How to treat your pregnant wife: 9 thoughtful ways.

How to treat your pregnant wife 9 thoughtful ways.

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how to treat your pregnant wife?

Pregnancy is a great balance in life. It brings out the worst mood swings in a wife and the best levels of tolerance in a husband.

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It’s a known fact that fathers’ involvement during pregnancy has invaluable benefits for moms and children. Benefits include decreased infant mortality, reduced maternal risk, better childbearing capacity, and healthier psychological outcomes. 


Many husbands are no longer onlookers during their wife’s pregnancies. They attend antenatal, do house chores, plan and participate in preggie activities, act as reminders to their wife, and even support their wives during delivery. They know the ins and outs of fatherhood from the conception of their child till after birth. 


However, the world still has a larger population of clueless men that do not know how to treat their pregnant wives. Some of them care, and others don’t. For husbands that care, they are usually overwhelmed by their wife’s myriad emotions, attitudes, behaviors, & needs. 

father's involvement in individual aspects of pregnancy in UK

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How can I make my pregnant wife happy and satisfied?

If you are a first-time dad wishing to get fatherhood right or a dad who wishes to support your wife better than you did in the past, here is a list of 9 effective things to do to treat your pregnant wife well. 

  • Pick out a journal and document your experience.

If you wish to welcome yourself to active fatherhood officially, it’s time for serious knowledge acquisition. You learn by reading and documenting. Many men do well with reading, but they fail to document. They tend to repeat mistakes that could irritate their wife frequently. Sir, keep yourself updated to avoid stressing your pregnant wife or yourself. 

Most women are sensitive during pregnancy. They are sensitive to sound, smell, colors, textures, taste, etcetera. You need to figure out what she is sensitive to as much as you listen to her displeasure. 


Get a journal for yourself and document your experience. A journal will serve as a reference point for you throughout the pregnancy. Know that you are at liberty to figure things out for yourself as much as your pregnant wife does for herself. Many men make the mistake of assuming that their wives know everything about being pregnant, which is false. Trust us, pregnancy is a learning curve for every pregnant mom, no matter how many kids she has.


Some of the things you could document about your pregnant wife;

  • Her mood swing
  • Medical appointments
  • Expert recommendations
  • Stress level
  • Health issues
  • Food cravings
  • Irritants
  • Chores she needs help

  • Always ask her about herself.

One of the best ways to treat your pregnant wife properly is by asking her about herself. Make it a habit to ask your pregnant wife questions about; 

  • How she feels, 
  • How her day went, 
  • How the baby is doing, 
  • What she finds most difficult to achieve,
  • Things that would make her feel more comfortable and relaxed,
  • How well she has eaten.

By asking her these questions, you stand to achieve many things. For example;

  • You create a healthy space where both of you can freely talk about the pregnancy.
  • You strengthen your bond as a couple.
  • You learn more about her and the baby’s evolving needs.
  • She learns to depend on your support.


Hey soon-to-be dad, try not to be too serious when asking your pregnant wife about herself. Be playful, and fun more often. A light mood will spare both of you some pregnancy-related stress. 


Secondly, your pregnant wife will not always be in the mood to discuss how she feels. Don’t be offended when you notice that she isn’t in the mood to talk. Give her space but show affection that reassures her that you are always available to hear what she has to say.

  • Share physical affections.

It’s not enough to ask your pregnant wife how she feels; you need to go all the way to make her feel loved, valued, appreciated, and beautiful. It is important to remember that women have fleeting emotions about themselves and their attractiveness during pregnancy. Some moms become jealous and insecure when they find your affections to be scarce and questionable. Below are several things your pregnant wife will appreciate;

  • Give her hugs and allow her to give you long hugs too.
  • Enough pecks and kisses
  • Drop her money to get her favorite cravings as often as you can afford it.
  • Give her belly rubs and shoulder and feet massages as often as possible.
  • Hold her hands sometimes when you are outdoors
  • Shower her with compliments. 
  • Pick out cute dresses and sandals for her sometimes. 
  • Shower her with gifts. If you are wondering what to buy for your pregnant wife, check out Relaxing gifts for new moms and Care package ideas for new moms. You will find one or two lovely items for your pregnant wife


When you show a lot of physical affection to your pregnant wife, here are a couple of things you achieve;

  • You improve your intimacy and strengthen your bond.
  • You reassure her of your commitment and love.
  • You make her feel good about herself. You make her feel needed and attractive.
  • She learns to depend on your support more often. She’ll feel more confident confiding in you.
  • You reduce pregnancy related stress and tension in your marriage.
  • You’ll learn new things about your wife and your baby.

  • Take up more chores in the house.

So many pregnant moms experience fatigue. They take longer to do chores they would have completed in less time. As a supportive husband, your pregnant wife will appreciate it if you pick up a little more chores around the house. Pregnancy is a time for husbands to learn how to do things around the house; please do not give excuses. 

  • Learn to make simple healthy meals for her, yourself, and the family.
  • Vacuum the house because your pregnant wife will find it difficult to bend and vacuum hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Carry in groceries when she returns from a shopping mall.
  • Join her in gardening if she has one.
  • Join her in organizing a nursery for your baby.
  • Pick up meals for the family on your way home to spare her the stress of cooking as often as possible. 

When you take up extra chores in the house, you reduce your pregnant wife’s stress level and improve the quality of her rest. 

  • Actively participate in Antenatal activities.

Antenatal activities are not just for your pregnant wife; You can benefit immensely from them too. Antenatal activities expose fathers to information that could bring about positive lifestyle changes, improve their relationship with their pregnant wives, and boost their confidence when supporting their wives. If you wish to make your pregnant wife happy and satisfied, join her for antenatal. Several studies show that fathers fail in this regard. To keep you motivated, check out the survey by Fletcher, Silberberg, & Galloway (2004) about the opinions of first-time dads on Antenatal activities. 

