31 Common Things People Dislike and 4 Reasons Why People Hate You.

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31 (Common) Things people don’t like.

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There are as many things that people hate as they are people on earth. For all the more than 200 billion people on earth, there are more than 2 billion things that people hate. And that is why it is practically impossible to have an exhaustive list of things people don’t like. And so, we cannot make the impossible claim that this list represents the be-all that there is when it comes to the common things people dislike. What we can however tell you is that you are bound to agree with almost all if not all the 31 items we have in this list of things people dislike.

25 Common things people dislike.

While this list is not exhaustive, almost everyone can agree that these 25 things are stuff people hate regardless of temperament and disposition.

1. Spelling people’s names incorrectly.

No one enjoys having their name spelled wrongly, even if it seems like a potato-potato situation. “Spell it right goddammit” you might internally scream in frustration. Yeah, we can totally understand. Spelling a name wrongly is like bastardizing someone’s name but this time over text and you will agree that anyone will hate their name being bastardized.

2. Oversharing every single detail of your life on Facebook.

What people dislike about Facebook (2014)

A survey seen on Pew Research also confirmed this as one of the things people don’t like when it comes to the world of Facebook. And it’s even worse if you are one of those who post what they are up to every half hour. No one needs to be aware of every single thing you do during the day. No one has that time and no one wants their Facebook feed crowded with the same person’s face every time they come online to catch up.

And seriously, if you have to spend every waking minute of your life updating your Facebook with what you are doing, what that tells anyone and everyone is that you have no life and are simply just bored out with your life. Probably not the kind of impression you want to be creating online or indeed with anyone.

3. Prying into people’s private lives and yet being unwilling to share about your private life.

This one is a major turn-off for almost everyone. It tells me that you are shady and a busybody too. Why are you asking about people’s lives if you do not want to talk about yourself? If this is something you do, don’t be surprised if people don’t like you very much. It is one of those things that people hate very much.

4. Sharing too much too soon into any type of close relationship (except marriage).

Unless you are married to this person, certain social lines should not be crossed too early into any type of social relationship, whether it’s a friendship or a romantic relationship. To give some examples. If you are just meeting this person and trying to become friends, you probably don’t want to be telling them so soon about all your other friends who stabbed you in the back. This indirectly communicates to them that you’re already putting them on a pedestal that they probably are not looking to be on. Or if you are on a first date, for example, you probably don’t want to be talking about all your exes from hell and what you hate about your exes. It’s just too soon. It is off-putting and not advisable.

5. Unnecessary name dropping in conversations.

Nothing wrong with occasional name-dropping but if you have to do it every time you open your mouth, then it becomes annoying and boring. You don’t have to drop a name with every sentence you make. No one needs to know all the big shots you hang out with. What that tells people is that you are somehow looking for their validation and in most cases, you will be seen as an annoying braggart or prick. These are not probably how you want to be seen or perceived.

6. Dropping in on people unannounced.

Gone are the days when you just showed up at people’s places unannounced without letting them know. This is very annoying behavior that some may not be so patient to entertain. And for those who do not suffer fools gladly, they will without hesitation tell you that you cannot stay in their house and have to make an appointment to come at a more convenient time. And this can be embarrassing. To avoid that embarrassment, it is best not to show up at people’s houses or places of work unannounced unless you are surprising them with something or they don’t mind it.

7. Having to repeat the same things more than twice in the same conversation.

Another annoying behavior that tells the one speaking that the person they are speaking to isn’t listening to them. And no one wants to be talking to someone who isn’t listening to them. This is most likely something that you hate so don’t do it.

8. Indirectly bragging and painting it as a weakness.

This is called humble-bragging. Where you brag about something and paint it like a weakness. Saying something like “I just wish I wasn’t too clumsy or I would have gotten two gold medals instead of one.” You may not mean to do it, but humble-bragging can become patronizing and insensitive depending on who your audience is. And it won’t be long before you become that annoying guy or girl who is so full of themselves. If you want to brag occasionally, nothing wrong with that but be sincere about it. Own it and not make it come off as a weakness.

9. People who have no depth to them and are very superficial.

We all hate fake people. No one wants to be around someone fake and superficial with no depth.

We all hate fake people. No one wants to be around someone fake and superficial with no depth.

There is no need to fake a pleasant persona just to get people to like you. People like original people who may not be their best friend or always pleasant but have a depth to them and are real.

