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First, let’s start by asserting that there is no one correct way how to be a good student. Most people who are considered good students often have more than one of these character traits and rarely exhibit all of them at once. Chances are, you may have some of these characteristics, too. It is not about having them that make you a good student but rather how you choose to use and utilize them to your benefit when it comes to your life as a student. 

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The first step to conquering how to be a good student is to be disciplined. Being disciplined will help you navigate your student life better and easier because you are going to be prepared to maintain and manage your time well by yourself without having to be told what to do all the time. Being disciplined means being responsible for yourself and making plans and executing those plans when it comes to your education. 

Discipline will not only help you become a good student, but it is also a virtue that will take you far in life because you will know when to let go and when to work hard and plan on something that you really want. 


Another one of the most important tips for being a good student is to manage your time. What do you spend your time doing? Being punctual will help you get your work done in time, that way you are not panicking with and chasing last-minute deadlines, always running late for class, or never showing up for group projects. Being punctual is not only for your benefit but also for the benefit of others who you have to work with for the duration of your life – because surprise surprise there is also teamwork in the workforce! Bet you thought you’d escaped that after high school or undergrad, huh?

The thing is, it is better for you when you keep time and are punctual, your life will be organized, you will have time for leisure (because you have planned your time), and you will be ahead of the school material which means you will do better in your final grades.  


So you are still wondering ‘what are the keys to being a good student?’ well, a determination is one of the qualities you have to have in order for you to be a phenomenal student. School is hard, we all know this, and it might get harder with other factors such as personal or professional relationships, finances, and such other problems that you may face not only as a student but also as a young adult navigating through life. With determination, you will be able to conquer all that comes your way with ease – and maybe sometimes, not so much – but you will be able to come out on the other side with lessons and wisdom. 

You have to fully want to be something in your future and therefore be willing to become that no matter the cost. For example, if you are determined you want to become a doctor, then you have to make peace with long nights, studying a lot, and cutting down on your social life. Because when things aren’t going well, and they won’t for a while, your determination to your ambitions will push you along those dark times. 


Another way how to become a good student is to be respectful to your teachers. Yes, no one likes taking orders from anybody, but you have to believe that your teachers know what is best for you and they are not ordering you around just to be jerks – they actually care about you and your future. Showing teachers respect is the first step to having a smooth journey as a student because as a general rule of thumb, people respect people who respect them. Respect is mutual, when you show your teachers respect, they will show it back to you. 

However, respect does not end only with the teachers and faculty, you also need to have respect for your fellow students. This might also spill over to people you are placed to do projects with, people you see in the corridors of the school, and so on. You don’t have to have a personal or close relationship with people in order to respect them, and there is no downside to you being respectful to other people. 


Another good quality of a good student is that they are always a great team player. So what does this look like? Being a good team player could mean you motivate other people to get work done, showing up on time to group meetings, being cooperative with your team members, taking on ideas presented by others, and being willing to learn from your team members. Being a good team player sets you up for more leadership skills and will later benefit you when you start building your career. 


Another admirable trait of a good student is responsibility. Being a responsible student means that you take care of your studious duties. It shows that you can be trusted with responsibility and isn’t doing homework on your own so much better and easier than having an adult tell you to do your homework over and over? Exactly!


If you are wondering still how to be a better student, then maybe you should look at your organizational skills. Do you plan your days? Do you plan the times you are going to study or times you want to yourself for leisure? These organizational skills will make your time as a student bearable and you will even have time for yourself because you have planned and organized everything. 


Now, in as much as being organized and planning ahead are important steps in how to be a great student, being restful should perhaps be at the top of that list. You cannot plan or be organized or be punctual or disciplined if you are not well rested. To be your best self, make sure you get enough sleep, go out in the sun, meditate, eat healthily, and have a leisure time with your friends for well-balanced student life. Do not overwhelm yourself and overwork yourself to a point where you can barely function, this is not only unhealthy, but it is also going to do the opposite of you being a good student. It is important to have hobbies outside your school activities that will relax you and help you become a better student and person overall in the long run. 


Another way how to be an excellent student to a teacher is to be studious. Studious students are always on top of their game, they know what classes are where, which ones have been canceled, and where exactly in the curriculum the lessons are coming from. Studious students are phenomenal and they are some of the best-liked students, especially by teachers – and not so much by other students, because studious students are the ones who ask the teacher for more homework or that one test they forgot to administer. However, in the same breadth, studious students might also be hated by teachers who are average and lazy and do not like doing the work they are supposed to be doing. 


A good student always is curious and wants to know more about the things that they are learning about. Being curious and inquisitive will make you a great student because you will gain more knowledge by asking the right questions to the right people and using the right channels to find useful information. Do not be afraid to ask your teachers, parents, and any other important figure in your life the hard questions, they are here to impart knowledge to you. Some of them are literally paid to give you the knowledge you need to acquire to get through life, so never be shy to ask questions. 


And lastly but not least, one of the ways to become a better student is to always go the extra mile. Take the extra classes, read the extra chapter, and go the extra mile just to get the best out of the education offered to you. Some of the best students aren’t necessarily the smartest ones but they are always taking the extra step and going the extra mile and that works to their advantage. Do not be discouraged by grades and other people, always go the extra mile when you feel like you need to and you know that it will help you to achieve your overall goals. You may want to try these motivational activities to get yourself started on going the extra mile. Remember, practice makes perfect and you can always train yourself to start taking more classes and being more involved in your scholarly activities. It is never too late to start trying. 


  • How can you be a good student? 

Being a good student is not easy. There are many obstacles and distractions that can hinder a person from becoming a good student such as peer pressure, social anxiety, self-doubt, and low self-esteem among other factors. However, these are things that can be bypassed and overcome – the important thing to remember is that you are doing this for yourself and for your future. If anyone tries to undermine that, they do not have your best interest at heart. 

Start by looking at the list provided above, find one thing that you think would be easy for you to start doing today and do it, and then continue doing it for the next 30 days. After which you will pick up another habit to develop in the next 30 days and so on until you have become the type of student you want to be. This article is a short guideline that you can use to help yourself become the student you want to be. 


In conclusion, this article has listed 11 tips for being a good student that ought to help you to become the best possible version of yourself in your academic journey. We have answered questions such as ‘what are the keys to being a good student?’ and how to be a great student. We hope that you will find one or two ways that will help you improve yourself and become the best possible version of your studious self. Good luck in finding yourself and becoming the best that you can be – remember, grades do not make you a great student. It is about your journey and not the destination or the overall outcome. Although, we don’t see how you cannot do well when you are utilizing these 11 steps to guide you throughout your studies. 





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