Source: Researchgate.

  • Plan for fun activities.

Another fantastic way to treat your pregnant wife properly is to keep her engaged in activities that will positively influence her mood. Some expecting moms have lots of free time on their hands and could get easily bored or downcast if left alone. Spice up each week for them by planning an activity they would enjoy. Check out 16 fun and creative things to do while pregnant.

  • Spa treatments
  • Items shopping
  • Skill acquisition
  • Visitation to libraries, museums, and other cultural centers.
  • Outdoor dinners.
  • Social/ family hangouts.
  • Visit the beach and concerts.
  • Food tasting outings

  • Learn to show empathy.

Your empathy as a husband will radically improve your marriage throughout the expectancy phase. As you see your wife undergo a couple of changes, empathize with the stress she might be experiencing. Your empathy will help her adjust quickly to her weird craving, strange routines, body chubbiness, wavering emotions, sensitivity, constant fatigue, and swollen legs.

  • Be available. 

Your pregnant wife will need a lot of assistance from you. Here are a few requests to expect from her;

  • Grab or buy snacks to appease her cravings.  
  • A lift to and fro to places
  • Participation during antenatal
  • Grocery shopping
  • Lift heavy items
  • Help her to shave hard-to-reach places
  • Buckle shoes
  • Evaluate her physical appearance


The more available you are, the more reliable you become. You might be a working husband who is hardly ever around, wondering what to do. Make presence count when you are around. Whenever you are unable to help her out, make alternative plans.

  • Send care packages when you cannot make it home on time, but the cravings are getting the best of her. 
  • Send a cab to pick her up when she feels too tired to drive herself around. 

  • Invest in her nutrition and comfort/ relaxation.

Treat your pregnant wife well by investing in her meals, meds, and comfort. Pregnant moms need nutritious meals, fruits, recommended vitamins, pillows, comfortable outfits and shoes, massage gadgets, and snacks. Investing in these things improves the quality of her experience as a pregnant mom.

How to behave near your pregnant wife.

Often, men complain that they get the impression that their pregnant wife is annoyed with or irritated by them. They also get the sense that their wife feels down and needs cheering, but they don’t know what to do. If your pregnant wife’s fleeting emotions are getting you worked up, here are a couple of helpful tips when you relate with her; 

  • Ask her probing questions when you sense irritation.

Everyone hates the feeling of walking on shells around people close to them. Many husbands tend to feel this way about their pregnant wife’s moodiness. When they get fed up with their wife’s shenanigans, they leave the room or ignore her. Sadly, they never feel fulfilled responding this way. 


Whenever you sense that your pregnant wife is irritated by you or something else, ignoring her is not the best way to handle the situation. It is best to ask probing questions. For example;

Husband: “Honey, is everything alright? You don’t look your happy self.” 

Wife: *silent* or *Ignores* or *tries to brush it off like she isn’t in the mood to talk.*

Huband: “Has someone done something you don’t like?”

Wife: “Acts irritated but unwilling to talk about it.”

Husband: I can only help you feel better if I know what’s bothering you. 

Wife: *might still be unwilling to talk*

Husband: Whenever you wish to voice it out, let me know


After you’ve asked probing questions and she isn’t yielding, let her be until she is ready to talk. Don’t overdo it. As much as her hormones are taking a toll on her, she has to learn to handle them maturely without ruining everybody’s day.


It’s best to set rules of engagement before your wife’s pregnancy progresses. Encourage your pregnant wife to always communicate how she feels respectfully. Establish healthy communication between you and your partner.

  • Compliment your wife when she makes sarcastic comments about her body or looks. 

We’ve noticed that so many men do not want to get trapped in their wife’s curves and tussles to misinterpret a good compliment. However, ignoring your pregnant wife’s sarcastic compliments about her body is never a good idea. By ignoring her, she’ll take it as you indirectly acknowledge her remarks to be true. Your silence could dampen her mood even if she says nothing to you. 


When your pregnant wife makes demeaning remarks about her body and looks, it’s your cue to compliment and reassure her of your feelings. She is feeling unattractive and worried that she’ll never get back her body or that you’ll no longer find her attractive. 

  • Your wife is the new kid hot on the block; keep goodies around the house.

You can cure some of her moodiness with some goodies. Yup. Sometimes, look at your pregnant wife as the new kid you share your goodies with because you want her to be your friend. It works like magic. We don’t recommend trying it when you screw up big time. She’ll see it as you belittling or bribing her with gifts instead of addressing the real issue.


Have a couple of goodies around the house. She doesn’t need to know where to find them. Your wife will be happy to get them. Those preg cravings are demonic.  

  • Be conscious of the impressions you give. 

Your pregnant wife feeds off of the impression you give. When you give an impression that she is lazy, she might stress herself more than expected. If you give her the impression that she is fat and unattractive, she might start to eat less which could adversely affect your baby.  

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Tips for making your pregnant wife happy


  • Remember all the things she is sensitive about. Things that make her puck or get annoyed easily.
  • Participate in antenatal activities and ask relevant questions to help you better serve your pregnant wife.
  • Be willing to have pregnancy conversations. 
  • Invest in her nutrition and comfort.
  • Show affection to her privately and publicly
  • Take up more chores in the house
  • Be available to help out when she needs you, or be resourceful enough to provide her helpful alternatives.
  • Plan activities to keep her active and cheerful.
  • Spoil her with care packages
  • Compliment her as often as possible

Closing remark

Making your pregnant wife happy and satisfied is tasking, but it is worth it. It can immensely benefit your wife..





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