12 Tips on How to Feel More Connected to Your Partner

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Your decision to learn how to feel more connected to your partner shows that you care about your relationship. It’s not uncommon to find couples struggling to maintain their connection. There are many reasons why you will want to learn how to connect with your partner emotionally;

When Claire and Andrew first got married, their connection was magical. Andrew said, “he has never felt so drawn to anyone in his entire life.” He was in love with Claire and didn’t take long to propose. Their marriage was bliss; anyone who saw their couple’s connection could tell you how much they craved for what they had; they were the perfect couple.

Seven years ago, Andrew took up a volunteer job in Africa; it was difficult for him. Claire would have joined him from New York, but they agreed that she would come to visit not to abandon her career for his. When covid-19 struck, Andrew and his colleagues were forced to return for their health safety. “Being back felt different,” Andrew narrates, “it was like being at home with this stranger; I don’t feel connected to my wife anymore. The connection we had was gone. It is frustrating when you have to struggle to connect with the woman you love; this has taken a toll on our relationship, and I am bent on finding ways to connect with my partner.”

On the other hand, Claire states, “I don’t feel connected with my husband anymore. It’s like something in him changed. I feel like he is someone I may have never met or even knew. If not, he has the same face and voice; I would say this was an imposter. Andrew is withdrawn, quiet, cold, and more often keeps to himself; this was once vibrant, lively, risk-taking, and a courageous husband who would go to the ends of the earth if it made him feel alive again. Whatever he saw in Africa has changed him and made him too reserved for me.”

Here are the same tips Claire and Andrew used to revive their couple’s connection; you too can learn how to feel more connected to your partner. This is how to feel more connected to your partner;


There is a hormone your body secrets that aids in sexual attraction. Scientists call these pheromones; it is said that Pheromones have an important role in sexual arousal. When released, they can cause an erection, yearning, desire, and even fertility. Pheromones are recognized through smell and excreted through sweat and saliva, albeit the term “smell” may be deceptive because these compounds have no odor. Instead, they are sensed by specific sections of the nasal tissue, which convey impulses to the brain. Pheromones connect, make sure you sleep on the same bed with your partner. This way, your hormones will interact and elicit a sexual response that will make you two feel more connected. Sleeping on the same bed will help your connection in marriage.


You can make it together too; it’s always more fun having to do things with your partner. The more the fun, the closer you get. You could make and serve coffee in bed, stay and make sure you have little chats while you take the coffee or eat breakfast. To get a deeper connection with your partner, you will need to be a part of most of his routines. Having breakfast together is one way of feeling connected. Try it.


Being a part of your partner’s day is how to feel more connected to your partner. Visit them at the office, call them often, have a launch date, chat as much as you can, etc. There are so many things you can do to be a part of his day, do it as it will help build your connection in marriage.


Many outdoor activities can be fun for partners and make partners feel more connected to each other;

Many outdoor activities can be fun for partners and make partners feel more connected to each other

engage in these activities with your spouse. It could be; registering at the gym or club, visiting friends and family, going on a long car ride or vacation, spending time away from home with friends and colleagues, etc. there is no rule book on how to feel more connected to your partner, you have to create fun ideas and make them happen, using the tips here as a template and watch the connection in your marriage bloom.


There are scenarios where couples have lost connection with each other and go back to the beginning of getting to know each other again. You could start dating again to get a feel of when you two started dating initially. The feeling of being connected will grow gradually as you go on dates, sit side by side and get answers to questions, visit places and even renew your words of affection to each other. Watch how you begin to feel connected little by little and watch it bloom to a deeply passionate connection with your partner.


One tip on how to feel more connected to your partner is to show affection; a kiss on the forehead, a kiss on the lips, a hug, a pat on the back, a smile, a thumbs-up, a compliment, a love or thank you text, a surprise gift, etc. you may also like this surprise gift for your girlfriend. These little acts of affection could rekindle the feelings of connection that you both crave and help you feel more connected to your partner.


