11 Signs He Is Uncomfortable Around You

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Girls are much more likely than boys to experience uncomfortable flirting on social media

A research seen on Pew Research (and shown in the chart above) suggests that teen girls are a lot quicker to block or unfriend a guy online who made them uncomfortable in the way he flirted with them.

But usually, guys don’t just act in an awkward or weird way around people, or in this case a lady. And you’re probably asking, “if a guy is awkward around you, what does it mean?” There could be several reasons why he is uncomfortable around you. In this article we will be exploring what makes a man uncomfortable around a woman and what the signs he is uncomfortable around you are.

Why is he awkward around me? What makes a man uncomfortable around a woman.

When a guy acts weird around you or is awkward around you, it could be because of one or more of the following 4 reasons:

1. He has a huge crush on you.

This is usually the number 1 reason why he is so nervous around you. A guy generally tends to be nervous and uncomfortable around the object of his affection and attraction, especially when he hasn’t professed his feelings for you. His awkwardness and nervousness in these circumstances comes from not knowing what to do or how to handle himself around you.

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2. He doesn’t like you as a person and probably can’t stand you for too long.

This is the other somewhat dangerous side of a guy who acts a little more awkward around you. It is not the more common reason why a guy could be uncomfortable around you but it is a reason nonetheless.

Where this is the reason why he is uncomfortable around you, there is usually an edginess and tension in the atmosphere that you can almost feel. It almost feels like there is an unspoken hostility towards you in his uncomfortable body language.

This is in contrast to the guy who is nervous around you because he likes you. The guy who is nervous because he likes you still has a pleasantness about him.

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3. He has likely done something wrong to you without your knowledge and being around you makes him feel stabs of guilt.

This is another not-so-common or not too obvious reason why a guy would act awkward around you. A guilty conscience is even more difficult to deal with when you find yourself in the same space as the person you have wronged. And so, it could be that he has bad-mouthed you to someone or done something wrong against you behind your back. And being around you makes him extremely uncomfortable either because it makes him have a guilty conscience or he is worried that you might figure out what he’s done wrong.

4. He finds you intimidating.

A woman especially with a strong personality can sometimes intimidate some guys. And usually, because guys are generally used to being in charge and in control of every situation, being in a position where they feel intimidated makes them feel uncomfortable.

Where this is the reason why the guy is uncomfortable around you, you can tell by how very little he says and where he eventually speaks, it feels as though he is trying to assert his authority or feel a sense of being in charge. It is because it is his way of trying to feel less uncomfortable and less intimidated.

11 Signs he is uncomfortable around you.

Uncomfortable people always show signs of discomfort despite their best efforts at hiding it, and a guy that is uncomfortable around you is no different. And of course, why he is uncomfortable around you is worth thinking about too, and we’ve covered these in the first section. Depending on why he is acting awkward around you, these are the top 11 signs he is uncomfortable around you.

1. He is looking everywhere and not looking at you.

You could find his eyes darting furtively everywhere else but at you. He finds it difficult to maintain eye contact and even when he does his gaze is so shifty it leaves you puzzled. He has that uncomfortable look in his eyes when he eventually makes eye contact. And to make matters worse, he could be talking to you and refusing to maintain eye contact while talking. When you see this, do not doubt in your mind that he is very uncomfortable around you.

2. He appears to be distracted and isn’t really listening to you.

You can tell that he isn’t really engaged or engaging in the discussion even if he may nod and make the appropriate sounds to indicate that he is listening. Yet when you ask what you were talking about, he would not be able to tell you. Distraction is one of the common signs of discomfort.

3. His body language suggests that he can’t wait to get away from the conversation.

This one isn’t so hard to tell. You can tell by how hurriedly he speaks or how quickly he wants to get up and leave.

4. He is on his phone the whole time while you’re talking to him.

This is one sign that can be or appear rude and annoying. And yes it is rude to be using one’s phone while someone is trying to have a conversation with you. For some guys, they are just plain rude and see no problem in using their phone while talking to you. However, for some other guys, their phone is the only distraction they can use to hide their discomfort.

5. You find yourself repeating answers you’ve given before.

If you find that you have to answer the same question more than twice or thrice, then you can be sure that he is uncomfortable around you.