10. People who act all holier than thou and come off as being very judgmental.

Persons who are like this are always the first to give advice and are quick to always point out what everyone else is doing wrong and needs to be doing. Given that no one is perfect, the ones that want to hold themselves out as the epitome of perfection will almost always have people who dislike them.

11. Always making excuses for why you can’t help out or do something or show up.

One excuse may be acceptable, and maybe even a second one. But if your go-to response every time you are called upon to help out in one way or another or to attend an event, is to give one excuse or another, you will be disliked. No one likes excuse-givers. People find them annoying.

12. A pretty or handsome face with a dirty/ugly character and personality.

Nothing is as attractive as a beautiful woman or handsome man who is also beautiful on the inside and has a beautiful personality to match the beautiful exterior. Where the opposite is the case, this turns people off and is one of the things people dislike.

13. Showing up late all the time, apologizing for it, and still always showing up late.

We all know that we won’t always be on time for every event or function. If however, you are that person that is always late and known to apologize for being late and still keep at being late, you will not fare well in the likability index. If others can make the effort to be early, there is no reason why you cannot also put in the same effort.

14. Saying you’re sorry and still doing the same things over and over again.

Saying sorry means you accept you did wrong and will not do the same thing again. If however, you continue doing the same thing, the only logical conclusion is that your apology is empty and means nothing. This paints you as dishonest and disrespectful of people’s feelings.

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15. Being that person who always blows things out of proportion, and never in a good way.

We all know a person or two like this. They make such a big fuss over everything including the ones that should really not be a big deal. And they can be a source of embarrassment when you go out to public places because they still behave that way. There is no need to dress down a waitress for example for a very honest and unintentional mistake.

16. Eavesdropping and generally being all nosy and all up in people’s faces and business.

This person may always be trying to stare into your phone when you receive a text message or arching their ears to hear snatches of your telephone conversation. Such kinds of behavior are very annoying and disliked by almost everyone.

17. Gossip mongers who know everything about everyone and are always ready to talk about everyone to anyone who cares to listen.

If this is you then honey you have your answer if you are asking “why do people hate on me?” People hate gossip vines because what it means is that you will also talk about them to anyone who cares to listen. A known gossip monger has very few genuine friends and people who spend time with them are people who want to use them to spread rumors because of their reputation as gossip mongers.

18. Two-faced people who are never straightforward either with people or in their dealings.

You probably know a person or two like this. They are forever sitting on the fence and always speaking through two sides of their mouth. One minute they are this way and almost in the same minute they have assumed another complexion. They are often referred to as chameleons and are always trying to be politically correct.

19. Dishonesty.

No one likes a liar. Granted we all tell some white lie once in a while. But if you are that person who never tells the truth and is given to being dishonest as a way of getting what you want, no one will like you. No one wants to be associated with someone who tells more lies than they tell the truth.

20. Having an unpleasant body odor.

This one sounds a little harsh but it is a harsh truth. Unpleasant body odor keeps everyone around it very uncomfortable and not to mention the health hazard it poses. A good bath, affordable yet great smelling deodorants, and perfumes can help with fixing this problem and that is why people find it annoying.

21. People who have a penchant for overdoing the PDA instead of getting a room.

Get a room, guys. Yes we know you can’t get enough of each other or keep your hands off each other but we don’t need you bringing your bedroom to the public space. Excessive PDA (public display of affection) is actually socially disrespectful of the people whose social space you are violating in public. It also suggests a lack of self-control. And of course, this does not apply to holding hands in public but making out passionately in public is a definite no-no.

22. Gaining weight and the frustration of trying to lose it.

This one is hated by everyone. We all don’t like it when we gain some weight and are sweating so hard on the treadmill but can’t seem to be seeing any results on our waistline.

23. Competitive copycats who can’t seem to find anything else to do except what you do and trying to prove they can do it better than you.

Why can’t they just get their ideas and a life of their own right!? Yup, we all also hate people who do this. Nothing wrong with being competitive but when you have to be competitive on ideas that are not your own you come across as annoying and without a mind of your own.

24. People that tend to speak under their breath and mumble rather than speaking out clearly.

No one wants to always be asking “what was that?” If you don’t want to speak up then keep shut because people hate it when a person tends to mumble under their breath rather than speak up.

25. People who have a very bad and nasty attitude including being unnecessarily unreasonable and difficult.

We all know that person who just wants to be unreasonable and difficult just because, and not for any good reason. People also do not like such nasty attitudes and will often steer clear of a person who is always like this.

And if in doubt about whether a person will dislike something you do, if it is not on this list, ask yourself if it will also annoy you if you were in their shoes. And if it annoys you then just don’t do it to someone else because chances are it will annoy them too.

