11 Gifts for Teenage Tomboys

  • Teenage tomboys are all different and have different interests and hobbies that define their personality, knowing these interests and hobbies can make the task of finding a gift for them a little bit easier
  • This article has tried to take into account the different hobbies and interests that are common amongst the average teenage tomboys, however, this is not a representation of all tomboys.
  • Enjoy the selected 11 gifts for teenage tomboys listed below:

Teenage tomboy girls often feel left out when it comes to getting gifts because not many people know what to get them that isn’t stereotypically for girls or for boys. This article will give you gift ideas for tomboys that aren’t gender-specific and that they will enjoy playing with, wearing, or getting creative with. As a rule of thumb, always remember to know people’s interests and hobbies before you proceed to buy them gifts – because when you know what a person likes and dislikes, it is going to be easier for you to narrow down which gifts they would enjoy and appreciate more.

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Great Gift Ideas for Tomboys


A sweatsuit is the best of both worlds when it comes to buying tomboy stuff because you get both sweatpants and a hoodie for the price (and style) of one! Sweatsuits are big and comfortable – which often makes them comfort-clothes for tomboy girls because they do not accentuate any features of their changing albeit growing body.


  • It is comfortable 
  • It is nice, cozy, and warm 
  • It is designed to fit loosely 
  • It comes in amazing solid colors


  • It is not true to size so you may need to order one or two sizes up for them to fit loosely.

Product Summary: This tracksuit comes in 8 different (solid) colors to choose from. It has a long-sleeved hoodie and matching sweatpants made of polyester and spandex.


Let’s face it, who doesn’t like a smart anything these days? A smartwatch is one of the best gifts you can give a teenage tomboy who is also interested in fitness and is overall active as it helps them keep track of their fitness activities.


  • It has a long-lasting power battery (up to 7 hours per 24-hour charge)
  • It has an adjustable band that is soft and flexible which makes it easy to use 
  • It is lightweight and waterproof 
  • It is long-lasting and durable


  • You may experience some difficulties connecting some of the software to your phone especially if your phone doesn’t support said software
  • Some customers received their watches broken due to poor packaging and delivery

Product Summary: This smartwatch is a touch screen with HD resolution. It can read your health data, monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress status data among other things. It requires you to download an app that keeps track of all your data thus making it easy to keep track of things such as the exercises you are doing and how much sleep you are getting.


Another great present for tomboys is converse shoes. Typically, most tomboys do not like or care for high heel shoes or open-toe sandals. Your best bet in getting them a shoe they will love and wear often is getting them flat closed shoes that are multifunctional – for walking, running, and the occasional skating (if they are into that sort of thing). It is a shoe that helps keep them active while staying comfortable.


  • They are comfortable walking in
  • They are long-lasting and durable
  • They are made from great quality material
  • They are beautiful and stylish


  • The shoes run a size smaller so be sure to go up a size when making a purchase
  • They may be uncomfortable for someone with wider feet
  • Some of the colors aren’t as described which may be misleading

Product Summary: These converse shoes come in 9 different colors to choose from. They have both a synthetic and rubber sole which makes them comfortable to walk in.


Fourth on our list of gifts for young tomboys is the beanie hat – on a good day, a tomboy will want to manipulate their hair as minimally as possible and that’s where the hat comes in because they can only detangle and/or brush the hair that is showing and hide the unkempt roots in the hat – and no one will be the wiser because beanie hats also serve as a fierce and daring fashion statement.


  • It is comfortable
  • It is easily adjustable
  • It keeps both the head and ears warm and toasty
  • It is high quality


  • There is no extra hat for the slouch effect which some people find important
  • It is lightweight which may be concerning to some people

Product Summary: This beanie comes in 20 different colors to choose from. It is unisex and easily adjustable to fit one’s comfort.


This is a good gift for tomboys who like outdoor extreme sports activities such as dirt bike riding, hiking, surfing, bungee jumping, and skydiving. The camera, which can be strapped to their body gear can take great videos in HD from the first person point of view.


  • It is waterproof
  • It is portable
  • It can live-stream your content straight to your social media
  • It has an automated time warp feature


  • It has a short battery life compared to other GoPro’s
  • It does not include an SD card
  • It does not come with any manual guides on how to use the product

Product Summary: This GoPro camera is perfect for both day and nighttime shooting with either still or motion pictures. It even lets you playback your videos and pictures at a pace that you are comfortable with. Additionally, it lets you save or delete pictures in the camera before transferring them to a third party.


