can children sense pregnancy

Can Children Sense Pregnancy?


  • Several changes occur to the human body in its lifetime; just like you notice physical growth in some areas of the body, upon the attainment of puberty and the development of body muscles when you begin a new body routine, some changes occur to your body when you conceive to bear a baby.

  • It is often wondered whether babies or even toddlers notice pregnancy when it occurs in its early stages. When pregnancy signs are still subtle and unclear, even an adult has difficulties interpreting what changes, much fewer toddlers. Find out more in this article. 

Understanding the human body is a life-long project, and it experiences many changes at different stages of life- one of those stages is the 9 months of conception. Because a pregnant woman carries a completely different being within her, it is no surprise that she will have to deal with several bizarre changes in her body. There are various stages of pregnancy, and each comes with different changes to the body- there are early signs like vomiting, missing period, and later signs like swollen breasts and constant fatigue. In subsequent stages, there will be a protrusion, the enlargement of the stomach muscles, and many more.


Most of the changes during pregnancy can be noticeable, depending on the stages. An observer with some experience with the period of conception and its subtle signs may be able to conveniently connect the dots when a pregnant woman is exhibiting some signs of pregnancy. Starting from early signs of vomiting, your spouse or any other person m y be able to detect or at least suspect pregnancy, especially if the vomiting occurs frequently and is accompanied by nausea. 


Eventually, pregnancy develops to the stage where the stomach of the carrier protrudes; at this point, there is nothing to hide anymore. Even a 5-year-old baby can tell that you are carrying a baby. However, have you ever wondered if your baby, perhaps, 6 or 7 or even 5, can suspect or discover pregnancy even before the obvious symptoms surface?- Pregnancy is an impressive and life-changing experience in women’s lives, but it can also be overwhelming. So, can your toddler sense pregnancy before you know it?


There is, yet, no scientific proof to show that babies or toddlers are aware that you are pregnant, even before you discover it. However, there are several scientifically unconfirmed beliefs about whether they can suspect pregnancy- some people believe that babies in the womb can communicate with each other. Still, there is no scientific proof of this claim. Other people also believe that a baby can suspect pregnancy in its parent. However, there is also no proof of this fact scientifically. However, a baby can sense pregnancy in other ways, even before it ever becomes glaring- there are physical and behavioral changes that are noticeable even by babies. Hence, if you are pregnant, you may notice that your baby is more clingy or needy than usual- it is still unclear whether they exhibit this new behavioral pattern because they notice your uneasy demeanor or that your attention has been drawn away from them. You may also notice that your toddler is more interested in your stomach than usual. These are just a few examples of how toddlers can sense pregnancy. If you have a toddler and you are pregnant, try to pay attention to how your toddler is acting around you. This can help you understand how your toddler is feeling about your pregnancy. So, to be clear, the answer to the question, can toddlers sense pregnancy before you know, is no.

How do babies act when they know you are pregnant?

Babies are more fussy than usual; when they discover that you are carrying another baby in your tummy, they suddenly just become more needy, like they know your care and attention is about to shift significantly to another being. Apart from the fussy attitude they put up, they also tend to have a change in their appetite. Regardless, it is important to remember that every baby reacts differently to this shocking discovery. Hence, it can not just assume all babies will react similarly in this situation. When you’re pregnant, you should remember that your toddler may act differently around you, but that doesn’t mean they know what’s happening. A baby can sense pregnancy, but it doesn’t make them psychic.


Similarly, babies tend to have a superpower for sensing your anxiety and stress, especially if it is happening more than usual- this change in a behavioral pattern that you exhibit during pregnancy can be detected by babies, forcing them to be more needy and fussy. If you’re worried about the pregnancy, your little one may start acting out in response to your emotions. While it’s impossible to say whether or not babies can sense pregnancy, it’s clear that they’re sensitive to the changes in their environment and the people around them.

People Who would sense that you are pregnant 

Babies may sense some change in their behavioral pattern, especially when acting more uneasy due to anxiety, fatigue, and stress. They will certainly notice a protruding tummy in later pregnancy stages. Still, they may be unable to associate all these changes with pregnancy. After all, they have never experienced this, and they may not have enough knowledge to interpret the signs they see as pregnancy. However, they are other people around you who may easily tell that you are pregnant, partly because they are close to you and know what pregnancy looks and feels like. These people include;

can your toddlers tell that you are pregnant

Your Partner

Not all men will notice, especially if you are skilled at hiding some of the subtle signs of pregnancy- sometimes, we just want to be sure about some changes before we break the news. Hence your partner may not know that you are pregnant, but if these signs are apparent, your partner will notice swollen breasts, a change in mood and behavioral patterns, and, of course, frequent vomiting and nausea. Hence, as pregnancy hormones spike and blood flow increases, so could your libido. And your boobs will be getting bigger. Trust us: this won’t go unnoticed. When all the signs appear, your husband may become a tard and more protective. You may just find him researching the best cuddle positions to bring you some comfort. 

Your Boss

First trimester morning sickness will slow you down. So will fatigue. If these two things conspire to make you late to work semi-regularly when you used to be prompt, your boss will suspect what’s up. Or maybe she looked at the statistical probability of you becoming a mom. And even if you manage to get to your desk on time each day, darting to the bathroom with your hand over your mouth might just give you away.


