13 Appropriate Ways To Treat Your Sick Wife

13 Appropriate Ways To Treat Your Sick Wife

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13 Appropriate Ways To Treat Your Sick Wife

There is no definitive advice that can be given on how to treat a sick wife because there are several factors that need to be considered. For instance, your wife’s illness and how serious it is. You can’t very well expect to treat a wife with flu in the same way as one with a cold.

If your wife is going through a severe health challenge, you have to be ready for the difficulties that come with it. This experience will have long-lasting effects on your relationship. It can make your marriage much stronger or set it on the journey to collapse.

Your wife will need you to help her in ways you haven’t done so before. You’ll need to attend to various needs and look happy while you do so. It is crucial that she doesn’t feel like a burden and feels supported.

This can be very difficult, especially if the illness is so severe that you, the healthy partner, are forced to take on an overwhelming number of roles. For this reason, you must take good care of yourself. You are only useful to you and your wife if you are healthy.

To help you out, this article contains various tips for helping your sick wife from experts such as psychiatrists and caregivers. We will also talk about things you can do to stay healthy while you take care of your wife so that you can continue to be the pillar in your marriage.

Build up your knowledge 

The first and most important answer to how to take care of your sick wife is to understand the illness she has. 

Find out what symptoms can be expected, what she’ll go through as time progresses, what she needs to improve, and how you can help her best. Also, find out what foods she can take and what activities she should avoid.

Basically, try to find out everything you can about the illness. You can look through the internet for much of the information you need but as there can be some untrustworthy sources, be sure to run everything by your healthcare providers for confirmation.

  • Accompany her to health checkups 

When your wife goes to the doctor for health checkups and other medical requirements, escorting her is important for several reasons. One, it gives her the strength and support she needs to go through the various tests required and whatever news the doctor may have for her.

Also, staying in the waiting room till your wife comes out does not count as accompanying her. You ought to go in with her to speak to the practitioner about her condition and any updates they have.

It’d be helpful if you came up with questions you need clarification on before you get to the doctor’s so that you can shoot straight to the point.

  • Accept that there will be changes 

An essential part of learning how to deal with a sick wife is to accept that there will be some changes in your lifestyle. You need to program your mind to be able to take those changes when they come. 

Your wife won’t be able to do several things you enjoyed as a couple, and new diets may have to be introduced to accommodate her condition. You’ll also become more of the caregiver, which is not something that men are often raised to do.

All these can lead to resentment and nagging if you don’t nip these feelings in the bud. And the best way to do so is by accepting that there’s no way around those changes; this is the way things are, and it’s not changing till she gets better.

  • Be willing to ask for help and to accept it

how emotionally stressful is caregiving

According to research compiled by the Boston University School of Public Health, being a caregiver can be quite stressful. 

In marriage, the stress of taking care of a sick wife can lead to many issues. Perhaps this is why the Journal of Health and Social Behavior found that marriage is 6% more at risk of divorce if the wife is sick.

Avoid much of this stress that could end your marriage by understanding that you don’t have to help your wife alone. We live in a society, and some people can help.

Your primary responsibility is to take care of your wife, and delegating tasks to others can help you focus better on giving her attention. For instance, neighbors could help with specific tasks, and so can your siblings, children, and friends. House Cleaning services can also keep the house in tip-top shape to relieve you of household duties. 

  • Hire a homecare service 

If you are a senior or your wife’s illness is quite severe, then an important consideration as to how to treat your sick wife is to hire a home care service.

Such services are hugely beneficial because they help share the burden of caring for your wife. For instance, they can help with house chores, bathing and clothing your wife, and reminding you of doctor’s appointments. This gives you the time to engage in other activities such as working and tending to your wife personally.

Homecare services are not there to take over your role as your wife’s primary caregiver; they are simply there to make it easier for you to carry out this responsibility. 

  • Find out your options 

Once again, you’re not alone. In addition to homecare services, there are other avenues for seeking help, even if you don’t have a family.

Programs exist to help you take care of your sick wife that are provided by your community and your local and state governments. Your church, mosque, or other religious organization should also have programs for helping people such as yourself.

For a list of such services, speak to your healthcare provider as they would have dealt with your type of case before. Community and religious leaders are also another source of information, as well as the internet.

  • Don’t try to exceed your limit 

There might be things you’re no longer able to do or things you don’t have the skill to initiate. Don’t push yourself to do those things while trying to take care of your wife, as it might backfire with you hurting yourself.

You cannot say, “my wife is sick,” only to turn around and injure yourself. Who would then take care of the both of you? 

You should instead focus on helping your wife according to your strengths while finding a way around any weaknesses by, for instance, hiring other people. Set boundaries around your limits to avoid breaching them, and come up with ways to get over them if they are important to your wellbeing and that of your wife.

