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You have not seen your sister for some time now and have just heard that she is coming to visit. Although you talk to each other on the phone a lot, it is just not the same as spending quality time together. You want to plan a fun day for the two of you and need to find or come up with some great sister’s day out ideas.

You do need to remember that although you have always had a love-hate relationship, you share a unique and special bond with each other, you can be yourself and there is no need to pretend to be something that you are not and do the things that you would do to try and impress your other friends.

You and your sister are best friends, you know and understand each other in ways that no one else can, not even your own parents know the two of you that well because you share your most intimate secrets with each other. You are each other’s inspiration to try new things, you help each other through difficult times by being each other’s biggest source of strength and support and have shared so many experiences together already.

You have got this, so don’t panic just relax and take a moment to think about your sister for awhile, think about the things that you know that she likes to do, the things you enjoy doing together and the ideas will just start to flow.

Think if she would like to spend the day at the mall on a shopping spree or would she prefer to do some sort of activity, which could be calm and relaxing activities or does she like to go full out and enjoy the extreme type of activities.

If you still have no idea because you think that all the things that you think of sound a little boring, then go through the sister’s day out ideas list below. You can choose from the most common things to do, relaxing things and energetic fun things to do or you can mix it up a little to make the day out even more interesting.

Head off to a mall

There are not many women who don’t like hanging out at the mall and shopping especially if they have their sister by their side to help them with some fashion tips. These are some the stores you can visit:

  • Visit the thrift stores for some awesome clothing deals.
  • Check out the shoe sections in your favourite stores.
  • Have fun exploring and rummage through the costume jewelry, you might find something interesting.
  • Get a free mini makeover at certain cosmetic counters of department stores.
  • Treat your sister and yourself to a Mani-Pedi.

Have a spa day together

Has your sister been stressed a lot lately? If so you can treat her to a nice relaxing spa day out.

Go see a movie

Nothing says a sister’s day out more than hitting the movies to watch the latest comedy together. Having a good laugh, while eating super-sized popcorn and drinking your favourite drink.

Other fun things you can include in your day

Kick your day up a knotch by including one of the following fun things with any of the other ideas that are listed.

Have a "Never Have I Ever" Day

Spend the day taking turns with your sister doing things that you have never done before. This will be your perfect chance to try something that you and your sister always wanted to try because you will be there to support each other.


Make it a "Dare Day"

Take turns daring each other to do things you know your sister would never do on her own. Don’t get too crazy and do things that either you or your sister will regret later. Choose fun things to do like, wearing a very unusual outfit for the day in a very public place, painting wild nail polish on your finger nails or  bold temporary streaks in your hair.

Fun and energetic sister’s day out ideas

If you and your sister enjoy being on the go, building up a sweat or are thrill seekers and you are looking for activities that will keep you on the move or raise your hair and stop your heart. Then look through the ideas below and make your choice of the one you think is the best.

Go for a hike

Catch up while enjoying the great outdoors, you and your sister can head to a local walking path or tackle a trail that you have been wanting to tackle for a while. Don’t forget to also enjoy your surroundings while you are there.

Hit the driving range

A driving range can be a lot of fun too because it does not matter if you can hit the ball or not, the fun is in trying and if you can, then see who can hit the farthest without injuring yourself or anybody else around you.

driving range

Go to the bowling alley

This one might sound old school but it will always be a fun way to enjoy a day out with your sister, talking to each other, laughing at each other throwing the ball right into the gutter and then jumping for joy with the occasional strike.

Head to the amusement park

If you are looking for an exciting adventure to have with your sister, then head on over to the amusement park. You will have a day filled with thrills, screams and then taking a break to enjoy some delicious food and treats.

If you and your sister are looking for something for a much bigger thrill, then try one of the following ideas:

  • Going on a zip line adventure
  • white water rafting
  • Hand-gliding
  • Sky diving, or
  • Bungee jumping

Paintball fun

Enjoy an activity that is loads of fun with a few rounds of paintball with your sister, there is nothing more exciting than to blast away at each other, while laughing and screaming every time one of you get hit.

