15 Fun Things To Do With Empty Champagne Bottles

15 Fun Things To Do With Empty Champagne Bottles

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15 Fun Things To Do With Empty Champagne Bottles

The party was full of good vibes and fun times. Your guests loved your drinks selection and couldn’t stop complimenting the champagne. But now the party is over, and because you don’t want to dispose of the alluring champagne bottles, you begin to wonder what to do with empty champagne bottles. 

wine consumption globally in 2019

You aren’t alone in wondering this. In fact, according to the International Organization of Vine and Wine as shown by this graph from Académie du Vin Library, billions of gallons of wine are consumed worldwide on an annual basis. That’s a lot of empty bottles begging to be reused. 

With the world turning increasingly green to protect the planet from further harm, upcycling has become a trendy topic for many. This has led to creatives pouring their minds into coming up with exciting ideas to make upcycling fun and aesthetically pleasing.

Wine bottles such as champagne were not left out of this trend. If anything, they benefited from it more than most other items. From being used as bird feeders to creative light displays and much more, you are certain to find something to do with your champagne bottles that you will love.

Without further ado, here are some fun and creative ways to give your empty champagne bottles the makeover they need.

  • Storing food and snacks 

An excellent way to use empty champagne bottles is as a storage container for small types of food such as rice. Imagine having a bottle of champagne in your kitchen – fun cook vibes. 

Empty champagne bottles can also store snacks like candy and nuts, which are some of the most nutritious foods.

You can then place these around the house on counters and shelves to give your home or office a decorative feel. Pro tip – use multi-colored candy like M&Ms to add color to the bottle.

  • Separating gardens 

If you have a little garden or flowerbed and need some way of marking its boundaries, then empty champagne bottles are all you need.

Simply turn them upside down, and stick them in the ground all along the area you would like reserved for your gardening interests. 

Other wine bottles can act as substitutes if you don’t have enough bottles. Using different colors has the advantage of brightening up your garden, so this is a win-win situation.

This could also be a wonderful gift for people who love plants

  • Bird feeding 

Did you know that empty champagne bottles can make you the favorite of the birds in your neighborhood? And even the entire Tri-state area? Well, now you do.

Bird feeders need a container that stores food to, well, feed the birds, and an empty champagne bottle is just the right candidate. You can fill up the bottle with bird feed, turn it upside down, and then attach it to a bird feeder contraption that you can make yourself.

Don’t forget to leave a little space between the base of the feeder and the mouth of the champagne bottle to allow the feed to come out.

Once you set this up, say goodbye to birds pooping on you or anything you own. They’ll even fight raccoons for you. 

  • Storing drinks

When thinking of how to put champagne bottles in use, don’t forget that the primary purpose of a bottle is to store liquids. 

Empty wine bottles would be perfect for storing drinks like cocktails and homemade fruit juice and then putting them in the refrigerator. This way, you’ll not only have something to offer guests when they visit, but you’ll do so with style.

Consider using transparent bottles for the color of the juice or cocktail to add radiance to the bottle.

  • Making candles

Interest in making homemade candles + empty wine bottles = success and fun vibes. 

Candles have a variety of uses such as for setting the mood during meditation and other self-care activities. They can also set the right ambiance for romantic nights with your beloved

Empty champagne bottles can be the perfect base for candle making; you just need to cut them first. Not to worry, multiple online videos show you how this is done. Professionals are also available to help if you don’t trust yourself.

Once the cutting is out of the way, you can fill the bottom with candle wax, place a candle wick in it, and admire your very own champagne-branded candle.

  • Decorative lights 

Light up the house on Christmas and Halloween holidays with trusty empty champagne bottles.Like other glass covers, this would give the lights a distinct hue that would beautify the room. 

You can do this by drilling into the bottle using a drill bit and feeding Christmas lights. Then hang it around the house and watch your house glow in a beautiful way.

  • Growing plants

On a more environmental note, empty champagne bottles are suitable for growing plants and flowers. 

Simply cut the bottle horizontally, fill the base with some soil, and lay some seeds inside. Plants with shallow roots such as succulents would work best. 

Placing a stopper along the sides would ensure the bottle stays upright and decorative.

  • Twine home decoration 

Wrap up empty champagne bottles with varied shades of twine and add twine bows and buttons to them.  

You can then place these on your coffee table or at work to beautify the environment. Different sizes of bottles would allow you to play with placement in a manner you’re comfortable with.

  1.  Cheese trays

This might seem like an unusual entry regarding what to do with empty champagne bottles but hear us out. 

There are techniques that allow you to flatten wine bottles online. Like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, you could use these to flatten your champagne bottles.

