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Your granddaughter is now attending school and you would love to spoil her with an age-appropriate gift like you always do. You want to give her a gift that her parents will actually approve of but you are having a hard time deciding on some gift ideas for your 6 year old granddaughter whom you truly love and adore.

You do recognize that her parents are always complaining that you tend to go overboard when it comes to giving your little sweetheart a gift and they are scared that she will learn not to appreciate them but always expect them.

While thinking long and hard, you are unsure if your gift should be an educational gift which you think is boring and will just be thrown one side or one that will suit her little but huge personality that she will play with every day.

Here are some ideas that are broken down into four different categories to help:

1. Gift ideas for your 6 year old granddaughter who loves to play dress up

Most little girls love to play dress up either in their own fantasy world by being a little princess or mermaid with all the accessories needed to make it more believable or by imitating their mom and grandmother by putting on their dresses, shoes, makeup and painting their nails to look just like them, pretty and a little lady.

A gift idea could be a little mermaid tail blanket, a makeup set for girls or some princess accessories which will all lighten up her little face and she will not grow out of it for a good couple of years.

Kids Mermaid Tail Blanket, Plush Soft Flannel Fleece

This mermaid tail blanket is made from extra thick flannel fleece fabric material and is super soft and warm. It is a great gift for your granddaughter to snuggle up on the couch or take a nap with.


  • It’s the perfect size to cover most of the body
  • Very soft and warm
  • Beautiful colors
  • Great material
  • Machine washable in cold water


  • May need to order one size larger to make sure it fits and lasts.
  • Stitching can eventually pull loose.

Customers that have bought this mermaid tail blanket have given the product good reviews overall with the size being big enough for them to curl up in, they love the colors but have commented on the stitching pulling loose.

Hot Focus Carry All Cosmetic Set – 20 Piece Unicorn Makeup Set for Girls

This unicorn makeup set in a carry case comes with everything little girls may need to have hours of fun dressing up. With beautiful unicorns and rainbows on each and every press on nail, non-toxic nail polish, purple and pink lip balm to moisturize their lips and to add a little sparkle to their eyes, some colorful glitter eye-shadow.


  • Bright and colorful makeup set
  • Non-toxic
  • Peel off nail polish
  • Perfect gift for 6 year olds


  • Carry case is plastic and can easily be damaged.

Customers who have purchased this makeup case have given the product good reviews overall because they think that it is the perfect gift for little girls who love it but have commented that the gift arrived with the plastic box a little damaged.

COGGIFEL Princess Rapunzel Wig Crown Scepter Gloves Necklace Earrings

Make your granddaughter feel like a real little princess with this princess dress up set which consists of a pair of gloves, tiara, necklace, earrings, princess wand and a Rapunzel wig. She can put it all on and enter her wonderful fantasy world.


  • The princess gloves are made of 100% quality soft satin polyester.
  • Perfect accessories for princess costume parties


  • Requires a beautiful dress to match.
  •  Seems to be only available in one color.

2. Gift ideas for your 6 year old granddaughter who wants to be crafty

At times granddaughters love to be creative too by placing some stickers they love in a scrapbook or sticker book or to re-decorate your house with them. They love to draw pictures and color them in and place them grandma’s fridge and make some bright bangles for every member in their family.


Kid Stickers 1500+, 22 Different Sheets, 3D Puffy Stickers

With these easy to peel, non-toxic stickers your granddaughter will enjoy hours of fun sticking and re-sticking them while learning about animals, the alphabet, food, numbers and a whole lot more.


  • Safe, non-toxic and reusable.
  • Easy to peel and stick.


  •  Over 1500 stickers which are a bit on the small side.

Those customers that have already purchased these stickers have had mainly positive things to say and are extremely satisfied because they say there is a nice variety of stickers with plenty of them and they stick properly.

Melissa & Doug Princess Design Activity Kit – 9 Double-Sided Plates

With this Melissa & Doug Princess design activity kit you can give your granddaughter the gift of unleashing her creativity by creating beautiful princesses with mixing and matching, rubbing and coloring, stenciling and stamping at home or while she’s traveling in the car.


  • It is portable
  • The frame is sturdy   
  • Helps teach colors and patterning
  • It is a lot of fun for a creative child


  • Does not come with the paper that fits the size of the plate box.

Customers that have purchased this princess design activity kit have given the product good reviews overall as the kids are loving the creativity of this kit and feel it is a great gift for traveling but have commented that it should include paper at the correct size.

Kid Bead DIY Colorful Plastic Jewelry

This is a great gift for grandparents and granddaughters to enjoy together learning to make bracelets, necklaces, rings, hair styling accessories or even to decorate her favorite doll. Not to mention, hours of fun and lots of beautiful colors.


