Some men find it very difficult to find the right words and actions to properly express their feelings to the special girl in their lives. If you feel like you’re that man and you think you’re not expressing your love enough to your girlfriend and you’re wondering how to fix that, then this article is for you. We will show you how you can express your love and appreciation to your girl with Just because I Love you gifts for her.

Making sure that your special lady knows that you love and appreciate her is a vital part of having a successful long-lasting relationship. Sometimes life can get in the way with all the busy schedules and you might find yourself rushing past each other daily and never really finding the time to spend some quality time together to communicate or to express your love for each other. And even when you do finally get together you are both too exhausted to say or do anything.

This is very bad for any relationship because as you stop communicating you tend to lose the connection with each other. So it is always a good idea to try and make some sort of effort no matter how small to keep communicating and to spend time and make gestures to show your appreciation for each other

It is also very important when you communicate with each other that you say the actual words “I Love You” and to tell her how you actually feel about her so that she will not have to question your feelings for her. Even better, you can express your love for her by getting some gifts that say I Love you for her. These gifts can be something special that will say the words for you and, in some cases, do a better job than saying it verbally.

When choosing thoughtful gifts that say I love you, you must remember that many women attach a deeper meaning to each gift that you give to them. Look at not only the wording on the gift but also the design or details carefully so you don’t send the wrong message to her.

Here are some great, just because I love you gifts for her that you can choose from depending on your budget and your girlfriend’s taste. You can pick anything from jewelry sets, home accessories to picture frames.

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ALOV Sterling Silver “I Love You to The Moon and Back” Necklace

Show her that you love her with this stunning ALOV love heart cubic zirconia pendant necklace with a beautiful message of “I Love You To the Moon and back” written on it. This precious gift will make her smile every time she looks at it.


  • Beautiful and quality
  • The wording is clear and readable
  • Stone is stunning and is a great size
  • Length of the chain is adjustable
  • The lobster clasp is sturdy


  • A small portion of reviewers has found that the print size of the message is way too small to read.

    Customers that have purchased this ALOV Jewelry Sterling Silver Necklace for the girl they love have had mostly positive things to say as they love the unique stunning stone that makes it stand out from other pieces of jewelry.

    YEASL “I Love You to The Moon and Back” Tabletop Picture Frame

    This beautiful photo frame is a really unique and quirky “just because I Love You”gift idea for her. It has a switch on the back of the frame, which turns the lights up on the carved wording“I Love You to the Moon & Back” and stars, giving it a nice, warm, white and soft glow while expressing your love for her. This frame does require 2xAAA batteries, (not included in the gift package).


    • A high-quality picture frame
    • It is lightweight but sturdy
    • It looks even more beautiful when it lights up
    • This frame is a foldable design to make it sturdy when standing.


    • A small portion of reviewers has had some issues with the frame not lighting up when switched on.

      Customers that have purchased this Picture Frame had mostly positive things to say as they find it to be a unique frame, with great wording that lights up in the dark making it even more special.

      14k Yellow Gold Diamond Triple Heart Infinity Ring

      Give this beautiful yellow gold diamond ring to your special someone to show your endless love for them. This beautiful triple heart infinity ring will give her the unspoken message of everlasting love that is loud and clear.


      • It is well made
      • It is a stunning looking ring
      • It is a comfortable fit
      • The size is perfect and not too flashy
      • It also comes with free special gift packaging.


      • Some buyers thought the rings design and diamonds were a little small.

        Customers that have purchased this Solid 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Triple Heart Infinity Ring had mostly positive things to say as they find it to be an adorable little ring that the recipients love very much.

        Big Plush Giant ” I Love You” Heart Pillow

        This giant-sized, soft, and luxurious red heart pillow will make a wonderful just because I Love you gift for her as it will show your Love for her BIG TIME. She will adore everything about this pillow, the size, the plush heart with a bright yellow message on it, and she will love just how comfortable it is.


        • This oversized love pillow is made of quality material
        • It is super soft and is very comfortable
        • Beautiful vibrant red with eye-catching yellow writing


        • A small portion of reviewers complained that the pillow came a bit crampy due to the packaging and shipping.

