15 Ways on How to Fix a Broken Relationship With Your Boyfriend

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One day you’re going to remember me and how much I loved you… then you’re gonna hate yourself for letting me go.

One day you’re going to remember me and how much I loved you

It seems that your relationship is heading towards the cliff, or things are getting heated between you and your boyfriend. If you feel that your boyfriend wants a break, don’t be alarmed. It might not be a feeling to break up, but space is needed. A fight between you two has gotten to the stage of a breakup, and you are looking for ways to fix a broken relationship. You Gov show the number of people who have ended a long-term relationship.

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What can you do to save your relationship, or are you looking for the right things to say to fix a relationship. There are many things you can do or ways to get back together with your boyfriend without any stress. Below are the ways to fix a broken relationship with your friend;

1. Use a friendly and polite dialogue to start a conversation

You can use “Hi or Hello” to start a conversation with your boyfriend. He might not reply easily due to the way that you guys left the relationship. But you can continue with the conversation if the reply is friendly and polite. Don’t be afraid to chat him up if your intentions are still pure. Be careful not to spend too much at the same time to prevent been seen as a pest or annoying person. Pleasantly send a message, and you can mend a broken relationship with your boyfriend.

2. Let your intentions be clear and known

Once you notice that your boyfriend has replied to your messages, try to go straight to the point and clarify your intentions. You might be overwhelmed with emotions and missed the real reason why you send a message. No one can read your mind or know what your intention is about. Try and communicate openly. You can create a friendly environment during your conversation and know the right things to say to fix a relationship. How to rekindle a relationship after a breakup can be done through an open conversation.

3. Love is necessary, and all you need

Don’t feel embarrassed if you try to fix a bad relationship with your boyfriend. Everyone often wants to be in love and rekindle a past relationship. It is not easy to break up with someone you have spent half of your life with, and suddenly you stopped taking, memories spent together will be flooding in, and you would want to re-feel all the love and attention gotten from your boyfriend.

4. Rebuild that bridge and forget the grudges

Whatever issues you might be having with your boyfriend or what action might cause the broken relationship. Not all bridges are to be burnt and forgotten. You can decide to fix your relationship with your boyfriend by securing a way to have a good conversation and letting go of the past.

5. Honesty is the key

You have to be honest with your intentions and tell your boyfriend why you break up. Deceit can damage your relationship more, and it will be very hard to fix your relationship with your boyfriend. You can repair your relationship when you are polite in your conversation without been offensive or defensive.

6. Try and reason with your boyfriend

If you want to rekindle your old relationship with your boyfriend, be ready to brainstorm with him on how to fix the old wounds and continue with your relationship. If he is ready to have a meaningful conversation with you, then make the time worthy to state whatever you don’t like or things you wish to change. It is called a relationship for both parties to reach a mutual agreement of their likes and dislikes.

7. Have control of your life

Every man will always love to prove that they are in control every time. Once you show that their love is the only thing that can control your life, you don’t have a say over it. It can shatter you and destroy you mentally. The best way to fix your relationship with your boyfriend is to be cautious about how you deal with him and how much love is shown to you. To prevent getting hurt again, don’t put all your eggs in a basket.

8. Apologize if you are the cause

It is often hard to accept the blame if you are the cause of the breakup.  Your boyfriend might still care about you after the breakup, but you need to apologize to rekindle your relationship. It might be the hardest thing to do, but if you love him and want to continue dating. You have to let go of the ego and apologize to let go of the past. Say the right words in a trouble period can help save your relationship.

9. Try to relive the memories

You can mend a broken relationship and stay with him; both of you have created a memory before breaking up with each other. Try and visit all the memories you and your boyfriend have created to rekindle the lost love and start afresh. These memories will reopen your past events and how you spend them with him. This might not work at first, but after checking with two or three memories, the spark will be returned in no time.

10. Listen to his view

A relationship should be two-sided, not based on one person’s opinion. It would be best if you listened to your boyfriend’s view and opinion. No one is here to control you, but you might act in a defensive way to protect your ego but if you want to fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend, try to hear his opinion and have your view of it. A relationship is lovely and can be enjoyed in a very pleasant way if you and your boyfriend hear each other out.

