9 Appropriate Things To Wear To A Funeral When Pregnant

9 Appropriate Things To Wear To A Funeral When Pregnant

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9 Appropriate Things To Wear To A Funeral When Pregnant

Funerals and pregnancies are the exact opposite of each other. While the former commemorates death, the latter brings forth new life. Wondering what to wear to a funeral when pregnant to avoid showing insensitivity is, therefore, a thoughtful and kind thing to do.

Attending a funeral requires being mindful of certain etiquettes, such as simple dressing. However, pregnancy brings several other things to consider. For instance, you’ll have to consider your comfort level, how far along you are, what attires would best cater to your baby bump, and even your mood for the day.

As only you can answer these questions, we will discuss several pregnant women funeral dressing tips. These will allow you to pick several attires. Looking at your unique circumstances, you can then choose the perfect attire that will not only look good but will be comfortable as well.

Before going into that discussion, however, it is important to consider whether or not you should be going to a funeral as a pregnant woman. While nothing stops a pregnant woman from attending a burial, you might want to consider several factors before you decide to participate in the funeral ceremony.

Should a pregnant woman go to a funeral?

The opinions of your social circle are usually given out of a place of love, so their thoughts on your attending the funeral should be considered.

If they have no qualms about you attending a funeral while pregnant, then go for it. The added advantage here is that you can count on their support during the funeral to deal with any stressful situation.

  • Type of pregnancy

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, it’s probably best to skip the funeral. Seeing as any one of several things could cause complications, you wouldn’t want to risk being exposed to any such things.

Alternatively, you could speak to your doctor to hear their expert opinion. Also quite worrisome is the emotional stress that your baby might be subjected to. This is especially true if you were close to the deceased and are still emotionally hurt from their loss.

Going to the funeral in such a case might place your emotional stress on the fetus, which can be dangerous. It might be best to simply stay home and focus on other things. 

  • Relationship with deceased 

There are two ways to look at this: one, if you were close friends or relatives of the deceased, it’s only logical that you would want to pay your respects one last time. However, this closeness could bring about emotional stress during your pregnancy if you feel overwhelmed by the loss.

Two, if you weren’t close to the person, you could easily skip the funeral. However, if you decide to go, there are fewer chances of emotional stress due to less emotional attachment.

In one case, you have a good reason to go but probably shouldn’t; in the other, you have a reason to stay home but also to go to the funeral if you please.

  • Pregnancy mood 

Thinking about what to wear to a funeral when pregnant should also come with thoughts of your mood on the very day.

Hormones tend to be very playful with the emotions of a pregnant woman, so you need to ask yourself if you can handle the atmosphere that comes with funerals.

For instance, people might want to hug, shake hands, or talk to you to distract themselves from the death of their loved ones. Is this something you think you can handle? You might also find yourself crying uncontrollably when hormones take control once more.

Take care to consider your reactions at the funeral before you make the decision to attend.

  1. Religion and culture 

Cultures around the world have opinions on pregnant women attending funerals. While some are completely against it, others don’t mind so long as the expecting mother doesn’t see the deceased’s body.

Consider the views and beliefs of your culture or religion before attending the funeral. This way, you might avoid any social or spiritual issues relating to your belief system.

9 Funeral dressing tips for pregnant women 

  • Prioritize your comfort

When you wonder how to dress when you are pregnant, the most important thing is your comfort. The fact that you are carrying an entirely different human is discomforting enough, so there is no need to add to it.

Your attire should be easy to slip in and out of for convenience. You should also avoid wearing something you’ll have to keep adjusting.

Whatever you wear needs to be something that will provide comfort regardless of whether you are standing, sitting, or even eating. Large and elastic dresses are the best way to accomplish this, but some trousers can help too.

  • Dark colors are a friend

Funeral etiquette generally requires wearing dark colors as a sign of grief. These are also lovely colors to look stylish. There is also the slimming appearance that such colors provide if that’s something you’d like.

You most definitely do not have to stick to black alone as other similar colors are just as good. Dark blue and deep gray are just some that come to mind and would look great as dresses and coats.

  • Maternity dresses… 


We cannot talk about what to wear to a funeral when pregnant without mentioning maternity dresses. As shown by Statista, the value of the maternity fashion scene keeps increasing. This translates to more dresses for you to choose from to match your taste. 

Maxi dresses are easy to wear and quite comfortable. They are quite advantageous because they look good on anyone regardless of body type or how far along they are. 

Sweater dresses are much like sweaters, only longer. This means they are elastic and so take your shape into account. They are easy to wear and provide great comfort while also being suitable for all trimesters.

Sheath dresses are form-fitting and can be a bit of a body hug. You can still wear them when pregnant, but you should get one that can stretch and only use them if you’re in the first or second trimester.

Wrap dresses round up the list for being great for any period in your pregnancy. They are pretty stylish and have the advantage of being worn for a while because they grow with you.

