How to Make a Guy Stop Liking You – 15 Ways to Get a Guy to Stop Liking You

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No law says you need to reciprocate a guy’s feelings when he likes you, especially when you notice warning signs about him. You are therefore well within your rights to want to know how to make a guy stop liking you. This will avoid all the discomfort when he continually tries to get you to date him.

Guys can be super persistent when it comes to a romantic interest, even if they tell them they are not interested. Some even take pleasure in pestering the said person until they agree to give them a chance. They call it “the thrill of the chase,” which is probably derived from a man’s natural instinct to be a hunter.

Guys can be super persistent when it comes to a romantic interest, even if they tell them they are not interested

This means that while some guys will get the message if you tell them directly that you are not interested, others might require more serious action. In such cases, there are several things you can do to get them to move along, and we will discuss some of them in this article.

1. Telling him directly

The best way to get a guy off is to tell him that you don’t like him and that you see no future for the both of you as a couple. When you do so, be sure to exercise confidence so that there are no mixed signals that he can capitalize on to keep coming after you.

If you need some help to muster confidence, try writing down reasons why you don’t like him. These will reinforce your decision and help you stand firm when he tries to persuade you otherwise.

As for the medium of the talk, if it is someone that you have known for a while, an in-person conversation would work just fine. A simple call or text will suffice for people you have just met and haven’t known for long.

2. Have a follow-up talk

Sometimes simply talking to the guy once will not be enough as he might be persistent in thinking that he is God’s gift to you. The next step in how to get a guy off would be to give him another talking to.

You need to be firmer and less nicer than you were the first time. Tell him that you don’t like him and that his actions make you uncomfortable.

If you are worried about how he will react, you can do this over a call or by sending an email.

3. Don’t interact with him on social media

If you are trying to get someone to stop liking you, try disengaging from them on social media. This means that you should not like the guy’s statuses, share them, or comment on anything he posts. Indeed, you should unfollow him, so you don’t get notifications about his life.

When the guy sees that you aren’t engaging with him on social media, he might get a hint that you aren’t interested because if you were, you would have shown some interest in his social media profiles.

4. Don’t flirt with or touch him

While this is most probably a no-brainer, it needs to be said. You are trying to make someone not like you, so you cannot afford to send any form of mixed signals.

Flirting is a definite no-no, and touching – even the innocent kind – should be avoided because they can send the wrong message. The goal is not to lead him on in any way, so physical touch and vocal stimulation (flirting) should be avoided.

5. Flirt with others when he’s around

Maybe the guy believes that because you aren’t flirting with him, it isn’t your type of thing. Prove him wrong by openly flirting with others when he is around and deliberately ignoring him. Be sure to pick out only those you might have a thing for or who understand that you were just being a temporary flirt – we don’t want you getting into even more complicated situations.

This is a great way to make a boy stop liking you because he’d realize that you are capable of flirting, just not with him.

6. Turn down plans with him

Need to know how to make a guy stop liking you? Try not hanging out with him alone. If he tries to involve you in plans that might lead to him believing that you are on a date, this is bad news.

To be safe than sorry, turn down all plans initiated by him so that he gets the message loud and clear.

7. Hang out in groups

If you must hang out with him for whatever reasons, be sure that you do it in groups. This way, you can avoid being alone with him, allowing you to give others attention instead of him.

If he is the one organizing the get-together, be sure to independently confirm from others that they will be there. Guys can be diabolical sometimes and could tell you that people are coming when in fact, it’ll just be you and them.

8. Talk to him less

Factors Harming Relationships

According to a poll undertaken by Jalex Counselling, lack of communication is one of the major factors that affect relationships negatively.

Applying that to your situation means that a surefire way to make someone not like you anymore is to reduce how often you talk to them.

Talking to a guy less means that you don’t take his calls or reply to his texts. You limit in-person interactions to basic greetings and avoid getting into a conversation with him. Also means that if you must respond to his texts, you take forever to do so even when it is obvious you saw the text early.

This blatant disregard for his person might just annoy the guy enough to lose interest in you.

Send him signs someone doesn’t want to be your friend, so he gets a hint.

9. Talk to him about a potential love interest

A funny yet effective way to get rid of a boy who likes you is to tell him all about another guy you want. Heap constant praise on your crush in conversation with the persistent guy and bring him up as often as possible.

