16 Fun and Creative Things to Do While Pregnant

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Pregnancy is a unique time. On one hand, you have limited options for having fun, but on the other, you’ve got plenty of time. While you can’t partake in certain activities you once found enjoyable, there are lots of creative things to do while pregnant, We have some ideas to get you started.

When you hear the word “creative” what pops into your mind? Is it making something out of scratch or trying a new activity? Creativity can be anything you want as long as you’re using your imagination. Don’t be afraid to explore because now it’s a perfect time.

Before you continue scrolling, we’d like to mention a few things:

  • Doing stuff alone can be fun, but including your partner in creative activities can be even more enjoyable. Suggest some activities and get his opinion about what more you can do.
  • Catch up with friends. Socialize as much as you can during pregnancy. When the baby comes it might get impossible to even have a cup of coffee with your friends without interruptions.

The second trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy is the perfect time to do anything you’d like. The morning nausea has hopefully ended and you can still be pretty physically active. That’s why a lot of people call this period the “babymoon phase”. It’s like a pregnancy honeymoon, so try to make the best of it. Go on dates with your partner, try some pregnancy exercises, maybe even plan a short trip. You can do all the things that will become almost impossible to do with the baby around.

Creative activities

Make music playlists

Organize your music preferences by creating various music playlists. It’s very convenient to have set music for different occasions. When you have the guests over or when you want to put your baby to sleep, you can just play your chosen list.

Also, remember to make one “feel good” playlist you can put on for dancing. Some people consider dancing to be one form of a pregnant workout. Mix useful and fun by grooving to your favorite beats. In your living room or your backyard – dance anywhere you want.

Decorate the baby’s room

One of everyone’s favorite activities to do while pregnant is decorating the nursery. You’re going to spend a lot of time in this room and you’ve got so many options in front of you. Take the time to decorate it the best way possible.

Finding the right paint color and furniture to match might get difficult. However, there are lots of cool ideas online you can compare. Don’t forget to focus on the details. Find cute art decorations and baby-friendly items. You want everything to be perfect, right? Then, pour all your creative energy into this project.

You don’t have to rush when setting the nursery. Do a few little things each week. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed. You could also make DIY decorations. Try to make a name sign, picture frames, etc. Ask your partner to help, so you can commit to this project together.  


We don’t mean you should do full-blow gardening with planting seeds, pulling weeds, and other difficult activities. However, taking care of flowers in pots is one of those active things to do while pregnant that’s both enjoyable and creative. You’ll watch them grow over time and become more beautiful with each passing day.

Creative pregnancy announcement

Letting your friends and family know about your pregnancy can be a special moment. Why don’t you make it more unique by adding personal flair? Make a silly video in which you and your partner announce the pregnancy or use your photoshop skills to create a perfect picture to share the news.

Belly art

Did you hear about henna bellies? It’s a beautiful form of body art. Natural henna is derived from plants, so it’s perfectly safe to use on your skin. Check out the videos below for professional design ideas but don’t hesitate to try on your own. After all, it only lasts for a week or two, so it’s not a huge problem if you “mess up” the design.


When you feel inspired, let your creative juices flow on paper (or on your laptop). You can journal or blog about your pregnancy. Keeping track of your thoughts and emotions can be therapeutic. Journals also collect memories and it’s fun to go back and read about your past experiences. 

Another good thing to do while pregnant is writing a letter to your future child. If you’re feeling extra emotional, writing a sweet letter can be a perfect way to express your love and care. You can set the time when your future kid should read your letter. It can also be a great idea to save the letter as a gift for a milestone birthday.


Find your artistic expression by exploring this hobby. You can experiment and take pictures of your pregnant form. Track your changes and make a pregnancy art project. Set the stage and use different lights to capture pictures with amazing effects.

You can also focus on nature photography. Go for walks and light hikes to catch the perfect scenery. You don’t need fancy and expensive equipment to take pictures of amazing landscapes. The high-quality camera on your phone will be just enough.

Home repairments

Learn how to fix things instead of throwing them away. Everyone needs more knowledge about home repair in general. Now you have some free time on your hands, so use it to watch tutorials about repairing broken stuff around the house. Trust us, you’ll have lots of broken things once the baby starts crawling and walking. Why should you buy something new if it’s easily repairable?

Make a gift for your partner

Surprise your loved one with a crafty gift. Engage in a fun DIY project and make a personalized picture frame, stylish mouse pad, sports blanket, etc. You can also buy a cool gift for a future dad and make a card as an addition. We’re sure he’ll love the attention.

