5 Things to Do to Make Your Relationship Stronger

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“Just because a relationship isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it is weak.

Just because a relationship isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it is weak.

So much has been said about the importance of commitment, loyalty, communication, support, appreciation, and words of affirmations when building a strong and healthy relationship. Therefore, we will not dive into these qualities as other authors have, we will instead highlight 5 other things to do to make your relationship stronger.

To know how to build a stronger relationship with your partner, you might want to know some of the leading causes of conflicts and separation between romantic partners. Thankfully, the chart below and many others like it online have made the task very easy for us all. Chart Source: Statista.

Reasons for separation in Italy 2017

Before we dish out our strong relationship tips, we must bluntly state that ‘trying to resuscitate or maintain a bad relationship or partner is a terrible idea’. There is no need to strengthen a toxic relationship or marriage if both partners are not willing to work on the toxic nature of their relationship. Secondly, making your relationship better is not your priority alone. It takes two to tango.

How to build a strong relationship

Strong relationships are not built on affections alone. Agreeable qualities/ values must be present and adhered to by partners in the relationship. Below are 5 important tips to maintain healthy relationships;

1. Forgive on time

Strong relationships consist of people that are willing to continue to forgive each other. These people understand that offenses are part of every human relationship and every lasting relationship will have a handful of them. They also understand that nursing an offense for a long time will suck the positive energy out of every interaction they have with their spouse which will ultimately weaken their bond. When you nurse an offense, you allow anger, bitterness, resentment, and other negative thoughts and emotions to grow. This will affect the way you view your partner and your mental and emotional health.

We understand that offenses come in different levels of severity, and letting go can be hard sometimes, but a strong relationship cannot be built in an unhealthy emotional atmosphere. if you have made the decision to stick to your partner, you also have to make the decision to forgive your partner. If you are unable to forgive, walk away, but if you will stay with him or her in the relationship, then work it out and forgive. For example, Your husband or boyfriend promised that he would call you later or buy an item for you but didn’t, instead of being angry and keeping it to yourself while acting out of character, the best thing to do is to tell him what he did wrong, understand why he was not able to call or do what he promised, and discuss how to move forward. This is one of the best strategies to maintain a healthy relationship.

strong relationship tips;

  • Learn not to hold on to past hurts and stop reminding your partner of offenses you’ve already forgiven. You can not strengthen your relationship by making your partner feel small or guilty about themselves and their actions all the time.
  • If the actions of your partner are still bothering you, talk about it with them and or a counsellor. But holding on to past hurt is definitely not how to keep a relationship strong and healthy.
  • It is absolutely possible to forgive and yet choose to walk away from the relationship. Walking away from a toxic relationship does not mean you are weak.

2. Work on bad behavior

No matter how much a person loves you, there is a limit to how much bad behavior they can endure. You will never make your relationship better and stronger if you find reasons to justify why you acted badly towards your partner or why your partner acted badly towards you. It is true that no one is perfect but having a bad day is not enough reason to act and continue to act like an ass. It is narcissistic to wrong a person knowingly, justify it or pretend like you have no clue about what you did wrong. It is also a bad idea to ignore your partner’s bad behavior. If you do not address bad behavior, you’ll empower it. This is a terrible way to handle a relationship.

strong relationship tips;

  • Do not wait for your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend to correct a behavior over and over before you heed to correction. It is annoying and disrespectful to your partner to do what they don’t like. Via versa.
  • The best way for partners to teach themselves to act right in their relationship is to always be truthful about their actions and be less self-centred. This is how to keep a relationship strong and happy.
  • Correcting bad behavior involves effective communication, maturity, and intentionality. It’s unrealistic to expect your partner to know all his or her faults. Plainly tell them what they have done wrong but do it with love. How you say what you say matters a lot. It takes maturity to talk to your partner with respect.

