What to do with a newborn during summer: 11 Fun Activities

What to do with a newborn during summer: 11 Fun Activities

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What to do with a newborn during summer 11 Fun Activities

Seasons are like meals. It is up to moms to spice them up the best way their babies would be happy to remember them.” 


It’s time for new moms to say goodbye to boring summer because there are tons of creative things to do with babies indoors or outdoors. 


Summertime is the best time to double your fun while spending quality time with your mini-you. You have all it takes to aww-struck the public and create the best memories for yourself, your family, and your newborn baby. Don’t allow your fears to deny you the joy of summer. 


Wondering how to spend summer with your newborn? We’ve listed 11 fun activities you should go all out to prepare for. 

How to spend summer with your newborn child

So many moms spend their summer worrying about keeping their babies safe from the hot weather, critics, or managing their baby’s discomfort in public. Their overprotective and anxiety-filled instincts then tell them to stay indoors till evening before venturing out to do anything. Sadly, that’s not enough time to enjoy and create lasting memories. Having a baby does not have to feel like being held, hostage. Here are 11 fun things to do with a newborn during the summer

If you use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you’ve probably seen pictures of a dad and his baby girl in funny costumes making rounds. His idea of fun has won the heart of many social media users, and it is worth emulating. It takes effort and planning to achieve such fun photos with a baby, and we think such an adventure will be an excellent way to spend summer with your newborn child. The great thing about joining the custom photo adventure with your newborn baby is that you do not need to worry about hiring a professional photographer to shoot and edit amazing pictures for you. 


You only need a good phone with a great camera, camera stand, editing software, some photoshoot accessories, and lots of cute costumes for you and your baby. You might already have 60% of what you need to take and edit great photos this summer and only need to plan for a few more items. 


Some costume ideas you can work with this summer are;

  • Fruit swim costumes for beach or pool, or fruit costumes for indoor photo shoots. This bee costume for moms perfectly matches fruit costumes for babies. Bees love fruits like pineapple and watermelons. 
  • Boss baby costumes
  • Sea creature costumes 
  • Flower pot costumes
  • Matching swimwears

Don’t forget to accessories your baby for the costume photo shoot. Use sunglasses, hair bow, beaded jewelry, etcetera to posh yourself and your baby. Use various sceneries to give your pictures unique moods. Get creative, mom!

  • Visit flower fields / Orchards/ butterfly conservation. 

Wouldn’t it be a splendid experience to spend quality time with your newborn in a flower field this summer? The experience is divine. Flower fields are beautiful and serene. Summer is a fantastic time to introduce your baby to flowers and little insects, beautiful colors, and scents. The experience is mentally stimulating for babies and adults. The insects and birds these flowers attract are a delight to watch. 


However, when taking a baby for such an adventure, it is best to strap them on yourself to help you monitor them closely and for easy mobility. Secondly, cover their skin properly against insects and irritations. You don’t have to wear thick clothes on them; you only need to protect their skin. 


Many beautiful flower gardens in the U.S are open to visitors. A few of them are free, but they are generally not too expensive if you don’t use the many services the farms offer. Be sure to make reservations on time. 

  •  Indoor aquariums tour

If you live in New Orleans, Oregon, or Atlanta, Georgia, you are in luck! These places have mind-blowing indoor aquariums worth visiting during summer with your newborn baby. Introducing your newborn baby to magnificent sea life this summer is a great way to spend quality time with them. Indoor aquariums are safer and thrilling for babies and adults. Many indoor aquariums are not fuzzy about moms bringing their newborn babies or toddlers to visit because the touch tanks are safe. However, before you show up, enquire about the aquarium you intend to visit. Check stats for some of the largest aquariums in the U.S below.

Source: Statista.

  • Baby spa treatment. 

If you haven’t thought of taking your baby to a baby spa for a relaxing spa treatment, you are not being fair, mom. Spas are not only for adults; babies are entitled to such posh life. One of the best ways to spend summer with your newborn baby is to watch them have all the fun at a spa while you carry on your job of being their photographer. The great thing about professional baby spa attendants is that their services could help your baby relax and sleep longer. Hydrotherapy for babies looks impressive. Be sure to research and tour where you intend to take your baby for spa treatment. If you don’t find a baby spa, consider creating one for your baby. There are many videos online to take you through the process of creating the best baby spa treatment for your baby this summer.

  • Toy store visit. 

A great way to spend your afternoon with a newborn baby during summer is to visit large toy shops and check out new collections of toys your child might like. It’s not compulsory to buy toys at these big stores; just go and enjoy the ambiance and wealth of creativity in the store. It’s a great place to introduce your baby to various objects and colors that will stimulate their mind. Don’t stop talking to your baby because you think they don’t understand. They probably don’t understand, but having great conversations with them could help them learn how to be expressive as they grow. See yourself as a mama hen; your chick sees all you do and will emulate many of your actions. Hey, don’t forget to get great pictures or videos with your baby at toy stores. 


