1 Amazing Way to How to Make a Teenage Party Fun

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To make a teenage party fun will depend on a couple of important things. It will depend on the theme that you choose, the decorations, the music. And, of course, the types of games and activities that you organize for the guests to play.

A fun teenage party is all about the entertainment. It needs to be lively and memorable for it to be fun. But finding suitable party games for teenagers can be tricky.  Teenagers have their own ideas of what they think is interesting and fun.

So how to make a teenage party fun? And how do you choose the best party games for them?

It is a good idea to let your teenager help you organize the party from start to finish. They know all the guests that they intend on inviting and the type of things that they will all enjoy.

All that you should do is to make sure that you have plenty of finger foods, snacks, and drinks for them. Teenagers become hungry and thirsty very quickly. Especially while they are all busy participating in different fun games and activities. 

Many of these games that we have listed are that you could tailor them to suit any age group of teenagers. You may want to suggest them to your teenager and let them decide. All are suitable party games for 13-year-olds right up to and including party games for 17-year-olds. Many of these games will work perfectly even if you are looking for some ideas on how to celebrate 18th birthday for your daughter or son.

Here are some fun party games from:

Infographic How to Make a Teenage Party Fun

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Marshmallow challenge

The marshmallow challenge game can be played in different ways. They are all fun to play at a teenage birthday party. It is a game that does not need many items to be played and can be played both indoors and outdoors. 

The first option: Hoop and marshmallows

To play this game you will need a hula hoop and plenty of marshmallows. Hang the hoop up outside by tying it to a tree. Players will then see how many marshmallows they can throw through the hoop in a minute.

Second option: Catch as many marshmallows as you can

Divide your group of teens up into pairs. Let one throw the marshmallows while the other tries to catch as many as they can with their mouths.

Third option: Toss the marshmallows

With this option, all you need is a large bowl or bucket and some bags of large marshmallows. Or if you want a bigger challenge, use smaller marshmallows. You would then divide the group up into pairs one will be the catcher and the other the thrower. 

The catcher will need to stand at one end of the room holding the bowl or bucket on top of their heads. And the thrower will stand on the other side of the room with the marshmallows. 

The catcher will then need to move only their body and not their feet. They will then try and catch all the marshmallows with the bowl that the thrower throws at them. The team that catches the most wins.

Freeze Dance

Freeze dance is a fun classic that is played at many teenage parties. Get together a playlist of fun songs to dance to. All the guests will dance as the music plays and as the music stops everyone needs to freeze on the spot. They must hold their positions until the music starts to play again. If anyone moves when the music is off, they are eliminated from the game. An idea to make this more interesting and fun is if different dance styles are used for different songs.

Balloon Dare or consequences

Discuss what dares and consequences would be appropriate with your teenager. Keep in mind that they should be safe to do and they should not be humiliating.

You could choose a dare where they have to complete a task or a challenge. And for the consequence, you could get them to eat something that is messy without using their hands. Or while being blindfolded. Or you can get them to drink a cold drink that is super sour.

Once you have decided on the dares and consequences. Write each out on a piece of paper and place them in a balloon before you blow them up. Each guest will get a turn to pick a balloon and pop it to find out what their dare is. They will then need to do the dare or suffer the consequences.

Truths and a lie party game

This is a fun party game that is played with a group of teenagers that are usually a close group of friends. They think that they know each other really well. As each guest walks through the door they must take three cards and a pen. On two of the cards, they must write a truth about themselves and the other a lie. 

Then each guest takes a turn to read out their cards and all the others must decide if it is the truth or a lie. The person that guesses the most lies correctly will win the game.

Listen and Guess the song

This game is perfect and so much fun for teenagers who are crazy about music. They seem to know the words to almost every popular song. Get together with your teenager and make a playlist of these popular songs. You will then play only portions of each song for them to guess what it is.

If they know the song they will then raise their hand and the one who is the quickest gets to answer. You can give out points for the correct guess and subtract points if they guess incorrectly. 

Another way that this game could be played is instead of the guests giving the name of the song they need to sing it.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun and are always a hit at a teenager’s party. They are easy to create and fit perfectly in with any theme. They can be held at any location and can be tailored for any age group.

