13 Cool Fun Things to Do with Your Cousin : Spend Unforgettable Moments Together

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Better than a brother, more than a friend, the cousin is the one who pulls you out of the daily boredom.

Better than a brother, more than a friend

Discover all the games to play with cousins and how to plan a fun and successful holiday

Looking for fun things to do with your cousin? It’s not surprising. Cousins are precious. They aren’t brothers or sisters with whom you have daily run-ins, but family members with whom you can be very close. They are friends in the best way because you don’t have to worry that they will betray you to your parents. It is always easy to find an agreement with them if you want to hide something from your parents. You say nothing to my parents, and I will be silent in front of yours. Not surprisingly, many people who have trouble getting along with their siblings are strangely attached to their cousins.

It is advisable to enjoy the period when the contacts with family in general and cousins in particular are still intense. These contacts should be strengthened because as time goes by, they might become impossible. Unfortunately, scientific studies show that these contacts tend to fade with time.

Time spent with family, by age – Source : Ourworldindata.org

Time spent with family, by age - Source Ourworldindata.org

That’s why it’s important to have a plan of action to plan your holiday weekend and have fun with your cousin or cousins when they come to visit. So, how do you go about it so that everyone, including yourself, gets the most out of it?

Things to know and to consider before making your plan

1. Fun is only based on age…

It is assumed that the host is already an adult or near to being an adult. Why do we do this? Because parents are the ones who usually program the entertainment of toddlers and children. However, not all of your cousins will be adults or the same age as you. So plan all activities with their age in mind.

There is no way to find an activity where the cousin will have fun on his own while you are relaxing in your room. The goal of the activity is for you and your cousin to have fun together. Therefore, it should be an appropriate activity for both your cousin’s age and your own. Find activities and games for little ones (if they come) as well as for the older ones

2. Ask your cousin sincerely what he likes…

There are many things to do with siblings. However, you aren’t almighty. You can’t know all your cousin’s tastes and preferences. So ask him directly, no matter how old he is. You don’t have to grant his wishes, but at least you’ll know how to choose an activity you’ll both enjoy.

Never try to improvise if you’re not sure whether he’ll enjoy it. Just imagine the look on his face if you take him to a museum when he hates them. He will pretend to please you, you will understand that he isn’t into it, and the surprise will be ruined.

3. Plan activities both indoors and outdoors

Having fun isn’t just about getting out and wandering around the city. It is quite possible to enjoy many recreational activities at home. Think about this as you develop your plan of action. Some activities should take place away from home and some in your home. With a bit of goodwill, you will find games to play with your brother, sister, or cousin.

This approach is good because it also gives you a break. You won’t have to be on the road. Note that if your cousins are still children, or if your cousins bring their children, home-based recreational activities are likely to be the most popular.

What exciting activities can you do?

“What can I do if my cousin came to stay in my room?”. There are so many to choose from that it is impossible to make an exhaustive list. That’s why we will limit ourselves to the most interesting ones.

At home

What to do with cousins when they visit you? For a beginning, don’t complicate things. The most exciting games are always the simplest. There are many things to do with your brother at home. Use a little creativity and imagination.

1. Turn everyday housework into an adventure game

There are many sibling activities you can do at home, but this one will be especially appealing to the little ones, but adults are sure to enjoy it. Hide sweets (an immediate reward) or any other objects that must be brought back to you for a reward. This game will only succeed if it is well-prepared. You won’t be able to hide everything you want if everyone is awake and watching you.

So tell your cousins that when they wake up the next day, there is a surprise waiting for them. Explain the rules of the game before everyone goes to bed or early in the morning when they wake up. For example, cut out butterflies and hide them around the house.


Each person who brings me a butterfly while cleaning with me gets a candy. Two butterflies will be worth one chocolate. If you bring me 5 or more butterflies, you choose the reward you would like to get.

Be aware that the wish should be reasonable. A cake, for example, or a ride, in short, you must be able to fulfill it.

2. Nothing better than contests to liven up the day…

Turn the day into an explosive event, during which your family members will not even have time to rest. Create challenges to do with cousins. There are several advantages to this approach.

First, your cousins are always busy, and you won’t spend long periods of time isolated in your corners while you clean. So, you won’t feel like the housekeeper taking care of them. Second, they won’t have time to be bored in their corner. You will be constantly together. This will make their stay more joyful. You won’t have to ask how to deal with an annoying cousin.

