christmas gift ideas for women


It is almost Christmas time, the time of year when you need to go on the hunt for the best and fun Xmas gifts for your special lady. But this year you really would like to make it special and interesting and give her something that she will never forget. You want to stay clear of the same old boring gifts you always give her, the ones that she expects to get from you

This year you are looking for fun Xmas gifts for her to enjoy and laugh about but she definitely makes it really difficult for you to choose any kind of gift as she refuses to give you any ideas when you ask by saying that she has everything she needs and does not want anything except for your love.  

If you are struggling with coming up with any ideas and you are really not getting any help from your special lady, then your option is to take the time to think, think back to anything useful that she may have mentioned in past few months and think about your special lady as by now you should know her pretty well so think about things that will make her laugh, jump for joy, things she loves to do in her downtime at home or would love to have, things like:

  • Would she love something really unusual?
  • Does she love to cook or bake delicious treats?
  • Does she love spending some free time gardening?
  • Is she more of a bookworm?, or
  • Does she love to pamper herself with relaxation products?

Here are some ideas to help you decide on what to get her that will be fun Xmas gifts for her:

Stocking Fillers That are Fun and Different

The stockings are the first thing people usually run to get on Christmas morning excited to  look inside to check what little surprises were left there for them so you have to, there is no question about it, fill her stocking with a few fun things for her to start her day off on the right foot where she can smile and laugh and be in a good mood all day long. A couple of ideas could be a book that you fill in with all the things you love about her, a portable hand warmer and of course, you can’t forget about some delicious snacks.

Book: What I Love About You

This “What I love about you” fill-in-the-blank book is an amazing gift that will make you get in touch with your inner feelings and visit the different aspects of your relationship. It will allow you to write down in words and express your love for her.


  • An amazing personal gift.
  • Forces you to reflect on your relationship.
  • A fun way to tell someone how much you care.


  • Takes a long time to fill the book up, so must be done in advance.

Customers that have purchased this book have had only positive things to say and are extremely satisfied as they feel that it is a gift that is different than the usual gifts and a great way to tell their special girl how much they love them.

Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers

This refillable hand warmer is a fun and different surprise for your special lady to find in her stocking on Christmas morning and will keep her hands warm anyplace and any time during the cold weather.


  • Perfect for all cold weather activities.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Warms Quickly.
  • Refillable and reusable.


  • The burner takes about a minute to start before it gets warm.

Customers that have bought this refillable hand warmer have had only positive things to say and are extremely satisfied with this product as they are portable and convenient for any outdoor winter trips which maybe camping, watching kids play sports or while traveling.

Gift Basket Variety Pack with Bars, Chips, Candy and Cookies


This Deluxe Care Gift Basket is filled with fun and yummy snack size packages of sweet and salty treats. 

It always makes a perfect stocking filler gift at Christmas to lift her spirits and gives her something to nibble on.


  • It’s fun, delicious, and festive!!
  • 60 carefully selected snacks.


  • Risk of snacks becoming stale.

Those customers that have already purchased this “Cravebox” have had only positive things to say and are extremely satisfied with the many delicious snacks inside and it is a great gift for a group of people to share.

Unusual But Fun Xmas Gifts For Her

Maybe you are looking for something extremely unusual but fun to give like an oversized coffee mug if she is a huge coffee lover or a wooden nose shaped spectacle stand if she wears glasses or even for her sunglasses to prevent them from being misplaced or scratched and damaged.

BigMouth Inc. One Cup of Coffee Gigantic Mug, Funny Huge Ceramic Gag Gift for Coffee Lovers,

This gift is the perfect gift for huge coffee lovers and will bring out the giggles and belly laughs in her every time she uses this gigantic mug.


  • Perfect gag gift.
  • High quality, easy-to-clean ceramic construction.
  • Perfect for the home or office.


  • Ceramic can chip and break.

BigMouth Inc. One Cup of Coffee Gigantic Mug, Funny Huge Ceramic Gag Gift for Coffee Lovers, Holds up to 64 oz.

There have been some mixed reviews from customers that have purchased this Gigantic coffee mug, some have had only positive things to say and are extremely satisfied as they find this gift very funny but practical too and others have complained that their mugs chipped and broke.

Indian Wooden Hand Carved Nose Shaped Spectacle Stand


She will definitely love this stand if she wears glasses and is always forgetting where she left them.

This unusual wooden nose shaped stand is designed to hold any pair of glasses making it an essential and very useful gift for her, not to mention a great ornament as well.


  • Something that is different
  • An essential and useful accessory to keep spectacle/sunglass in a safe place
  • Makes glasses visible at a glance.


  • Not all types of glasses seem to fit securely

Customers that have purchased this wooden nose shaped spectacle holder have had only positive things to say and are extremely satisfied as they are finding it a very handy item to have, especially when they seem to be losing their glasses all the time.

