7 Creative Ways on How to Invite Someone to Dinner Without Paying

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When it is time to socialize and unwind, nothing compares to a lovely dinner where you are surrounded by your loved ones. Inviting someone to dinner is a great way to spend quality time together. Having a dinner celebration outside a house setting is even better. It saves a host the time and effort that goes into entertaining guests.

You could be meeting with friends for dinner, or you may decide to have a dinner party away from your home.

Going out to dinner is a great way to socialize and communicate. According to a survey, at least 14.6% of Americans spend their leisure time socializing and communicating. So, whether you are trying to get acquainted, have a good time with old friends or celebrate a special occasion, a good meal is a sure bet and will put smiles on your faces.

charts that show how Americans spend their time

Sometimes, there is a gray area when invited out to dinner. Should the person inviting you be the one to pay for the bill? Is it acceptable to invite someone yet still ask them to foot their bill? It is not new under the sun asking for guests to pay for their meal. It is essential to be clear from the get-go to avoid disagreements and unnecessary confrontation.

The question then remains: If you invite someone out to dinner, who pays?

We have compiled a list of seven effective and creative ways to tell everyone to pay for themselves.

1. Make it a suggestion

Carefully choosing your wording is vital when you intend to invite someone to dinner but not pay. When you expect your friends to pay for their meal, make it a suggestion rather than an invitation.

An invitation carries the expectation that the invitee is out for a treat. Suggest instead that you and your friend meet for dinner.

Also, take into account your friend’s budget. Give them the option to choose a restaurant to have more say in the type of food they will eat and the price they are willing to pay.

2. Try to put it in an invitation.

Invitations, where guests pay, are another way to invite someone to dinner without paying. Whether it is a birthday invitation, a retirement party or graduation shindig, this is a nice way to say everyone pays for themselves through creative wording. Keep it simple and fun by adding a rhyming element to it.

A creative way to put it in an invitation is to tell your guests that they will be catering for their meal and drinks instead of gifts. That way, the budget that someone allocated to surprise you with a gift can be redirected into paying for the meal; allowing them to still spend quality time with you.

When you are inviting guests out to pay for their meal, consider the average of each invitees’ budget. Once you have determined a comfortable amount that is pocket-friendly, you can draft your invitation accordingly.

3. The Dutch Treat

A dutch treat or going dutch is when each invitee taking part in the dinner or any paid activity takes care of their expenses. An alternative to a dutch treat is known as sharing Dutch. When sharing Dutch, joint ownership arises; the cost of a high-end product or asset is shared equally among the owners.

You can put the dutch treat on an invitation or tell your invitee beforehand that you will be splitting the bill. When wording your invitation for a dutch treat, make it visible and easy to find on the invitation.

You may emphasize how meaningful your invitees’ presence will be. Remember to also thank them for being a part of the celebration; this will make your guests feel appreciated and more willing to spend their money.

Go a step further and include the restaurant’s website, where you will have your friends over for dinner. Adding a restaurant’s website to an invitation is a subtle yet fantastic way to add a reference point for the menu and pricing; allowing your guests to budget accordingly.

fantastic way to add a reference point for the menu and pricing;

Alternatively, you can decide to pay for the first two drinks or appetizers to set the mood.

4. Throw a no-host get together

Why not try a no-host get-together? A no-host party is when you invite guests to a party or gathering, emphasizing that there will be no host.

Your guests pay for their food and drinks for the celebration. Make it clear in your invitation that you are holding a no-host party; this communicates that you will not be catering for your invitees’ expenses.

An alternative to a no-host party is a no-host bar. For a no-host bar, guests pay for their alcoholic drinks. You may choose to cater for your guests’ dinner and soft drinks.

5. The potluck dinner

A potluck is another ultimate way to make your guests feel involved yet still save money.

A potluck is a party or communal gathering in which each guest contributes a meal.