3. Hello card games and board games

Board games are welcome in any company. Try games like Mikado or Jenga. You can be sure that your whole company will be delighted, no matter how old your cousins are. These games are simple, but incredibly exciting. After a few minutes, even those who didn’t want to participate at first will be happy.  Also try the twister. It makes even older people laugh.

Avoid highly sophisticated games. They may be attractive, but they tire quickly. In addition, it will be impossible to get people of different generations to have fun together. One might be tempted to say that a game like jenga will not be suitable for the very young either. This is true, but only if they are alone. The situation changes completely if they are with adults.

Speaking of card games, you can try these: Blitz, Cheat, Egyptian Ratscrew, Fan Tan, GOPS, Knock Out Whist, Mao, Palace, Ranter-Go-Round, Rummy Scopa, Speed, Spoons, 500, Bezique.  If that doesn’t sound like enough just add these: Bridge, Briscola, Euchre, Ecarte, German Whist, Hearts, Jass, Le Truc, Ninety-Nine, Oh Hell, Pinochle, Piquet, Pitch, Rook, Schnapsen. In addition, you can enjoy the following games: Skat, Spades, Whist, Big Two, Canasta, Cribbage, Eleusis, Gin Rummy, Nertz, Poker, Spite & Malice, Zetema.

This is a non-exhaustive list of games that you can play with your family. There are many other games to play with cousins. Don’t be afraid to try out unknown games. By discovering a game together, the atmosphere will be even better.

4. Karaoke, movies and TV, a winning trio whatever the circumstances

You are running out of things to talk about with your cousin, or you’re just too tired to do anything else? These are things to do with cousins when your bored. Try the trifecta! You’ll never go wrong. No one can resist it, and it’s unlikely that your cousin will be the first. Choose movies that you have watched in advance or that you dream of seeing. In a few words, just take what you like and enjoy it.

5. Cooking together, a wrongly neglected activity.

There is nothing more pleasant than cooking together as a family. Instead of ordering food or going to a restaurant, choose a recipe you want to try, shop and prepare together. You can even turn it into challenges to do with your sister or brother. For example, who will make the best steak or barbecue meat

What if you deal with kids? The same thing will be perfect because children also like to eat what they have prepared. You will just have to take into consideration their tastes when choosing the dish to prepare. No child will refuse to participate in the making of cookies, pancakes, or pizza. Go online, look for easy recipes and go for it.

At Home: Outdoor

Looking for activities for siblings who fight or ask yourself what to do when your bored with your cousin? Outdoors activities are undoubtedly what you are looking for! But it will suit every one If you have enough space outside, take advantage of it. The range of activities that can be done is huge.

1. Life-size board games

Transform all the board games that exist into outdoor activities: chess, tic-tac-toe, matching game, bananagrams, twister, KerPlunk, dominoes, scrabble or even jenga to name a few. You’ll have even more fun on the lawn.

2. Indoor activities for kids and adults

If you have both young and old in your house, try one of the following games: cornhole, beanbag toss, four-in-a-row yard game, backyard dunk tank, yard yahtzee, putt-putt mini golf, three-hole washers game, soccer toss, giant Kubb, ring toss game, soda crate ring toss. The list is far from being exhaustive and you can add to it all those you know.

We can add to this list team sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton, and many others. Of course, if you have a swimming pool, the range of activities will increase considerably.

Outside the house

Outside the house, the options are numerous. It all depends on your fantasy, as well as your cousin’s desires.

1. The restaurant, an eternally winning option…

It’s simply impossible to go wrong when you take your cousin to a restaurant. Whatever his preferences, he will be satisfied. You can choose a restaurant that offers food your cousin will enjoy. However, you can surprise your cousin by taking him to a restaurant where he can try something new. If it’s a child, don’t make life complicated. Choose fast food or a pastry shop. You can’t go wrong.

2. Learn to choose the right museums and galleries

In theory, visiting a museum is a good option to spend some quality time with your cousin. You’ll discover something new, and that’s always fun. However, it is not uncommon for this pastime to be boring, especially if your cousin isn’t a fan of this kind of distraction.

In every city, there are small and unusual museums, because of their theme or because of the presentation they offer to their visitors. Try to find some of them. As far as art galleries are concerned, at least go to the contemporary art galleries, even if you and your cousin are not fond of them. This may sound like a strange proposition, but it’s not. There are two ways to appreciate art. In the first case, you understand it and, therefore, perceive all the subtleties of the different works. In the second case, you laugh at it because you don’t understand it at all.

