4 Benefits of Marriage for Men and Women

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Live officially with the person you are in love with.

Live Officially With The Person You Are In Love With.

Benefits of marriage for men and women: Some great reasons to take the plunge.

Benefits of marriage for men and women: myth or reality? For confirmed bachelors, it is more of a myth than a reality. Getting married means putting another person’s life ahead of your own. It involves taking away some of your freedoms to make your partner feel good. Is the marriage truly beneficial or not, isn’t a recent question. For women, in the past centuries, the benefits of being married were so important that the question didn’t even arise. A woman who failed to get married was condemned to a miserable fate, especially if she was poor. However, the matter was different for men, and that question has haunted people since ancient times. Many answers have been given. To prove this, we need only look at the many sayings about marriage, as well as the thoughts of many writers.

“Love is blind, but marriage gives it sight” — Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

It can hardly be called an ode to marriage. Considering the high number of divorces in contemporary society, one is tempted to say that this perception of marriage is more relevant than ever. Although it is currently possible to live with a future partner, many couples still end up divorcing once they are married.

“Marriage can be viewed as the waiting room for death.”—Mike Myers

Another quote that doesn’t honor marriage. In almost every language in the world, one will find at least one proverb or quote that cannot praise marriage as an institution. This observation leads to some questions: does marriage really have advantages? Isn’t it an outdated tradition? Why is marriage important in life? In few words : why should I get married?

The benefits of marriage

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1. Benefits of marriage for men and women: ignoring myths and focusing on facts.

Despite all the criticism and indictments against this tradition, many analyses and scientific studies show that people gain more from getting married than from staying single. Let’s try to analyze why marriage is good? We will focus on four important points:

  • psychological aspect;
  • legal aspect;
  • professional aspect;
  • financial aspects.

Pew Research Center Study

Why get married

2. Benefits of marriage for men and women: the psychological aspect

Here is an example that easily explains the psychological benefits of marriage for men and women. Let’s take the example of two people who apply for the same job. Both are hired. The first one gets a long-term contract, while the second one gets only a short-term renewable contract. Will the psychological state of the two applicants be the same? The answer is undoubtedly no.

The first will feel psychologically comfortable because he will be confident. His long-term contract will give him a profound sense of security. He will plan his future, project himself into that future, and consequently will feel fully happy. The second will be permanently stressed because the short-term contract offers no guarantees. It doesn’t matter if the contract is renewed indefinitely. It doesn’t even matter if he gets the same salary and benefits as the first. The uncertainty will destroy him psychologically.

The principle is the same with marriage. It is not enough to live in a couple. You must also be sure that you will not be abandoned the next day. One of the benefits of a good marriage is stability, at least this advantage is at the top of the list of benefits of marriage for a woman.

Marriage offers assurance, a sense of security, a guarantee that one is special and protected. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the psychological state of married women is much higher than that of single women or those who are simply in a relationship. This emotional benefits of marriage are far more important than we think. Although the impact is not determinant, scientific research shows that the emotional state of the mother can have a significant impact on the development of the fetus. This means theoretically, if married women are emotionally more stable and happier than women in free relationships, they are also less likely to have babies with developmental disabilities.

A confirmed bachelor will reply here: okay, these are advantages for women, but why should a man get married these days? This trend isn’t only true for women, but also for men. When we look at the benefits of marriage for a man. Recent American studies show surprising results. The mortality rate of single men is 250% higher than for married men.

Married adults tend to report better health : Source : Dailysignal.com

Current Health Conditions By Marital Status

For women, this tendency is less important, but just as significant. It is 50% higher for single women. Married men and women are less likely to commit suicide. Being married also helps to reduce stress levels. This is probably because married people know they have moral and sometimes even financial support, regardless of the circumstances. The percentage of alcoholics is also lower among married people.

Sex! It’s an additional source of happiness in the couple. There is a persistent myth that all the joy of sex disappears after marriage. Scientific studies conducted by a New Zealand team prove just the opposite. The sex life of officially married couples is not necessarily richer than that of singles and free-living couples, but it is emotionally more intense. Marriage doesn’t kill pleasure, it spices it up. The stability and permanence that marriage offers has a healing effect.

