How being a grandma doesn't make me old?

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Grandmas are not old, and they are cool.


You are tired of all the grandma stereotypes and feel like screaming, “being a grandma doesn’t make me old.” If this is true, we totally get you. Why should being a grandma make you old? Why should people tag you slow for having grandkids? We wish people could chill out with exaggerated grandma imaginations and weird treatments because it’s tiring. 


However, we understand that they are victims of social conditioning. Social media has successfully groomed the world to see grandparents as old. 


Let’s be real; most animated and nonanimated grandmothers are depicted as older women with an archaic fashion sense. Look at Grandma Lydia, Big Mama, Madea, Madame Foster, and Grandma Eudora, to mention a few. It’s rare to find grannies depicted as modern and physically attractive. Suppose you ever find an elderly animated character with an amazing body structure, a high sense of fashion, and who talks eloquently; they are usually single, wicked, and own a pet.


Therefore in this article, we will be trashing some grandma stereotypes and suggesting what you could do to live above the stereotypes. We’ve divided this article into two;

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What people should know about grandma’s 

Being a grandma doesn’t make you old. Your youthfulness is not determined by your chronological age, the ages of your children, or having grandkids. The definition of being young is more fluid than that. A grandma could be 60 years but have a biological age of 30 because she is physically fit, medically healthy, and lives a lifestyle. Where a 30-year-old could have a biological age of 65. 

The media robs grandmas of so much youthfulness and uniqueness, and we need to correct the narrative. Not all grandmas are in their 50s or older. Grandmas also have different aging speeds, energy, creativity, sense of style, physical strength, etcetera, making them youthful. 

Here are a few things you should let people know about grandma;

1. Grandmas are in their 30’s too

The misconception that grandparents are in their 50s or older is false. Many women in their late 30s are already grandmas. There are many cultures around the world where being a young grandma is common. Especially cultures that permit females to marry before the age of 18. Secondly, teenage pregnancy is rampant in many societies. Many teenage moms 20 years ago are now grannies. Just because you are a grandma doesn’t make you old at all.

2. Many grandmas are very active.

The second misconception people have about grandmas is that they are not so physically active, which is false. Again, we’ll emphasize that many grandmas get their grandbabies on time. No fairy turns a woman old and less active once she becomes a grandma. She’ll still be able to jog, swim, hike, or travel as much as possible. 

Secondly, some grandmas have more energy than usual and will give anyone a run for your money in different challenges. 

However, we agree that many older adults have little energy to spare and are not very physically active. If you are a grandma with lots of energy, you should confidently rock this ‘being a grandma doesn’t make me old’ t-shirt trending on Amazon. 

3. Not all grandmas wear simple, colorful, old-school clothes.

Grandmas are often depicted as people with a simple and unflattering sense of fashion which is false. So many grandmas have expensive tastes and don’t slack in swag. The funny thing about grandmas with enviable fashion sense is that you can hardly guess their true age because they slay better than many young ladies. If you are a grandma with a high sense of fashion, you have more than enough right to say, “I am a grandma, and I am not old.”

4. Grandmas can do more than bake treats and cook meals. 

Just because the media depict grandmas as older people who enjoy baking treats and cooking rich meals shouldn’t imply these are all grandmas are good at. Many grannies are not great cooks but are great at painting, decorating, bead-making, embroidery, writing books, owning tech companies, and other big businesses. Grannies can do so much more!

5. Grandma’s know when they need help. 

The perception that grandmas often need help is false. Being a grandma doesn’t make one old and weak. Although many older adults need assistance, lots of grannies can walk, run, climb and lift things without the help of people because they’ve not aged a bit. Having grey hair has nothing to do with physical strength.

6. Grandmas can be very adventurous.

The assumption that grannies are careful not to get hurt doesn’t make them less adventurous. Many grannies enjoy skydiving, rock climbing, swimming with underwater predators, and having a blast living life on the edge. Some even skate and barely with their grandkids. Next time a person tries to mud your grandma title, show them pics of you exploring the world and living your best life.

7. Grandmas are fit and have amazing body figures. 

The stereotypical body structure of grannies looks like Madea, Muriel Bagge, Mama Coco, or Grandma Lydia. Grandmas have stunning bodies too. Not every grandma is fat, roundish, and Pettit. Lots of grandmas hit the gym and eat well to keep an attractive figure. 

How to be young if you are a grandma?

It’s not enough to say I am a grandma and I am not old; your daily life should give people a new and better impression about grannies. Confronting stereotypes need people to be shown something different. Many grandpas are already changing the conventional perception of people about grandfathers on social media. They’ve improved their outlook by doing many things we will be discussing below.

