13 Good Places to Go for Your 13th Birthday

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  • Wondering where to have a 13th birthday party? Look no further because in this article we give you the full list of the top places to have 13th birthday parties. Ranging from
    • birthday venue for 13 year olds,
    • to fun places to go for your 13th birthday,
    • and good places to have a birthday party for a 13 year old boy/girl,

you are sure to find just the best place for a 13 year old birthday party.

The Best Places for a 13 Year Old Birthday Party.

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Grandparents_ What are the reasons you spend money on your grandchildren_ (U.S.A, March 2012)

Birthday gifts for 13 year olds are usually top of the reason why grandparents spoil their grandchildren (from the above chart seen on Statista). And this is why birthday parties are always a big deal for most families. For the new teen, the 13th birthday party is somewhat of a big deal because it marks the transition from tween to teen. And you are sure to find a place for an enjoyable 13th birthday party in this article.

The best places for a 13th birthday are usually places where your 13 year old would feel more young and free than they already feel. A place that has the right balance of super fun yet not too childish because 13 year olds like to feel like adults and still have all the fun they can as 13 year olds. They also want a birthday party that would have all their friends talking about it after the party is over.

We show you the best places where you can have a good mix of both and give your 13 year old the best, as well as a very memorable 13th birthday party.

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Where Should I Have My 13th Birthday Party? 6 Good Places To Have A Birthday Party For A 13 Year Old Boy/Girl.

The following 6 places are good 13th birthday party location ideas and places to celebrate the 13th birthday, whether the 13 year old is a boy or girl:

1. Community halls.

This is the perfect venue if you are looking to go all out and host an elaborate birthday party for your 13 year old. It is both budget-friendly and has enough room to allow you to have as many guests as your 13 year old wants. The space also allows you to decorate to your heart’s desire and have a themed party for your 13 year old depending on what they like.

In organizing the party, you can check out our helpful article on How to make a teenage party fun for tips on making the birthday party fun.

2. Poolside.

Everyone loves a pool party, especially the young ones. They can play and splash around with their friends while you also have the chance to keep an eye on them. Whether the poolside is at home or in a recreational center or hotel, your 13 year old would love a poolside party, especially in the summer.

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3. The beach.

The beach is another lovely place for children to have a birthday party, especially in summer. It provides nice scenery and enough room for the children to play as many fun beach games as they can play. You also don’t have to worry too much about elaborate venue decorations.

4. Home.

This is ordinarily the default/preferred venue for children’s birthday parties and this is no surprise. Having your teen’s birthday party at home means you can supervise to ensure that everything goes well. Having the birthday party at home also gives you a variety of options for the birthday party such as:

  • A teenage house party.

For an elaborate teenage party that is cost-effective (because venues can be quite costly), your home is the best option to consider. While your teenager might feel it would be a bummer given how used to the home environment they already are, it doesn’t have to be that way. Thankfully our article on How to throw a teenage house party gives you the best ideas to make it a fun teenage house birthday party.

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  • A sleepover/slumber party.

Teens love slumber parties/sleepovers because they get to spend more time with their friends talking and playing well into the night. Most teens like to have a themed slumber party to make things more fun. And the plus with slumber parties is that they are less of a logistical hassle than an elaborate birthday party.

  • Cooking/baking session.

This is another great option, especially if your 13 year old likes to bake. This can be done as part of other birthday party activities or it can stand alone.

  • Pool party.

Your house pool would be the preferred venue if you are going for the option of a poolside birthday party. It is both cost-effective and makes supervision easier.

  • Barbeque party.

This is another great theme for a birthday party that your home allows you to have. Your teenager would love the chance to bring out the grill while having a good time with their friends.

  • Movie cinema in the backyard.

If you have a big backyard and a big screen for projecting a movie, you could turn your backyard into a cinema for your teen’s birthday party. This would make a wonderful addition to their slumber birthday party and/camping birthday party.

  • Backyard camping party.

