What to wear when you get married

What to wear when you get married

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What to wear when you get married

Dressing well is a form of good manners.

  • Tom Ford


So many people dump the ‘look good’ department after they wed and have one or two kids. They become so relaxed in their marriage and familiar with their spouse that they do not try to maintain their physical attractiveness. 


While some people might tolerate their partners turning into an old hag after marriage, it aggravates others. Physical attractiveness is a key in maintaining marital relationships, and partners must remain attracted to each other to keep their relationship thriving. 


Physical attractiveness comprises your facial features, body structure/proportion, and what you wear. You may not have power over your physical attributes, but you certainly have control over your sense of style. 


What then should a person wear when they get married? Are there outfits in the green and red zone for married men and women? Is it ok for a married person to retain how they used to dress before you got married?


Your age, partner’s preference, body structure, health status, social influence, and personal values are the main factors that should determine what to wear when you get married

What to wear as a married man or woman.

Marriage should make you improve your choice of outfits, not kill your sense of style. Your outfits do not only represent you but your spouse too. You want to present a respectable and attractive persona in public, an admirable mom to your kids, and a gorgeous and cute partner to the person you married. 

  • Are very short outfits yay or nay?

Often, people ask, “can I wear short skirts in my marriage?” or “Are short outfits ok for a married man or woman?”. Questions like these are controversial. Most people that respond to this question usually do so on religious or cultural sentiments. Mid-thigh length or shorter outfits might or might not be acceptable for a married person depending on their spouse’s preference and the society they live in.  We can confidently advise you to have and wear very short outfits in the comfort of your space; however, we cannot say the same for public spaces. You and your husband should decide what to wear in your marriage. 

  • Semi-formal outfits. 

If ever you get confused about what to wear when you get married, your best option is a semi-formal outfit. You can’t go wrong with semi-formal outfits because you can rock them to various formal and casual events. Just in case you have no idea of which semi-formal piece of clothing should make it to your wardrobe, consider getting;

  • Blazers for men or women.

Whether you are a man or woman, invest in blazers of different cuts, colors, and textures. Blazers are a very versatile piece of clothing that could transform your outfits from drab to fab instantly. It’s a lifesaver for people with many ordinary casual clothes who don’t know how to look formal. Blazers go well with dresses, pants/ trousers of different lengths, and textures. You can accessorize blazers with flowers and brooches for whatever occasion you attend. 

  • Jumpsuits for women.

A jumpsuit is one of the best semi-formal outfits that most married women should have in their wardrobe. Jumpsuits can easily be mistaken for a top and pant when worn with a blazer. They come in various fittings to suit different body types, and they are a hella attractive when you accessorize yourself properly.  

  • Lace dresses. 

When it comes to rocking cute dresses, lace dresses should top your list of what to wear when you get married. Invest in quality lace dresses. Lace outfits are not only for weddings; there are many occasions your husband will love you to wear them. Lace outfits bring out the softer and more sensual side of a woman. A woman in a cute lace dress can knock out a man’s senses for a few minutes. 

  • Linen shirts for men.

Getting dressed in marriage wouldn’t be such a big deal if you knew which clothes are a must-have in your wardrobe and linen shirts are one. Many men are not investing in linen shorts because they don’t know they’re the next best alternative to formal shirts. They are breathable and stylish and will always keep you in the ‘look good’ zone as a man. Funny enough, they look good in both pot-bellied men and well-built men. Every married man and woman should have linen shirts.

  • Silk blouses.

A second feminine outfit many married women should invest in is silk outfits. If you are uncomfortable wearing a silk dress or overall outfit, at least have silk blouses in your wardrobe. They make you look sleek and modest. Silk tops are very attractive to men, and we are certain that your husband will appreciate you in them. 

  • Traditional outfits. 

It is important to invest in traditional outfits for those from cultural backgrounds outside the United States or married to people of different cultures. Many of us saw our parents wear traditional outfits without understanding that it was a way of reminding us of our roots. Your children deserve to know and appreciate their roots. Your spouse will also appreciate your effort when you wear outfits that show an appreciation for their culture. 

  • Attractive indoor outfits. 

If you wish to dress well in marriage, aim to be attractive at home as you would outside. The mistake many partners make is to look attractive outdoors for people they don’t know and less attractive for their spouse who has forever to live with them.  


Ladies invest in 

  • bodycon casual tank top sleeveless dresses (long and short), 
  • short summer casual loose dresses, 
  • soft nightshirts, 
  • short lounge outfits, 
  • waffle outfits,
  • short tracksuit sets, 
  • off-shoulder sleeveless casual outfits, 
  • crop tops and,
  • shorts. 

