Can Tarot Cards Ruin Your Life?

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Can Tarot Cards Ruin Your Life

What Can Tarot Do For Me? 

In a world of uncertainty, we may find ourselves looking for practices that will help us feel more grounded. Many people look to things such as The Tarot for guidance, but should we make big decisions believing in tarot cards and horoscopes? Can tarot cards ruin your life? While we cannot scientifically prove the effects of tarot cards, if you practice The Tarot properly, you have the opportunity to make your life more interesting. When you use the Tarot, you are confronting your unconscious. The Tarot is a tool you can use to generate synchronicity in your life. 

A Brief History of Tarot 

Although tarot is associated with the occult, its original use was for card games. In the 15th century, playing a tarot was similar to a game of bridge. Jean-Baptiste Alliette published the first guide to tarot reading in the late 1700s. Alliette gave meaning to each card and incorporated his beliefs about astronomy. The popularity of tarot cards rose in 1909 and 1970. 

The Power of Synchronicity 

Carl Jung says that ‘synchronicity’ is an event of significantly related events but has no apparent connection. He stated that synchronicity allows us to make meaningful coincidences. The Tarot is a way we can make a connection between physical objects (Tarot Cards) and the images we envision. If you wonder if tarot cards will ruin your life, there is no need to worry. Instead of wasting your life, The Tarot is a tool that can direct your thoughts to the appropriate path. It is not an oracle rather a way to focus your energy and point yourself in the right direction. 

Is It Scientifically Proven?

Before getting your tarot read, you may want to eliminate any skepticism. Some choose not to participate in tarot readings because it is not scientifically proven. There are some scientific aspects on how The Tarot can be interpreted using psychology, probability, and philosophy. For example, each card has a specific symbol associated with a particular explanation. When people attach intrinsic meaning to the specific cards, they use their subconscious minds to answer their questions. Tarot cards use philosophy to project your unconscious knowledge into a card. While The Tarot cannot be proven scientifically, some psychological and philosophical influences are used in each deck. 

Familiarize Yourself 

One of the biggest myths associated with tarot cards is that you should never purchase your deck. This myth could not be farther from the truth. Experts encourage you to take the time to look at the artwork of each one and touch them. There are so many myths associated with The Tarot, but you should not allow anything to scare you. Remember that the cards hold no intrinsic value over how your life will proceed. Only you have the power to change your life. If you are concerned about tarot cards ruining your life, consider purchasing your cards to familiarize yourself with the practice. 

Don’t Fear the Devil 

As you familiarize yourself with the tarot cards, you will see some scary or intimidating artwork. Remember that the cards depicting the devil and death are usually not bad omens. The death card may symbolize death, but only on rare occasions. Instead, the death card represents transformation. For example, you may be speaking about a relationship, and your reader pulls out the death card. Pulling a death card doesn’t mean your lover or relationship will die. Instead, the death card means there is a transformation happening. Don’t fret. Renewal may be on the other side.

Similarly, the devil card is not a bad omen. It is interpreted as temptation. If you are in a place in your life where you should not be, the devil will pop up to remind you to be authentic and true to yourself. 

Think of a Question 

Before showing up to your first tarot reading, you’ll need a question in mind. Experts advise against asking a yes-no question. Your question should be open-ended. Start your question with a ‘what’ or ‘how.’ Try not to ask the cards “Am I going to get married to the love of my life?” instead ask, “What do I need to know to enter a happy marriage with the love of my life?” It is best to think about this question before bringing it to the deck for a day or two.

Keep an Open Mind 

You may be a skeptic when it comes to charlatans and fortune-tellers. However, The Tarot is neither of those things. Your skepticism may influence you to hold back. However, it is strongly encouraged to share information with the reader. Allow yourself to be forthcoming and keep an open mind to the reading. A good tarot reader will not discriminate or judge your circumstances as they are only there to help. Do not be afraid to include detail in your question. The more you share, the more you will receive.