  • A wonderful art form, learning to share your creations
  • Cultivates your granddaughters color sensitive.


  • Plenty of small pieces,  about 400 different beads

Many customers that have purchased the colorful plastic jewelry have had mainly positive things to say and are extremely satisfied as they say it comes with everything you need and there are a lot of great beads to work with.

3. Gift ideas for your 6 year old granddaughter parents would approve of

Then there are the educational toys or games that your granddaughter’s parents would prefer you to give her, this may seem boring but they can be fun too. Young minds love to learn and explore as they always want to impress and show that they are not little babies anymore.

But educational toys do not have to be boring by getting your granddaughter games that she can play and enjoy but are secretly educational.

Learning Resources Sum Swamp Game, 8 Pieces

You can help develop your granddaughter’s math skills with this Sum Swamp game, having fun while she is adding and subtracting her way around the board. Let them land on the special squares, such as Even numbers or Odd numbers to give them a bit of a challenge and to make the game more interesting. A perfect learn while you play gift.


  • Fun game to play while developing early math skills.
  • The game is an Oppenheim Best Toy award winner.


  • Children 5 to 6 could find it a learning challenge.

Learning Resources Sum Swamp Game, 8 Pieces

Customers that have purchased this sum swamp game have had mainly positive things to say and are extremely satisfied as it helps their first and second graders with their math skills but have mentioned that the game can get a little complicated.

The Idea Box Kids Scavenger Hunt for Kids: Educational Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt game is an adventurous, educational and indoors game that your granddaughter will love especially during those bad weather days. She will enjoy reaching in the box and pulling out a coin to find a surprise. Imagine her excitement of running around the house looking for certain objects and your enjoyment of seeing how her imagination works and to what she will actually find.

There is always this kind of magical connection when grandparents give their granddaughters a gift but somehow the gift has a higher value to it than other gifts from other people, it seems to be just that much more special just because it came from her grandparents. Giving your granddaughter a gift does not have to be expensive and from a store, all it needs to be is thoughtful.

Granddaughters love to be taught things by their grandparents, as they might see it as a way of helping out and it always makes them feel really good inside to have the bragging rights to tell their parents that they are not little babies anymore because they helped grandma or granddad accomplish something.


  • 180 Child-friendly items & clues
  • Secretly educational


  • Works best only indoors

Customers that have purchased this scavenger hunt game have had positive things to say and are extremely satisfied as their granddaughter loves this game which keeps them occupied.

4.Gift ideas for your 6 year old granddaughter in the form of learning from you

The gift of teaching your granddaughter something that she will always remember and can carry it with her for the rest of her life is priceless. These things could be: ·

Cooking & Baking

Granddaughters love to help in the kitchen, especially if they are helping to cook or bake some of their favorite things like cookies or cupcakes that they can eat later and it is a lot of fun for them too by making a mess with the flour or scraping out the leftover chocolate icing or batter. A gift idea for you is to print out some easy recipes for her to use, she will love the idea of having her very own recipe book.

Nature Outings

One of the biggest treats for a granddaughter is to know that she is going on an outing with her grandparents. It does not really matter to her whether you take her to a park to explore flowers and insects or to a zoo where she can learn all about different animals. The outing will be something special that she will always remember. A gift idea for you is to print out some easy information and pictures on flowers, insects, and animals and make her a scrapbook to keep.


Gardening is an excellent way to teach your granddaughter about growing different vegetables, the different types and kinds of flowers, trees and of course all kids love using the water hose or watering can. A gift idea for you is to print out some easy information and pictures on vegetables, plants, and trees and make her a keepsake scrapbook. ·       


Squeezing in some reading time while she is your house will not only satisfy her parents but your granddaughter will always remember that she read a certain book or books with you and you helped her understand certain words and stories. A gift idea for you is to print out a list of books she can read and slowly build up her collection by downloading the books from the many book websites, book apps or purchase one book at a time. ·      

Teach  your granddaughter a Hobby

Making some memories with your granddaughter by teaching her a new hobby whether it is how to knit, sew or make something. She will love the idea of learning a new skill from you. You can make it fun by researching information on the internet or going through books and magazines together and discuss each step while she learns and experiments.

A gift idea for you is to print out a some easy to use and understand patterns or instructions on how to make something and make her a scrapbook to keep.

Coming up with some gift ideas for your 6 year old granddaughter to show her how much you love her and to keep her parents happy does not have to be very difficult or complicated at all. All you have do is decide if you want to encourage your granddaughter’s fantasy world, her creative side, help with educating her with something fun or teach her some lessons that she can carry with her for the rest of her life.

Gifts do not have to cost a lot of money if any at all, with a little creativity there are many things that you could do and get your granddaughter that will be the perfect gift that she will love and cherish for many years to come.

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