Why Does My Boyfriend Like Other Women's Pictures?- 10 Reasons

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Why my boyfriend likes other women’s pictures is something I still can’t comprehend; he knows that we are friends on all social media platforms, yet he keeps viewing, liking, and dropping romantic comments on other women’s pictures, especially pictures where they are nude or almost nude. This feels like a disrespect to me, and I do not know how to resolve this issue yet. Why should any boyfriend like other females’ pictures while in a relationship?

It’s funny how some people think it’s wrong to worry when your boyfriend has pictures of another girl on his phone; “she could be his cousin or sister,” they say like I don’t know the man I am dating. It’s the same girl my boyfriend likes her pictures on Facebook and doesn’t like mine, the same girl he follows on Instagram, and he likes her erotic images on Instagram. I could say he was obsessed with her, but she is not the only one; my boyfriend likes Instagram models’ pictures too.

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What about provocative Facebook pictures? Does he need to appreciate that too? But he does; I see this every time I log on to my apps; it is like that’s all he does online, check out pictures of beautiful girls; yes, I must admit, most of the girls I see their photos on his phone and those he likes their pictures on Facebook and Instagram are always so beautiful.

Why I worried about this, I also worried about why my boyfriend likes the pictures of girls in bikinis and body revealing clothes; he even had some videos of girls I believe he met on Instagram and Facebook, I didn’t want to make this look like a big deal or make him feel I was invading his privacy, so I raised the subject using it as a reference question “why would a girlfriend like other men’s pictures on Facebook?.”

His reply showed that he either wasn’t paying attention or he didn’t think the act was a problem; he said, “what’s wrong with liking men’s posts on Facebook?”, and that’s when I realized that I might need to find other women like myself who are also asking the question; why my boyfriend likes other women’s pictures, just like here; these were the response I got;

Laura said it’s inappropriate for either person in a relationship to like pictures that focus more on the body; she explained that as long as it is wrong for a boyfriend to approach a girlfriend on the street while you are with him and tell her “you are beautiful/sexy/hot,” it’s also wrong for your boyfriend to do same on social media while you two are in a relationship.

Jessica believes I’m the one with the problem; she claims that women who are concerned, jealous, or insecure about their boyfriends liking other women’s photos to the point of asking questions like “why should my boyfriend like another woman’s photo?” are a problem in relationships because their paranoia threatens to destroy whatever relationship there is left.

Sue advises that I start liking other guys’ pictures too; she said it’s a way to cure jealousy by doing precisely what your partner did. If my partner finds out and gets angry or jealous, I tell him I learned the habit from him and would stop if he would too’ if it hurt him, then he would understand how hurt I was from his actions.

Anna explains that boyfriends liking other women’s photos on social media is not a big deal, “he is matured and free to socialize,” she says. “The only problem here is if he begins to make romantic comments, share nudes, spend more time, talk to them in a flirtatious manner or lie about the women involved, only then would you have a solid reason to question his attitude.”

Brith says it’s okay for him to watch the girls online but downloading their pictures to his phone is a no-no; she thinks that being jealous is my god-given right, and I will need to defend what’s mine by setting limits.

Most of the women who responded listed things I could do to know why my boyfriend likes other women’s pictures and also how to resolve issues like this; below, I will be explaining each idea they gave me;


1. He is kind

maybe he is just a nice guy who wants to make others feel loved and appreciated, and he believes liking their photos counts. Charles agrees on this as he sees it as the only reason he likes other women’s pictures on social media.

2. He thinks she is Hot or Beautiful

Your boyfriend would like those pictures because he thinks the other girl is beautiful. This could be a genuine admiration with no other strings attached. If your boyfriend liked the picture of a model on Instagram, this could be it; he finds her hot, and that’s it.

3. He doesn’t care

Maybe he doesn’t care about what you would think or how you would feel about it; he may not care if his actions could hurt your feelings as he goes about doing them anyways. This could be saddening because he should care about your feelings if he is your boyfriend.

4. His ex-allowed it

Maybe his ex was okay with it, and now he doesn’t think any other girl should make a big deal out of it. He feels it’s nothing, which is why he is doing it like it’s a regular thing. It’s only fitting that you let him understand that it’s not correct; we will talk about how to resolve these issues shortly; read on.

5. He thinks you don’t care

Like it or not, humans can’t read the mind! Unless you tell them what you like or don’t like, most people will go about doing what they think is right; this is where you need to communicate appropriately.

humans cant read the mind

6. He has an eye for her

I know you may not want to hear this, and maybe it’s not sure, but he actually may like her; yes, your boyfriend may be in love with the girl who frequently likes her pictures. To find out, you may need a shred of extra or solid evidence proving this before concluding.

7. He may be trying to get her attention

Are you familiar with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram? Every like and comment pops up in your notification bar; this way, you get to quickly see who liked your post and how many posts they liked; also, you can navigate to the person’s comment and see what they said. If your boyfriend is trying to get that girl’s attention, then liking and commenting on her Facebook pictures may be all he needs.

