11 Keys to identifying your soulmate

11 Keys to identifying your soulmate

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11 Keys to identifying your soulmate

Your soulmate will be the stranger you recognize.

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Do you believe in soulmates

Isn’t it interesting that people who believe in soulmates are the majority for every age group in this study? Ages 18-24 had the highest number of people who don’t believe in soulmates, while the ages 45-54 had the highest number of participants who believe in soulmates. One could argue that the older a person gets, the higher chance of believing soulmates exist. Source: Statista.

Do soulmates exist?

The idea of living happily ever after with a person might seem farfetched but such relationships exist and comprise of two soulmates. Soulmates are no fairytales. They exist and enjoy some of the most satisfying relationships. The controversy surrounding the idea of a soulmate stems from people’s lack of understanding because they have yet to experience it.


To help you understand who a soulmate is in the simplest possible way,  let’s briefly use the term ‘ideal partner’ instead of soulmates. If we asked whether the ‘ideal partner’ exists for people, you might find this question a lot easier to answer. And if your answer was yes, we’ve been on the same page the whole while. A soulmate is simply the ideal partner for a person. 


We all deserve to be with our ideal partners. We all deserve to be with who can bond with us on levels no other person can. Here are more truths that could help you cancel some doubts about soulmates


  • Soulmates are not perfect people. They are instead people who are perfectly suited for each other. People often assume that soulmates are perfect beings, which is wrong. Soulmates are people with various flaws. They have emotional issues to deal with, characters to adjust, weight to lose, personal hygiene to improve, and the list goes on and on. 


  • Soulmates can walk away from each other when they meet themselves at the wrong stage of their lives. We understand that movies may have sold many unrealistic impressions about soulmates. We wish you could drop some unreal beliefs and stick to what’s real. There is something like ‘meeting the right person at the wrong time.’ Here are a few instances where soulmates part ways;


  1. When soulmates still depend on their caregivers, their chance of parting ways is high. Any situation that burdens their family could throw them apart. For example, when their families relocate far away, they part ways. Secondly, soulmates may be forced to part ways in situations that involve family rivalries or rejection. When these incidents happen, it’s not a given that they will find each other at a later stage in life. 


  1. Soulmates have a higher chance of separating when one of the soulmates is not taking their personal growth seriously nor pulling their needed weight in the relationship. 


  • Soulmates don’t always start as lovers. Sometimes they start as rivals, neighbors, or friends who don’t know they will be lovers.  Dead the idea that a soulmate is someone you’ve never met or someone you’ll accidentally meet when you’re ripe for marriage or a meaningful relationship. There is no rule as to how soulmates will come to be. You may have seen your soulmate, but you don’t know yet.


  • Soulmates are not tied/enslaved to each other. When soulmates stick together, they are simply exercising their free will to love and stay with someone they share a deeper connection. It does not mean they can’t walk away from a relationship with trust issues, etcetera. A soulmate could walk away from a soulmate who cheats on them if they decide to. 


  • The relationship between soulmates also has conflicts and problems. However, the presence of problems isn’t the absence of happiness. 


  • Soulmates are rare, but it’s possible to find more than one soulmate in a person’s lifetime. It’s understandable if the rarity of soulmates scares you, but the truth remains that you can’t find your soulmate in every individual you’re attracted to. Only a few people can connect with you profoundly, so when you meet one, treasure them. 


  • It’s not a given that you’ll find your soulmate in your race or country. It’s also not a given that your soulmate will come in the physique you imagined.


How to identify your soulmate?

Many people doubt the existence of soulmates because they don’t know how to identify their soulmates. In this section, you’ll find 11 crucial signs that a person is your soulmate

The first key to identifying your soulmate is the feeling of attraction toward them. The pull you feel towards your soulmate will not be lustful even if you may have had any sexual dealings with them. It is not a given that your soulmate will have physical qualities you consider attractive. But the chemistry you’ll feel when you see or interact with them will be undeniable. Something about them will feel familiar, as though you’ve met them before.


Since the feeling of attraction is common in lustful relationships, it is best to consider other keys before concluding that a person is your soulmate.

  •  You will feel a sense of longing for them. 

The second key to identifying your soulmate is your desire to get closer to them enough to form a deeper bond. You’ll feel an urge to want to know them better and identify with them. You’ll naturally value them without understanding why at first. You would want to meet or see them again.

  • The feeling of acceptance. 

You wouldn’t have to do much to impress or be accepted by your soulmate. Your qualities will naturally draw them closer to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re talkative, shy, stubborn, funny, or weird; they’ll be drawn to who you are. You won’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable being your authentic self around them. They’ll also not hold you to unrealistic standards to earn their love. Their friendship will be reassuring. If you have to be a certain way to be loved and accepted by your partner, you are with the wrong person.

