How to Win Your Husband Back From Another Woman: 3 Effective Tips.

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“When a relationship gets bumpy, partners have the choice to hold onto each other for stability or let go of each other in search of it elsewhere.” Chichi

Seeing your spouse in the arms of another person can drive anybody crazy. Many people will go on revenge sprees to hurt their spouses back. This will only result in more messier outcomes. Most marriages will kick the bucket at this point. However, there are marriages that have withstood the test of intruders. These marriages have partners who are willing to do all it takes to better their marriage.

If you are a wife willing to do all it takes to get your spouse back the right way and better your marriage, keep reading because this article will benefit you immensely.

Truth be told, fighting to win back a promiscuous man is never ideal. You risk losing yourself and every other person that cares about you in the process. You cannot train a badly behaved man who is adamant about doing things his way and his way alone.

Would you forgive your partner after they have cheated on you_

2019 survey from Poland, 1058 respondents; Source: Statista.

Get your spouse back!

Everything you’ve read about ‘how to win your husband back from another woman’ can be summarized into four main points;

1. Pay more attention to self-love and self-development.

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is focused on bettering herself in every possible way. If your husband keeps running to the other woman, give him space and focus on yourself. Use every inch of his absence to love yourself, pay attention to your emotional health, and be intentional about making progress in your finances, career, social life, physical appearance, etc.

Many women quit becoming better when they get married to their husbands. They become too relaxed and complacent in their marriage. They begin to lose their spark and become less interesting. Worse still, their husband might be forced to tolerate the excesses which they’ve refused to work on. This can be frustrating for a husband.

If you want to get your spouse back, be honest about your weaknesses as much as you are about your strengths, and work towards self-improvement. Be intentional about being financially stable, less clingy, less selfish, less critical, more positive, more stunning, more appreciative, kinder, active, funnier, etcetera. Don’t forget to improve your physical appearance. Slay with your looks and be happy too.

Ask yourself, what will my husband, myself, and people wish me to improve on? Sometimes, the best way to win your husband back from another woman is to focus less on him and more on you. Invest in developing yourself and becoming better. He finds the other woman interesting, that’s why he is with her. Get back your spark. Your growth will make you very attractive. In no time, you’ll get your spouse back.

2. Be kinder to your husband whenever he is around.

Men generally love women who make them a priority. They love women that listen to them, are less critical, more supportive, very appreciative, and attentive to their needs. Many wives dull on these after they’ve gotten married. They become too familiar with their husbands and have lost respect for them. They are always annoyed with their husbands.

You must understand that many women are ready to offer your husband better care than you have, even if he is married. You always have to improve how you interact with your spouse. Choose not to fight with him and always address him with respect. Compliment him more than you criticize him and compromise where you need to.

Your marriage might be going through a rough time, but you can still rekindle the love he has for you. When he sees that you are making enough effort to win back his trust, you’ll make your husband come back home.

3. Invite him to spend more fun time together.

When couples spend more time doing what they love, and less time arguing or getting on each other’s nerves, their bond grows stronger. Don’t make yourself too old for your husband. Spend time to discover activities that are fun and take your husband there. Try out different things; tango, balling, archery, hiking, enroll in competitions, travel if need be, or host a game night with friends and family.

The more you and your husband put yourself in fun and happy environments, the less tension you will have. You will also create more fond memories.

Whenever your husband comes around, invite him to do a fun activity with you, start with something simple, do this often, and with time, you will win your husband back before a divorce happens.

4. Be willing to work on your differences.

There is no union without differences. Strong marriages consist of people willing to forgive and work out their differences. They see each other as teammates rather than competitors.

Be willing to listen to what your husband wants you to improve and be ready to communicate his faults respectfully.

Make rules that enable mutual respect. You want to avoid a situation where an offended partner does foolish things as pay back for offenses.

Set goals that will keep both of you focused and productive in your marriage. Partners that have nothing to strive for will eventually get tired of each other.  Your union should be goal-oriented.

If you show that you are willing to work on your differences, you win your husband back before divorce.

Make your husband come back home.

If all it took for a woman to get her husband back from another woman was to give him breathing space, listen to him and do all his wants, a lot of marriages will still be standing today. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all template on how to win a man back because people are unique and their marriages too. Every union goes through its peculiar challenges, and nobody knows better what a marriage lacks or needs than the people in it. The best anybody outside your marriage can do for you is to try to give you a couple of suggestions they think will be useful.

You might be asking yourself, “why am I reading this article?” then. Well, we’ve provided tips that will help you choose the right cause of action to save your marriage and get your spouse back. We’ve encapsulated these tips into three subtopics; 1) understanding yourself, 2) understanding your husband, and 3) understanding what your marriage needs.

Smooth sail don’t make good skippers” -Chichi

1. Understanding yourself.

Pay less attention to the number of years you’ve been married and more attention to your ‘evolving self’ in the marriage. The number of years you’ve been married to your husband does not prove that you’ve had a good marriage. Rather, you should be able to pinpoint certain milestones in yourself since you’ve been married. You should tell if you are becoming a better or worse version of yourself in your marriage. Why is this important?

You have a 50/50 chance of doing things that will affect your marriage drastically, either negatively or positively. If you cannot identify what you’ve done to cause the change, you cannot rectify it or replicate it in the future. Your negative actions will ultimately push your husband away, and you’ll be lost for strategies to get your spouse back. Here are things you need to be attentive to;

a. Your needs and wants.

For every married couple, their wants and needs will continue to evolve throughout their marriage. Sadly, not many people consciously assess them and effectively communicate them to their spouses. They expect their spouse to take a hint and change to meet their evolved wants and needs. Your needs could be material, psychological, career-wise, spiritual, etcetera.

