21 Basic Things You Should Know About Your Best Friend

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A best friend knows you even better than you know yourself sometimes.

A best friend knows you even better than you know yourself sometimes

The good thing about truly knowing your friend is that you are able to make predictions about their actions to a good extent. The chart below shows some of the things Americans think their friends would do for them. Source; Statista. A 2013 study.

Things you think your friend would do for you

Basic things you should know about your best friend.

It is true that you can never fully know a person, and that there is always something new to learn about people you think you know too well. However, having a certain level of knowledge is considered a prerequisite to the ‘best friend’ title. How much do you know about your best friend? Try to answer some basic best friend questions in this section.

1. What are your best friends’ other names?

It is not uncommon to see people that bear many names. For example, many Africans have an English name and a traditional name aside from their various nicknames. This is also true for people in many other communities. The names your best friend goes by is one of the first things you should know about your best friend if you hang out with them often. You might even have a nickname for him or her.

2. What would people probably dislike about your best friend?

If you know your best friend well enough, you should be able to point out a trait or two that is annoying but tolerable to you. Knowing this should help you defend your best friend and also correct them if possible.

3. What would people most likely love about your best friend?

Your best friend is your best friend because they possess more qualities you like than dislike in a person. What positive quality stands out in your best friend? Is it their infectious smile, positivity, generosity, way of thinking, determination, mindset etcetera? If people watched your best friend or related to him, what would they appreciate most about your best friend?

4. What do you know about your best friend’s academic life or journey?

Do you know any school your best friend attended? How does he generally describe his teachers, peers, and schooling experience? What are the subjects he loved or hated? Has he ever mentioned bullies, school crush, cool peers, visits to the principal’s office etcetera, to you?. What of his academic struggles and successes; his goals and attitude towards tests or exams?

5. What are his values?

Personal values are among the first things to know about your best friend. You can easily pick this up in your conversations with him and his various interactions. By knowing your best friend’s values, you will be able to understand how he perceives the world around him and why he acts in certain ways.

6. Do you know her family?

It is rare to call a person your best friend and yet know nothing about their family. Even if you haven’t seen your best friend’s family, you should be able to tell how many siblings she has, if she has a single parent, and the kind of relationship she has with members of her family. A rudimentary knowledge will spare you any embarrassment when asked.

7. Do you know her origin?

Do you know what state your best friend is from? Do you know where she was born? The state she grew up in? These are basic best friend facts you should know.

8. Where does your best friend live?

It is a no-brainer that you should know where your best friend lives. Whether you’ve been to their house or not is a different story. However, if you guys live in the same state, it is expected that you should know exactly where your best friend lives.

9. What is his temperament?

How would you generally describe his temperament? Do you know how your best friend will respond in a given situation?

10. When is his birthday?

Birthdays are things best friends should know about each other even before they become your best friend. It is one of the special moments in a person’s life and you wouldn’t want to miss that about someone you claim to like a lot.

11. What genre of movies and music does she like?

If a new movie or music was released today, can you tell if your best friend would love it or not? What song or kinds of songs drive her crazy? What movie is legendary as far as your best friend is concerned?

12. Do you know his hobbies?

What would your best friend give a good chunk of his time to aside his main tasks? Is it reading, video games, rock climbing, hiking, knitting, furniture making, etcetera?

13. Where is his favorite place of comfort?

Where would a person find your best friend if they were looking for them at school or anywhere?

14. What meals, snacks, fruits, and drinks does she love?

Which meal can you apologize with and they will consider forgiving you immediately? Which drinks or snacks light up their mood?

15. What is her favorite color?

If someone was to ask you to pick the color of dress your best friend will mostly go for, would you be able to do that?

16. Favorite sports

The sport a person loves to watch might be different from the sports they love to play. Do you know what sport your friend loves to watch? Do you know what sport they love to play?

17. Favorite team/s

If money was at stake, would you be able to pick your friends’ favorite team or teams and in the order they love those teams (if they have more than one)?

18. Which game is she good at?

Which game will your best friend decide to play and you’ll have full confidence that they will give their opponent a run for their money?

19. What’s his fashion sense like?

What is her preferred style of dressing?

20. What scares your best friend?

What makes your best friend shiver or run when he or she notices it? Is he afraid of snakes, spiders, small spaces, etcetera?

21. Does she have any allergies?

Does your best friend have allergies for pets, flowers, perfumes or certain types of food?

13 hypothetical questions to ask your best friend

1. If you are given the chance to change one physical feature about yourself, would you take it? And which feature would that be?

2. If all you had was $500 to spare and your mom asked you for 500 dollars for groceries and your best friend asked you for 500 dollars to get medication, who would you be lending the 500 dollars to?