  • Your soulmate will complement you in so many ways. 

The fourth key to identifying your soulmate is how well they complement you. Soulmates are like equations that solve each other. A quote by Richard Bark explains it well; “a soulmate is someone who has locks that fit your keys, and keys to fit your locks.” The best part about complementing each other is that you do not have to struggle to get it right. It comes with ease.


If you and your partner experience more frictions and little desire to help/ support each other in various ways, you’re not perfect for each other. 

  • There is a keen desire to be better. 

If the relationship inspires you to be a better person, it is a sign that you’ve found your soulmate. Generally, the right partner will bring out the best in you. You would want them to be able to count on you anytime. You want both of you to win and be happier in the relationship. However, we must note that your partner should share this desire too.  Your love should inspire and challenge them to be better. You shouldn’t be the only person that seeks to better the relationship. 


If you’ve been with the person for a couple of weeks and don’t see any positive changes in you, be it in your thoughts or actions, you should re-evaluate the relationship. 

  • There is a sense of purpose in the relationship.

The best part about meeting your soulmate is realizing that both of you share a sense of purpose. You’ll observe that your relationship has a direction/ a bigger picture that will sustain both of you. Your goals and callings will align in many ways, and you will have a stronger desire to work as a team to actualize your dreams. It could be to build charitable foundations in many countries for the less privileged, empower people with skills and knowledge, travel the world, etcetera. Your sense of purpose will keep both of you fulfilled in the relationship.

  • Willing to fight for the relationship

Soulmates are not without flaws; therefore, conflicts are bound to occur in their relationship. However, soulmates are not willing to give up on each other easily. They’ll keep fighting for their relationship as long as they can. They’ll seek ways to relate with each other better for profitable outcomes. 


It is important to note that no matter how much a person loves and accepts you, they might not stay with you when you’ve deeply hurt their trust. Your soulmate is not soul-tied to you. When they are tired of fighting for you and the relationship, they’ll make the hard decision to walk away no matter how much it hurts them.

  • They share in each other’s struggles and successes.

Soulmates tend to understand each other emotions and states of mind better than other people can. This is because they empathize with each other a lot. If you are in a relationship with someone who neither cares nor seeks to understand what you’re going through, they are not your soulmate. If you must remind them to show/feel concerned for your plights, you should be worried about the relationship. If you have to hide your achievements so that your partner doesn’t feel jealous or intimidated by you, they are not your soulmate. Sharing each other’s struggles and success is important when identifying your soulmate.

  • You are both at peace in the relationship.

Soulmates are at peace with each other because they’re certain they’re with the right person. If you’re still exercising fear and doubts about being with your partner, then they are not the one. If you feel like they are hiding something from you or are not being their authentic self, it’s best to address the situation and discontinue the relationship if nothing changes. Your intuition might be right. 

  • You enjoy a good level of trust in the relationship.

Soulmates have a good level of trust for each other because they know each other values, boundaries, strengths, and weaknesses, and they make an effort to be consistent in the relationship. They can vouch for each other greatly because they know what their partner is capable of doing.


If you are in a relationship with someone and find it hard to trust, it is best to call their attention to it so that you can work on learning to trust each other. If your partner’s actions threaten your mental health, walking away from the relationship is best. 

  • You’ll enjoy and prefer each other’s company.

Soulmates enjoy and prefer each other’s company. They love doing things together and give people the impression that they cannot stay apart from each other. If you don’t enjoy spending time with your partner, or your partner does not enjoy spending time with you, they are not your soulmate. There is a big difference between not having time to spend with each other and not enjoying each other’s company. Don’t confuse the two. 


  • How can I find my soulmate?

An ideal partner is not easy to find. You might have to meet a couple of people before you identify your prince or princess. What’s more important is knowing how to identify your soulmate, and we’ve provided you with 11 signs you should pay attention to. They are;

  • A sense of connection
  • A sense of longing
  • Acceptance for each other
  • Able to Complement each other
  • A keen desire for Growth
  • Sense of Purpose in the relationship
  • Willingness to fight for the relationship
  • Ability to share in each other’s struggles and success
  • Peace of mind about being together
  • Sufficient trust
  • Enjoy each other’s company

Concluding remark

Having mentioned the above 11 keys to identifying your soulmate, a big part of finding your soulmate depends on your patience, honesty, and commitment to growth. First, consider yourself a soulmate and work on yourself before looking out who would complement you. Secondly, the more desperate you are to find a soulmate, the higher your chances of picking the wrong person as a partner. Lastly, you must be bold enough to tell yourself the truth about the people you meet romantically. Do not imagine a soulmate’s qualities when they don’t have them. You won’t struggle to find the keys mentioned above in your soulmate.





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