How to Play Mind Games with Your Ex-Girlfriend: 7 Ways to Confuse Her

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There are two reasons why you would want to play mind games with a woman; the first one is you are hurt and miserable that she dumped you and you want to make her feel as hurt and as miserable as you do.

On the other hand, most people play mind games on their exes to try and win them back. These mind games are all about trying to convince them that you have changed and become a better version of yourself. A survey conducted in 2010 by INSIDER found that only 14% of couples that get back together stay together as opposed to an alarming 70% of couples that never even get back together after they have broken up.

This shows you that in as much as you may try to win your ex back, there are higher chances that they will not take you back or that if they do, your relationship will still end at some point in the future – so before you begin to play any of these mind games, think about these odds and if at all they are in your favor.

How many people get their ex back and stay together after more than 9 months of breaking up_


Before we proceed to show you how to play psychological mind games with people, it should be noted that different people will have different reactions to your approaches and some may consider them “harassment” so be careful how you go about implementing these fun little ideas or you may find yourself facing unlikely consequences for your actions. With that said, let us dive into the 7 games you can play on your ex-girlfriend to confuse her and/or make her life miserable:


There are many ways in which you can play mind games with a girl over text. The first one is to constantly text her how much you love and miss her, how she is the best thing that has ever happened to you, and how much you would give to get her back. The point of all of this is to manipulate her emotionally and make her think and believe that she made a mistake by leaving you because you are willing to do whatever it takes to make your relationship work. With this approach, however, there are two possible outcomes that you can expect; outcome number one, she believes you and accepts to take you back – or outcome number two, she blocks you from messaging her because she finds your constant messaging annoying and she truly has moved (or is trying to move) on.

The second thing you can do is the opposite of the first, text her randomly and rarely. This way any time she begins to forget about you, you pop right back up in her mind and she starts to think about you and your relationship all over. This is especially effective because your texts can be very casual and friendly (especially if you played the “let’s remain friends” card after the breakup) – wishing her happy birthday, Merry Christmas, etc. (really, any of the major holidays and personal milestones you may hear about them work with this one). The best thing about this is that it can go on for years which means that you will manage to keep your ex thinking about you for as long as you want them to.


Another way you can play mind games with someone is to call them – just like texting you may choose to do it frequently or rarely and randomly. The best thing about phone calls is the instant communication – and you know they are thinking of you when they pick up that phone (because if they did not care anymore, they would have let it go to voicemail, the fact that they are picking up means that they still care about you – or they feel guilty about breaking up with you, both tools you can use to manipulate their emotional reactions towards you and the relationship you had.)

With phone calls, you get to say whatever it is you want to say without leaving behind any evidence of it because very few people think to record phone calls, especially not from their exes.

It is important to note, however, that the person on the other end may hang up on you any time they feel like it and if you are being disrespectful and rude, they reserve the right to block your number from ever contacting them again.


A fun way to play mind games with her is to send her an email – if she has had you blocked from texting or calling her. Now the thing with emailing is it is a very delicate line between a person who really wants to communicate their feelings and/or intentions and a person who is stalking and harassing another – tread carefully.

The girl will only think that your advances are acceptable or tolerable (at best) when she is still slightly open to hearing you out and what you have to say – this usually means that she is still interested in seeing if the relationship can be or should be saved, what you say in this period matters and will determine whether or not she gives you another chance.

If at any point the girl expresses to you that your advances are making her uncomfortable, especially after she has you blocked on all other platforms, then stop contacting her altogether.

Also, it is important to note that your ex-girlfriend can choose to block you from emailing her – and even though it is not as effective as being blocked from any other social media platform or phone calls and text, it is still an action that will prevent her from seeing your messages unless she goes looking for them.


Another one of the fun mind games to play with a girl is to post pictures of you together on Instagram and tag her in every single one of them. Most people no longer want to be associated with their exes when they have broken up, especially when the breakup is recent. This is a good trick to play especially if you are the one who broke up with her or if you messed up and she broke up with you over it. You can caption it however you want; depending on the kind of reaction you want to get from her – and if she blocks you on your main account, you can always create another (and another and another…) account to mess with her even more.

Again, be careful how far you go with these pranks because there is a very thin line between fun pranks on your ex-girlfriend and harassing your ex-girlfriend online – the latter which is a federal offense and can land you in jail for up to 5 years.


The best way to play mind games with a girl who broke your heart is to block her on all social media sites except for one. This is the site that you most likely post about how happy you are, how fast you have moved on, and just generally rub it in her face about how great your life has been since she left you. This will make her think about what a mistake she made leaving you and may even persuade her to consider taking you back after the breakup – if you play your cards right.


If you want to play mind games with answers the best way to do it is to reach out to her friends; call them, text them, email them about how broken up you are about your situation, tell them how she broke your heart, and how difficult you are finding it to move on. There will be two outcomes from this; outcome number one, her friends tell you exactly how she is doing after the breakup, and this lets you know if she was really in love with you and if she is having a hard time as you are to move on from your relationship. Outcome number two would be her friends reporting back to her what you have sent them and eventually, she will reach out to you to see what is going on and you will get your answer(s) about the relationship.

It is important to note, however, that she may choose to ignore you altogether and instruct her friends to block all access to communication with you.


The best way to confuse someone with mind games is to completely ghost them. Block them everywhere, cut off all possible contact, change your address without telling them, and just move away and move on with your life. Going no contact with your ex is the best way to mess with her mind because she will have no idea what you are up to, who you are seeing, and what your general life looks like which will drive her insane because she will want to know if she is doing better than you after the breakup and she will have no way of knowing making you the ultimate winner of the breakup.


1. What to do if an ex is playing mind games

If you suspect that your ex is playing mind games with you, depending on how petty and toxic you are or are trying to be, there are two options that you can pursue. Option one is the mature thing to do, which is to let them know that you know what they are doing and to politely ask them to stop and warn them of the consequences of their actions should they continue (report to the authorities, blocking them, filing for a restraining order, etc.) this will show them that you are serious about being left alone and that you will not tolerate any of their games as it is threatening to you and sometimes your family and friends. You can then go ahead and block them on every platform possible that they may be able to contact you through.

Option two is to be pettier and more toxic than they are, so when you realize they are playing mind games with you – play mind games with them, too. You can turn the whole narrative around and use their own tactics against them. Bombard them with phone calls and text messages late at night and early in the morning, post on your social media how well you are doing without them, reach out to their friends and family, and tell them how much their contacting you is messing with you mentally. Sooner or later, they will stop trying to annoy you and will move on.

2. How do you know if your ex is playing mind games?

Perhaps the first telltale sign that your ex is playing mind games with you is the change in attitude in how they are reaching out to you. For example, if they show too much humility where they were once arrogant, they are trying to manipulate you into taking them back by imitating a quality that you (most likely) admire and one that you have expressed to them. Change in behavior – good or bad – will show you that your ex is trying to manipulate and play mind games with you. You can also lookout for any of the 7 ways mentioned above to see if they match with anything that your ex is doing and if there is even just one, chances are that your ex is playing mind games with you. Check out this article for more ways to on How to tell if someone is playing mind games.


In conclusion, this article has shown you how to play psychological mind games with people you have broken up with to either make them miss you and consider coming back to you or if you are being petty, to make them as miserable as you are – or maybe a little bit more. If you are looking to make someone else’s life just a little bit unbearable for breaking up with you, then these 7 ways are sure to work, just be sure to know when to stop, cut your losses and move on. Sometimes there is a reason why things didn’t work out the way you wanted them to – trust the process and start healing yourself instead of wasting time on playing these games on your ex-girlfriend – whether she deserves it or not





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