You should have some pictures and videos of you and your partner; if you don’t, then it’s time to gather as many photos and videos you can lay your hands on. The main point of this is to relive the memories of the past. Whether you were in it or not, having your partner talk about each picture of his childhood and his family, friends, colleagues, schoolmates, etc., will give you ample time to get to know them better, ask questions, laugh, and even know one or two ways of making them happy. Listen to the stories they tell about each photo or video, watch the expressions on their faces and listen to the feelings in their voice; this is the key to getting a deeper connection with your partner.


Couples should make time to talk about their day. Sometimes, you don’t need to wait to have an organized or set a meeting to do this; you could talk about your day while he is preparing to sleep, at dinner, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the laundry room, or even in the kitchen. You can also do this via call, text, or even video calls. What matters is that you both are sharing information about yourselves, and your partner would make suggestions or encourage or drop advice. Talking about your day is one way to feel more connected to your partner.


Do you remember why you are still with your partner? Claire and Andrew had to revisit this topic; I would say this was the step that reignited their couple’s connection. It helped them realize what they would lose by going their separate ways. The best question to ask in this context is; why did you two get married?

The majority of Americans believe Love is the most important aspect of marriage. The majority of people who have never been married say they want to be someday in their lives. Nevertheless, statistics reveal that Americans are not racing to the altar, and also, the marriage rate in the United States is at an all-time low—only 51% of individuals were married in 2011, according to Census Bureau data.

According to the survey below, Love is a significant motivation for tying the knot, according to 93 percent of married people and 84 percent of unmarried persons. In the survey, Love is a highly substantial motive for getting married, according to both men and women.

You can read more about the survey here.


No one wants to feel connected to persons who do not value their presence or effort. Celebrating your spouse is a way to show that you value their being there and the little effort they are putting into making the relationship work. Of all the ways to connect to your partner, this one works by making your partner feel needed, putting a smile on their face, encouraging them, and letting them know you approve of all they do. This is a great way to feel more connected to your partner.


What project is your partner working on now? Have you spent time with him talking about your day and listening to him talk about his? Then you should be well aware of what they are up to. You need to show genuine interest in whatever project they are doing, be it their job, a campaign, the research they are doing, etc. your ability to show genuine interest means that they can discuss the project with you, and you could also say a thing or two about it. This is how to feel more connected to your partner; only someone who truly cares about you would be genuinely interested in what you do. This could also make it easy for you two to spend time together, which is good for couples.


The first tip was to ensure you both slept on the same bed. Knowing this, you should revive your bedroom vibes, clean bedsheets, shower at night, apply some light erotica fragrance to the room and on your skin that could set the mood for cuddling, kissing, and even passionate lovemaking. This is the height of how to feel more connected to your partner. Before this, ensure at least a basic connection between you two; follow the steps outlined above. Sex could be all you need when connecting with a husband; it could also be the one thing to sever that connection; ensure it happens only when you two are ready.


1. How can I feel more emotionally connected to my partner?

Spend more time together, show genuine interest in their work, show affection, show that you care and love them by celebrating their little wins; these are some of how you can feel more emotionally connected to your partner.

2. What to do when you don’t feel connected to your partner?

Talk to them about it, try spending fun time with them, relive memories you had with them, remind yourself of why you are with them in the first place and not someone else.

3. How do I deepen my emotional connections with my partner?

Practicing the twelve steps outlined in this article, it has helped many couples like you, and it will help you too.

4. What is a deep emotional connection?

It’s that feeling you get when your heart is with someone else; you wish to always be with them, be around them, be part of their life, and you want to feel the same way about you.


How to feel more connected to your partner is a must-read for anyone struggling with their marriage connection. This article has a step-by-step guide on how to reignite the feelings that once were. Having a deeper connection with your partner would help save your marriage from an intended divorce.





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