3. If the condition to save the life of someone you love is not to lie throughout the day and a group of boys holding weapons run into you and ask you for the whereabout of another guy you saw hiding in a dumpster, what would you say to the group of boys? Would you tell them the location of the guy they are looking for?

4. The girl that almost got you suspended from school is being accused of stealing a teacher’s wallet but you know she is not the one who stole it because you saw the real culprit. Would you come forward and tell the truth about the person who stole the wallet or would you keep quiet and allow the girl to be punished for a crime she did not commit?

5. If you were given the opportunity to use a time machine to go back in time to start a relationship with your soulmate or go many years into the future to save you from dying young, which will you choose?

6. If you were allowed to choose the country to be born into before birth, which country would it be?

7. A few days before your wedding, you meet your soulmate. Would you leave the partner of 5 years for your soulmate or would you leave your soulmate for the partner of 5 years?

8. If you were asked to choose between strength and speed, which will you choose?

9. If you had the opportunity to know how you would die, would you want to know?

10. Between a job that pays you $7000 a month with high chances of emotional abuse and a job that pays you $1000 a month with no chance of emotional abuse, which job will you choose?

11. If you were asked to choose between a robot that can do any chore you ask it to do and a pet that gives you emotional support, which would you choose?

12. If someone offered you 3 acres of land to erase all your best memories of the past, would you accept?

13. “Will you exchange your beauty for more lives?”

14. If you took a paternity test with the consent of your dad and the result comes back to show that your dad is not your real dad, what will you do? How would you feel?

15. If someone assured you that they would take you to meet the president of America if you could audibly sing one of West Life’s songs in the middle of a crowded mall, would you do it?

7 funny questions to ask your best friend about yourself.

1. If I were to be an animal, which would it be?

2. In your opinion, which hairstyle has been my worst thus far?

3. If someone offered you $10,000 to tell them my biggest secret, would you accept?

4. What quality or character annoys you the most about me?

5. If you had the power to make me do one thing for you today, what would it be?

6. Would you describe me as brilliant?

7. If someone said I did 3 of these things, which one would you less likely believe I did?

  • She read her boyfriend’s messages and sent appalling texts to femalecontacts that she was suspicious of.
  • She used a friend’s item without the friend’s permission.
  • She ate snacks meant for three people.

21 This or That questions for best friend

1. Movie version or novel version of stories?

2. New year resolution or bucket list?

3. Micheal Jackson or Elvis?

4. Give a gift or say sorry?

5. Christmas now or Christmas when you were 7 years old?

6. Ice cream or milkshake?

7. Rugby or cricket?

8. Tea or coffee?

9. One year paid rent or a car gift?

10. Spa gifts or snacks gift box

11. Hand-written letters or online messages (SMS/email)?

12. Walnuts or cashew nuts

13. Plush gifts or statue gifts

14. School or University

15. Small or big weddings?

16. Fraternal or identical twins?

17. Handbag or backpack?

18. Writing or painting?

19. Dishes or laundry?

20. Juice or wine?

21. Ground floor or third floor?


1. Do you have to know everything about your BFF?

You can never truly know everything about a person well, except you are God. However, best friends should have better knowledge and understanding of themselves such that they are able to stand in place for each other when needed. Best friends are the go-to people when information is needed about a person. The knowledge that best friends have about each other, puts them in a better position to defend themselves from false narratives, make certain decisions for the other and even anticipate the actions of each other in certain situations. The title ‘best friend’ means that there are things you should know about your best friend more than any other person.

2. What do best friends do?

  • Report people to each other
  • Have lunch together
  • Tag team for competitions
  • Go on adventures together
  • Play games together
  • Help each other out in times of need
  • Correct, defend, and forgive each other during and after an argument
  • Enjoy shows, programs, and movies together
  • Sometimes they rock matching outfits or accessories together
  • Participate in activities together
  • Cheer each other on
  • Achieve goals together

3. What can I talk about with my best friend?

  • Likes and dislikes
  • How you feel about places or things
  • Crushes
  • Fashion trends and your preferences
  • Schools activities, teachers, peers, and subjects
  • Activities to participate in
  • Jobs/tasks
  • Bucket lists
  • Traveling plans
  • Regrets and disappointment
  • How you feel about a situation
  • Your day
  • Birthdays, parties, weddings, and graduations
  • Goals and aspirations
  • How you would respond in certain situations
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Projects to start
  • Sometimes family
  • Troubles

Concluding remark

As a best friend, expect that people will ask you questions you should know about your best friend. You should always seek new ways to bond and learn more about the person you claim is your best friend. There are lots of things to know about best friends and questions in this article will guide you to an extent.





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