How to Find Out Someone’s Birthday Without Asking Them: 7 Ways

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  • You may have different reasons for wanting to know someone’s birthday without directly asking them. It could be because they have already told you once or twice and you have forgotten, and you don’t want to look like a bad friend asking one more time. Or it could be because you are planning a surprise for their birthday and you don’t want them to know about it and asking outright would give it away.
  • Whatever your reason, it is relatively easy to find people’s birthdays especially online. This article will show you the different ways how you can find someone’s birthday without asking them.


1. Facebook

Perhaps the easiest way to find out someone’s birthday online is using Facebook to check when their birthday is. Unlike other platforms, Facebook makes people’s birthdays visible to their friends’ list – so if you are already friends with them on Facebook, just hop onto their page and look at their “about” info.

2. Ask their friends

If the person whose birthday you are trying to find doesn’t have a Facebook account or you are not connected to their profile and therefore have no access to it, then the next best thing you can do to find anyone’s birthday is ask their friends or mutual friends that you share.

3. Look them up on search engines

Another way to find someone’s birthday without asking them is to use search engines such as Google to search for someone’s birthday. If you know their first and last name, the search engine will bring up the person’s birthday if they signed up on any platforms using their real name and birthday.

Alternatively, you can use websites that aid birthday finders by name such as dobsearch.com and publicrecordcenter.com. These sites usually use public records to find people’s birthdays. All you have to do is know the person’s name and sometimes the State or city/town they are from.

4. Look at their ID card

Another easy way to find out how old someone is without asking is to take them out to a place that requires them to show their ID card. Could be a concert or a bar (if you are sure they are above 21) where you can easily take a peek at their card. Alternatively, you can take a look at their card when they are not looking. The best part about looking at their card is not only will you know their birthday but also you will know exactly how old they are!

5. Ask if they share a birthday with a famous person

If you are trying to be clever and subtle, this is the best way to find someone’s birth date. Casually bring up celebrity birthdays and ask if they share one with anybody famous, living or dead. When they tell you who they share a birthday with – because we have all looked up what famous people were born on the same day as we were at some point in our lives – you can then go ahead and search that celebrity’s birthday and voila, you have a date for when they were born.

The downside to this is some people just don’t care about famous people like that and they may not know what famous person they share a birthday with. However, in a situation like that, you can always ask them to input their birthday in the search bar and see who they share a birthday with and you still get to know when they were born.

6. Look at their social media page(s) for birthday related posts

Another relatively easy way to find someone’s date of birth is to look for birthday-related posts on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages. On Facebook, you may find people writing on their walls wishing them a happy birthday, on Twitter, you should probably first go to their media profile and see if they posted anything birthday-related or took screenshots of their Twitter birthday balloons, and on Instagram, look for posts that they make with any birthday tags. Alternatively, you can look at their friend’s or mutual friend’s profiles to see if they tagged the person whose birthday you are looking for in any birthday-related posts.

This is perhaps the easiest way to find out someone’s birthday because everyone is on at least one social networking site, with over 3.2 billion social network users in 2021, and they all collect information such as birthdays.

Number of social network users worldwide from 2010 to 2021 in billions. Source: Statista.com

Number of social network users worldwide from 2010 to 2021 in billions.

7. Bring up birthday topic

And last but not least, an easy way on how to find a birthday without asking is to casually bring up the topic of birthdays. Do this in a group setting so it doesn’t seem like you are asking them directly. You can start by talking about zodiac signs, astrology, and narrow it down to people’s actual birthdays.


1. How can you find someone’s birthday?

As discussed above, it is relatively easy to look up someone’s birthday. If you are looking online, all you have to have is their real name (first and last) or their social media username(s). Social media is a good bet on finding out their birthdate while sites such as date of birth search are great for finding out their birthday and year of birth. However, it is good to note that some of the websites for finding birthdays require you to pay a small fee in order to access their services.

2. How to guess someone’s birthday?

Guessing someone’s birthday can be a bit of work and also not always quite accurate. But, if you want to give it a try, here are a few things you may want to try. First of all, your guesswork will be based on bits and pieces of information that the person whose birthday you are trying to find out gives you. Pay attention to how they talk about the weather during their birthday – was it hot, cold, snowing, raining, e.t.c? This will give you perspective on what time of the year their birthday is and help you narrow down what months it could be. Another thing to pay attention to is if they are into astrology and horoscopes – talking about their signs will help you narrow down on what dates they were born.

You can keep looking for subtle hints like this during your conversations but it is relatively harder to guess someone’s actual birth date unless they talk about the specific date one way or another.


In conclusion, this article has listed 7 ways in which you can find out someone’s birthday without asking them when their birthday is. You can use free birthday lookup websites and social media to help you in finding the date of birth of someone whose birthday you are trying to find out. Social media is also a great tool to use to find out when someone was born.

If the reason you are being sneaky is that you want to surprise them on their birthday, check out this article on how to surprise someone with a gift to show you how you can properly pull off the surprise.

Whatever route you choose, make sure that you are not violating anyone’s right to privacy no matter if your intentions are pure. If all else fails, you can always resort to asking them when their birthday is, people are usually okay with providing you that information about themselves.





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