Put some icing on the cake by even asking for advice on how to go about approaching the guy you like. At this point, any self-respecting guy would give up on trying to get into your heart and instead have you leave theirs.

10. Ignore his acts of love

When guys like someone, they will tend to engage in acts of love to win the person’s heart. This includes buying them gifts, calling to check upon them, and complimenting them.

Ignoring and waving these things away is a great way to make a guy stop liking you because people want their efforts to be appreciated.

Indeed you have little choice but to ignore these overtures because acknowledging them in any way can make the guy feel like you owe him some appreciation which he will try to capitalize on.

11. Try to find someone else for him

One man’s food is another’s poison. This means that you not liking the guy does not mean that others won’t. You could try to set him up with friends and acquaintances you feel he might get along with by telling him that you may not be interested, but you know someone who might be.

The logic here is simple – to get someone to not like you anymore, why not get them to like someone else. Just make sure you don’t get jealous if they create something special thanks to your matchmaking.

12. Turn him off by creating “flaws”

When it comes to how to make someone not like you, a great way to go about it is to turn them off such that they forget why they liked you in the first place. Shatter the opinion they have of you by creating flaws that you know they’ll hate, but be careful not to overdo it to avoid rumors spreading that defame your character.

Some “flaws” you can manifest include:

  • Acting dumb to things he says.
  • Nagging and complaining.
  • Always looking at your phone around him.
  • Being arrogant.
  • Acting overly masculine.
  • Being melodramatic.
  • Acting insecure.

Guys tend to hate these flaws, so engaging in them might just turn off his feelings for you.

13. Ignore him completely

When all else fails, and you are at a complete loss for what to do if someone likes you but you don’t, it’s time to ghost them. You should cut them out of your life and completely ignore them from thenceforth either till they get the message or indefinitely.

This means that you don’t pick their calls, you never respond to their messages, you block them on social media, and you don’t talk to them when you see them. Essentially, the guy becomes a ghost waiting to move onto the afterlife as far as you’re concerned.

14. Tell him that you’ll report him to relevant authorities

Liking someone is not a crime but making continued passes at them even after they’ve expressed discomfort is. If the guy who professes to like you can’t seem to take a hint and keeps bothering you even after you’ve tried everything else, it may be time to report him to relevant authorities.

Depending on how you know him, these include work supervisors, school authorities, parents, and the police.

As this could land him in serious trouble, give him a heads up by warning him that should he continue his behavior, you’ll have no choice but to report him. That should put enough of the fear of God in him to get him to act right.

15. Report to relevant authorities

You’ve tried everything you possibly could to get this guy who likes you to stop bothering you, including threatening to report him, all to no avail. It’s now time to make good on that threat by actually reporting him.

Be sure to keep a good record of conversations and efforts you have taken to get him to leave you alone for use as evidence.

This is the last and most effective way to get a guy to stop liking you; if he continues after this, you just have to move on with your life and forget he exists.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you get someone to stop liking someone?

  • Telling them that the other person doesn’t like them.
  • Ignoring them.
  • Unfollowing them on social media.
  • Refusing to go out with them.
  • Talking to them less and infrequently.
  • Avoid flirting with them.

2. How do you get a boy to stop liking a girl?

If you are the girl in question, you can:

  • Tell him that you don’t like him.
  • Act arrogant around him.
  • Ignore him.
  • Refuse to hang out with him.
  • Refuse to reply to his messages and calls – at least not often.
  • Tell him about a potential love interest.

If he is your crush and you want him to stop liking another girl:

  • Find out what he likes in the other girl and emulate it if you can and if it won’t change who you fundamentally are.
  • Try to spend time with him as often as you can so that you are constantly on his radar.
  • Flirt with him in conversation.
  • Take special care to look great when meeting up with him.
  • Compliment him often.

Here are other ways to get a guy to like you.

3. How to make people not like you?

  • Engage in actions that they don’t like.
  • Ignore them.
  • Don’t respond to their texts or calls.
  • Always turn down plans to hang out with them.
  • Unfollow them on social media so you don’t have to engage with them.
  • Act arrogant and selfish around them.

In conclusion

Liking someone is never a guarantee that they will like you back, so don’t feel bad about not reciprocating this guy’s feelings. Instead, you should rip the bandaid off quickly by telling him that you don’t like him in that way and if he doesn’t get the message from that, feel free to use these other tips against him.





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