          Customers that have purchased this Big Plush Giant Heart Pillow 42 Inches I Love You, Very Soft Huge and Life-Sized have had a lot of positive things to say as they find it to be a great buy, very well made and it is super soft and comfy.

          Long-Lasting Luxury Bouquet of Pink Roses- Lasts for a Year

          If your girlfriend loves fresh, beautiful bouquets but frowns every time they die after a few days, this eternity bouquet will be the perfect gift idea to express your love to her. This natural bouquet can last for a year or even longer thanks to special treatment done on each rose to replace the water inside the rose with a special preservative.


          • Elegant packaging
          • Roses come with a beautiful natural scent
          • Different color options are available

            Customers that purchased this bouquet were extremely satisfied with the elegant packaging, and the beautiful fresh look of each rose inside it.

            AGS Certified 1 Carat Two Stone Diamond Ring in 10K Yellow Gold

            This gorgeous 1 Carat TW Two Stone Diamond Ring in 10K Yellow Gold from Szul is the ring that will symbolize the two of you together forever. Its beautiful style and design will leave her smiling every time she looks at it, and she will know just how much you love her.


            • This ring is a solid creation
            • It looks attractive
            • A perfect fit for the correctly chosen size
            • The stones are well secured and are good quality


            • A small portion of reviewers has found that the ring and diamonds were smaller than what they expected.

              Customers that have purchased this 1 Carat TW Two Stone Diamond Ring in 10K Yellow Gold from Szul have had mostly positive things to say as they find it to be a very thoughtful gift of good quality.

              “I Can’t Say I Love You Enough, So This is Your Reminder” Wood Box

              Say I love you with this box sign with an aged look to it and a sweet message. It will fit nicely with any décor in her house or look great on her office desk and be a constant reminder to her that you Love her.

              If this one on its own is not enough, then add the I Could Love You Longer and the Share My Life, which will make a great gift set to give her.


              • Very cute, sweet and elegant
              • This sign is lightweight
              • Perfect size for a desk, shelf or bedside table
              • It can be hung up on a wall too
              • A daily reminder of your love for her


              • Some buyers found this Box sign to be a bit smaller than expected.

              Customers that have purchased this I Love You Box Sign have had mostly positive things to say as they find it to be a small but beautiful way to express your feelings for a loved one.

              Getting Just because I Love you gifts for her is always a great way to express your love to the most precious person in your life, especially if you are the type of man that finds it difficult to express your feelings with words.

              If you would like to go a little above and beyond and are wondering what you can do to make her feel special on a daily basis, then here are some non-gift ideas to help:

              • Show her that you love her by doing little things out of the ordinary, like holding her hand in public or giving her an unexpected kiss or hug.
              • Make her feel special by telling her that she is beautiful, not only on the outside but the inside too. Compliment her on her look, maybe the outfit she is wearing. Girls love it when the effort they have made to look good is noticed by their man but don’t forget to also compliment her personality and some trait that makes her special to you.
              • Make your girl feel special by looking in her eyes when you tell her that you love her. To make it even more meaningful look at her at odd moments like maybe when she wakes up in the morning and when she asks what you are looking at, then compliment her, she will laugh and think that you are crazy, but deep down she will feel like that you still love her at her worst.
              • Be affectionate by wrapping your arms around her. Most girls love to be held because that makes them feel safe. It blocks out the rest of the world and its bitterness which will give her the courage to face anything with you by her side.
              • Listen to her when she talks to you and confides in you, but listen not only to what she is saying but try to understand her perspective too. Girls LOVE good  listeners
              • Make her feel as important as she really is by showing her appreciation for the fact that she is always there for you, always by your side through the good times, as well as the bad times supporting you in any way she can. Saying thank you once in a while will mean the world to her.
              • Make her laugh because laughter is the best defense we have against a cruel and hard world. Do some silly things together, it warms the heart and strengthens your bond.
              • Do chores that you know she hates to do. She will appreciate it if you do chores that keep bugging her or that she dreads to do.

              Express your love for the special lady in your life by spending some time listening to her, being affectionate towards her randomly and spoiling her with just because I love you gifts for her which will strengthen the bond you have and create wonderful memories for your future together.

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