Confirming Gut Feelings

One of the great things about The Tarot is that it will often confirm things you already know. When you seek guidance from others, you ask them to validate your gut feelings. The answer may be difficult to confront, so you are seeking validation. While you cannot take your tarot reading as gospel, you can use your interpretations for decision-making. Remember that not all tarot readings will expose ancient wisdom to you. Some readings are mundane and may confirm things you already know about yourself. The key here is to trust your intuition. Don’t worry about if tarot cards will ruin your life because that’s up to you and not the tarot cards. 

Tarot Service Popularity 

You may be a skeptic when it comes to mysticism and psychics. However, The Tarot has stood the test of time. Many people use The Tarot daily on almost every continent on earth. This centuries-old practice holds some value to those who practice. According to a survey of 387,000 psychic service users via Statista, 48.5% said they used psychic services weekly. This chart illustrates the frequency of psychic service customers in the United Kingdom in 2015.

Tarot Frequency 

Some people worry that tarot cards may impact their lives. If you are worried about tarot cards ruining your life, consider that moderation is your friend. Tarot cards hold no power over you because you have the choice of free will. Tarot cards can ruin your life, but only if you allow that to happen. Many people use the “pick a card” trick for choosing relationships, jobs, and more. However, tarot cards become an issue when people rely solely on the cards for guidance. There are cases in which adults with anxious attachment styles become codependent on tools such as tarot cards. Experts say that codependent people feel a strong pull towards validation. When someone’s gut feelings are confirmed by something like The Tarot, they believe it holds intrinsic power over their lives. Becoming dependent on the deck is one of the ways tarot cards can ruin your life. 

How Much is too Much? 

If you find yourself unable to make small choices without consulting the tarot deck, you give your power away. The Tarot can ruin your life if you have anxiety over choosing without consulting the cards. One way to remedy this is to allow yourself to feel discomfort the next time you face a big decision. Trust your intuition, and know that whatever the outcome is, things will be okay. 

You may have a problem if you find yourself putting your finances and relationships at risk for the tarot and horoscope readings. If you want to end a relationship because one card influenced you, that’s your decision. If you let one card control the termination of a relationship, you may have been looking for a reason to leave anyway. The Tarot is a tool to help you traverse difficult times in your relationships. However, you should not consult the cards more than your partner or family members. Don’t turn to tarot cards when you should be communicating your feelings and working things out with the people around you. 

Make Your Reality 

You may be on the fence about trying tarot because you are afraid it may ruin your life. However, when you pick a card, you must remember that The Tarot has no power over you. The Tarot is a tool that has no agency over how your life plays out. You can always change how things are going to happen. Those who practice Tarot responsibly understand that it is a tool that can bring a deeper sense of meaning to your life. As a human being, you have the gift of free will. So go forth and make your luck! You may be surprised at how much synchronicity exists in the world. Ask a question, pick a card, and interpret what has been shown to you as a potential for opportunity. 


1.Can tarot cards ruin my life? 

    Tarot cards do not have the power to influence your life directly. Despite the rumors, and myths surrounding The Tarot, the only person who has agency over your life is yourself. As humans, we have the gift of free will. Do not take it for granted by becoming dependent on your tarot deck. Trust your intuition instead of consulting The Tarot for every move you make; trust your intuition. Use The Tarot as a tool, rather than an oracle. Tarot cards cannot ruin your life because they are only meant to project your subconscious thoughts. Whatever choices you make are your own. Should I make a big decision based on my tarot reading? 

2. Should I make a big decision based on my tarot reading? 

You may need to make a big decision in your work or personal life. Maybe you want to make a big move or purchase. Despite the Tarot myths, do not expect to get all the answers from one tarot card reading. If you take time to think of a question before your reading, you may pick a card that directly correlates to your situation. It is up to you how you proceed with the information given. Even if you don’t like the answer associated with the card, you should still take the time to ponder the outcome of the situation based on the card that you drew. You can make big decisions based on your tarot readings because you are being forced to confront the issues at hand. 

3. What is the difference between tarot cards and horoscopes? 

Tarot cards use psychological, philosophical, and probability to create an individual reading that may be personal to the user. Horoscopes are based on astrology, and predictions are applicable to many people at once. The synchronicity displayed in tarot cards can give people intricate details about their questions. While you can still get a detailed prediction from an astrologist, it involves heavy calculations based on your birth chart. 

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