More importantly, toy stores are where many parents learn to weigh the pros and cons of toys before getting them for a baby. You will learn how to choose age-appropriate toys for your little one.

  • Moms and babies get together.

Summertime is such an exciting time to make friends with other new moms and babies. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to join groups for moms and babies this coming summer? There are tons of them all over the United States, and you’ll surely find one that is closer to you. The great thing about these groups is that you get to learn so much from the experiences of other moms. You and your baby get to win, buddies. These groups plan tons of get-togethers for moms and their babies and it’s just a joy to be in the company of people that share similar experiences with you. 


If you are not down for joining groups, the second idea is to throw a mom and baby activities with your friends who are new moms. You guys can get together and have a blast with your babies and share the fun with the world on social media. There are tons of activities you could do with other moms and their newborn babies during summer

  • Spa for moms and babies
  • Toddler racing if your babies have started to crawl
  • Costume competition
  • Indoor or outdoor movies

  • Beach Fun.

People ask often “can I go to sea with my newborn baby?” or can I visit the beach with a newborn child during summer”. It is safe to visit the beach with your newborn baby during summer if you are prepared to keep them cool and comfortable on the beach. Go get those massive umbrellas, enough towels to make comfortable beds for them, baby protection and other cool accessories for the beach and go out there and have fun with your baby. 


If you intend to go on boat rides, some boat rides are not safe to take a baby on. The U.S Coast guards have some safety rules for infants they strictly adhere to. It is rare for them to allow a freshly born baby on a boat ride. Your child must exceed a certain weight to be permitted. You can read up on it if you wish. 

  • Pet stores or Zoos.

Pick up your little one and go to pet stores or Zoos for an exciting adventure with fascinating creatures.  Many pet stores have exotic animals that you might not find in Zoos. The best part about visiting pet stores is that attendants are willing to provide indepth details about their exotic pets than those in Zoos. You could also see Zoos and amaze yourself with the exciting characters of the different species of animals they hoard. It’s very safe to take your baby to these places. It’s never too early to introduce a child to creatures they share the world with. Every animal has a role to play in our ecosystem, and the earlier we teach kids about them, the earlier they start to appreciate them. We think visiting pet stores and Zoos are exciting things to do with a newborn during the summer

  • Indoor or backyard game. 

There are several fun things to do with a newborn baby during summer in the comfort of your home. These activities will boost your creativity, help you stay active, and learn exciting things about your baby. For example, you can try out;

  • Soapy water slides in the comfort of your backyard.
  • Catching bubbles from a toddler octopus bubble maker in the bathroom or playroom.
  • Karaoke songs for babies
  • Baby reactions/ ratings of new toys. Buy a bunch of fun, noisy toys and get your baby’s reaction.
  • Yoga exercise
  • Pit ball play

  • Teach your baby how to swim.

Swimming is one of the favorite things to do in summer for most people; therefore, it is a great skill. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to start teaching your few weeks old baby how to swim? It might sound insane, but there are swim tutors for babies that could turn your newborn baby into a swimming genius. Amazing right? This activity will be fun for your baby and you.

  • Go to fairs or visit Disneyland.

Attending fairs is an exciting and fulfilling experience. There’s a lot to learn, get and desire at fairs. The good thing about taking your newborn baby on such an adventure is that they melt the hearts of many visitors and make it easier for you to bond with people at the fair. If no exciting fairs are going on around you, a trip to Disneyland or other fun studios could be your plan B.


One more great piece of advice we have for moms is to be intentional about preserving fond memories for your baby and family. Time flies, and sometimes we feel like we’ve wasted it because we cannot pinpoint what we’ve done with it. Memories are a big part of our lives and your newborn baby deserves to know what they and mummy were up to during summer.


Thankfully, our globalized world has made it much easier to make and preserve fond memories with and for our loved ones. You can go a notch further and share them on social media for the world to appreciate all you do for your baby.


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • The best ways to spend summer with your newborn baby

  • Mom and baby costume photo shoot
  • Visit flower fields, orchards, and butterfly conservations

Indoor aquarium tour

  • Baby spa treatment
  • Visit toy stores
  • Attend or host moms and babies get-together.
  • Visit the beach.
  • Visit pet stores or Zoos.
  • Play indoor or backyard games.
  • Teach your baby how to swim.
  • Go to fairs or visit Disneyland.


You don’t have to worry about a boring summer this year. There are a handful of exciting activities to keep you and your baby fulfilled this summer and we’ve listed 11 you can try out. Get creative, mom, and don’t forget to make and save memories for the future!





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