11. Spend time with yourself or take a break

Spending time alone after having someone who you always spend time with daily or see occasionally. But the best time to do this if you want to fix your broken relationship with your boyfriend is to take a moment and heal. Spending time alone can trigger him to look back on what you have done together in the past; he will miss you and want to come back. If you always see each other daily and there is no time for you and him to miss each other. Your boyfriend will never see your perspective or why you are in love with him.

12. Rekindle your sexual life

Intimacy is one of the cores of relationships. Before breaking up with your boyfriend, the sexual tension between you two will always be strong, but now it would have reduced. You can dress to impress whenever you invite him over for a date if you wish to fix your broken relationship with your boyfriend. Rekindle your sexual life and let him know what he is missing when both of you are not together.

If you ever wonder “how to spice up your relationship,” and you feel the best way is to go on a date with your boyfriend or hang out in his apartment. Then go for it. Nothing is wrong with trusting your decisions.

13. Talk to a relationship expert

Hearing from a third party can help fix a relationship. A therapist who is a relationship expert can be of help. But if you feel like not talking to a stranger about how you feel or your relationship, it is very okay. But trying a different view will surely help you to rekindle back your relationship.

Your boyfriend might invite you to visit a relationship expert to talk about each other feelings and fix the wrong thing that causes the fall of it before now. You have to be ready and follow him to see the relationship expert. Think of it as a safe place to express your feelings and make your concern known without feeling guilty.

14. Be positive

Life is created to be enjoyed lovingly and pleasantly. Always be positive about your decision, because he broke up with you doesn’t mean that he is not coming back or you are the one at fault. Think of other good things that can happen when you fix your relationship with your boyfriend, but if it goes sideways. Please don’t see it as the end of the world but as a pace to another journey which might involve your boyfriend or not.

15. Know when to say no

Not all relationships deserve a second chance, and when you notice that the relationship cannot be salvaged back. You have to know that it is the best time to let go. Ensure you have tried all the possible means to rekindle or fix the broken relationship, but after all, an effort is inputted, and still, your boyfriend doesn’t want to come back. You can say “No” to that relationship and wait for a better one to come.

Everyone is created to have a partner that will carry and love us. Not someone who will use you and dump when they feel like you are no longer adding value to them.

Repairing a damaged relationship

It might look hard to repair a damaged relationship. Many things are factors that can destroy relationships. You have to look for the possible factors which cause damage in the relationship and this include:

  • lack of communication
  • taking each other for granted
  • lack of expression
  • spending time apart
  • saying hurtful things
  • long distancing
  • multiple fights etc

Once you notice any of this in your relationship, you can work on how to repair the relationship before it gets out of hand. You and your boyfriend need to know how to take to each other and fix any problem during dating and solve it before escalating.

Don’t be afraid whenever he tells you it is over. It is never the end of the world, and also you can look for several ways.


1. How can I heal my broken relationship with my boyfriend?

There are many ways for you to heal a broken relationship with your boyfriend, and this include:

  • Use a friendly and polite dialogue to start a conversation
  • Let your intentions be clear and known
  • love is necessary, and all you need
  • Rebuild that bridge and forget the grudges
  • Honesty is the key
  • Try and reason with your boyfriend
  • Have control of your life

2. How can I save a relationship that’s falling apart?

Saving a relationship that is falling apart might seem like a big deal, but it is not. There are several ways to save your relationship, which include;

  • Good Communication
  • Fix your sexual life
  • Talk to a relationship expert
  • Be open and honest about your feelings

3. Signs of a broken relationship?

You might have noticed the red flag in your relationship and wonder if they are signs of a broken relationship or not. Watch out for these signs of a broken relationship:

  • You both always talk about cheating
  • You rarely communicate
  • Spending time apart
  • Lack of trust
  • No intimacy
  • Emotional needs are not satisfied





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