can check on what triggers them and what questions should you ask;

  • What causes your trigger?
  • How can I be of help?
  • Is there any solution we can try?
  • Would like to see a therapist?
  • Any recent changes about your anxiety?
  • I am here for you whenever you are ready to talk.
  • Feel safe and let me know your opinion

4. Don’t think you are the cause

Don’t take the blame for being the cause of your partner’s anxiety, both of you are in a relationship to help each other but you have to understand that most times you might not be the cause of the anxiety. If she acts nervously around you, do not panic because only her anxiety is displaying and it might cause by the environment or mood swings, if you are not careful with how you deal with the issue. You might destroy your relationship with the hope that you are the cause of her anxiety problem.

5. Don’t act irrational or fear their emotions

Your partner might exhibit different emotions such as crying, talking alone, mood swings all this happens because of her anxiety problem if you act irrational or fear how they express their emotions. You might be the cause of your relationship breaking up. The best thing for you to do is to take a deep breath, forget about the emotions being put up by your partner. Act in a way to behave manner and console your partner if you act in a different way or show any sign of fear. You will automatically become a trigger point for her anxiety, the best solution is to show her confidence and not turn her away.

6. Find a way to control your anxiety

Anxiety is transferable from one person to another if your partner or you exhibit any symptoms of anxiety. It will be advisable for you and her to find a way on how to control your anxiety. It can be transferred from you to your girlfriend or vice versa if care is not taken.

The only to control anxiety and not spread it is to look for a soothing and calm way to relax and save yourself from stress, such relaxing ways include mediation, yoga. All these can help control your anxiety problem.

7. Don’t act as their therapist

Judging your partner based on their anxiety problem can cause a lot of trouble and since you are not their therapist. You can only be supportive but you are not in a position to judge or tell them how to treat their triggers, without knowing while giving advice to your partner who has anxiety can land you in a trouble. It is advisable to seek out an expert who has more knowledge in this field and can handle anxiety disorder.

Helping and understanding your partner’s anxiety is not a problem, but you acting as a judge or positioning yourself as an expert who knows more about anxiety disorder can be alarming. No one wants to be controlled or seen as a liability, it will be best for you to see out someone who will give an expert view on how to deal with your partner’s anxiety.

8. Anxiety showcases in a different form

Your partner might not have an anxiety disorder but instead might be showcase feelings about the new relationship they just embarked on. You might be wondering why this happens? Don’t be shocked when you find out that your partner doesn’t have an anxiety disorder but instead they are only expressing how they feel about a particular thing.

Most partners who get into a new relationship do showcase anxiety over a week, this happens because the partners might be a newcomer in terms of a relationship. They might tend to show anxiety or for example; dating an introvert might be a lot of issues because they tend to showcase anxiety and this happens not because suffer from a disorder but instead they are afraid of leaving their personal space.

It might be hard to find an introvert staying long in a place or engaging in a long conversation among a large crowd.

9. Know when to let go

If you find it hard to be in a relationship with someone whose anxiety is hard for you to handle. It would be best for you to let such a person go, leaving your partner or calling off a relationship might be something hard to do but if you truly love them, you will let them go. There are some anxiety disorders that your partner might create and it would be hard for you to accept even after coping with all the hardship that might come with it.

Everyone has their own anxiety and how they express it. A relationship should be established on a belief that two individuals have decided to enjoy their lives over the years, but it won’t be great if all are disturbed by one’s anxiety which can be kept in check.

How to be in a relationship with someone who has anxiety

Communication is the foundation of a relationship, and if your partner has anxiety. It will be important to discuss how you feel and how you wish to help your partner. If your partner is feeling unease about your relationship or she suddenly develop anxiety over a little thing being done by you, it would be best for you to call her attention to it. Open communication helps and solves problems faster.

In helping your partner, remember that it is not your sole responsibility for you to die while helping her out; you might lose yourself and your sanity while helping her get back on her feet. It would be best for you to do what you can, and if you notice that there are no sudden changes about her, you can refer her to an expert for help.

Everyone wants a listening ear that will always hear their worries and give out comfort, but you might not be there every day to help out your partner. Therefore, provide the support you can give them when due, but if you notice that it is beyond your power. It is time to visit an expert who is skilled in anxiety disorder. Moreover, anxiety is a common issue that doesn’t have to make a bad impact on a relationship, but it requires both parties to work hand in hand to reduce anxiety in their relationship.

How to support someone who has anxiety

Listen to your partner more and try your best way to help them and not fix them. Because the moment your partner noticed that you are trying to fix them, it will complicate the issue more, and their anxiety won’t be fixed. If you understand how your partner loves language, it will be easy for you to calm and support them. The best way is to understand what works for your partner and how you can offer compliments whenever their anxiety hits.


1. Does anxiety affect relationships?

Anxiety in a relationship will always hurt people outside your relationship. Too much anxiety can cause excessive worrying, stress, and fear of connecting with the outside world. All these feelings will always be the cause of a relationship to fail.

2. How can I help my partner with anxiety attacks?

There are several ways to help your partner deal with an anxiety attack, below are things to try whenever your partner has an anxiety attack:

  • Allow them to eat a well-balanced diet.
  • Mediation
  • Avoiding things that might trigger them.

3. How to deal with my boyfriend’s anxiety, who kept pushing me away?

You can deal with your boyfriend anxiety and still keep your relationship by following these procedures:

  • You need to understand your boyfriend’s feelings and his needs.
  • Hear out his opinions and experiences without being judgmental or defensive
  • Show that you care about him so much.

4. How can I help someone with anxiety and depression?

Most people don’t know about their anxiety and depression disorder as a friend or someone in a relationship. You can help someone out with their anxiety:

  • Refer them to a therapist
  • Act as their supporting shoulder
  • Don’t be defensive or act irrationally with them





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