More things to try

Prenatal yoga

Working out while pregnant is recommended but keep the exercise routine gentle. The best thing you can do is yoga. Try simple programs designed especially for expectant mothers. Yoga exercises for pregnant women can help you with all sorts of aches and pains. Additionally, some women say that light exercise made childbirth easier.

Cooking class

Learn how to prepare nutritious and tasty meals that the entire family can enjoy. Sign you and your partner for a cooking class before the baby comes. You can have lots of fun preparing meals while enjoying each other’s company. Note that the smell (and taste) of certain foods might make you nauseous, so be careful with what you consume.

Travel a lot

If we must recommend only one thing to do during pregnancy, that would probably be traveling. Take the opportunity to travel as much as you can before the baby comes. Sure, you can travel with a baby but it’s so much more exhausting. You would have to carry a car seat, stroller, and a huge diaper bag. During pregnancy, however, you can go on a trip only with your partner and a small suitcase.

Don’t wait too much to plan a luxurious getaway with your partner, because you won’t be able to fly in late pregnancy. The best period is already mentioned second trimester. You’ll have just enough energy to pack and get to a dream destination for maximum relaxation.

Consult with your doctor about the worries you might have concerning traveling. You might need immunizations if you want to explore an exotic destination. In most cases, your doctor will give you the best advice to keep yourself safe.

Relaxing massage

Take a break and relax by booking yourself a nice massage. Find professionals who offer prenatal massages that are focused on helping you with backaches, leg cramps, swelling, etc. Many spas have packages tailored to fit the needs of pregnant women, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself. Start taking care of yourself because you deserved it!

Do a puzzle

Puzzles are not just relaxing but they improve your memory and increase your IQ. Focus on beautiful pictures, colors, and shapes to see your stress floating away. You could get lost in the puzzle and spend hours trying out combinations. We’re sure you won’t even notice how much time has passed.

If you’re not experienced with puzzles, start with something easy, which means no more than 1000 pieces. However, if you have put together lots of puzzles previously, challenge yourself to do a 3000 piece puzzle. When you finish, you’ll be so proud of your accomplishment.

Go on a date

Another fun thing to do while pregnant is dating. Take this opportunity to go on a few dates with your partner. You surely won’t have time for that when the baby comes. Plan a traditional date like dinner and a movie or do something unusual. You can go on a picnic, catch a theater play, attend a stand-up comedy show, and lots of other fun things. Try to avoid concerts, sports games, and other crowded events just to be safe.

Cherish every second with your partner. Don’t be afraid to indulge in romance. Holding hands, sweet-talking, and kissing can make your dates special. Who knows when you’ll have the next opportunity for that?

Girls’ night out

Call some friends and go out for a few drinks (non-alcoholic cocktails of course). Hanging out with friends becomes a luxury when you have a baby to look after, so use this time to go out and have fun a bit.

What should you avoid?

Besides giving you awesome ideas about what you can do while pregnant, we’d like to mention the things you should avoid. During pregnancy, you need to take extra care of your health and you probably already know what drinks and food you should cut from your diet. However, sushi, wine, and beer aren’t the only things you should avoid. You need to limit your activities too.

For instance, leave all larger DIY projects to your partner. You shouldn’t do anything physically demanding. You can paint the nursery room, but you shouldn’t paint the entire house (in one day). Note that you should use water-based paint to avoid being exposed to harmful chemicals. The point is to do something that makes you comfortable and avoid things that have negative effects on your (and your baby’s) health.

Frequently asked questions

What activities can a pregnant woman do?

Pregnant women can do anything that’s not physically demanding. You can go walking, swimming, biking, or try prenatal yoga and dance classes. Just make sure to avoid high-intensity exercise.

What can you do on a babymoon?

If you choose to go on a trip called babymoon, feel free to do anything you usually do on travels. You can relax on the beach, have a couple’s massage, order room service, sleep in, etc. Follow your doctor’s advice, don’t push yourself over the limits, and you’ll be okay.


We hope that you find these creative things to do while pregnant interesting. Most importantly, you should always try new things. You never know what activity you’d like until you try it. Stepping outside your comfort zone is creative on its own. In one way, new activities empower you. You feel better about yourself when you try something new and succeed. You never made a loaf of bread? Try it 10 times until you make a perfect one. Trust us it will taste like heaven.

If you want to have fun with your partner and you need more ideas about activities, check out our article on Home activities for couples.





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