13 Halloween Baskets for Toddlers

  • It is very challenging to get toddlers items and gifts for Halloween
  • You must abstain from getting them anything with high levels of sugar in it and also artificial sugars and flavorings
  • Read this article to find out what items you can get for a toddler for Halloween that is safe and healthy.

Halloween baskets for babies

If you are wondering what to include in a kid’s Halloween basket, you are not alone. It can be very challenging to include a toddler in Halloween activities when the general rule is “no candy for toddlers.” However, you can still get them toys that are themed around Halloween and help them understand what the holiday is all about. Toddlers love learning through stimulation, you can use this information to get them their gifts for Halloween.

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Quick Overview: Halloween Baskets for Toddlers

Halloween Baskets for Toddlers

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1. Halloween rubber ducks

These glow in the dark rubber duckies are the perfect gift for a toddler because they are thematic to Halloween and also fun for kids to play with during bath time.


  • They are easy to clean
  • They are all different so you get a variety of ducks
  • They are high-quality
  • They are easy to clean


  • The ducks may be considered too small for some people. Make sure you read the size chart before purchasing
  • They need to be placed in direct sunlight to activate their glow in the dark feature

Product Summary: These rubber ducks are safe to use in water and do not pose as a choking hazard to the toddler.

2. Playdough

Children love playing with playdough. They can build and mold anything from their imagination with it. It is reusable and non-toxic.


  • It is high-quality playdough
  • It is non-toxic
  • It is easy to use and mold
  • It is easy to pack and carry which makes it perfect for gifting


  • It doesn’t have a wide variety range of colors
  • Some customers weren’t crazy about the consistency of the dough

Product Summary: This playdough is non-toxic and therefore does not pose any immediate danger to the child if they ingest it, however, supervise your child when they are playing so they do not eat the dough.

3. Playdough container

You will need a container to put away your toddler’s playdough after they are finished playing with it to preserve it for the next time they may want to play with it again. These containers are great for that because they maintain the integrity of the dough without drying it out or making it stickier.


  • They are nice and sturdy
  • They work as intended
  • They are high-quality
  • They are clear so you can see which colors are in which containers


  • They are very fragile and therefore break easily
  • Some customers complained about the size of the jars being too small from what they anticipated. Make sure to check the size chart before making any purchases

Product Summary: These storage jars are perfect for storing playdough because they have air-tight lids which help preserve the dough’s consistency.

4. Wooden animals

This Melissa and Doug farm friend set comes with a collection of 10 different farm animals. This can be useful, fun, and educational for a toddler.


  • They are high-quality toys
  • They are realistic looking
  • The animals fit the barn perfectly
  • The animals are lightweight


  • The coating on the animals comes off easy
  • It does not last long
  • Some of the animals are too small and may be considered a choking hazard to younger children

Product Summary: There are facts about each animal that can be very informative and educational to the toddler. The animals are made of solid polished wood which makes it safe for the children to play with without getting any splinters.

5. Stickers

Stickers are great for toddlers to play with. They help with motor skills and also enhance their imagination and creativity.


  • They are non-toxic
  • They easily stick and peel off so you can clean up easily if they get on the walls or furniture
  • They have a variety of designs which make them suitable for all toddlers
  • They are vibrant and colorful


  • Some customers complained that the stickers fall apart easily
  • some of the stickers are too small and can pose a choking hazard to the toddler

Product Summary: These stickers are great for parents who want to reward their children for good behavior. They are also great for parents who like to give their toddlers freedom of expression and imagination. They are versatile in their use and can be used both for educational purposes and for entertainment.

Halloween gift ideas for toddlers

Feel free to also include the following items in your Halloween gift baskets for kids:

6. Plastic Fruit Bag

This is a great learning tool for your toddler to know the different fruits there are. It is educational and also fun to play with. You can tell them which fruit is which and ask them to identify it in a pile of other fruits.


  • They are very realistic looking and detailed
  • They are long-lasting and high-quality
  • They do not pose a choking hazard to the toddlers
  • They are quite educational


  • They are not accurate in size compared to real fruits
  • Some customers complained of a foul smell which goes away after washing and rinsing. However, it was still an inconvenience

Product Summary: These plastic fruits come in a large tote bag which makes them easy to pack away when learning and playtime are over. There are over 17 pieces of fruits in the bag that can help with speech development in your toddler.

7. Dried fruit

In as much as we all like pretend fruits, nothing beats the real thing. This pack of assorted dried fruits is very nutritious for a toddler and easy for them to eat and swallow.


  • It is very well packed
  • It is made from high-quality edible fruit
  • It is very nutritious
  • It is delicious


  • There are raisins which some people may not like very much
  • The packaging wasn’t so great for some customers
  • Some people found the fruits too sweet and have reason to believe there are artificial sugars added to the dried fruit

Product Summary: It can be added to other food such as cereal and oatmeal to give it flavor. It can also be added to baked goods such as cookies for a healthy alternative.