8. He is obsessed

Did I hear you say he has her pictures on his phone, then he likes her photos on social media pages? Your boyfriend may be obsessed with the said girl. And if she is a celebrity, this may well be clear; some fans end up being obsessed with celebrities they like.

9. He may be a Porn addict

Have you thought about this; a guy sees a girl’s bikini pictures online; he downloads them and uses them as his private porn content. Some porn addicts use images of people they know or have access to; in this scenario, he may feel she is hot, and maybe he has asked her out, and instead of waiting for the whole deal since he is into porn, he thinks he may as well satisfy himself with just the picture.

10. They may be dating

There are many stories about unfaithful partners, so your boyfriend likes other women’s pictures on Facebook and never yours; what does that show? If it is a particular lady, then they might be dating. You could try and get more clues before you decide. Below, I have created a nine slide depiction of what social media cheating pattern looks like; take a look here

social media cheating

If he is doing more than half of what is listed in this pattern, or maybe showing his nudes, texting, using their nudes for porn, etc., then he is cheating remotely.


1. Talk to him about why he likes other womens pictures

Tell him about how it makes you feel; be calm and dialogue about it; remember he may feel it’s normal or that you didn’t care. This is when you tell him that you care and find out why he likes other women’s pictures and never yours. Explain to him that you would love it if he liked your pictures. You should also talk about limits, things you should or shouldn’t do, remember you create the yardstick for evaluating your relationship, so set your standards.

2. Ask him to stop liking other females pictures while in a relationship

While dialogue can change the attitude of many, some people do not value a friendly conversation in conflict resolution; yet, why should you be with someone like that, right? This is where you draw the line; say it and be clear; you are not okay with having your boyfriend like other women’s pictures. He could listen and stop, seeing how serious you are about it.

3. Don’t let it bother you when your man likes other women’s pictures

If he is doing it to be friendly or any other reason you feel is okay, you may need to don’t let it bother you. It may not be a big deal as long as he is not cheating or comparing you to what he saw on social media.

4. Call it quits when your boyfriend likes another girls pictures

Maybe he is obsessed with her, or has an eye for her, or doesn’t care if you like it or not; whichever it is, perhaps it’s time to quit the relationship. You deserve better than being an option; If he doesn’t care about how you feel, then is he worthy of being called your boyfriend?

This could help you decide when to call it quits. You may also like this article on how to stay single and be happy.


1. Be like him and like provocative Facebook pictures

You hate that your boyfriend likes other women’s pictures and never yours; why should you become precisely what you hate? Please don’t do it.

2. Cursing or chatting up the other woman

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a woman or there are others he frequently likes their Instagram pictures, don’t bring yourself so low as to go about chatting or cursing this woman; instead, confront your boyfriend if my boyfriend likes a model’s photo on Instagram and I am not okay with him, I should talk to him and not the model.

3. Spy if your boyfriend has pictures of another girl on his phone

If you both can’t talk about it, spying on him won’t help. People will make you believe what they want you to; don’t spy on him to see whose pictures he likes, whose picture is on his phone and how many times he likes each woman’s picture; this could turn into obsession and cause serious psychological harm, don’t do it.

4. Be violent when he likes other women’s pictures and never yours

Why disgrace and embarrass yourself over an adult’s choice? Remember your boyfriend is an adult and deserves to make his own choices, and you need to make yours. Fighting, abusing, or embarrassing him is a wrong move; you could break up if he refuses to change; if you decide to stay, do know that you can’t force people to change.

The above answers to “ why does my boyfriend like other womens pictures?,” should help you just as they helped me.


1. Why does my boyfriend like other women’s pictures?

There could be various reasons for this; maybe he is just being nice, a fan, or finds the other women beautiful.

Is it right for my boyfriend to like other women’s pictures while still in a relationship with me?

This will depend on your understanding; some say it’s no big deal, some say it is inappropriate and disrespectful.

2. Is it bad if my boyfriend has other women’s pictures?

Find out who the other women are; they may be his friends, siblings, or relatives; if they are, I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

3. Is my boyfriend supposed to comment on another woman’s post?

A harmless comment will do no wrong if it is not a flirtatious comment.

4. Is liking pictures on Instagram cheating?

I doubt if just liking someone’s pictures on Instagram is cheating, there are so many good reasons why you would like someone’s pictures.

5. Why do I get jealous when my boyfriend likes another woman’s picture?

If you love someone, a lot of things they do could make you jealous; this is normal, what you do with the jealous feeling is what matters.

6. Is liking a photo flirting?

This would depend on a lot of variables; liking a photo normally is not flirting. There are a lot of things to consider about the likes on a photo before concluding if it’s flirting or not.


When your man likes other women’s pictures or when your boyfriend asks another girl for photos, this can be heartbreaking, while it may not be a big deal for some. Knowing ways to resolve such cases and getting answers to why your boyfriend likes other women’s pictures and never yours could help you foresee the future of your relationship and make the appropriate decision about it.





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