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Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2 Year Old Daughter

Valentine’s Day is a day loved by many. It is a day that you can show your love for the people that mean the world to you which includes your kids.

Finding Valentine’s gifts for a partner with who you are in a romantic relationship is easy. The world is filled with many options to choose from in the months leading up to the special day.

But when it comes to showing your kids some of that love, many people are stumped as to what is the perfect gift for their 2-year-old daughter.

They seem to think that 2-year-olds are too young and don’t understand the meaning of Valentine’s Day. But all kids understand the feeling of love.

They might have not learned how to explain it or express it yet but they do understand the feeling of being loved by their parents.

Too often, adults and especially parents tend to complicate things too much when it comes to showing their kids how much they love them. When actual fact it is quite simple because kids do not need anything extravagant, they only need our time, love, and affection.

But how do you give them that on Valentine’s Day?

Well, you can do it in two different ways by finding a wonderfully small and inexpensive gift and by spending the day with them, doing activities together that fit in with the Valentine’s Day theme perfectly.

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Free printable valentines day card for daughter

Valentines  day gift for your 2-year-old Daughter

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Wonderful small and inexpensive valentine gift ideas for 2-year-old girls

For some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for a 2-year-old daughter, you can choose between two options. You can go with something that she can wear every day like, heart pajamas, a beautiful bead necklace, and bracelet, or a pair of heart-printed rain boots. Or you could choose something that she could have some fun with, like a stuffed teddy night light, a Valentine’s Day coloring book, or books that you could read to her.

Heart Bubblegum Bead Necklace & Bracelet

This thick heart bead necklace and bracelet set sparkles and stands out, making it the perfect gift for a 2-year daughter on Valentine’s Day. She will love the glittery heart on the necklace, the stretchiness on the bracelet, and the beautiful colors. It will arrive neatly placed in a beautiful gift box with a beautiful message and a white and silver bow attached.



The majority of customers that have purchased this Girls Glitter Heart Chunky Bubblegum Bead Necklace and Bracelet love it. They find it to be an adorable good quality set that looks beautiful on any little girl.

Girl’s 5-Piece Cotton Snug-fit Pajamas

This amazing quality 5-piece hearts pajamas set is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a 2-year old daughter. If the amazing printed hearts are not enough for her to feel loved by her mom and dad, then the comfortable, snug and warm feeling she will get when she sleeps definitely will help.



Those customers that have already purchased this Carter’s Baby-Girl 5-Piece Cotton Snug-fit Pajamas love how comfortable and warm they feel. They find that they fit perfectly and love that they can mix and match between the different pieces.

Girls’ Heart-Printed Rain Boot

These adorable heart-printed rain boots are one of the best Valentine gifts for your 2-year-old girl so she can play comfortably while she finds fun things to do in the rain outside and snow. She will look so cute doing them and you will be more relaxed knowing that her feet will stay warm and dry.



Many customers that have purchased the Hatley Girls’ Printed Rain Boots find that they look cute and are useful for rain, mud, and snow. Kids love them, they are easy for them to put on and take off while keeping their feet dry.

Stuffed Teddy Bear Colorful Night Light

This adorable 8-inch stuffed teddy bear doubles up as a cute, soft toy and a beautiful, bright night light. Your 2-year-old can place it either on her pillow next to her head or on her nightstand. If and when she needs to get up in the middle of the night, she can pick it up and carry it with her.

Power: 2 AA batteries which are not included.



Many customers that have purchased this White Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal LED Colorful Night Light, find that it is a cute bear with very bright colors and works perfectly as a night light.

Peter Rabbit Library Boxed Set

This Peter Rabbit boxed set has all 23 of Beatrix Potter stories. They make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift to add to any child’s library. They are small in size and are easy to handle for a 2-year-old. Included in the books are beautifully detailed illustrations and the stories are fun and adventurous to read and often teach you a moral lesson



Customers who have purchased this Peter Rabbit Library Boxed Set absolutely adore the set and many remember the stories from their own childhood. They are happy to introduce these well designed and illustrated books to their own children or grandchildren

I Love You! The Big Valentine’s Day Coloring Book

This 60 page Valentine’s Day coloring books are a great gift for a 2-year-old. Each page has simple patterns with thick lines that make it easy for them to color. Once they are done with their masterpiece the pages can easily be removed and given as a card.