8. Sugarless candy

The last thing you want your toddler to be on Halloween is sugar high – strangers will give your kid any kind of candy that they have but you can control what kind of candy they eat. This sugarless candy is delicious and a better alternative to your toddler’s Halloween night if you do not want them to have a sugar crash.


  • They are delicious
  • They prevent cavities
  • They have a variety of flavors


  • They are easily breakable
  • They cause stomach gas

Product Summary: This sugar-free candy is great for toddlers because it will prevent them from getting cavities at a young age when their teeth are developing. It also helps the parents by not having them deal with a child that is on a sugar high – which can be exhausting and impossible to control and bring down.

Spooky basket ideas

The items below can be very good to include in a spooky basket for your toddler:

9. Pumpkin plastic pails

Staying on theme with Halloween, these orange pumpkin toys are a great gift for a toddler when going trick or treating. They can put all their candy in it. Its size is perfect so that they do not get too much candy, or too little, just enough.


  • They are durable and long-lasting
  • They are made from recyclable/reusable plastic
  • They are sturdy and great for holding treats
  • They are versatile


  • They may be considered too small for some people. Always read the size chart before making a purchase.

Product Summary: These pails are realistically designed to look like a carved pumpkin jack-o-lantern. They can also be used as decorative jack-o-lanterns by placing led lights inside them.

10. Haunted house

This take-along haunted house is very eerie and also fun to play with. It has hidden attics and skulls and potions within itself, your toddler will love playing with it.


  • It is unisex
  • It is great for make belief and playtime with your toddler
  • It is easy to clean up after play
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • Some houses arrive with missing pieces
  • Some of the  figurines are too small and can be choking hazards to toddlers
  • The house needs to be assembled which can be a tiring albeit unnecessary task for some parents

Product Summary: This haunted house has a lot of the original scary monsters such as vampires, ghouls, and evil scientists. It also comes fully decorated for Halloween with spider webs and spiders hanging from above it

11. Halloween squishy toys

This gift set of squishy toys has 6 monster toys perfectly themed for Halloween. Your toddler can play with them and even sleep cuddling them, if they wish to.


  • They are colorful which can be appealing to toddlers
  • They are very soft and cuddly
  • They are made of good quality material
  • They are environmentally friendly


  • They are not durable, they tear easily
  • They are prone to discoloration
  • Some of the squishies had a weird smell upon delivery

Product Summary: These squishy toys are perfect for sensory development in your child. They are slow rising and have a very comfortable feel when touched.

Halloween cookie baskets

The following are suitable for inclusion in your Halloween cookie bouquets for your toddlers:

12. Non-sugar cookies

These sugar-free cookies are great for healthy desserts. It comes in 3 varieties of flavors; Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Brownie, and Peanut Butter.


  • They are delicious
  • They are soft and chewy
  • They are made with high-quality ingredients
  • They are healthy


  • There are very few cookies in the bag
  • Some flavors taste better than others

Product Summary: These cookies are gluten-free, sugar-free, and are ketogenic friendly. They are the perfect treats for healthy family desserts.

13. Cookies

Once in a while, throw your toddler the metaphorical bone – in this case, that would be cookies with sugar in them. Just make sure to regulate how much they take and how often they take them.


  • They are a convenient snack
  • They are delicious
  • They are a great value for money spent


  • Some customers complained about missing items
  • Some customers received crumbed-up cookies

Product Summary: This cookies variety pack comes with different cookies in mini packs which is great for regulating the sugar intake of your toddler.


1. What should I get my toddler for Halloween?

You can get your toddler any number of things/items that have been listed in this article. Always make sure that you are putting the safety and health of your toddler first before anything else. Check out this article for more ideas on what to get a toddler for Halloween.

2. What can I put in a kid’s Halloween basket?

You know your kids very well,  you know what they like and dislike – so you should always start there when deciding what to include in your kid’s Halloween basket. These can be things such as their favorite toys, coloring books, and of course, candies. After this, it is okay to include items you think your child might like that also expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Depending on how old your child is, you may want to include numbers, letters, and even books to the items in the basket.

3. Can you take a 2-year-old trick or treating?

Generally, it is advisable that you do not take your 2-year-old trick or treating. This is because most people hold the view that you should not be feeding your toddler sweets and artificial sugars. However, you can take your toddler for Halloween just for the fun of it – dress them up in a cute spooky outfit and go with them and the rest of the kids for trick or treating. This is especially good for families that have older kids who want to go trick or treating, it is a way of letting the children bond with each other and have fun together.


When getting a Halloween basket for toddlers, remember that they cannot have as much sugar as the grown kids, so it is safe to stick with items that are inedible and vary in educational purposes. However, if you do get them edible treats, stick to non-sugar candies and cookies — and on the off chance that you do get them sugar candies, make sure you regulate their intake.







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