8 Signs Your Sister in Law Is Jealous of You

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Most times, your sister-in-law might suddenly create a jealous feeling towards you without any reason or issues from your side.

your sister-in-law might suddenly create a jealous feeling towards you without any reason or issues from your side.

Because she is your husband’s sister, she may feel that you are the one stopping or sharing love with her brother; as a brother’s wife, she might be jealous because of how close you are with her brother and how your husband always care so much about you whenever you are with her sister.

Family in law should support either wife or husband in marriage, but if a sister in law is jealous or doesn’t like you, there is a reason. This could take a toll on you because you might not enjoy your marriage. A lot of marriage has been disrupted because of the issue between a sister-in-law and wife, and it will be better for you to stay with a family in law that respects and appreciate you to avoid any problem.

This chart is showing the cause of divorce in marriage, source financesonline. Do you know that having a jealous sister-in-law can crash your marriage?

Top 5 leading cause of divorce

No one can hide their jealousy because it will always be displayed through their actions or presence. Below are the signs that your sister-in-law is jealous of you or probably doesn’t like you.

1. She is your greatest rival.

Does your sister-in-law always love to outshine you in an event such as cooking, dressing, and many more? While everyone is singing your praises, your jealous sister-in-law will also make sure that her praises were sung because she has seen herself as your rival. She doesn’t want you to be better than her, and this is a sign that your sister-in-law is jealous of you and might not love or acknowledge your efforts while married to her brother.

Always be on the lookout for jealous sisters-in-law because no matter how hard you try to be excellent. Your sister-in-law might never love you the way you wanted. She might pitch you against her brother or compete with you on things that don’t have meaning just because she wants to prove that she is better than you. In this case, you have to be careful about how to deal with her.

2. She would rather condemn you than praising you.

Even if you name the hardest worker or world most beautiful, your sister-in-law will still say in your face that you do not deserve that award. She has always created a way to make you look bad and never accept that you are better than her. She has never appreciated your efforts for once or never happy whenever good news about you is dispersed to her, and this is a sign that your sister-in-law is jealous of you.

If your sister-in-law has never once appreciated your effort or commend you, this is a sign that you are living with a jealous sister-in-law. Your sister-in-law should be your best friend and always support you, but if her actions don’t commend or praise, you are dealing with a jealous sister-in-law. She will never be happy with your achievement or hard work, no matter the effort you put in.

3. She is never faithful with her words.

A toxic sister in law words will never be confirmed, or she might destroy your reputation with her words. Everyone could agree that you are the best person on earth, but she might disagree that you are good but not entirely lovely. Why would your sister-in-law not stay true with her words? She is jealous that you are doing better than her, and she doesn’t want to admit it.

Anyone who can’t stay true with their words will never support you anywhere or accept to boost your morale. Always be on the lookout for this sign. Most sisters-in-law are manipulative in some ways, whereby they will make you feel good at the moment, but later on, they will act as if you are a total stranger to them.

4. Your manipulative sister-in-law constantly insults or badmouths you.

The moment your sister-in-law insults you or ever referred to your family during an insult, such sister-in-law is jealous of you and can bad mouth you anywhere to feel good. She can make you look bad in front of everyone you love or tell them lies about you whenever you are absent.

Be careful of manipulative or jealous sister in law that act nice in your presence but pretend whenever you are not around, she only pretend to like you but can’t defend your honor anywhere, and this is a sign that your sister in law is jealous of you and would not appreciate your presence in that house.

You can be sure she is jealous of you when she indirectly insults your family, badmouths you in front of her family and friends, complains a lot about you.

5. She is always camouflaging.

Your sister can be friendly with you now, but in a matter of seconds, her mood has changed, and she cannot withstand your presence whenever you notice that someone has a mood swing around you or their mood changed. They might not be jealous of you. Probably at that moment, they don’t feel like talking or wish to interact with anyone.

