19 Tips on What Kind of Guy Is Right for Me

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What kind of man is right for me” will help you understand what you want in a relationship and make you intentional about getting it. Growing up, I wanted a lot of things; I already created this list of the kind of men I wanted;

What's the beauty of a man without all the masculinity

Now you have a list of my fantasy men, and I am intentional about making this dream a reality. I think you, too, make a list of what kind of guy is right for you, just as I have dropped a list of the perfect guy for me. Now, let me list the attribute of what kind of guy is right for me; if you are like me and have the intention of dating a Tall, happy, handsome, and Rich guy, then follow up and see for yourself what kind of man is right for you;

Here is a result of a survey done on 1000 women to determine what women want in men;

This was our company asking women which options they prefer. However, it gives us direction and guidance on what commonly women prefer in men

You can read more about the survey here

1. He must be smart

Oh yes, I don’t want to date a guy that isn’t smart mentally, financially, and even physically; how else will he be rich if he isn’t intelligent? A wise man understands non-verbal cues. He could read your mind to know what you say when you aren’t saying anything. He knows what is expected of him, and he does it. It is said that the smarter a man is, the less likely he is to be unfaithful, which is why I need an intelligent man, aye. What do you think?

2. He should be funny

My man shouldn’t be all serious every time. He should be able to throw some funny lines and make me laugh. They say laughter is good for the soul; I think I need some laughter, don’t you agree?Would a funny man be a perfect guy for you?

3. He should be my anchor.

I need someone I can lean on when things go south; like it or not somedays you just may not be feeling fly. The perfect guy for me should be the shoulder I can lean on when I need to; he should be able to stand in the gap for me when I want him to. This is how to know the right guy for you.

4. He should support me.

How can I be with someone who doesn’t support me actively? The perfect guy for me should encourage and support me financially, academically, career-wise, mentally and all that. I need him to have all-around support for me; in fact, he should be so interested in my success that when I do not succeed, it bothers him as much as it does me when.

5. He should have a good relationship with my friends and family.

I don’t want a man who hates my mum; no matter how much I love him, hating my friends and family means hating me. The perfect man for me should know how to treat my family members and friends with respect and love. He should care for them as much as I care for his.

6. He understands me

Understanding is essential in any relationship; when people understand each other, they have fewer conflicts and can be happy for a long time, if not forever. My man would need to understand my emotions and capabilities. He should be able to tell what I would do in a situation even when I am not there

7. He should celebrate me

Small or big wins deserve to be celebrated; my man should know this and celebrate me. This is a form of encouragement. You show that you are happy to be part of their achievement by celebrating your partner.

8. He should be ready to show me off.

Oh yeah, do you want to date a man who won’t show you to his friends, family, and colleagues? He would prefer to go alone or take someone else to the company’s events than have you go with him? Would he instead introduce you as just a friend than tell his friends you are the love of his life? What kind of man is right for you? You choose.

9. He should be happy to marry me.

Such a man should find himself lucky to have me. And he should strive to make me say yes when he proposes.; this is the kind of man I want. What kind of man is right for you? The kind who would say, “I love you, but I am not in love with you?” or the one who is so excited to tie the knot? You decide.

10. He should be willing to spend it on me.

What kind of a guy will I marry? The one that would rather keep his money to himself or the one that would gladly pay the bills and ask if I needed anything else? I know I want a man who would be willing to spend on me; this doesn’t mean that I can’t pay my bills or that I would let him pay it all. He shouldn’t be a stingy one. What type of guy are you into? The cheap or generous kind? your choice. You may also like this what to buy when you have everything

11. He should be willing to spend time with me.

Companionship is crucial to me. I don’t want to feel alone when I have you; the right guy for me should make me feel not so alone whether he is there or not. I think this has something to do with how much we communicate or get along. What about you? What kind of guy is right for you?

12. I should be excited about him.

Oh boy, when he calls, I should be happy to pick up his call. When he texts, I should be willing to reply to his text. I should look forward to seeing him or talking to him every day. I should be so excited to see him when he says he is coming to see me, and I should be worried if he didn’t come when he said he would; this is how I know he is the perfect guy for me.