3. Benefits of marriage for men and women: the legal aspect

In a common-law relationship, partners aren’t protected. Property gained in a common-law relationship is always subject to problematic termination of the relationship in a civilized manner. In theory, it is therefore possible to separate with no problem. Unfortunately, in most cases, the breakup is always brutal and unpleasant. Even when the couple has children, it isn’t uncommon for one partner to want to get rid of his or her responsibilities once and for all and cause difficulties for the other partner.

In a legal union, the second parent does not even have to sue the reluctant parent to force him or her to fulfill his or her responsibilities. When a divorce is granted, this aspect is immediately addressed and the children are protected.

In a common-law relationship, the parent who stays with the children or the child will have no choice but to do so. Another sensitive aspect is the death of one partner. If the families of both partners are honest, there will be no problem. In the opposite case, especially if the partner is rich, problems are commonly inevitable. If the deceased had children with his or her partner, the second parent can still claim benefits or part of the property for the children. Otherwise, the second partner will have no chance to get even a part of the deceased’s assets. His rights will only be protected under two conditions:

  • if he or she can show that he or she has contributed to the acquisition of the assets;
  • if the deceased has written a clear will in which he/she expresses the wish to leave all his/her assets to his/her partner.

In the second case, the family of the deceased partner can take the other partner to court and contest the will. In a legal couple, this option is not available. Each spouse is automatically the heir to their partner. This is one more item on the list of benefits of marriage for a woman. At least this is the opinion of most women who are interviewed on this subject. It must be said that it can also be put on the list of benefits of marriage for a man because it is just as common that the wife is richer than her partner.

4. Benefits of marriage for men and women: the professional aspect

If in the two previous cases, the benefits of marriage for a man and the benefits of marriage for a woman were equal. However, from a professional point of view, the benefits of marriage for men are far more important. We start with the fact that married men earn more than their single colleagues. U.S. studies show that the difference is sometimes huge, between 10 and 40 percent. Better yet, they are better off than single men.

Unlike single people, they can, for example, request a transfer to another city or even country (if the company has offices there) to follow their spouse. Married people can also take time off or leave of absence for family reasons. Better yet, many companies prefer to promote married employees to positions of responsibility for reasons of prestige. A person in a relationship, and even better with children, is better perceived by society than a single person or a person in a common-law relationship.

The advantages of marriage for men are many, especially if they are happy in their couple. Married men are more combative at work because of the desire to guarantee a comfortable life for the couple. They don’t fear to innovate, aren’t afraid to take risks, being successful. However, unlike those of single men, these risks are never ill-considered. Their goal isn’t just to succeed. They want to grow professionally to earn more, and therefore the company they work for shouldn’t have any problems. That’s why, they will be more responsible than single people.

The benefits of marriage for a woman in this field are minimal. From a professional standpoint, single women have the advantage, especially if they have no children. Unlike married women, they can be mobile if necessary. They have a more flexible schedule than married women. Nevertheless, the partners of these married women have a better chance of succeeding in their professional career, which is also a significant advantage, eventually.

5. Benefits of marriage for men and women: the financial aspect

Marriage saves money, to say the least. Let’s start with taxes. After marriage, taxes are significantly lower, especially if the couple chooses to file a joint tax return. In some countries, the difference in payments can be as much as 50% in favor of legally married couples. In addition, there are multiple family allowances. Taking out credit is also easier when you are officially married, especially if both partners are working.

On the list of benefits of marriage for both men and women, we can also add social security coverage.  It’s hard to list all the social benefits of marriage. This is sometimes listed as a woman’s benefit, but men also benefit from it. If a partner has no social security coverage of his own, he will automatically be covered by his partner’s. Health insurance, maternity insurance, widow’s allowance, unemployment benefits, survivor’s pension, and many other payments are available to both partners, even if only one is working.