Don’t be quick to judge your sister-in-law if she ever acts cold to you while having a mood swing. She might be doing this and have no idea about it. Try and discuss with her to see what is going on with her, but if you noticed that there are no prior changes after the discussion. You can step back a moment until she is okay.


6. They see you as a bond breaker.

Before you marry her brother, kindly note that they were siblings before decided to be her brother’s wife. She may never accept you to share the bond she had for her brother. If your sister-in-law is so mean to you, this might be that she sees you as an outsider and is ready to take her brother away.

Whenever you encounter such a thing, it will be better to let her know that you are not ready to take her brother, but instead, you are there to strengthen their bond. But be careful of fake acceptance. Most sisters-in-law often pretend to like someone until the day their actual agenda start showing. Suppose you noticed that she is exhibiting any of these signs. Be mindful of reporting her to your husband or try and settle it amicable between her.

7. They never accepted you from the first day.

Many sisters-in-law do not accept their brother’s wife on the first day or have created hatred or jealousy ever since they meet the new wife. The reason why most sisters-in-law do act this way is that if the wife is from; different tribe, race, sex, and many other factors. It is better to be accepted by your in-law rather than be loved by your husband only.

This can be dangerous to stay with a manipulative sister-in-law. If you ever noticed that your sister-in-law never like or accept you on the first day of introduction despite your good appearance, leaving that relationship and searching for an excellent pasture will be better. To avoid, get worried or unhappy after marriage. A manipulative or jealous sister can do and undo if you are not careful about dealing with her.

8. You seem like a stranger who doesn’t fit into the family.

Marriage is a gift from God, and both wife and husband should live in harmony and peace, but your sister-in-law might not see you like family. She might still see you as if you, as a stranger, coming into their home without any prior notice to your sister-in-law. She is protecting her family and authority without knowing that she is hurting you.

It might take longer for your sister-in-law to accept you into their family, don’t be annoyed or frustrated if your sister-in-law acts jealous towards you. The best way to win her could be through an act of kindness.

Can I assume that she is jealous with a sign?

Never assume that your sister-in-law is jealous or manipulative with a sign. Some do act because of mood swings and all. It will be good for you to access the situation first, check for at least five signs and her behavior towards you every day before you can assume anything.

Try and use kindness to make your jealous sister-in-law fall in love with you, it will be good to allow her to open up to you on why she is jealous of you, but she can’t do that, try as much as possible to avoid fighting with her. She will always look for an opportunity to get rid of you because she doesn’t like you. Make sure you note all her actions because you can decide if she truly hates or doesn’t like you because you are married to her brother. Always watch out for the red flags and how to deal with them.

To live in harmony with your jealous sister-in-law, try and look for ways to work things out with her. Not all sisters-in-law are bad or jealous, and only a few have these characteristics.


1. What can I do if I don’t like my sister–in–law?

If you noticed that you and your sister–in–law are not in accord or live in harmony, it could be that your sister-in-law is cruel to you. You can discuss with her and tell her about specific behavior you don’t like about her.

2. How can I deal with my toxic sister–in–law?

A toxic person is not easy to deal with, and also, if your sister-in-law is toxic, it might be hard to deal with her. The possible solution is to tell her brother about your sister in law reaction towards you.

3. Why don’t I love my sister-in-law?

You might not like her personality or how she treats you. Your sister-in-law might not show you the love and care needed, which might create a situation to hate her. The cause of this could be that you have seen your sister in law as a rival and you don’t want to acknowledge her as your sister – in –law, this feeling happens because you understand that she is very close to your husband and you might be worried that she could interfere in your marriage.

4. How can I cope with a toxic family in law?

The only way to cope with toxic family in law is to leave that marriage, because if his family member doesn’t like you. It will be hard for you to fit in that house.

Try all your possible means to avoid a toxic family in law from the start if you want to enjoy your marriage and live a happy life. Your family in law should be your greatest supporter after your husband. Imagine a scenario where your husband got angry with you, and at the same time, his whole family doesn’t want to see you.

It will be a lousy moment not to have anyone to count on. For the best, stay away from toxic family in law.





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