Camping parties are like slumber parties but even better because it is in the outdoors. Your backyard could be turned into a camping site with camping tents and the entire works. A camping birthday party would be so much fun because you can couple it with a barbeque and a backyard movie cinema.

  • Jewelry-making party.

This would appeal to your 13 year old daughter especially if she’s the artsy type that loves making her own things. She would love an afternoon of making jewelry with her friends. You could couple this with a cooking session or painting session. This would be a great option if your 13 year old loves arts and crafts.

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5. The shopping mall.

Stores that sell sweet treats in the shopping mall make for good birthday party avenues for children. Shopping malls are also great because they have other good venues like a cinema if you want to make it a movie outing. Or if you want to make it a shopping spree, a shopping mall also offers you a wide variety of stores to choose from.

6. Game arcades.

For a party filled with fun and playful activities, a game arcade is the perfect venue. From bowling to pinball machines, coin-operated billiards, or air hockey, your 13 year old would love the wide range of games to have fun with.

Where To Have A 13th Birthday Party – 7 Fun Places To Go For Your 13th Birthday.

For the new teen, the 13th birthday party is all about having fun, fun, and more fun to celebrate the entrance into teenagehood. And this is why these 7 fun places also make for good places to have a 13th birthday party.

7. Amusement parks.

Fun adrenaline-driven rides come to mind when you think of amusement parks. And this is what makes it top of the list for fun places to go for a 13th birthday.

8. Water parks/theme parks.

A different variety of amusement parks, theme parks like Disney Wonderland, and water parks are every child’s dream even your new 13 year old. Give them a memorable 13th birthday by taking them to either a water park or a theme park like Disney Wonderland.

9. The cinema.

An afternoon of watching movies and having a small party at the cinema lounge is another fun way to celebrate the 13th birthday.

10. A restaurant.

Whether it is a full buffet or a fancy dinner or lunch at their favorite restaurant with all their friends, the restaurant is another fun place to go for a 13th birthday.

11. A hotel.

This is one fun option that your 13 year old would love very much. They would love nothing more than having their birthday dinner at the hotel’s restaurant and then spending their birthday night at the hotel. This is a great fun alternative venue outside the home for a sleepover birthday party.

12. Escape rooms.

Escape rooms are the new craze for lovers of giant lifelike mazes and puzzles. It is a fun-adrenaline filled adventure that a 13 year old would love as a way of celebrating their 13th birthday.

13. A live sport(s) game and/or live concert.

For your 13 year old daughter, buying her and her friends tickets to see her favorite artist live in concert would make her very happy. And if your 13 year old son or daughter is a huge fan of sports like baseball, basketball, and American football, tickets to go and watch a live sports game would be a thrilling way to celebrate their 13th birthday.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What are some good places to go for a birthday party for a 13 year old?

The 7 fun places listed in the second section of the article would be a good place to go for a 13th birthday. And for good birthday venues to host a 13th birthday party, the locations listed in the first section of the article are great options to choose from.

2. What do 13 year olds do for their birthday?

There aren’t prescribed things that 13 year olds do for their birthday. Each 13 year old is unique in the things they do for their birthday. Thus, it is best to figure out the personality of your 13 year old and give them a birthday treat tailored to their personality and interests.

3. How can I make my daughter’s 13th birthday special?

Celebrating her birthday to reflect the things she likes very much would make it a special birthday for her. You can celebrate her birthday at home with some of the ideas we have listed in the first section on how you can celebrate the 13th birthday at home. You could also try out any of the venues listed in this article to make her 13th birthday special.

4. What can you do when you’re 13?

A 13 year old has just stepped into their teens. At 13, you are however still a child in the eyes of the law and thus still very limited in what you can do. You still remain under your parents’ control and cannot do anything without their permission and/or consent.

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The 13th birthday is a big deal for your 13 year old because 13 marks the start of their teenage years. They step out of the tween years and into teenagehood. And to make this very memorable for your 13 year old, choose any venue from our list of 13 good places to go for your 13th birthday. The venues listed are suited for a 13th birthday for both a boy and a girl.





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