Some companies also offer many financial bonuses to married employees, especially if they are also parents. With the birth of children, some expenses may increase. Nevertheless, officially married couples will always find legal and financial support from their companies, family protection associations and even the state.

6. Benefits of marriage for men and women: only advantages without any disadvantages?

Of course not! Marriage also has some disadvantages. One example is legal liability. In a common-law relationship, the legal and financial commitments of one partner are his or her own. In case of problems, any negative consequences don’t affect the other partner. The same applies to financial commitments.

When you are in a legal relationship, things are different. The debts of one partner automatically become the debts of the couple. Therefore, if one of them is dishonest, the other will pay the full cost. From a legal point of view, the husband, or wife cannot be convicted for a crime committed by his or her partner. However, in some cases, he or she will have to bear the consequences of the dishonest partner’s actions.

An example of this would be fraud. Unless the partners have signed a marriage contract stipulating that the assets belong only to him or her, the spouse will inevitably bear the brunt. When assets are seized, for example, no distinction will be made between those of the husband and those of his wife. The couple’s assets will be seized.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should we hurry to get married?

Of course not, marriage should not be improvised. It is a decision that must be matured in order not to regret it later.

2. Is it important to conclude a marriage contract?

For most people, this procedure is unnecessary. However, wealthy people are better off doing it to avoid unpleasant surprises.

3. Is signing a marriage contract a bad sign?

Not at all! The signing of a marriage contract simply means that the future spouses wish to avoid problems that could possibly put their couple in peril in the future.

4. Is it necessary to take any precautions when you decide to marry a foreigner?

Theoretically, it is not necessary. However, it is worthwhile to take an interest in the legislation of the country of origin. This is essential if you want to have children. The legislation of each country is special. To avoid being deprived of all your rights or not being able to see your children, take some precautions.

5. Should we get married early or take care to build our professional career?

This is a question that everyone should answer for themselves. Theoretically, especially for a woman, it is desirable to build a professional career before getting married. This will help to avoid remorse later on. Many women come to ask themselves this question, and it ends up destroying their relationship.

6. Is it reasonable for a woman to end her career after marriage?

No, but it depends on the circumstances. Speaking of marriage, one should never limit oneself to the present moment. You must always look to the future. Will you have enough money not to stress soon? Do you trust your future spouse enough to put an end to your career, etc.? Make the decision only after careful consideration.

7. Why should I get married?

You should never think of marriage in this way. You should do it because you want to because you want to live with your loved one forever.  When you start to analyze scientifically why you should or should not do it, it just means that you have doubts. In the case of marriage, doubt leads to failure.

8. Married vs single life : is it better to be single or married?

Let’s analyze the pros of marriage and single life, starting with the celibate. The celibates are totally free of their life. They can do what they want when they want without being concerned about the opinion of others. Even if they are in a couple, they have legal responsibilities only if a child is born from their union, and it extends only to the child, not to the other parent. So, one partner can simply pack up and leave.

From the financial point of view, the single person’s money belongs only to him, and nobody can force him to spend it on someone else. Celibacy is also spiritual freedom. In the past, marriage was an obligation for women. It was the only way to have a position in society. Today, they can find their place in society while remaining single. So, even they sometimes asked themselves : why should you get married?

So, what is the purpose of marriage today? Live officially with the person you are in love with. Marriage is a legal contract that expresses the seriousness of a relationship, at least in theory. However, one cannot rely on exceptions to thwart a rule. Marriage is a legal commitment to the partner. Of course, one cannot discuss the benefits of marriage without looking at the multiple social, financial, fiscal and emotional benefits it brings.

How the question looks like for the feminine gender? Is marriage worth it for a woman? Emotionally, legally, and financially, the answer is yes. Professionally, not always! But eventually, in a happy couple, this side can be smoothed out. What about man? Why should a man get married? For the same reasons, including the professional aspect

The advantages of marriage are much greater than those of a common-law relationship. If you are currently doubting whether you should get married, ask yourself only one question. Are you really in love with your partner? If the answer is yes, go for it. You have everything to gain. The benefits of marriage for men and women outweigh the disadvantages.





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