9 Helpful Ways That Will Show You How to Deal With a Husband Working the Night Shift

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Keep a Planner:

Scheduling is one of the most crucial responsibilities of having a husband who works the night shift. You’re probably already planning meal preps and date nights, so scheduling time with your partner is one of the first things you must do to deal with your husband as he works the night shift. Try to keep a weekly or monthly planner to know your plans and tasks ahead of time. Set aside time to establish a routine. To make things easier for you too and your partner who works the third shift, try to find some time in your day where you can both complete a task together. These tasks can be as simple as picking out pajamas to wear for the evening, folding laundry, or cooking a meal your husband can enjoy after his shift.

Include these tasks in your monthly schedule until they become a habit. Keeping an updated monthly schedule will allow you to open up communication and help you better understand how to deal with a husband working the night shift.

Take a Staycation:

There are many benefits to working night shifts. One use includes more extended periods off. If you can find a three-day weekend, try setting aside some time together to have a “staycation.” Enjoy all the perks of a vacation without leaving your hometown! This tip is fun because you can stay in your home or reserve a room at a local bed & breakfast or hotel. By following this tip, you will be able to spend some time alone with your husband while stimulating the local economy. Scheduling a one or two-day get-away in your hometown is just one of the ways wives have learned how to deal with their husbands working the night shift.

Voice Messages:

Some days, it feels like you and your partner are just on two different pages. There will be days when text messages may have the wrong tone, or you miss each other’s calls. If you are having trouble finding time to connect with your husband as he works the third shift, consider using voice messages as a form of communication. One way to implement this tip is to pick a specific time of the day to send your voice message. You may feel nervous sending a voice message, and that’s okay. Get comfortable talking with yourself out loud and imagine you are speaking with your partner, telling them about your day as if they were there. Once you feel comfortable speaking out loud, try recording a sweet message for your husband so he can listen to it after working his third shift. If you get into a routine of sending voice messages, you will find yourself looking forward to waking up and hearing what he has to say. Voice messages are a simple yet effective way to connect with your husband during his third shift workdays.

Quiet Zones:

Couples have managed to deal with a husband working the night shift by establishing zones designated only for their husband to sleep.

  1. Establish a strict quiet zone for your partner so that they have a designated place to sleep away from the chaos of everyday life.
  2. Set up an extra room or create a space in your bedroom where outside noise is not allowed. If your daily life is extra noisy, there are ways to make sound barriers to minimize the noise throughout your house.
  3. Invest in a fan or white noise machine that can cover the sound of kids, dogs, visitors.

If you follow these steps to establish a quiet zone in your house for your spouse to rest, you may notice a huge mood improvement in your spouse. Communication may be easier when the two of you are not so exhausted. Consider setting up a quiet zone to let your husband sleep peacefully during the day. 

Don’t expect too much right away:

When your partner returns from the third shift, consider giving them some space for at least the first fifteen minutes of their arrival. When we work demanding jobs that impact our sleep schedule, it is sometimes hard to transition from workspace to home. If you find yourself arguing with your husband and feel like the night shift is ruining your life, consider giving him space when he first gets home. Consider allowing your husband to transition correctly into the proper headspace and see how your communication improves. Giving your husband the adequate time to come down from his stressful shift is yet another helpful tip on how to deal with your husband working the night shift.


If you are struggling with how to deal with a husband who works the night shift, you may have trouble sleeping. While your husband works long hours, consider spraying his signature cologne or aftershave on your pillow. By misting a familiar scent on something you’ll sleep with, you are utilizing one of your six senses to imagine his presence. Try this tip and see if you sleep better. If you are sensitive to smell, consider wearing one of his dress shirts to sleep or using his favorite shirt as a pillowcase. By spraying his cologne or scent on something you will hold close to you in bed, you may feel closer to your husband, allowing you to sleep better while he works his third shift.

Try Staying in the Moment:

Couples often have trouble connecting with their partners when home from the night shift. If you want to feel closer with your partner, try switching off the TV. While the television offers pleasant background noise, it is not a necessity. Take some time to reconnect by silencing distractions like cell phones, television, and social media. Try to spend quality time together with a fun board game or puzzle. When you work together towards a common goal, it will be easier to connect with your spouse on their off days. As you spend more time staying in the moment, you may find yourself arguing less. If you are struggling with how to deal with a husband who works night shifts, pay attention to how you interact when you are together. This tip involves open communication necessary for couples who live the third-shift lifestyle.

Find a Support System:

Chances are, you are not the only family whose husband works the night shift. There are over three million Americans who now operate the third shift. If your husband has coworkers he talks about regularly, don’t be afraid to reach out and get to know their family better. You will have common ground to bond over, so striking up a conversation won’t be complicated. Try to organize a double date night or a dinner party with your husband’s coworker and spouse. By reaching out to other third shift spouses, you will build bonds that could last a lifetime. Building a support system within the third shift community will undoubtedly make your life a little easier as you cope with your husband, who works the graveyard shift. This tip is great for families who may not have the support system they need when it comes to childcare. One of the best tips on how to deal with a husband who works the night shift, is to reach out to others who are involved in the same lifestyle. When you find a family you can have someone to rely on in case of an emergency.

Think of the Positives:

One benefit of working night shifts is flexibility. Working the third shift is not for everyone, but it does have some advantages. According to the statistics from Blue Water Credit, 42% of employees say that working the night shift allows them to go to school. While 22.5% of people say they enjoy the nature of the job, most employees say that they appreciate the flexibility the third shift provides.

Reasons for Working the Night Shift

If you sometimes feel like your husband’s third shift job is ruining your life, I invite you to think of all the positives that come along with this lifestyle. For example, those who work the graveyard shift receive higher pay than those who work the day shift. Once you establish a good routine and sleep schedule, your husband might have time to pursue a hobby or passion project in his free time. If you struggle with your husband, who works the third shift, try to imagine your future goals together. Working the graveyard shift is no easy task, but it helps align your goals with the benefits of the third shift lifestyle.


As you can see, there are many ways of coping with your husband’s third shift job. It may not be accessible at times, but it can be beneficial if you both are willing to put in the extra effort. Be patient with each other as you navigate through the third-shift lifestyle. All jobs are complicated no matter what occupation you hold. Be patient, establish healthy routines and reach out to others in the industry. By following these nine tips, you should now know how to deal with a husband who works the night shift.


1. How do I cope with a partner who works night shifts?

Working the night shift is difficult. If you want to cope with your partner as they sleep all day and work all night, consider setting up a designated quiet zone. When you receive better quality sleep, you feel more energized during your shift. Make sure your partner gets enough sleep after their shifts by establishing a space where they can rest without the noise of pets, kids, or home visitors. When your partner is off work, consider reaching out to some of their coworkers and inviting them for dinner. By reaching out to other third shift workers and creating a support system, you will better adjust to coping with a partner who works the night shift.

2. What can I do if I can’t sleep while my husband works night shifts?

If you find yourself struggling to sleep while your husband is at work, consider spraying your pillow with a scent that links them to you. By utilizing one of your sixth senses other than sight and touch, you can sleep better knowing that your husband is close to you in another sense.

3. What should I do if my husband works too much?

Twelve-hour shifts are demanding. Many families struggle to balance work and home as one parent or partner leaves the house to work twelve-hour third shifts. If you are struggling with a husband who works too much, try implementing daily voice/video messages into your schedule. Scheduling will help you communicate better with your spouse on your own time.





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