  • …or trousers 

If dresses aren’t your thing, there are lots of pants to choose from that can give you comfort and style.

Suit dress pants or regular pants are quite stylish. As they tend to have a rigid figure, it’s best not to wear them past the second trimester.

Palazzo pants are wonderfully made and provide more leg space for you to feel free. Tapered pants provide more hip and leg space and are suitable for various body types.

Cropped trousers are great for style but should only be worn if you’re comfortable with your ankles. 

For upper apparel that goes along with the pants, formal shirts with jackets would be a great match with suit pants and their palazzo counterparts.

Shirt dresses are also appropriate because they tend to be oversized and so can provide space for the baby. Chiffon shirts are another great option because they are lightweight and can be used for other occasions as well.

  • Consider coats and cardigans 

Coats are a great dress accessory and help with the age-old etiquette of showing little skin at funerals. They are also a big help in case of cold weather as they protect you from the chills while keeping you stylish.

Dark coats are preferable because they go with the theme of funerals and allow you to wear something lighter underneath if you must.

As a sibling to coats, cardigans also come in quite handy when wearing dresses. To ease and comfort, consider those that are elastic or made of cashmere and like materials.

  • Leggings are your friend 

Leggings are quite a prominent feature in the fashion styles of pregnant women, and this is no wonder. They can be worn with all sorts of dresses, such as sweaters and sheath dresses, to provide an extra finishing touch to your funeral attire.

Leggings are also simple and comfortable. They are handy in the third trimester when finding many things that fit might be difficult.

  • Comfortable footwear 

Footwear should not be glossed over when considering how a pregnant woman should dress for a funeral. 

Your footwear for the funeral should depend firstly on your comfort and then on your attire. It should be flat-footed to support your legs and the humans they are carrying.

Options you can consider include sandals, lounger shoes, and sneakers. Flat pump shoes and slip-on shoes are great options because they are comfortable and easy to wear.

  1. Accessories complete the attire 

The right accessories will complete your output and the style you were going for. Dresses would go best with belts that can rest on your baby bump and bring attention to the newest miracle in town.

Bags are necessary, but you should only carry one that is just large enough to take any essentials you might need. That way, you can avoid the extra burden of logging a large bag around for the duration of the funeral.

For jewelry, avoid being extravagant as much as possible. Simple knobs and little hoops would be great earring choices, for instance.

  • Consignment stores

If you’re wondering, “how should I dress for a funeral if I am pregnant,” and have little time to come up with a proper outfit, and don’t mind second-hand outfits, try consignment stores.

Maternity dresses have a short lifespan; once the pregnancy is done, some mothers simply sell off their clothes. Consignment stores would therefore have a wide range of maternity outfits available at short notice to ensure that you show up to the funeral dressed appropriately and exquisitely.

If you are in need of gift suggestions for the family of the deceased, here are:

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can pregnant lady go to a funeral?

No law bars pregnant women from funerals, but there are considerations to take into account. Some of them are:

  • Medical conditions such as high-risk pregnancies – If the pregnancy is at risk for any number of reasons, it’s probably best to take it as easy as possible, and this might include sitting out the funeral.
  • Cultural and religious reasons – some religions and cultures take issue with pregnant women going to burials. Adherents to such doctrine should maybe avoid going to funerals when pregnant.
  • Relationship with deceased – if the funeral is for a close relative, pregnant women should be mindful of attending because any emotional stress on the mother would impact the baby.

 What should you not wear while pregnant?

  • Avoid wearing clothes too many times as this can lead to skin infections.
  • Compression underwear might seem like a good idea, but it can cause discomfort, which is not something you want when pregnant.
  • Tight pants are also quite uncomfortable and so should be avoided. Try joggers and leggings, especially in the later stages of your pregnancy.
  • Fabrics such as synthetics might lead to you sweating profusely.
  • Unsupportive bras can be pretty uncomfortable and even cause pain. With the breasts growing during pregnancy, get more supportive bras with larger cup sizes.
  • Avoid high heels as these do not provide adequate support for feet and legs. Instead, opt for flatter shoes like pumps and sandals.

How should a woman dress for a funeral?

  • Dark colors such as black, deep gray, and dark blue are most appropriate.
  • Dresses and skirts should be of an appropriate length based on the societal norms you adhere to. 
  • Etiquette requires that shoulders are covered. 
  • Simple jewelry such as knobs and smaller hooped earrings are recommended. 
  • Dress suits and long-sleeved shirts to cover the arms. 
  • Conservative dressing if unsure of the funeral etiquette required by the deceased’s family.

In conclusion…

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look good. In fact, you can look great. You are carrying new life, which is the most beautiful thing. We only hope that these suggestions increase your comfort as you mourn the passing of a loved one.

And remember, being pregnant makes you more delicate, so you don’t have to go to the funeral if you feel strong enough or for any other reason. Protect yourself and the little one. That’s your first priority.











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