Secondly, to fight stereotypes, one needs to be intentional about not living the stereotypes. We’ve seen so many women fall into the temptation of living out society’s stereotypes about grandmas. Sadly, when they do so, they continue to affirm the beliefs that grandmas are old. 

Some women live out the grandma stereotypes because they profit from it somehow. For example, grandmas tend to have more access to help and therefore use the opportunity to delegate duties they could do themselves.  

Here are a few ways to live above the stereotype of grandmas being old.

1. Be intentional about staying fit.

If you are a grandma who doesn’t prioritize physical fitness, it is easy for people to believe you’re old. Being fat does make a person look older. We understand that women go through many physical changes due to childbirth. However, being a mom and grandma isn’t enough reason to be fat. If anything, you feed the stereotype that grandmas are not physically fit. Being fat has no long-term benefit to the body; if anything, it slows a person down and makes them look older than their actual age. 

If you are eager to make people around you see that being a grandma doesn’t make you old, perhaps it’s time to try physical fitness. Being physically fit can remove many years off your physical appearance. 

2. Be intentional when choosing your outfits. 

We get it; you have grown children who also have children. You’re no longer motivated to turn heads. Perhaps you’re even married and safe in your marriage. Your husband loves you just the way you are. But being a grandma doesn’t stop you from being attractive. We can’t entirely blame the media for showing most grandmas in simple, unflattering outfits except during special occasions. Many grandmas wear unflattering outfits daily. 

How a person dresses could make them look years younger than they are. So many grandpas are trending on different social media platforms for rocking fly suites, cool formal wear, or summer outfits. If you wish to improve your physical outlook, invest in attractive outfits and shoes to make you look youthful.

3. Stay in touch with trends.

Staying up-to-date with trends is a big plus for grandmas with teenage children. Cool grannies are conversant with technology, social apps, music, news, sports, and fashion shouldn’t be something you are proud of. If you have to wait on your children or grandchildren to help you upload a video on social media, they’ll see their grandma as an old woman. 

4. Be adventurous to try out new activities. 

Grandmas who are in the habit of cheering on the sideline while others have all the fun give the impression of being too careful, incapable, and unadventurous. Sometimes allow other people to cheer you. Be the grandma who skates, plays video games, football, dances, and participates in fun activities with their grandkids. Trying out new activities will change people’s perspectives about you.

5. Invest in good skincare and skincare routines.

A person is termed old first by the quality of their skin. Younger-looking skin is rich, voluminous, bright, and clear. An older-looking skin is a direct opposite. So many women tend to die down their skincare routine after they have children or make awful decisions that could affect their skin negatively. As a grandma, if you’re not paying enough attention to your skin, you increase the speed at which you age. There are tons of helpful information about skincare routines online, and you can also visit a dermatologist for better product recommendations. You would be amazed at how rejuvenated your skin will look in a few months. 

6. Start to eat healthier. 

Another factor that contributes to healthier and younger-looking skin is your diet. The healthier you eat, the healthier you look and feel. Cut down on those burgers, soft drinks, chips, meat, and fast foods. If you wish to start eating healthy, there are tons of videos online that could guide you in developing a good diet plan for your body type. It is also good to cut down on smoking, alcohol, and caffeine. 

8. Salons and Saloons are your best friends. 

Massages aid relaxation, and relaxation helps to reduce stress. Suppose you can afford a frequent visit to salons; massages will do you much good. Secondly, visit good saloons and get your hair and nails done. When people around you know you prioritize self-care, you change their narrative about grandma’s being old. 

9. Enough rest.

A grandma that wants to look youthful must prioritize rest. Rest helps our body cells to rejuvenate while excessive stress weakens our cells and makes us look older. It is recommended that an adult gets 7-9 hours of rest daily.

10. Use the media to change the narrative.

The media is instrumental in changing the narrative about grandmas. If you are a prolific writer, use your skill to redefine how people see a grandmother. Also, capitalize on your social media handles and create youthful content about grandmothers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I become grandma, will I be old?

Being a grandma does not make anyone old. There are no fairies that advance people’s age because they’re grandparents. Being old is determined by how far you’ve gone in your chronological age and the type of lifestyle you live. 

2. What can I do to be a young grandma? 


Being a grandma doesn’t make you old. The main reason why people associate being a grandma with being old is that the media has groomed us to believe so. However, you can live above such stereotypes by being intentional with your lifestyle. 

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