If you find that you have to answer the same question more than twice or thrice, then you can be sure that he is uncomfortable around you.

This is another uncomfortable reaction you will notice when a guy is uncomfortable or nervous around you. His nerves are affecting his ability to properly process what you are saying and so he keeps asking.

6. His body is pointing away from you.

This sign of discomfort isn’t because he likes you or has a crush on you. This is one sign of discomfort that tells you that he either doesn’t like you or finds you somewhat intimidating. For the guy who is nervous around you because he has a crush on you, his body is pointed towards you despite his nervousness, rather than away from you.

7. He doesn’t attempt to make conversation.

You might find that you are the only one trying to keep the conversation going. Usually, a guy gives off this sign of discomfort because he either doesn’t like you or is tired of being around you and wants the conversation to come to an end quickly.

8. He’s fiddling with anything that he can find.

Are his hands restless and all over the place? He seems to be picking up everything and anything around him and playing with it and distracting you in the process? Yup. he is certainly uncomfortable around you and fiddling is his way of handling his discomfort.

9. He appears somewhat restless.

Do you sense that he is on edge and almost very restless? This sign of discomfort could either be because he likes you or because he has done something wrong to you behind your back and is worried that the longer he stays around you, the more likely it is that you find out what he’s done wrong.

10. He has a nervous and forced laughter.

You can almost hear the effort behind the laughter and feel that he is trying so hard to laugh. He is trying to use the nervous laugh to mask his discomfort and hope that you don’t notice. Except that you most likely have noticed.

11. He folds his hands across his chest.

This is another passive-aggressive sign of discomfort of someone who doesn’t like you or just generally doesn’t feel comfortable around you. It is an indirect way of communicating that they are uncomfortable being around you, and not in a good way. Usually, people fold their hands across their chest as a defense mechanism when they are in an extremely uncomfortable position or feel as though they are about to be attacked.

Frequently asked questions.

1. How to tell if your boyfriend is embarrassed of you?

It can be pretty devastating to have a situation where your boyfriend is embarrassed by you. If your boyfriend is embarrassed by you, he will hardly introduce you as his significant other. He will almost always introduce you just by your name or as a friend. He may also find it difficult to hold your hands in public where there are people and yet have no problem holding your hands in a public place when there is no one around.

You don’t deserve being in such a relationship because you are deserving of love. Once you see these signs, show yourself some love and leave him because he doesn’t deserve you.

Check out When should you give up on a relationship.

2. My crush acts awkward around me, what does it mean?

You already had your answer when you started the question with “my crush”. It means you know he has a crush on you. So it should not be a surprise when you see him acting awkward around you. It is because he has a crush on you and can’t help himself but be awkward around you.

3. What are the signs someone is nervous around you?

You will likely find them showing all or most of the 11 signs listed in this article.

4. Is there an uncomfortable body language or awkward body language?

Usually standing away from you and having their arms folded across their chest are the typical uncomfortable body language people tend to display. Also, fiddling and appearing restless, are other uncomfortable body languages to take note of.

5. How do you deal with people who make you feel uneasy?

If a person makes you feel uneasy and you find that the circumstance isn’t such that you can verbalize how you feel, the best thing to do is to politely ask to take your leave. However, to avoid situations where you leave the person second-guessing themselves and wondering what they might have done wrong, the best thing to do is to politely and gently let them know that they make you uncomfortable and also let them know the reason(s) why they make you feel uncomfortable. This will also help them in improving themselves if and where this is needed.

6. How can I go about making people uncomfortable?

Making people uncomfortable is never a good thing and it is not advisable to make it your mission to make people uncomfortable. No one likes to be around a person that makes them feel uncomfortable. And unless of course, your mission is to make the person or group of persons avoid you entirely, no purpose is served by having people feel uncomfortable around you.


When a guy acts weird around you, it can be for one or more of 4 reasons – it is either because he likes you and has a crush on you, or he doesn’t like you at all and cannot stand you, or he is intimidated by you; or in extreme cases, he has done something wrong to you behind your back.

And for whatever reason he may have for being awkward around you, you will know that he is uncomfortable around you when you see him display one or more of the signs of discomfort listed in this article.





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