If you would like to make up your own gift package, you can include a coloring book and a reading book or two. Our ideas for popular board books are Llama Llama I Love You and Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!.



Customers that have purchased this I Love You! The Big Valentine’s Day Coloring Book as gifts has said that they were happy to find a Valentine’s Day coloring book. The little ones that they gave this book to were excited and could not wait to start coloring them in.

Ways to spend Valentine’s Day with them

Showing your love for your 2-year old daughter on Valentine’s Day does not only have to be about the gift that you get her. There are many ways you can show her the true meaning of love. These ideas which are nice things to do for her and together as a family will work for all kids even if your daughter is autistic.

Here are some ideas:

Make Valentine’s Day breakfast that is special

An idea is to start the day off with some heart-shaped pancakes with her favorite toppings

Decorate an area in your home with Valentine’s Day decorations

You can make your own Valentine’s Day decorations by cutting out hearts and hanging them up. Or make Valentine’s Day banner that you can string up on a wall or at the breakfast table. An idea for a centerpiece is to fill a jar with layers of different Valentine’s Day chocolates and candy.

Write her some love notes or cards

You can make some heart-shaped cards or write love notes with a short message on each of them to tell her the things that you love about her.

Some ideas are:

  • You’re so special to me.
  • I love it when you ______.
  • You’re so Smart.
  • You’re a beautiful girl
  • You are so good at ______.
  • You’re the light of my life
  • You’re my shining Star
  • I love your laugh.
  • You make me smile every day.
  • I love your smile.
  • You’re so fun to play with
  • You are amazing.
  • You’re kind to others
  • I love you, my little Angel.

Bake cookies together

Spend some time in the kitchen together and bake and decorate some heart-shaped cookies. It will be fun to let her make some of her own from start to finish while obviously being supervised.

Watch a classic movie

You can either choose to watch your daughter’s favorite movie with her or go for a classic like “Lady and the Tramp”.

Play games together

You can choose to play board games that she can play along with or let her choose a game you can play together, like having a tea party with all her furry friends. Anything will do, especially if it is something that you don’t usually get around to doing together.

Read love stories together

Kids love to listen to stories that are read by their parents. Pick a book with Valentine’s theme and sit and read to her.

Spend some time being crafty together

Set up a table where you can all sit as a family with art and craft supplies. Then get to work on whatever Valentine’s Day crafts that you can come up with. This could be anything from Valentine’s Day cards to each other to making bracelets or painting pictures.

Do an act of kindness together.

The best way for teaching your little one about love is to do an act of kindness together. You can make Valentine’s Day cards or draw pictures and go hand them out at a nursing home, a children’s hospital, or home. Sharing love with other people is one of the best lessons that you can teach your child.

Remember to take lots of photos

During the special day, remember to take lots of photos as these are the photos that you will cherish for years to come. You can even set up an area for a special photo shoot with your own homemade backdrop and props.

Have a special Valentine’s dinner

Finish your special day off with a special Valentine’s Dinner. You can start your own tradition by having homemade pizzas or pasta dishes that the whole family will enjoy.

If you do not have the option of spending the whole day with your 2-year-old daughter because you have to work. You can pack a special lunch box with heart-shaped sandwiches and a special love note inside for her.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are these gifts suitable for a girl of any other age?

As long as the girl is a toddler, you can definitely gift any of the gifts above to them.

2. Do you gift valentine gifts to your so as well?

Yes, sons receive valentine’s gifts too. You can either still stick to red color for their Valentine gift or go for a more male inclined color like blue if that is what your son prefers.


Valentine’s Day gifts for your 2-year-old daughter does not have to be complicated, think if you would like to give her a gift that she can wear or something she can have fun with. Spend some time choosing little ways that you can make the day special for her and she will feel how much you love her.

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