How to tell if a girl likes you in middle school? 9 important tips

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How to tell if a girl likes you in middle school?

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Girls can be as complicated as a bundle of tangled wires when expressing their feelings. Trying to understand if a girl likes you is like looking through a radar detector. You think you have them figured out; the next minute, you’re questioning yourself. In middle school, it is a lot worse. Girls are aware of their interest in boys and often admit it to those closest to them but never actively pursue a guy. They will instead leave hints or suggestive behaviors for guys to dissect. Sadly, some boys are slow at picking hints, geez!


If you wish to know if a girl likes you in middle school, don’t expect her to bluntly tell you that she likes you when you’ve not expressed your feelings to her. However, you can pay closer attention to her actions. She might be dropping hints for you. 

Signs a girl likes you.

Looking back at some of the experiences we’ve had as girls in middle school, here is how to tell if a girl likes you in middle school;

  •  She peeks out for you. 

The first way to know if a girl likes you is if she looks out for you in any space she thinks you’ll be in. A girl who likes you is attentive to your presence even in crowded spaces. The reason why she peeks out for you is that you occupy a chunky space in her mind. Seeing you gives her unexplainable satisfaction for the day. It’s even a plus if she sees that you’re killing it. Whether or not you find this action cute, if a girl likes you in middle school, she enjoys looking at you. If ever you catch her stealing glances at you, It’s a sign she likes you. 

  • She knows what you are up to in school.

The second main sign a girl likes you in middle school is if she knows what you’re up to. For example, she knows what clubs you attend or sports you play; whether you’ll attend a party or not; what competition you’ll be in; whether you run into trouble at school. This may sound a little bit creepy, but it is what it is. A girl who likes you sort-of develops eyes at the back of her head. Not literally of course, but her friends act as unpaid informants. They nosely keep her updated whenever they see you around school. She might not know everything you do in school, but she does know a thing or two you do in school. If ever you speak to her and you get the impression that she already knows about it, take it as a sign she likes you.

  • She’ll be jealous if she sees you pick interest in another girl.

A third way to know if a girl likes you in middle school is to watch her attitude or behavior when you pretend to pick interest in another girl. A girl who likes you will be curious or annoyed when she sees you flirt and spend time with another girl. She wouldn’t want you to consider another girl more special than her. If she starts to give you weird vibes; if she becomes unexplainably difficult, it is a sign a girl likes you more than she pretends to. Be careful not to overdo the jealousy trick. Some girls get completely turned off when they find you constantly flirting with another girl. She might be one of those girls. 

  • She puts effort into her appearance. 

In middle school, most girls start to put effort into their physical appearance and more effort to impress the boy they like. Girls in middle school know that being pretty will get and sustain the attention of boys and, therefore, will do their best to up their game. Pay attention to their pretty dresses, sleek hair, glittery lips, cute jewellery, nice shoes, new bags or folders, etcetera. We know that a few girls don’t bother with their appearance, but if a girl likes you, she’ll never feel comfortable looking dirty or less herself when you’re around.

  • She and her friends act weird around you.

If you’re wondering whether that mysterious girl in school likes you, look at how she and her friends behave when they notice you. Most girls in middle school are quite nervous around boys they like. You’ll notice her shyness. Secondly, her friend’s attitude towards you will tell you all you need to know about her emotions. If they smile sheepishly or are generally warm when you share the same space, then that mysterious girl likes you a lot. If they are cold or numb when they notice you, she doesn’t like you, except on rare occasions when her friend/s might have a grudge against you. 

  • She’ll indulge you.

She likes you if she participates in your random playfulness or attention-seeking antics. For example, if you playfully pass her a ball or ask for a high five, she’ll return it or playfully act petty towards you. The bottom line is, she’ll give you some attention. She’ll be eager to hear whatever you say in group discussions and might even give feedback for or against your point. She’ll also be willing to help you out if you ask. If a girl likes you in middle school, she’ll indulge you. 

  • She mirrors you in many things. 

The seventh way to tell if a girl likes you in middle school is if she starts to mirror you in certain things. By mirroring, we mean that she starts to do or like things because of you. For example, she likes you if you play basketball or any sports and she starts to show up often. If she starts to visit the library often because she knows you enjoy reading at the library, she likes you. If she wears sneakers because you find them cute, she’ll start to rock them. She’ll make enough effort for you to notice her and like her more. 

