6 Ideas on What Should a Girl Do For Her 18th Birthday

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So, your birthday is around the corner, and you’re about to become an adult – officially! Congratulations, you’re about to step into the world of decisions and seriousness. Don’t worry, being an adult does have it’s benefits, as you’ll see soon enough. It’s not all about problems and responsibility, although it might seem that way at first. You don’t even have to give up on the things you enjoy doing in general. It’s just that your focus will shift onto other exciting experiences and activities. So, why not start exploring the adult world right away? Your birthday is a good place to start. It’s an opportunity to do something different and uniquely seize the day. Here are some of our best recommendations on what should a girl do for her 18th birthday:

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1. Birthday Party

You’re probably wondering how to celebrate the 18th birthday? Throwing a birthday party is a classic, but this year things might be different. Although in most countries you’re allowed to drink alcohol only at 21, chances are, your parents will let you include some jello shots or beer and wine for the occasion. If not, you can always play a Europe-card. In Europe, being 18 years old means having all possible rights, from the right to vote to drink alcohol.

Also, considering this is your 18th birthday, your parents might allow you to throw a big-time party you always wanted. You’ll probably get a chance to organize the entire event without any interference from the others. That will give you more options, so we recommend the themed party. A 1920s style party, which we could call The Great Gatsby Event, is our favorite one!

Kind reminder: Be cautious and be safe. The fact that you’re old enough to do some things doesn’t mean you should be reckless. Think things through, and don’t jeopardize your precious life for several exciting moments.

2. Exploring New Possibilities

In case you’re wondering what to do for the 18th birthday that doesn’t include some regular daily activities, we have a list for you. It includes unique ideas you can finally try out!

Night Club

We know what you’re thinking, you can finally step into night clubs. Yes, it’s true! Some of them still require guests to be 21 years old, but you can most certainly go to some local bars and clubs. So, there’s an idea! You and your friends can explore the nightlife for your birthday. Exciting, right?

Road Trip

You’re an adult now, which means you and your friends can take a road trip without parents’ supervision. Sounds awesome to us! Plan the trip, pack some drinks and food, and hit the road. Without a doubt, your friends will be thrilled with the idea too. You can take a one day trip to the nearest city or extend the route on several days. It’s up to you!

Don’t forget to check in with your parents. You’re an adult, but they still care about you and deserve to know your whereabouts. Besides, if you still live with them, it would be ungrateful to take off without a word. Always think about your family and be kind to your loved ones!

Getaway Weekend

Are you looking for places to go for the 18th birthday? First of all, we recommend a getaway weekend with your friends. You can book a hotel in some distant city and spend the weekend exploring the city. A camping trip is also an excellent option.

Drive Around

One of the super fun things to do for the 18th birthday is most certainly a celebration without a plan. How’s that even possible, you might ask? Well, the key is to plan not to have a plan! For example, you can drive with your friends around the city at night. Make a stop at the local cafeteria to drink hot chocolate or coffee (because you’re an adult now), visit a new fast food place, take a bite of the best donuts in the city, make a quick stop in the night club, and much more. That’s it, a simple ride that will turn into something special the moment it starts!

Home Comfort

Don’t forget, there are many ways to celebrate your 18th birthday, so you don’t have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you’re not into going out for the day, you can stay at home and spend an equally enjoyable time. There are plenty of things you can do at home, no matter if you spend your time alone or with your family and friends.

Make no mistake, staying at home is also one of the fun things to do on your 18th birthday with friends. You don’t have to spend the day alone just because you don’t want to get out. We are sure your friends would like to spend time with you no matter where you are. Besides, everything’s better when you have friends around, and there are a lot of crazy things to do on your 18th birthday at home. Remember those jello shots we mentioned before? Well, maybe it’s time for you and your friends to play chemists in the kitchen and make a special blend. It will be fun, even if you don’t end up drinking the liquid!

Here are some of our suggestions for staying-at-home birthday:

  • Movie marathon
  • Sleepover gathering
  • Board games
  • Computer games
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Family dinner
  • Pizza night

Pro Tip: Take a look at this article: How to Celebrate 16th Birthday Without a Party. It might give you some ideas on what to do when you don’t want to throw a party for your birthday.