Many contemporary works of art are so exclusive that it is unlikely that you will perceive the depth of the artist’s vision. It’s hard to understand what the creator of a huge plastic duck or puppy was thinking. You’ll have an unforgettable time laughing at what you don’t understand.

3. Go to sporting events

If your cousin is a sports fan, you can’t give him a better gift than taking him to a game. It’s not always easy to find tickets, but if you have the opportunity to do so, don’t hesitate. This type of event appeals to both adults and children.

For children, it is even the best choice because you can bring them to any sporting event. They are still discovering and have no fixed taste. So, they will be thrilled no matter what event you choose.

4. Theaters and movies, always a winning choice too

Children or adults or even adults and children, you will never go wrong by opting for this choice. Don’t feel like you have to go to the premieres. Sometimes, old movies or shows that you watched as a child or years ago will make you even happier than recently released movies. Ask your cousin’s opinion and go with what you both like.

5. Walks, strolls and shopping

Start with the parks or along the waterfront if you live by the water. Stroll the streets, admiring the architecture of the buildings. Once you’re tired of wandering aimlessly, head to the stores. Window shopping is an art, but it’s also the best way to spend time. Go where you want. Wander around as you please, stopping occasionally at restaurants to take a breather and relax before continuing your wanderings. If you’re out of ideas, this is the best way to spend time with your cousin.

6. Recreational and … explosive activities

If you’ve been dreaming of skydiving for a while, your cousin can be your best companion if he has an adventurous spirit like yours. If you live in a big city, there are undoubtedly many exciting activities available. Get off the beaten path and discover them with your cousin. Base-jumping, ice cross karting, bungee jumping, cage diving with sharks, cliff jumping, gliding, snow kiting, river boarding, the list of activities is immense. Find the ones that are available in your city. There are more extreme sports enthusiasts than you might think.

Share of Americans interested in extreme/ action sports, by age – Source : Statista.com

Share of Americans interested in extreme_ action sports, by age

If you’re not so adventurous, you can settle for simpler, less dangerous activities like fishing, hiking, swimming, biking, horseback riding, camping and more.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is it reasonable to take your cousin to the spa or have beauty treatments?

Why not! If your cousin has been dreaming about it for a long time or if you know him to be a fan of this type of procedure, take him to the spa or to have some manicure and pedicure procedures.

2. What are the ideal activities to do with your cousins or any other family member?

There is no typical or ideal activity. It all depends on your preferences and his. In some families, nothing beats a good fishing trip or hunting. In others, skydiving or mountaineering is appreciated by all. The only activities that could be considered universal are shopping, walking and picnicking.

3. If you are hosting both adults and children, should you plan different activities for each?

Ideally, you should find activities that are suitable for everyone. By separating the activities, you risk finding yourself in complex situations where you have to find a nanny for the children to have fun with the adults.

4. Can we bring friends to make the cousins’ stay more enjoyable?

Of course, you can! This is a great idea because your friends will provide you with ideas that probably wouldn’t have occurred to you. Besides, it will free up some time for you.

5. Should you ask your cousin directly what he wants to do, or should you prepare everything without him knowing?

It all depends on your cousin’s character. Some people love surprises and aren’t afraid to take on the unknown. If your cousin is in this category, improvise without any qualms. If, on the other hand, your cousin hates surprises, and you’re not sure about your choice, try to get in touch with another family member who knows his or her tastes. However, if you have questions to ask your cousin, do it.

6. I don’t have time to plan. What simple activity can my cousin and I do?

There are a lot of things to do with your cousin. But here is the simplest activity : spend the weekend doing cousin tag questions. Plan nothing in advance, just improvise. The dumber the questions, the more hilarious the whole process.

Maintain a good relationship with your cousins, have fun together

Cousins are both brothers and great friends. So, it’s normal to put in as much effort as possible to make their stay as happy as possible. Improvisation is good, but not always. So take the time to plan a lot of the activities you want to do with your cousin(s). Make sure in advance that everything will go smoothly, especially if you choose dangerous or challenging activities. Make sure your cousins will enjoy what you are proposing. If you have any doubts, poll them ahead of time. Even if they arrive unexpectedly, you can still get the information you need.

You choose your friends, but not your family members. If you have the opportunity to have a good relationship with your cousins or other family members, it would be a shame to miss out. Good relationships with family will always be beneficial. Knowing that you can count on your family no matter what makes you feel better psychologically.





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