Keep your husband guessing and thirsty. Remember that what you wear when you get married can reveal many sides. Be fun and adventurously attractive to your husband. 


Gents invest in, 

  • Cotton linen outfits
  • Casual beach set
  • Sweatsuit set
  • Gym shorts
  • Casual tracksuit
  • Tank tops

  • Matching outfits. 

Matching outfits is the fifth must-have on your list of what to wear when you get married. Most people want to share something in common with their spouse, and matching outfits are just the perfect idea of what to share with your spouse. Plus, it is cute to see couples complement each other’s outfits. It’s a cool way for couples to express affection toward each other. Now will be a great time to order matching tracksuits, tees, blazers, wrist watches, etc. 


Did you know that, on average, most Americans spend $100 on average shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories? Source: Statista.

Cute outfits on Amazon a married man or woman can wear in marriage.

Several cute outfits on Amazon could make your list of what to wear when you get married

This two-piece casual outfit for men is what to wear when you get married. Women find them attractive. You can create unforgettable memories with a stay-at-home outfit like this one. The great thing about this outfit is that each piece is versatile. You can wear either the top or bottom part with other clothes. They are super comfy too. This linen set comes in different soft colors any guy would be comfortable wearing. 

A casual/ semi-casual outfit that you can rock indoors and outdoors as a married woman is a bodycon tank dress. Bodycon tank dresses are attractive and modest. You can wear them with jean jackets or blazers. They look good on heels, flat sandals, or even sneakers. They come in various cuts and designs, and we think this one by Todtan is worth getting.

Getting dressed in marriage should be all fun with a collection of great blazers in your wardrobe. Robert Graham Men’s Coat is one blazer that will last a long time in your wardrobe. It is pretty expensive, but given the quality and length of time you would have it, it is worth getting.

Add Calvin Klein’s women’s blazer to your collection of blazers. The quality and fitting is outstanding. The color is great and would go well with many outfits. This blazer is worth its price. We’re almost certain that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. 

Laces are ideal for any formal function you and your husband will attend together. Laces bring out the feminine side of women and make them a lot more attractive to men. Having a couple of laces in your wardrobe is a great idea. Although it’s hard to shop for quality laces online, this one by Miusol will look amazing on curvy or sem-curvy women. For ladies with bigger upper body, flare or sleeveless knee-length and toe-length lace outfits will be amazing on you. Sadly, they are much harder to find on Amazon. 

Women look gorgeous on silk. It will be a great idea to own a couple of them if you get confused about what to wear when going out with your husband for an appointment. Thankfully, Amazon has a great collection of beautiful silk blouses that you could consider buying. This silk shirt by LilySilk might just be it. 

Be motivated to stay fit and look good in shorts. Many ladies love to see their man rock cute shorts at home. These Nautica Men’s gym shorts have a dozen great reviews that are convincing. However, sizing seems to be an issue for a couple of online buyers.

Another lounge outfit that looks so attractive on men is a casual beach set. It makes men look wealthy and comfortable with life. Lots of ladies consider such qualities attractive in men. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can I still dress like a girl when I get married?

What to wear when you are married should be a discussion for you and your husband. You do not only represent yourself but also him to some extent. If your husband considers the way you dress unflattering, it is best to do something about it. You want your husband to remain physically attracted to you.  Likewise, it is up to you to discuss outfits you think would be better for him. Marriage is all about teamwork, and discussing how to dress shouldn’t feel out of place in marriage.

  • How do I dress well when you get married? 

There is no ‘married woman look’ or ‘married man look’ per se. There is just decent dressing, and everyone defines decent differently. Have a conversation with your partner about what’s appropriate. Be free to discuss fashion and style with each other; it can yield so many benefits. Some helpful tips you might like to consider when upgrading your outfits as a married person is; 

  • Invest in semi-formal outfits. You and your spouse will be going out for various occasions, and if you do not know what outfit suits the occasion, a semi-formal outfit will give you a good pass.
  • Traditional outfits are a must-have for people from different cultures. Appreciating each other’s culture and introducing them to your children is important. Every child deserves to know and appreciate their roots.
  • Matching outfits is a great way to bond with your husband fashion-wise. Having something in common with your husband is always a great idea. It could be shoes, wrist watches, tees, and even a complete set of outfits. 
  • Have attractive home outfits. Don’t just go out and look good in public and then look unflattering at home. Your spouse should find you attractive. 

Final remark.

Getting dressed in marriage should be all fun with the help of your spouse and the number of outfits we’ve suggested for you.





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