As a host, a potluck dinner saves you time preparing a delicious meal for your guests. All you have to do is provide the space. Additionally, since guests are bringing different meals, you can have a wide selection for your guests’ preferred choice.

However, in some cases, you may find guests may bring the same meal. To curb this, you may assign each invitee the type of meal they are expected to come with to the potluck. Having different meals helps with variety and keeps things spicy.

There is no limitation on where you can host a potluck. You can also have a picnic-themed potluck for an adventurous twist.

6. Making an offer

Let us be honest: it is not every time you will have the money to splurge on a nice delectable dinner. However, this should not stop you from partaking in a dining experience with a friend.

In such a case, the most crucial thing to do is to be honest. Make it clear to your friend from the beginning that you currently cannot afford the dinner.

Instead, you can make them an offer to pick up the tab the next time you go out to dinner. When going out on any kind of dinner date, communicate openly about your budget and what you are willing to spend. Alternatively, you can select various menus within your budget range and share with your friend to choose where they will wine and dine.

7. Ask for a separate bill.

What we eat when we go out to dinner is a matter of preference; and not every item on a menu has the same price.

One creative way to enjoy a dinner without paying is to ask the waiter to bill you and your invitee separately. Do this as the first thing when you arrive at the restaurant.

Having your bills separated from the onset allows each person to control their budget. It will also save the waiter the hassle of accounting for separate meals and drinks at the end of dinner, saving them more time and making accountability easier.


Asking guests to pay for their own meal should not feel awkward or impossible.

Over the years, it has become a widespread practice among younger people to split bills when going out to dinner.

Friends and couples alike have fallen out because of a lack of clarity and honesty about paying for dinner when going out. Communicating openly and honestly is a great way to get the best of both worlds: a chance to bond and socialize with your friends, yet still spend what is necessary and affordable to you.

When asking someone to pay for their bill, consider their financial situation and cultural practices.

Ultimately, invitations or gatherings where guests pay can also be as fun and fulfilling as when hosts treat their invitees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for the meal when you get an invitation?

Whoever pays for the meal when you get an invitation depends on the terms of the invitation. Some people may make it known from the onset whether it is their treat or you will be splitting the bill. If you feel unsure, ask the person inviting you on whether each person will be paying for their meal.

What is a proper way to tell people to pay for their dinner?

One proper way to tell people to pay for their dinner is to make it a dutch treat. Put it in simple and straightforward terms in an invitation. It is also vital that you invite people within a reasonable time frame to allow your guests to plan themselves financially.

How can you ask guests to pay for a party you are hosting?

There are several creative ways you can ask guests to pay at a party you have hosted. Keep it short and sweet; do not bog down your invitee with too many explanations. For example, emphasize on your invitation that instead of bringing gifts, you would prefer that each invitee pays for their meal. Alternatively, keep it casual and play it out with rhymes for a good laugh.

Is it appropriate to ask someone to pay for their dinner?

It is common among young people for everyone to pay for their dinner, especially in modern culture. The appropriateness of this depends on one’s cultural practices. However, those who adopt a more traditional approach believe that a person inviting someone out to dinner should pay for everyone.

What does dutch treat mean on an invitation?

A dutch treat on an invitation means that each invitee participating in the dinner or any paid activity will cater to their expenses. An alternative to a dutch treat is known as sharing Dutch. When sharing Dutch, joint ownership arises; the cost of a high-end product or asset is shared equally among the owners.

Do you pay for dinner when you invite someone?

Some people may expect you to pay for dinner as long as you have initiated the invitation. Asking them to pay for their meal or not is optional. However, it is vital that you communicate clearly from the get-go whether you will be going dutch or treating them.

How do you ask if someone is paying for dinner?

You may be feeling a little shy to ask who will be paying for your meal when you are invited out to dinner. One approach is to ask how you will be splitting the bill. This automatically communicates that you are willing to go out but on a specified budget. If you are not feeling that shy, ask directly who will be paying for the dinner.

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