13. He should be in love with me.

Is there a difference between loving someone and being in love with them? I think you can love anyone; you can love your mum, dad, siblings, friends, colleagues, etc. but being in love involves a deeper kind of love meant for intimate partners. So my man shouldn’t just love me; he should be in love with me and only me.

14. He should have a positive mindset.

Have you ever met someone negative about almost everything? He doesn’t think working or looking for a job would help; he sees why something wouldn’t work but never sees any reason why they would. He is quick to discourage you from pursuing your dreams or trying new things. He complains a lot, yet would quickly tell you the solution you suggested for his complaints won’t work. Do you think this is the perfect man for me?

15. We should be sexually compatible.

This is important; this is important whether you like him big or small. Sexual incompatibilities would kill a relationship even before it begins. Are there existing relationships where couples are sexually incompatible yet remain together? How did they resolve such problems? For me, the perfect man should enjoy our intimate time together just like I should. What about you? What type of guy is ideal for you?

16. I should be his priority.

Oh yes, the most important person in his life should be me. I want such a relationship with someone who values me above all else and is willing to go to the ends of the earth to make sure that I am happy. I should be able to do the same for him too. Have you ever experienced such love? Or do we only get to see this in titanic?

17. There should be healthy conflicts.

I don’t want a man who lets me have my way every time; where is the fun in dating someone who cannot disagree with you. So he has to let your words be it at all times; I don’t think I can deal. My perfect man should be able to disagree with me politely; we could argue and resolve it amicably; this is part of things that make a relationship fun; oh, I love the drama.

18. He should be open and honest with me.

I know some build their relationships on lies, but I don’t think that is right. Being honest and open to each other in a relationship will, in turn, foster trust between you two. I don’t appreciate my date lying to me or hiding things he should have shared with me; this could destroy a relationship. What type of man is right for me; The honest one or the one that lies?

19. He should be financially independent.

This goes both ways; even though I would like my man to accept to pay the bills quickly, I love to be that woman who can cater to her needs. Both partners have a responsibility to be financially independent; this includes making financial decisions, providing a means of earning an income, and being responsible for their expenses. I don’t need some daddy boy who would depend on daddy for handouts; no matter how wealthy his parents are, maybe I would prefer he takes responsibility for his finances.

Now that we have talked about what kind of man is right; let’s take some tips on how to find the right man;

1. Prepare your mind

They say almost everything is achievable once your mindset is in the right frame; there is a man out there for you. Yes, that specific kind of man has all the qualities you listed earlier. He is out there; you need to prepare yourself to meet the perfect man for you.

2. Put yourself out there.

He can’t find you if you lock yourself out and never leave the comfort of your home. It would help if you put yourself out there; socialize, travel, meet people offline and online, make new friends. Remember, your one true love is out there, but you don’t know where right now. Being social will help you learn more and meet more people; who knows, you could even meet him sooner than you thought.

3. You may need to make changes.

I know you may have been in a relationship or more; this doesn’t change the fact that you could still find “the one.” How did your last relationship go? What were the reasons for the breakups? You may need to make some adjustments to avoid such happening again.

4. It’s okay to be vulnerable.

Being alone puts you in charge of the situation; you do whatever you like when you like it, and no one makes significant decisions for you. Being in a relationship makes you feel vulnerable as you have this other person you want and would even go out of your way to put a smile on their face. Please do not be scared; it’s okay to be vulnerable; it’s all part of the experience.


1. How do you know what guy is right for you?

Have you made a list of the qualities you want in a man? Make that list and see if he checks at least 70% of them; that’s how you know.

2. What kind of guy are you looking for?

The kind that will love you for you, support, and be excited to spend the rest of his life with you, don’t you think?

3. What kind of a man will I marry?

The kind of man you want to marry; I believe we all can get what we want if we go for it. So what kind of man would you like to marry? Make a list of the abilities you want in a man; look out for those abilities in the man you are dating.

4. What do you like in a guy?

He should be supportive, intelligent, funny, kind, independent, dynamic, a good listener, empathetic, etc.


The perfect guy for you should possess the ability you want in a man. Arguing about what kind of guy is right for me would only lead you to list the qualities you expect from the perfect guy for you. This article talks about those qualities and how to find the right man for you.





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