Your BFFs


Your BFFs will easily detect that you are pregnant after you become less expressive on your night outs. Perhaps you are now less jumpy, refrain from alcohol consumption, and visit the bathroom more often; your friends will certainly catch the wind of all these unusual behavioral patterns you now exhibit. When everyone else is ordering Chardonnay, your ginger ale will inspire at least one of those women to start planning your baby shower in her head, so don’t even attempt to hide it, they already know. You just have to stay away from harmful meals because you do not want to harm the baby, and now, you just have to learn how to eat healthy foods.

Your Dentist 

Your first visit to your dentist after pregnancy may be an open announcement of your conception. Studies have revealed that mucous membranes often get swollen during pregnancy, which is why your dentist or dental hygienist may take one look at your bleeding gums and then glance at your belly. (Swollen membranes also explain why you just got your first nosebleed since kindergarten).

Any Woman that has ever been pregnant 

You may think you are being sleek with your excuses and explanations, but women who have been here before would know that something is up with you. After hearing from you a few times, another mom can see right through your “I just have a cold/I’m pooped from a long week at work/I feel like being a homebody tonight” stories. Nice try, though! Your mother-in-law will certainly be one of the women around to notice. Just learn not to argue with mothers-in-law when they confront you about it.

Your Pet


They are not people technically, but they can also sometimes sense when something changes in you. They can sense when you smell differently- the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy makes you smell differently. They can also sense it when your partner treats you differently or changes your behavior. As a result of these noticed changes, Dogs and Cats often start acting differently; they are more protective and loving, in that period. They are indeed a loyal companion as they would never rat you out. 

How Do People Get Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a pretty complicated process, depending on how you view it. But it starts with one fact that we are all aware of- the fertilization of an egg or eggs by a bunch of microscopic sperm cells. Sperms are microscopic cells that are made in testicles. Sperms gain mobility and fluidity through a mixture of sperm fluid, known as; semen, which rushes out of the penis during ejaculation. Several millions of sperm come out during ejaculation, but it takes only 1 sperm cell to meet with an egg for fertilization; as soon as fertilization occurs, pregnancy follows.


On the other hand, eggs live in ovaries, and the hormones that control the menstrual cycle cause a few eggs to mature every month, preparing them for a meeting with the sperm cells. Hence, when this egg’s complete maturity, it is ready to be fertilized by the sperm cell. When they are eventually not fertilized by a sperm cell, they dissolve into what is known as the menstrual blood. The hormones that control your menstrual cycle also make the lining of your uterus thicker and more spongy, getting your body, and not just the eggs, ready for pregnancy. 


When an egg is mature enough to be fertilized, it leaves the ovary when it is been prepared and travels down the fallopian tube towards the uterus when you are halfway through your menstrual cycle. The egg hangs out for about 12-24 hours, slowly moving through the fallopian tube to see if any sperm are around. If semen gets into the vagina and swims through the cervix within this period, it can move up the fallopian tube. If it finds an egg there, fertilization occurs eventually within 6 days.

The common signs of pregnancy 

While there are some general symptoms experienced pregnancy experienced by most women, some pregnancy experiences may also vary at different times. Hence it is advisable not to compare one’s pregnancy situation to someone else’s symptoms.


There are several signs of early pregnancy that you may or may not have. The most common symptoms include:


A missed period: This symptom is common in most people and is the most obvious sign of pregnancy. Once conception has happened, your body produces hormones that stop ovulation and the shedding of the lining of your uterus. This means that your menstrual cycle has stopped, and you won’t have a period again until after your baby is born. But missing your period isn’t always a sign of pregnancy. You can also miss your period from stress, excessive exercise, dieting, hormone imbalances, and other factors that might cause irregular periods.


Frequent Bathroom visits: Sometimes, you may notice that you have to pee more often before discovering your missing period. This usually occurs because when you are pregnant, you have more blood than normal; Moreso, during pregnancy, your kidneys filter your blood and remove the extra waste. This waste leaves your body as pee. The more blood in your body, the more you’ll have to pee.


Fatigue (feeling tired): Many people feel extremely tired in early pregnancy. This sign of pregnancy happens because of high levels of the hormone progesterone. Like other early pregnancy symptoms, fatigue tends to get better in the second trimester (after week 13 of pregnancy). However, it does come back in the third trimester for many people.


How do people get pregnant with twins?


There are two ways that you can bear twins. The first method is the conception of identical twins, while the second results in the conception of not-so-identical twins. The first situation occurs when 1 already-fertilized egg splits into 2 separate embryos, which turn out identical because identical twins come from the same sperm and egg. They have the same genetic material (DNA) and look exactly alike. On the other hand, nonidentical twins form when two separate eggs fertilize two eggs, and both fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterus. Furthermore, this situation occurs when your ovaries release more than one egg or during certain fertility treatments. You have a larger family– learn to prepare the meal for proper family nourishment.


Can a 7-year-old sense pregnancy?


There is an observation of higher cognitive performance in babies in recent times. Hence there is a possibility that a 7-year-old baby interprets the signs of pregnancy noticed in their parent to mean pregnancy. However, these signs must be significantly apparent and can not just be subtle.











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