3. Plan ahead and be clear about expectations

A lot of disagreements between couples stem from a lack of proper planning and unsaid expectations. Oftentimes, couples shy away from discussing important topics like financial expectations, chore distribution, parental responsibility, faith, career opportunities, educational advancement, etcetera, in their relationship. They just assume that things will work themselves out but as time goes on, they discover that they and their partners share opposing views about these critical issues. Neither are they willing to compromise on their stance for the better of their relationship. No matter how uncomfortable discussing expectations may be, still, find a way to discuss it with your partner. We often advise that before you commit fully to any relationship, be bold enough to discuss topics you have strong beliefs or views on if you want a healthy and happy relationship. Have conversations about;

  • Financial expectations, debts, and goals of both partners.
  • Commitments, faithfulness, and promiscuity.
  • Relationship with friends and family
  • Parenting and parenting expectations
  • Career opportunities
  • Resolving conflict
  • Decision making
  • Religion and political views

Being clear about your views and expectations towards each other is one of the best strategies to maintain healthy relationships. You and your partner need to know what you are signing up for. If you are afraid that this type of conversation will put a strain on your relationship, be prepared to endure a lot worse in a committed relationship if both of you fail to set the record straight. The surest way to build a strong and happy relationship is to make sure that you are not building on a faulty foundation.

4. Avoid the pitfall of over-familiarity

You can make your relationship stronger by avoiding over-familiarity. The saying “over-familiarity breeds contempt” should not be taken for granted in relationships because it has ruined many couples. The arrogance that comes with over-familiarity manifests in these forms;

  • Disregard for partners boundaries
  • Underappreciation of partners efforts
  • Disregarding advice and underestimating the repercussions of not yielding to partners’ corrections.
  • Lack of respect for a partner’s decisions.

Nothing kills attraction as fast as over-familiarity. Many relationships have ended because a partner made crucial decisions without their partner’s consent, a partner falsely accused their spouse because of his or her past errors, and because a partner feels that nothing they do will ever be good enough for their spouse.  Keeping a relationship fresh requires you to be open-minded towards your boyfriend, husband, or lady regardless of how well you think you know him or her.

strong relationship tips;

  • Be attentive enough to know when they are not in the mood for your shenanigans and stop.
  • Be empathetic enough to weigh the effects of your actions on their overall well-being. 
  • If you want to make your relationship better and stronger, continue to respect your partners’ boundaries,
  • Take notice of their efforts and praise them for their efforts,
  • Heed correction and stop trying to provoke your partner.
  • Respect their decisions.

By doing these things, you will avoid the pitfalls of overfamiliarity and enjoy a very stable relationship.

5. Control intrusions

The fifth thing to do to make your relationship stronger is to control the input of the third party. The third-party is anyone aside from you and your spouse. This means that even your kids could be the third party sometimes. You cannot build a stronger relationship if your mom, dad, uncle, friends, and the likes, dictate what happens in your marriage and relationship. This does not mean you should throw away the advice of people that love you or that you should completely shut them out of your life, rather, every decision you and your partner take in your union should be because you both chose to take it. Nothing annoys a woman as much as when her mother-in-law influences the decisions of her spouse and nothing annoys a guy as much as when friends influence the decisions of his girlfriend or wife. Nobody can have a stable relationship with others, making their decision and calling the shots.

strong relationship tips;

  • The value of your relationship goes up when your spouse, kids, and other people know that you cannot make key decisions without your spouse.
  • If your spouse’s friends comfortably come to you to report your partner often, you are far from making your relationship better or stronger. It’s not a good sign if your partners’ friends can easily report them to you. You can never make your relationship better and stronger if other people know that they can easily influence you against your partner.
  • Be mature enough to keep many things between you and your partner. That’s how to keep your relationship strong with your boyfriend.
  • Just because they are third-party does not mean they are wrong all the time. They might be seeing the bigger picture more than you are. No harm in listening to their advice, just make sure they don’t call the shots. Think things through and make your decisions just like any mature adult would.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to be emotionally strong in a relationship.

  • Start by being emotionally strong as a person
  • It is important that you do not want a relationship more than you want your values respected. You have to know your core values and don’t be desperate.
  • Always remember that a relationship is not your life nor who you are but a part of your life. Therefore everything you do cannot revolve around a relationship especially if you are not married.
  • Give yourself and your partner enough room to each pursue their dreams. Yourselves space. Give your partner space to breathe in the relationship. It shows that you are mature enough to know that their entire life cannot revolve around you and your wants.
  • Be confident enough to speak up when things are not right. Do not allow your feelings to cloud your judgement or make you easily manipulated.
  • If you still doubt that you are good enough for the relationship, you should not be in it.


Make your relationship stronger and happier by ensuring that other qualities are as valuable as your affection towards your partner.





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