What To Buy When You Have Everything

What To Buy When You Have Everything

You find yourself asking the question of what to buy when you have everything? You feel stuck because you feel as though something is still missing in your life, you feel unhappy and have no idea what it could be, and that feeling of dissatisfaction with life just does not want to go away, no matter what you do or buy for yourself.

You have given everything that you have to succeed in every area of your life. You are now very successful in your career, you can afford to buy anything you want or need, you have a lot of friends and a great family too but you can still not pinpoint why you are feeling this way. Why are you still unhappy?

Successful and people are usually so driven, so busy focusing on all the aspects of their business or career that it can be extremely difficult for them to achieve and maintain happiness because they forget to take a break and make time for themselves.

Well here are a few questions for you,

  • Have you ever taken the time to stop and reflect on your life? Really reflect on your feelings and thoughts?
  • Do you know what actually makes you truly happy?

For anyone to be truly happy you need to get the right balance between your mind, body, and soul. To achieve this you need to focus on and maybe change your thoughts and your actions.

How to focus on your thoughts and change them if needed?

  • Keep a journal of gratitude: Write down all the things that you are grateful for. Think of and write in your journal all the things in your life that are positive that you can be grateful for.
  • Learn to love yourself: Before you can love anybody else, you need to learn to love yourself first. When you have learned to love all your own flaws and shortcomings, you will become a much happier person.
  • Learn to forgive: You need to learn to forgive yourself and others. If you learn to let go of all the past failures and mistakes, freeing you of any negative energy so that you can focus on the positive things in your life.
  • Learn to think positively: Learn to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
  • Take time to Meditate: Meditation helps reduce stress and improves your mood.

tips to help you focus

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So when it comes to figuring out gifts to buy when you have everything that will make your life better and help you become a much happier person, you will first need to take some quiet time to yourself and think about what it is that you are really looking for. Whether you need to discover inner peace and serenity or if you need some help to understand the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob you of joy or maybe you need the secret that will help you in every aspect of your life to find that fulfillment that you are searching and longing for to feel complete.

Then to answer your questions about presents to get that person that has everything, meaning yourself would be to buy self-help books that will open your eyes and your mind to a whole new way of thinking, and when that happens, you will be able to watch your world around you change for the better and leaving you feeling content with your life.

If self-help books do not appeal to you then maybe you are just looking for an action or something physical that you can turn your focus on to lift your spirit and get you out of the slump that you are in at the moment. The first thing that comes to mind of actions that you can take that will better your mood would be to get a good workout on your own time in the comfort of your own home. The next thing would be to make sure that you are eating delicious and healthy food.

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The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself Paperback – By Michael A. Singer

“The Untethered Soul” offers simple yet profound answers to finding happiness, inner peace, and serenity. You will learn that just how much you allow your thoughts to run your life, how much you believe and follow every thought that runs through your mind. This book will give you a greater understanding of yourself and will help you to work at letting go of issues that are keeping you from moving forward with less stress and anxiety.



The majority of customers that have purchased “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer have had great things to say about the book, they find that it is remarkable the way the book makes you aware of how much people allow their own thoughts to run their lives and it transforms the way you think, freeing you from the entanglement of your thoughts and allowing you to change your mood as well as your behavior. It is a perfect gift for people with everything because it is a gift for the soul, not a materialistic gift that can easily be replaced.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

(A Toltec Wisdom Book) Paperback – By Don Miguel Ruiz

“The Four Agreements: A practical guide to personal freedom” is a book that is written in such a simple way that everyone will understand it. It is the perfect book for rich people or people who have everything because it helps them look for a new perspective on how to manage their stress and find peace by starting with loving yourself first and then spreading the love to those around you.



Customers who have purchased The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz has had great things to say about the book, they find that it is truly a motivational book for everyone with The Four Agreements lessons being very simple, but yet very profound.

The Secret Hardcover – By Rhonda Byrne

In this book, you’ll learn that you can change your circumstances and your life by using the “law of attraction”, the way you think and live your life. It gives you a deep understanding of how powerful your mind can be with positive thinking. Things you never thought would be possible will become possible if you believe that whatever it is you want, you will obtain or achieve.



Those customers that have already purchased The Secret by Rhonda Byrne has had great things to say about the book, they find that it is a book that people from all walks of life can read and learn to use the concept of The Secret in every aspect of their lives and see a result of some positive changes.

Other options that are not self-help books

You might be looking for some sort of fast action that you can take in your life almost immediately that will help make you feel fulfilled or complete as a person. But you are not sure what or how.

How to focus on your actions and change them if needed

  • Exercise: Getting enough exercise or a really good workout improves your mood and reduces stress.
  • Get enough sleep: If you do not get enough sleep, people usually suffer from bad moods, have lower concentration, and perform poorly. Getting enough sleep eliminates the mentioned side effects and helps make you a much happier person.
  • Take some time for some Experiences: Enjoying different experiences with the people you love will help you to relax, laugh, and have a good time and making you a much happier person.
  • Follow a Healthy Balanced diet: Providing your body with healthy balanced meals will have you feeling much better and energetic every day.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

The Weider ultimate body works is a perfect gift for men and women for a home gym as it will let them experience a total body workout with many different body-shaping exercises. This sturdy easy to use, piece of exercise equipment will help you burn calories as well as shape your arms, shoulders, thighs, calves, and more.



The majority of customers that have purchased the Weider Ultimate Body Works has had great things to say about it as they feel that it is cost-effective and is perfect for a home gym. It is very stable and will not move around and it can be lowered down and adjusted to a smaller dimension making it easy to store away when needed.

The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook: 120+ Everyday Recipes for the Healthy Home Cook Hardcover 

This cookbook by Laura Lea will make you look like a professional chef in the kitchen. The instructions for the recipes and ingredients are clear and easy to follow with pictures for almost every recipe. This unique and very informative cookbook has recipes for any occasion that are healthy and delicious with included valuable information that helps make planning meals and eating healthy so easy.



The majority of customers that have purchased The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook has had great things to say about the book, they find the cookbook to be full of great recipes for a healthier version of comfort food without sacrificing any flavor. Laura Lea makes it easier to make many different meals by using much of the same ingredients, she also explains the fewer known ingredients and gives examples for substitutions or ways to personalize the recipe.

Frequently asked question

  • What else can I do with the money except for buying gifts for myself?

Sometimes giving back will make you feel as good as buying yourself a present, especially if you are not a materialistic person. You can donate money to your favorite charity organization like an orphanage or a relief program

  • Can you buy yourself an experience gift?

Traveling and exploring new places is one of the best things you can do for yourself, as you won’t only be having the time of your life but also be able to learn and make unforgettable memories throughout your journey.


When asking yourself the question of what to buy when you have everything, take a break from your busy schedule to reflect on your life and think about the things that are missing from your life, it could be that you may need to discover inner peace and serenity, or you may need some much needed time enjoying experiences with your friends, a healthier diet or to get a really good work out to make you a much happier person.

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