6 Funny things people hate.

And then you have these 6 things which you may consider funny but people hate them as well.

26. Having smiley faces in an email.

This is a no-no, especially for professional emails. Smiling in real life at meetings is acceptable but that’s where people want it to end in a professional setting. They do not want to be seeing smiley faces at the end of your email even if you are generally a very pleasant person. This comes off as being a tad too unprofessional and you don’t want to create that impression.

27. Smiling too much.

People will start wondering if you are alright. You don’t have to smile at everything or laugh at everything. It also makes you come across as unserious. So, pace yourself and be measured when it comes to smiling or laughing.

28. When their clothes suddenly don’t fit.

You may laugh at this but think about how frustrating it gets when you already figured out that outfit in your head only to bring it out and it won’t get past your neck. Your friends will laugh but chances are you are not finding it as funny as they are.

29. No student likes homework.

Yess. We all know this. Even bookworms inwardly hate homework even if they pretend on the outside to love it. Who even came up with the concept of homework geez. You laugh but you know we are right lol.

30. We all probably hate the fact that food can make us fat.

Okay, not all types of food but those junk foods that we all love to indulge in.

31. Doing the dishes or other chores like cleaning, gardening, etc.

Only weirdos love doing dishes or chores lol. Okay, that’s a joke but it is a known fact that not everyone loves doing dishes or cleaning or gardening. If they were not so essential to a healthy life, we are almost sure no one would do them lol.

Why do people hate other people? Disliking someone for no reason and 4 reasons to hate someone.

The word “hate” is a very strong word and strong emotion that requires a lot of effort and energy. So maybe it isn’t hate hate but more a dislike for you. If however, you feel like someone or people hate you for no reason, it could be because of one, or more, or all of these 4 reasons.

1. They are envious of you.

When a person is envious of you and does not keep that envy in check, it almost always translates into hate. Envy easily morphs into jealousy and then hatred when the envious one refuses to nip the feeling of envy in check. And once this turns into hate, they will always look for something wrong with everything you do.

2. You are doing something they don’t like.

This is a more common reason why people hate each other. If you are doing any, most, or all of the 31 actions listed in the first section of this article, then you should not be surprised if it seems like people hate you.  If you suspect that this might be the reason why people hate you, then changing your actions will be the solution to the problem.

3. They have tried to manipulate you and failed.

When a person tries to manipulate you and fails, their next response will be to unleash their hate on you.

4. They just hate you for no reason.

And then there are those people who you can never understand what it is about you but they just hate you for no reason. Such people likely are envious of you. For such kinds of people, do not lose sleep over them or pay them any heed. Just steer clear of their path because if you stay on it, before long, they will destroy you.

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Frequently asked questions.

1. Why does this person hate me?

It could be because they are envious of you or just hate you for no reason. Or it could be because you are doing any or all of the 31 things that people hate listed in this article. Or perhaps they have tried to manipulate you in the past and have failed. When you closely scrutinize your interaction and relationship with this person, you will immediately be able to tell which of these reasons could be responsible for their hatred of you.

2. I dislike most people. Is there something wrong with me?

Not unless you dislike them out of envy or for no reason or because you failed to manipulate them. If your dislike for them stems from any of these 3 reasons then yes there is something wrong somewhere. You need to check your motives and disposition so that the hate does not consume and destroy you.

If however, the reason why you dislike them is because of something wrong they are doing like doing any of the 31 actions listed in this article, then there is nothing wrong with you.

3. I feel like I’m hated. Why do so many people hate me?

For starters be sure that it is not just in your head. This is because if you allow it to be in your head it will limit you and make you not enjoy life. While it is good to understand why people hate you, this should not be what defines how you live your life.

Remember that you can never please everyone and sometimes whatever you do, people will still find a reason to hate you. The best you can do is take a cue of social etiquette from the 31 things listed in this article and live your life to the fullest.  

4. How to make everyone hate you?

It is absurd to want everyone to hate you but if you want to know how to make people hate you, just do all the 31 things listed in this article and you will not need to try too hard to get people to hate you.

5. Why do people hate other people?

Only the people who hate other people can answer this question. Their reasons could however be any or all of the 4 reasons listed in the last section of this article.


The list of what people hate cannot be exhausted but these 31 come pretty close to an exhaustive list of things people dislike. And if you feel that people hate you for no reason, their reason is most likely for any or all of the 4 reasons listed in this article.





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