The result would be a – dare I say – sexy-looking tray that you can use to serve cheese and other snacks to guests.

  1. Flower vase  

If you don’t know how to use an empty champagne bottle as a flower vase, there are two main ways. 

The first is to leave the bottle as is and use single stem flowers or twigs because other plants might not fit into the narrow opening.

Another method is to cut the top off the bottle to make a wider opening. Then you can place more flowers and plants for a radiant variety. 

Pro tip – Paint the bottles with colors that complement their environment. 

  • Creative lighting 

Champagne bottles are made of glass. Bulb covers are made of glass. Ergo, champagne bottles can be used as bulb covers. 

Once again, you’ll have to cut the bottle, but you’ll be cutting the base off this time. Then connect the bulb holder and bulb to the bottle, and hang the bottle from the top with a dark wire or rope.

Feel free to make a champagne chandelier by using multiple bottles. 

  1. Slow drip plant watering  

Empty champagne bottles can also save your plants from dehydration if you’re prone to forgetting to water them. 

Simply fill the bottle with water, drill a small hole into the cork, cover the bottle, and place it upside down in the soil.

Viola, you have a slow drip device to water your plants round the clock. 

  • Organize your jewelry 

Need a place to put jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces? Then consider hanging them on empty champagne bottles. You’ll have a clear view of your jewelry at all times, which will enable you to pick the right piece you want without hassle. 

You could also cut the bottle to a low length and hang earrings around it. Those pieces that can’t be hung can be placed inside as an improvised earring holder.

  1. Decorative stones and marbles  

Can you do something with champagne bottles to decorate your house? Why yes, you can.

You can start by using fancy stones you picked when you hiked across hills and rivers. Fill up a wine bottle with these and place them around the house to create a natural atmosphere. 

If you can’t find such rocks, marbles would be a great alternative with their wide variety of colors that give a more substantial effect. 

  1. Storing soap 

Using empty champagne bottles to store liquid soap will have you thinking, “liquid soap has never looked so good.” 

With a variety of soaps being used in homes, empty wine bottles can feature in basically every part of a house. 

In kitchens, liquid soap in wine bottles can give the sink area a much-needed glow.

Shampoo, conditioner, and face oils can feature in bathrooms. And in bedrooms, empty wine bottles can be used to store creams. 

You could also paint the champagne bottle with colors that match the theme of the room they are in for completeness.


Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with nice empty bottles?

There are several things you can do with nice empty bottles, including:

  • Storing snacks such as nuts and candy. 
  • As a flower base for growing small plants.
  • For making a slow-drip irrigation system. 
  • Making homemade candles to light up your home. 
  • As an essential component of a bird feeder.
  • For storing liquid soap.
  • For decoratively lighting your home with Christmas lights.
  • To separate your garden or flowerbed. 
  • As a cheese tray after flattening it. 

What can empty wine bottles be used for?

Empty wine bottles have a variety of uses, including:

  • Ingenious DIY bird feeder to make you the favorite of birds in the neighborhood.
  • As a bulb cover with a distinct hue 
  • As a flower base for single stalk flowers and twigs. Can even paint it to match your preferred theme. 
  • Homemade candles after the bottle is cut and filled with wax and wick.
  • As rainbow lanterns, you just need to cut the base off first.
  • Cheese and snack tray when the bottle is flattened. 
  • For storing and serving cocktails and fruit drinks. 
  • Decorative lighting with Christmas and twinkle lights. 

What can I do with old prosecco bottles?

Prosecco bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This, combined with their sturdiness, makes them very useful in several things such as:

  • Creative flower vase for single stalk flowers. Sunflowers would look great in a prosecco bottle.
  • Bases for bedside lamps, so you constantly be reminded of your love for wine.
  • Clever box bird feeder to gain the graces of the avian species around you.
  • Homemade candles to light up your mood and for meditation. 
  • Storing cocktails and fruit juices. Your guests will be impressed when served out of a prosecco bottle.
  • Storing liquid soap in the kitchen, shampoos and conditioner in the bathroom, and essential oils in the bedroom. 
  • Slow-drip water irrigation system for your plants and flowers, so they are taken care of even if you forget to water them.
  • Bulb covers to provide the most colorful hues.
  • Storing food and snacks such as candy and nuts. 


 All in all…

If you’re ever in a life or death situation requiring you to know what to do with empty champagne bottles, these ideas could very well save your life. Just saying, there may be an alien race out there that worships wine. And knowing how to put wine bottles to good use might come in handy when they invade Earth.

On a more serious note, recycling and upcycling empty bottles can contribute to a cleaner and healthier Earth. So we hope you’ll consider our suggestions the next time you have an empty champagne bottle. Not just for the Earth but for your benefit as well.





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