Make a list of things for your guests to find or do and decide on a time limit that they will have to complete the list. Decide if your guests should collect the actual items or take pictures with their phones.

Give each guest a copy of the list and a pen or pencil so that they can tick off each item once they have found it. The person that collects the most items on their list or has completed their list first within the time limit wins the game.

Minute to Win It Games

Minute to win it games are the easiest games to organize and play to make a teenage party fun. There are many different types available. All you have to do is ask your teenager to choose a couple that they and their friends will enjoy. 

You can choose to play one game at a time or have different sections set up with different games. This will keep everyone involved at the same time. But you will also then need people at each section to ensure that the games are played fairly.

Unwrap it

Give each player a pair of oven mittens with a bowl that is filled with candy that has wrappers on them. They will need to unwrap the candy while using the oven gloves. The one that unwraps the most in the minute wins

Cookie Face

Players can all compete in this game at the same time. Each player places a cookie on their forehead and in under a minute they must try to move it towards their mouth. They can only use the muscles on their faces. No hands are allowed.

Suck it in

Give each player a straw, an empty bowl and a bowl of round jelly beans or smarties. Using their straws and one hand to hold the straw. They must suck it in and transfer the candy from one bowl to the empty one in under the minute. The one that transfers the most wins.

Swing shot

With this game, all that you need are a couple of cold drink bottles that you will fill with water. A tennis ball and some pantyhoses. Place the tennis ball inside the pantyhose in one of the feet. Then have the player put the top of the pantyhose on and over their head creating a swing shot. They must then try to knock over the bottles of water by swinging the ball with their heads.

Beat Gravity

This is a game that all players can take part in at the same time if you have space. Give each player two or three balloons that have been blown up. They must keep them off the ground for one minute by only using one hand.

Escape room

Arranging an escape room will make a teenage party a lot of fun as teenagers love a challenge, they love to solve mysteries.  

To plan and organize a successful escape room party game you need to choose a theme that you will use. You do not have to have special effects just choose a theme from the latest teenage miniseries craze and form a storyline around it. 

Then set up a series of challenges that allow them to go from one to the next until they eventually escape. Give them a time limit which will make it even more fun and interesting for them. 

Would You Rather

This is a great game to play that will make a teenage party fun. It will be interesting and hilarious to hear what their responses will be. These questions often lead to them debating each other’s answers and reasoning.

Make a list of creative questions that are trending and suitable for teens. These questions can pair any two funny, serious or really out of this world scenarios together.

Examples are:

  • Would you rather live under the sea or up in space?
  • Would you rather spend a day with Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus?
  • Would you rather have feet instead of hands or hands instead of feet?
  • Would you rather have more money or more time?

Never have I ever party game

This is a great game for a large group of teenagers which can provide them with a couple of hours of fun. Get everyone to sit in a circle except for one person. This person will sit in the middle and make a statement “Never have I ever” with something that they have never done. All the players that have done the thing that was mentioned must eat something like sour worms. You could also use dares if you want to make the game more interesting.

Karaoke games

There are many games that your teenager can play that involves a karaoke machine. If the group of teenagers attending the party loves music. They enjoy everything there is about music which includes singing and dancing. These games would be perfect for them.

  • Regular karaoke
  • Karaoke relay which you will divide your guests into two groups. One group will start first and the first person to sing a song. Then during the song, you will give a signal to change to the next player to continue the song without missing a beat 
  • Have a sing-off or a dance-off by choosing a genre like only rock music where your teens can dress the part and sing or dance to the tune.
  • A competition for teams to rewrite the words of a song. Choose a couple of popular songs and place them in a selection box so that the teams can’t see which song they are selecting. Give each team a time limit of 15 to 20 minutes to rewrite the words of the song.
  • Blind Auditions – With this game, one person will sing while all the other guests have their backs turned to them or are blindfolded. They will listen to the person singing and try to guess who is singing

One very important part of getting everyone to take part in the different party games is the prizes that they can win. The prizes don’t need to be expensive items but they do need to be interesting enough for the group of teenagers so that they will want to win them.

When it comes to figuring out how to make a teenage party fun? The best thing that you could do is to get your teenager involved to help you organize the party. Let them choose the best party games that they think will be the most fun for all of them.





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