Fun Xmas Gifts For Her Who Loves Cooking

If she loves to cook and bake, then you might want to look for something that is different but fun for the kitchen then why not get her an unusual type of cookbook or a really great and useful lunch bag with vibrant colors that she can carry everywhere with her.

The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro

This book is a step-by-step process that can be used to master anything she wishes and fulfill her dreams living the good life by learning to cook like a pro and some good life lesson too.


  • A method to learn anything efficiently
  • Learn the building blocks of cooking
  • Wilderness survival


  • A Mix of life skills and cooking skills.

Customers who have purchased this 4-hour chef book were impressed with this book because you can learn about life skills as well as cooking skills but feel that the book is a little bulky.

Art of Lunch Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse

Give your special lady this perfect gift this Christmas, she will love it if she likes to make her own meals every day. She will not need to worry about her drinks going warm or her food getting cold as it has insulated pockets inside to keep her food cold and safe to eat for up to 4 hours.

This lunch bag comes in some great designs, it is like no other lunch bag and is very fashionable too.


  • Reusable, eco-friendly and fashionable
  • Insulates up to four hours
  • Different designs to choose from


  • Round bamboo handles make it harder to roll up and stow it.

Join the many customers that have purchased this Lunch bag purse and have had only positive things to say as they are extremely satisfied as it is large and sturdy enough to carry a full day’s worth of lunch, snacks, and water bottles

Fun Xmas Gifts for Her who loves Gardening

You have noticed that your special lady has taken an interest in gardening and wondering what you can give her that would be fun but still relates. You feel that gardening tools and accessories are boring and are not the sorts of things you would buy for Christmas. A great idea could be a planter of some sort which she can enjoy indoors.

AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

This “Aerogarden” is a fun and interesting gift for gardening lovers as this will fit perfectly on her kitchen countertop. This perfect gift also doubles up as an indoor garden for her to take care of as well as having the convenience of fresh herbs and veggies at her fingertips while she cooks.


  • Easy to setup
  • Allows for gardening in a small space
  • Herbs and veggies taste great
  • Plants Grow in Water … Not Soil
  • Low maintenance.


  • The pump can stop working.

Customers that have purchased this Aerogarden are loving the process of planting and harvesting and have had only positive things to say.

Fun Xmas Gifts for Her who is your Favorite Bookworm

Ok, so maybe your special lady does not like gardening or cooking but she really loves reading books, magazines, and articles, then a fun gift could be a re-usable page marker for her to insert in her books. No more pieces of some sort of scrap paper that she is losing all the time.

3pcs Novelty Zipper Bookmark Page Marker for Book

If your special lady is a bookworm, then she will absolutely love these really cute page markers for Christmas. This is a fun and colorful gift for her to keep her spot in any book she reads.


  • Novelty bookmark
  • Makes a wonderful novelty present
  • color : blue /orange/ and green


  • They will bend your pages if you do not place them carefully.

Many customers who have purchased the bookmark page markers love the colors and find them very useful.

Fun Xmas Gifts for Her to pamper herself with

Every woman loves to be pampered, especially after a long and hard year. She will love to have a gift that will relieve the pain in her feet or something that will help her relax and better yet she can pamper herself in the comfort of her own home.

Toe Separator Yoga Gym Sports Massage Socks

Toe separator socks also make great gifts for her, especially if she has been complaining all the time about sore feet. She can slip them on and give her toes a relaxing stretch while she is walking around or has her feet propped up while watching TV.


  • Great for the alignment of toes and overall foot pain
  • Help prevent foot cramps and promotes healthy blood circulation


  • One size fits women shoe sizes 6-10 – Not Men.

Triim Fitness Toe Separator Yoga Gym Sports Massage Socks for Foot Alignment, Great for Sore Feet and Diabetics with Free Exercise Guide! (Gray)

Customers that have purchased the toe separator love the comfy feel of the socks on their feet and find them very useful.

California Delicious Lavender Spa Getaway Gift Basket

Give her this fun basket that holds everything she needs for an imaginary trip to the lavender fields melting away her stress by helping her to relax.


  • The feeling of relaxation, calmness and soothing comfort


  • Chocolate could go all moldy.

The people that have purchased this lavender spa gift basket loved it and have had mainly positive things to say that it is very luxurious and the smell of lavender is fabulous

Get a Gift Card

One last thing to do is not to forget to get her a card to go with her gift as cards resemble the cherry on top of the cake and complete the gift. Cards are also ways to show her how much you care.

So you see women, especially your special lady really aren’t that difficult to buy for all you have to do is listen for hints or just take some time to think a little to come up with some fun Xmas gifts for her, your special lady as there are a lot of options you could choose from depending on the things she likes to do, what makes her happy, how she likes to relax and what she will laugh about.

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