7 Signs She Cheated in the Past – According to Experts

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Women are so secretive that they hate it when people start poking into their affairs.

Women are so secretive that they hate it when people start poking into their affairs.

What if the affairs still stand? Will you break up or divorce? That is why you need to know the signs if she cheated in the past. How do you know if she cheated in the past? Do you see any signs or clues? Or you are just guessing if she cheated or not? There are signs and red flags to know if she cheated in the past.

If you are looking for a sign, she cheated in the past, and you might be wandering in the mystery box without having the correct answers because if your wife has cheated on you in the past, she won’t reveal it out to you.  Sources have confirmed that married women that cheat in their marriage are over 10%(using America as a case study), this fact was gotten from ifstudies

Gender and cheating in America

Don’t be scared or alarm if you noticed that your wife is unfaithful. Every man deserves a faithful wife but there are cases where cheating does occur in a marriage. As a man, it is your right and duty to find out where the problem came from and find a way to fix it.

If you are exceptionally watchful and could remember her life before now, she would have displayed all those signs, but you might not see it as a red flag. If you miss all those steps and wish to know whether she cheated in the past or not, read this article till the end.


Most husbands that ask this question are insecure, jealousy and untrustworthy. But most times, our gut does tell us what we need to know or do research about. There might be signs that she is untrustworthy or act in a way which you start suspecting that she has cheated in the past or is still in a secret relationship.

You might not be to detect the act problem or be unsure if she is cheating or not. Your gut might be right, but it is advisable not to trouble a sleeping lion without having a weapon to fight back. Don’t just predict or assume that she cheated in the past or might be cheating right now.

Sometimes it is better to bury the past and let go. Once you noticed that your wife had left her old ways or old relationship with no intention of returning. It would be better to forget about the story or any issue attached to it if you want to save your home.

If you noticed that your wife is acting unfaithful or she has developed new suspicious characteristics, all of which makes you feel restless. She stopped communicating or hides her phone with a password or pin to prevent you from checking all her activities. This is one sign that she might be cheating on you, or she cheated in the past.

Getting worried over an issue can after your mental health but to prevent creating a problem for yourself, check out;

Below are the signs she cheated in the past; note that she might not express all the signs at once but always be on the lookout for any sign;

1. She doesn’t give full details

Your wife giving show a new attitude or ignoring you while talking to her. Or your wife’s story is not complete because she left out some details about her location, new friends, hangout, and many more. If you look back before getting married to your wife, you can recall how well she does say all her details without leaving out anything.

But she has changed now, and all her routine is different from before. She is always afraid to talk to you about her day; who she met? New friends and acquaintances. She might be covering her tracks and hide the new relationship she just discovered.

2. She doesn’t relate to or remembers an old discussion.

Relationships or marriage are built with memories, but if you noticed your wife stopped talking about the old discussion. Or doesn’t relate to any old memories created together either with you, friends or families. Then this is a sign she cheated in the past. Women are highly emotional beings who often get attached to memories or feelings easily compare to men if your wife doesn’t relive any old memories or brought up an old discussion.

She might still feel for the old relationship she had with someone else and doesn’t want it to disappear. You have to be careful and look out for any irrational attitude that your wife might display.

3. Her opinion about cheating cheated all of a sudden

Does your wife started saying, “cheating is not bad but natural”? If her opinion suddenly changes from good to bad. This is a sign that she has cheated in the past or planned on cheating on you now. Human often uses their thoughts to ask or express their deepest desire. Your wife’s desire might be to see a new guy or flirt with someone new either at the office or in the neighbourhood.

Her opinion changed because she doesn’t want to feel guilty whenever the blame comes, or she wants you to agree with her opinion then use your words against you when the time is due.

Be careful when your wife suddenly ask you these questions;

  • What is your opinion on cheating?
  • Is cheating natural or man-made?
  • Does it feel right to rekindle old love or stay away from them?

All these questions are testing your reasoning, and if you fall for the trap, your answer will be used against you. Always be on an alert whenever you come across this.


1. She always avoids talking about her past

Your wife might still have a feeling for her ex and doesn’t want you to know. She will always look for a way to avoid finding out about her fidelity. Clues that your wife is cheating will be shown during your conversation, but she will always find a way to divert it.

Suppose she doesn’t want to talk about her past or left out critical details about it. This is a sign that she is lying about her past, and she doesn’t want you to find out the truth.

A past should be discussed between couples with no information withhold or prevented if your wife hides information about her past from you. She is up to something bad and if you are not careful it could end your marriage or create an internal problem.

2. She gets angry often whenever you try to bring up her past.

It might be hard for her to let go of her old relationship and still wish to be with while ex while she is in love with you. She will always get angry or annoyed whenever her past has been mentioned.

Moreover, most women might want to cover up their past or lie about it, probably because of a harmful event that happened or because of a life-threatening encounter(such as rape) might be the reason why some ladies do get angry whenever you ask about their past.

Husbands should try as much as possible to know more about their wives past before judging. Your wife might lie about her past to save herself from shame, while an unfaithful wife might lie to cover up her infidelity.

3. Her ex showed up around her all of a sudden

All of a sudden, you noticed that the old “cool and nice guy” is back at your doorstep asking about your wife. But she already told you that her ex has already left the country several years ago with no plan of coming back anytime soon. This is a sign that she cheated in the past or she is lying about her past.

If a scenario like this happened, your wife and her ex might have met each other again before you proposed to her and yet she lied to you that he is out of the picture and never resurfaced again. Yet, he showed up on your doorstep.

4. Fear of rejection

She might be afraid of opening up to you probably because her past is full of dark secrets and stories that cannot be shared out with a third party. A past alarming occurrence that might have happened to your wife could create a scenario where she has to lie to cover up and prevent you from rejecting her.

What could make a lady lie about her past?

  • Rape issue
  • Past criminal record
  • Family problem
  • Bad reputation and many more.

If your wife doesn’t open to you or lie about her past. It will be advisable to take her and visit a therapist if she can open up to her. You can use that medium to understand her problem.


Don’t always act impulsive, jealous or weird towards your wife because you noticed or thought she cheated in the past or now. There are unfaithful women in this world. There are faithful women also, but unless you have proved signs wife is cheating or clues your wife is cheating. You can open up a discussion with her, but it will be best to report her either to her family or someone with higher authority if she continues in her way after the conversation.

Married cheating wives are the dangerous creature ever because they can cheat on their husbands and act normal whenever they are back together. Catching a cheating wife might seem impossible, but there are signs and clues you use to find out about her infidelity.


How do I know these are cheating signs?

There are a lot of cheating signs people do exhibit, which includes:

  • Change in appearance(They tend to look more attractive and go out of their normal ways)
  • Phone and Pc has tighter lock than ever
  • You rarely communicate with each other
  • Lack of sexual affection in your relationship
  • Your partner hostility towards you has increased over time
  • Date cancelled all of a sudden

How do I know if my wife has been with another man?

It is straightforward to find out what your wife is up to. If she has been with another man, these are signs to know;

  • She talks more about this new guy
  • She cares less and connects poorly through emotional ways
  • she changed her routine
  • she calls him friend, but there is more to it

How do people cheat on people they love?

There have been many speculations where people ask, “why do people cheat on people they love”. The answer is simple: they want to feel loved, wanted and most times appreciated (probably they are not happy or wish to enjoy more than their current relationship). Everyone has a different reason to cheat on people they love, but all is done to satisfy a need.





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