  • Adjust your attitude 

The stress of taking care of a sick wife can have you wondering, “should I get a divorce from my sick wife?” or “should I stay loyal to my sick wife?”  

But instead of thinking about that, try to develop empathy. This would help you understand how your wife feels about leaving you alone to care for her. You’d realize she isn’t exactly thrilled with the situation either but appreciates the love and support you show her.

Practice patience with her and be ready to be a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to vent her frustrations without judgment. Be her greatest cheerleader and remain optimistic around her.

Take an interest in her condition by asking how she’s doing and if there’s anything she’d like. Get her those treats she wants so she can smile more. Her emotional health strongly affects her physically and will help her get better or at least lighten her burden.


Find out What To Say When Someone is Ill

  • Take care of yourself

Perhaps just as important as taking care of your wife is taking care of yourself. You need to try to remain as healthy as possible. This would give you the strength to take care of your wife without feeling overwhelmed.

Staying healthy requires eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and going for a doctor’s checkup as often as recommended.

For your mental health, try giving yourself some time off from everything for at least 10 – 30 minutes daily. Use this time to unwind and destress your mind. Affording this time to yourself is another reason to get help.

  1. Remind her that you love her constantly 

Feeling sick can make your wife feel inadequate and undeserving of your love. She might fear that you’ll fall out of love with her for not pulling her weight. 

Rid these feelings by constantly reminding her you love her and will always be there for her. Remind her that she means the world to you, and hold her as often as possible. Actions speak louder than words, so practice her love language to drive the point home that you love her.

For your part, remind yourself of the good times you’ve shared to remain motivated that you will share good times again. And if the illness is not curable, revel in the time you have left with this remarkable woman you married and passed through trials with.

  • Find someone to talk to

When considering how to help your sick wife, don’t forget yourself. Caregiving can place a heavy mental and emotional burden, and you need to find an outlet for it.

Consider reaching out to friends, family, or any other person you consider a confidant. Counselors and therapists are also great alternatives that will give your professional advice on how to treat your sick wife and the coping mechanisms needed to be mentally sound.

There are also groups formed for people who have had to become caregivers to their relatives. The group supports such people by giving them an avenue to vent their frustrations. Check the internet for such groups in your area, or talk to your healthcare provider.

  1. Don’t get caught cheating  

Your wife probably already feels bad enough that she can’t perform certain wifely duties, so making her feel like another woman is taking her place is cruel. It can hurt her emotionally and slow down or even reverse her recovery process.

Avoid infidelity-related behaviors, such as staying out late and being unreachable for long periods. Your wife needs to feel like she still matters to you and isn’t being replaced.

  • Pray and meditate

Placing your faith in a higher power can be beneficial because it gives you hope that your wife can survive her current ordeal. This can give you the strength to continue even when things feel hopeless.

If you’re religious, pray to your Supreme Being and use the chance to improve your bond with them by praying and talking to them. The non-religious can still be spiritual through methods like meditation, yoga, or simply appreciating the sounds of nature.

Turning to the spiritual can also strengthen your marriage as you pray and study religious texts together. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I help my sick wife?

Some ways you can help your sick wife are:

  • Going to the doctor with her to find out how her condition is progressing and what you can do to support her. 
  • Get as educated as you can on her illness. 
  • Program your mind to accept the changes that need to be made to accommodate your wife. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help to alleviate your burden.
  • Hire a homecare service if you can. Especially if the illness is serious. 
  • Be aware of all the options available to you, such as community and religious programs for helping those who have caregiver roles.

 What should a husband do for a sick wife?

  • Be her rock and pillar of support. 
  • Take her to her doctor or caregiver and attend meetings to find out how she’s doing and what you can do to help her. 
  • Try to find out as much as possible about her illness to be better prepared.
  • Take care of your health, so you are strong enough to take care of her.
  • Avoid giving her the impression that you’re being unfaithful.
  • Get help to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

What do you say to your sick wife?

  • Remind her that you love her constantly. 
  • Tell her you’re proud of her for fighting and staying strong. 
  • Offer her your ears for her to vent any frustrations she has. 
  • Speak words of affirmation.
  • Practice her love language to make her feel loved. 
  • Tell her you’ll always be by her side to give her the support she needs. 

In conclusion…

Caring for a sick wife requires many sacrifices, and you must program your mind to be ready to make them. Your wife needs you to be the man who promised to stick with her through thick and thin until things get better.

You mustn’t lose yourself in the process, so take care of yourself. Exercise, eat well, and pay attention to your physical and mental health. One sick person in the marriage is plenty.





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