Go Cart racing

This is another awesome fun activity that you and her sister can do on your day out. Head down to the go cart track, put on your helmets, climb into a go cart, get yourselves strapped in and have some fun competing and racing against each other.

Go rock climbing

This activity will give you some excellent time with your sister and it is an activity that you can do indoors or outdoors. The indoor rock climbing usually has all the equipment required and instructors that will monitor you and match you with your experience level. But if you want to go rock climbing outdoors, then make sure that you go with a guided crew that will provide the equipment that you need as well as go up and down with you on your climbs.

Music festival

If you know of a music festival or a festival of any kind near you, you and your sister can have some fun listening to music, dancing to upbeat songs that you love or watch dancers in their bright and colourful costumes.

More relaxed sister’s day out ideas

If you are looking for activity ideas that you can do with your sister that are calmer and more relaxed. Then try some of these:

Take a yoga class together

Head on down to your local gym that offers walk-in yoga classes for beginners. Stretch, de-stress and bond with your sister. If you and your sister are feeling a little adventurous, try one of the new and latest yoga trends which could be stand-up paddleboard yoga or hip-hop yoga. There is nothing better than trying something new with your sister by your side.

Attend a pottery class

You and your sister can learn to make pottery from start to finish by attending a pottery class. You can try and make each other something which should be a lot of laughs while creating a special memory.Has your sister been stressed a lot lately? If so you can treat her to a nice relaxing spa day out.

Check out your local art museum

Going to your local art museum together, especially if you and your sister love art is a great way to relax and enjoy the latest exhibition together.

Volunteer together

Doing some volunteering work is a great sister’s day out idea because it does not get any better than to spend some quality time with your sister while helping others. It does not matter if you are helping the less fortune, the elderly, children or animals, you are doing something worthwhile.

Visit your childhood home

If your parents do not live in your childhood home anymore, then it would be a fun idea to take a trip to visit it and compare it to how the two of you remembered it to how the home is now. While you are there is would also be fun to take a stroll through the neighbourhood, visit all the places you used to go to when you were kids.

Visit your local farmer's market

Spend the day with your sister at your local farmers’ market tasting all the local fresh foods, shopping and exploring the variety of crafts, watching the live music or relaxing in the beer gardens.

Go horseback riding

Horseback riding is a wonderful way to relax and spend some quality time with your sister. Round up a couple of horses and ride out in the open country with a packed picnic so that you can stop and enjoy the scenery as well as the fresh air along the way.

Go for a drive together

Make a fun playlist with all songs that you and your sister love to listen to. Then hop in the car and go for a drive by being tourists for a day and see the places nearby that you always wanted to see. This is one of the easiest ways to reconnect and spend some good quality time with your sister while building some wonderful memories together.

Have some fun with some wine tasting

Make a day of going to a winery, relax and have some fun with your sister testing some wines that you have never had before. But please make sure that you or your sister does not drive afterwards, either by having a designated driver with you or by using some sort of transport service.

Check out some flea markets and some antique stores

Have an amazing day with your sister searching to find unique items and the best bargains that you can find.

Has your sister been stressed a lot lately? If so you can treat her to a nice relaxing spa day out.

Spend a day at the beach

If the weather is great and the sun is shining, then why not have a relaxing day at the beach? Bring along some beverages and snacks with your tanning lotion and towel and maybe a Frisbee or ball for some added extra fun.

Go out to a ball game

If you and your sister are very sporty type people and love sports then why not go and watch a ball game live. It can be anything from a hockey game, a basketball game or a baseball game. You would be surprised at how much better it is live than watching it on the television.

When you are looking for great and adventurous sister’s day out ideas, the important thing to remember is not to panic because you and your sister truly know each other so well that you do not have to try and impress her by being something that you are not. You do not have to plan a day that neither of you would not really enjoy.

The best way to tackle this is to play to your strengths and think about your sister for awhile, think about the type of things and activities that you know that she would like to do and the things you enjoy doing together. Most importantly, Have Fun!





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