A classic gift for a classic tomboy – the skateboard. Every tomboy, at a point in their life, will go through a skating phase and when this happens, getting them a skateboard of their own will be the best thing you can do for them. You may even go as far as getting it customized with their name or the name of a band that they like. Trust us, it will make them smile.


  • It is sturdy
  • It is high quality
  • It is durable
  • It is waterproof


  • Some people received their skateboard broken because of poor packaging and shipping

Product Summary: This WhiteFang skateboard comes in 6 different colors and styles to choose from. It comes fully assembled so you do not have to put it together yourself, and it holds up to 130 lbs of weight on it.


Everyone enjoys laser tags but none like the teenage tomboy who is also into playing video games. Laser tags are the thing they use to simulate all the crazy cool moves they saw and did in the various video games that they play.


  • It is easy and fun to play with
  • It is high quality
  • It is safe to play with children (always remember to supervise your children as they play)
  • They are lightweight


  • You need to buy AAA batteries for the vests and guns to work for a total of 24 AAA batteries 
  • Sensors don’t work when the batteries run out

Product Summary: This laser tag set is great for kids and teens to play with their friends at home. It comes with 4 guns and 4 vests and has invisibility mode, night mode, flashlight, and voice-guided instructions.


A great gift for a teenage tomboy who is into video games, the Nintendo switch. It is portable which means they can play high-quality video games whenever and wherever.


  • It has a collection of amazing games
  • It has a long-lasting battery life
  • It is slicker as compared to other versions
  • It is portable


  • The console is only an appropriate gift for a tomboy who enjoys playing video games.

Product Summary: This console has 3 play styles; it can be played through the TV, Tabletop, or handheld. It has a battery life of up to 9 hours of uninterrupted play and can connect to multiple players through wifi which makes it an interactive console. 

Gifts for a Tomboy Girlfriend


If you are dating a tomboy and looking for gift ideas for a tomboy girlfriend, the drone is a great idea because not only do drones provide the perfect aerial view pictures, they also are great for perfecting motor skills.


  • It is easy to use
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is easy to control
  • It is durable


  • It doesn’t fly well when it is windy outside and it is easy to lose it as it can be blown away by the wind easily

Product Summary: This drone is user-friendly, safe to use, steady and trackable, and has gravity control.


Another good gift for your tomboy’s girlfriend is the LED strip lights. They are fun and stylish and have different colors which can be switched that have hidden codes (thanks to TikTok) depending on the colors that are dominant at any given point. They are a fun way to bring ambiance to your significant other’s bedroom without doing too much to it.


  • They are unique with their microphone function
  • They are high quality
  • They are long and can be easily installed
  • They come with a remote for easy control


  • They may be considered too bright for some people, even at their lowest settings
  • They are not durable
  • They may cause fuse problems with your socket

Product Summary: These LED strips range from 20ft to 82 ft in length. They have multiple modes to control the color and intensity of the lighting. They also have a microphone function that detects voices and pulsates along to the rise and fall of the pitch – this is a great function for playing music videos.


Every teenager loves their music and they love it loud – what better way to give them the gift of music than through a noise-canceling set of headphones?

Disclaimer: Listening to loud music in headphones for too long can cause damage to a person’s hearing.


  • It has a touch sensor that controls the volume, activates your assistant, and skips tracks
  • It charges very quickly and has a 30-hour battery life
  • It automatically reduces the volume when in conversation
  • It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time


  • It makes noises when it is windy
  • The swipe controls can be glitchy

Product Summary: These Sony wireless headphones have dual noise-canceling technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to get a tomboy for her birthday?

When you are looking for a present to give to a tomboy on her birthday, it is important to assess their likes and dislikes. Teenagers are fickle and they may change their interests very often, however, there is usually a theme that surrounds their interest at any given time – finding out what that theme is can make a huge difference in how you approach gift purchasing for a teenager because if their theme is music, then you can just select gifts that are musically inclined – whether it requires them playing musical instruments or just listening to some good songs that they find interesting at the moment. Remember, every teenager is different and there isn’t one gift that can fit all of the teenage tomboys, however, if you are looking for specific gift ideas, then look at our list above and have a pick at a gift you think she may like or find interesting.


In conclusion, getting a gift for the teenage tomboy in your life doesn’t have to be such a task when you get to observe them and know their hobbies and interests. Do not treat all tomboys as a monolith or as stereotyped in a lot of media – learn the needs of your teenage tomboy and getting them a gift they will love and appreciate will become an easy task to do.







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