3. Doing What Adults Do

Most people dreamed of becoming adults from when they were little. During the young years, we tend to perceive adults as all-knowing beings, distant and mystical. How little we know! Here are some things you can do to imitate adults for your 18th birthday, only to get a peek at that grown-up lifestyle:

Stick to the Schedule

Yes, adults make daily plans, and it feels awkward. Why should you plan your days? Well, you’ll get to that point later in life. For now, make a plan for your birthday, write it in your little notebook, and bring it with you wherever you go.

Stay Hydrated

You always see adults with water bottles, as they are trying to stick with healthy habits. Try it out because it might do you some good!

Drink Coffee and Read Newspapers

No, not online newspapers, because that’s not what adults do while drinking coffee. They prefer papers over phones and tablets. Well, most of them.

Eat Breakfast at the Proper Time

There’s no missing breakfast for adults! Get up early, prepare a meal, and eat properly. An adult doesn’t have the luxury to oversleep!

Open a Bank Account

Here comes a crucial step. All adults have bank accounts, and they’re checking them like all the time.

Use Coupons

That’s what adults do, they track discounts, and use coupons! Tough life, we agree on that.

Make at Least Three Phone Calls During the Day

It’s hard to see adults without phones glued to their ears. Yes, you use one too, but for social media and games. What was the last time you made an actual formal phone call?

Think About the Future

Adults always think about the future and make plans ten years ahead. Try it out because it might be fun actually.

4. Crazy Ideas Because You Are 18 Only Once

If you’re here for some crazy 18th birthday ideas, you’re in the right place! We guessed you’ll want to do something completely different, maybe even a little crazy, on the day you turn 18 years.

Limo Adventure

Rent a limousine with your friends and take a ride through the city. Get to the party in style!

Swim in the Cold Sea

Swimming during the night is a little bit crazy, incredibly exciting, and all in all beautiful. But try swimming in the cold sea (if your birthday is anywhere near winter, of course)!

Consider Getting a Tattoo

We don’t recommend this one without talking to your parents, though. However, you can find a loophole – if you desperately want to get a tattoo, but you’re not sure about it, get a dot. Yes, an actual tiny dot that won’t be visible unless you show it to someone. How does that sound?

Host a Gaming Tournament

What’s so crazy about that? If you have to ask, you have never seen gamers go wild over winning! It’s incredibly fun, and it will possibly get you into trouble.

An Amateur Vine Tasting

This one doesn’t require any explanations whatsoever.

Outdoor Activities

Do something you have always wanted to try but never had a chance. Here are some suggestions:

  • Skydiving
  • Bungee jumping
  • Snowboarding
  • Mountain biking
  • Rafting
  • Paragliding
  • Abseiling

Sounds fun?

5. Spending Time On Your Own

So, you don’t want to do anything crazy, you’re not so into parties, and you want to spend some time alone. There’s nothing wrong with that, it might even be more fun! Just don’t miss to do something different, even if that means going to the movies and wearing a classy dress. You should do whatever makes you happy, but remember, you’re turning 18 years only once. Allow yourself a special gift, even a tiny one, or go to a special place you always wanted to see. That should be fun and memorable!

6. Gift Requests

Here’s another benefit of being an adult – you can finally say stop to childish gifts. How to tell someone no more gifts? It’s rather simple, you politely express your wishes in person or over the birthday invitation card. You can take a look at the following article if you need more guidance on the topic How to Ask for Presents on Invitations.

Now, you probably never asked for special gifts before, except maybe from your parents. However, as you’re an adult now, you have more liberty to take things in your hands. What do we mean by that? Well, you can finally let yourself think about the things you desperately want for your birthday. Once you figure out what you want, you can ask people to give you that. Of course, you should always think about other peoples’ budgets and express reasonable requests.

For example, you can Ask for Experiences Instead of Gifts if you’re an adventurer. Even if you’re not, this sounds like a great idea because you’ll be able to travel more frequently once you turn 18 years old.

Also, consider asking for money. This way, you get to pick and buy whatever you want. However, make sure to tell people how you’re planning to spend the money. Otherwise, they might feel offended, as you don’t like their gifts or something similar. Let them know how important is for you to get a particular thing, and then they’ll understand. Here are some extra tips: How to Ask for Money Instead of Gifts for Birthday.


The final thing would be: do whatever makes you happy! We gave you a lot of suggestions, but we can’t decide for you. It’s your special day, and you should do the thing that will bring you the most joy. Take some time to take into consideration all the options above and then decide on a particular one. We hope our ideas on what should a girl do for her 18th birthday will ease the process and make your day better!





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