  • She enjoys your company and seems to want you around her more often. 

In middle school, girls and boys are quite careful of the impression they give other students. A girl who doesn’t like you wouldn’t want anyone thinking she does. She wouldn’t spend much time with you than is required and would avoid you if people ever suggest that both of you are an item. However, if a girl likes you in middle school, she wouldn’t mind spending time with you. If you invite her for a hangout during weekends, she will oblige if permitted. You will generally see that she is willing to spend more time with you.

  • She follows you on social media or follows many of your mutuals.

Don’t ignore the digital space. If a girl likes you, she most likely knows what you’re up to on social media. If she’s not following you, she’s following a good number of people you are following. Either way will help her stay updated with your life. If she knows so much about your life, it is because she’s been checking out your posts and info on social media. Stalking might seem a heavy word to use and describe this, but yes, she stalks you. Lots of people are guilty of stalking. Check the percentage of people in the U.S that have admitted to stalking their partners in the chart below.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What makes a girl fall for you?

The five main things that’ll make a girl fall for you are;

  • Looks: Aside from a guy’s inherited looks, girls also like boys who know how to take care of themselves. Guys that understand their unique sense of fashion. How you dress could make a girl think you are cute even when you know you aren’t as physically attractive as some guys.
  • Confidence: Guys who are confident are very attractive to girls. A show of confidence tells a girl that he is able to stand up for himself when it gets rough. If he can defend himself, he can somewhat defend her too. Boys think that girls like bad boys whereas guys like really confident guys.
  • Charisma: Guys with charisma are generally attractive. They are like magnets. They have the qualities that keep people glued to them; hence they gain popularity. It could be how he jokes, talks to people, smiles, etcetera. 
  • Achievements: Many girls are attracted to achievements. They love guys that put in the needed efforts in what they do to be the best. Sometimes, guys that are achievers have some form of cockiness that makes them even more attractive.
  • Family status: Boys from popular or well-to-do families are often loved for their fame and money. 

Aside from having any of the above qualities, a girl who already likes you will fall for you if you show her care and generosity. However, we must emphasize that you don’t overdo it. Secondly, take yourself seriously and not fall for all her antics. Learn to control your emotions. Don’t let her know that you love her too much to ignore yourself. Do not love a girl more than you are yet to understand yourself. 

  • Can a girl like you and not show it? 

A girl can like you and pretend not to like you. She will do the reverse of what many girls will do when they like a boy. For example, a girl who likes you can be unnecessarily difficult and angry with you for unexplainable reasons. She might also pretend to show a lack of care in front of you, but when you finally decide to ignore her completely.


  • How do I know if she likes me more than a friend? 

  • She gets jealous when you talk and care about another girl more often
  • She calls and texts you often, even for unserious stuff
  • She would want to hang out with you often
  • You’ll find her stealing glances at you or staring at you for a while.
  • She’ll want to have intimate conversations with you.
  • She’ll be protective of you
  • She’ll want to share a lot in common with you.
  • She might stalk you a little. You’ll generally get the sense of being stalked by her. Not all girls do this, but many do.
  • She knows and remembers a lot about you.
  • She is kind and generous to you.
  • How to know if a girl is flirting with you.

She is flirting with you if;

  • She can’t keep her hands to herself. If she tries to adjust your clothes, clean off something, or gives you gentle touches on your face, chest, shoulders, or hair often, then she is flirting with you.
  • She sends you corny, caring, or intimate messages and uses many lovey-dovey emojis or gifs.
  • She is very playful with you and seems to enjoy your jokes very much.
  • She makes long eye contact with you.
  • She gives you very reassuring compliments and motivating words.
  • She winks and smiles with you often.

Closing notes.

Most middle school girls are generally shy or unwilling to tell a guy that they like him. However, they have several ways to get their messages across, and we’ve listed a couple. Bear in mind that girls’ personalities differ, so also the way they express their feelings. If you wish to know if a girl likes you in middle school, pay attention to the tips we’ve provided, and you won’t go wrong.

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