A man might notice weird behaviors in his wife and not understand why. He will feel confused and frustrated and may try to figure it out. When he sees that he is failing woefully, he will choose to give his wife space, hoping that she’ll eventually speak about it. When that doesn’t happen, it’ll start to affect their relationship negatively and drift them apart. No man wants to be in a marriage that feels like walking on eggshells.

Ask yourself;

  • What do I want and need from my husband?
  • What do I want and need for myself?
  • What do I want and need from my children?
  • What do I want and need for my marriage?

It could be respect, support, accountability, acceptance, money, job, education, spiritual growth, etcetera. Your wants and needs usually stem from what you feel is lacking in your life and marriage. It also stems from what you think you deserve.

If you can identify them, you are one step closer to making yourself and your home better. One of the ways to win your husband back and keep him fulfilled in the marriage is by learning how to clearly and wisely communicate your needs and wants to him. But first, you need to start paying attention to them and how they evolve with time.

b. Character/ Behaviour.

Aside from your physical attractiveness, your character/ behavior is a vital ingredient that sustains every healthy relationship you desire. How you behave has to evolve to benefit your spouse and children.

You can never make your husband come back home if he is running away from your character. No matter how much a person claims to love you, they will never endure bad character or behavior for a long time.

Truthfully assess yourself and ask some soul searching questions. Do I yell often; am I too critical, selfish, or generous; am I overly suspicious; do I often say hurtful things when annoyed? Am I superficial?

When you truthfully assess your character/ behavior, you stand a better chance of rectifying them. And when you do this, you become attractive to many people, including your husband.

“It’s in understanding yourself deeply that you can lend yourself to another person’s circumstances and another person’s experiences.” – Lupita Nyong’o.

2. Understanding your spouse.

Understand that most men cannot tolerate a picture-perfect marriage that isn’t real. They are not excited about wasting their years in a frustrating marriage that yields no tangible benefit in their lives. Many men can endure a wife they feel does not understand them.

You cannot get your husband back from another woman if he continues to feel that the other woman understands him more than you do or did throughout the time you were married. Sadly, this happens often in many marriages. One spouse feels like an outsider understands them better than the person they’ve been married to, and they begin to develop affection for that outsider.

If you don’t dedicate time to understanding your husband, you don’t stand a chance at winning your spouse back.  Pay attention to his;

a. Wants and needs.

Your husband’s wants and needs are continuously evolving in the marriage as much as yours. If you don’t pay attention to his ever-evolving wants and needs, you risk drifting apart from your husband.

For example, if you don’t notice that the career needs of your husband have evolved to be more politically inclined, you’ll fail to recognize or agree with what your husband will need from you? He may require more patience from you, but since you are not attentive to his needs, you might start to complain of his absence and even falsely accuse him. He may also need your indulgence, assurance, extroversion, educational upgrade, political ideas, etcetera. But you can only understand this if you are attentive enough to engage him in a meaningful conversation that will help the both of you reach a compromise in your marriage.

You might say, “why doesn’t he come straight up and tell me what he needs?” and we agree with you. Couples often make the mistake of assuming that their partners will take the hint and act accordingly to meet their needs, whereas they do not know what to do. A lot of men and women are guilty of this.

However, you will do your marriage much good by paying attention to changes in his desires, ambitions, and goals. Does he want some time alone, searching for more spirituality or craving healthier habits?

Paying attention to his evolving needs and wants will help you have meaningful conversations with him and give him helpful support.

How to get your husband back? Pay attention to his wants and needs, discuss them and see where to compromise. Don’t allow another woman to have that soul-searching discussion or give the support your husband needs.

b. His character/ behavior.

How well do you know your husband’s character/ behavior? Has his behavior evolved since you got married? What do you like about your husband aside from his physical attractiveness? Are people’s evaluations of your husband’s character/ behavior positive or negative? You should be able to tell if your husband is an understanding person, childish, playful, curious, quiet, very generous, opinionated, etcetera. You should know his strengths as much as you know his behavioral excesses.

As a wife, if you fail to pay attention to your husband’s evolving self, you’ll find it hard to lend him the right support, appreciate his strengths and point out areas that he needs to work on. You also put your marriage at risk of intruders (another woman). You might say, why should I worry about intruders if he is disciplined and committed. The funny thing is that he wouldn’t realize it at first. As time progresses, he will notice that he feels happier and fulfilled chatting with the said intruder. He might begin to develop more longings for her. A man does not fall only to a woman’s physical attractiveness.

If you wish to make your husband come back home, he must know that you understand and appreciate him. If you call your husband now, what can you say to him that tells him you appreciate him? Men love women who appreciate them and praise their strengths, and encourage them to work on their weaknesses.

“The happiest couples never have the same character. They have the best understanding of their differences.”


3. Understanding your marriage.

No two marriages are alike. You need to understand the uniqueness of your marriage.

If he feels that you don’t understand your marital needs, It might be hard to get your husband back from another woman.

Can you point out what your marriage needs to thrive as a wife? It could be more intimacy, more compromise, and less selfishness; a conducive atmosphere for more productive interaction, a fair distribution of chores in the house, more forgiveness, more financial support, children, less interference from friends and in-laws, more adventure, more patience, a better understanding of cultural differences, etcetera.

Since you and your husband are the main participants of your marriage, both of your needs make up a huge percentage of what your marriage needs. Therefore it is important to understand your husband as much as you need to understand yourself.

You have to be honest and realistic if you seek to understand your marriage. With honesty, you can truthfully evaluate the issues you and your husband are experiencing in your marriage and the area you need to work on.

“In every disagreement in marriage, remember this one important truth: My spouse is my partner, not my enemy. We will either win together or we will lose together.”

Boom Sumo.

Frequently Asked Question.

1. How do I get my husband to fall in love with me again after he cheated?

  • Self-love and self-development. A woman who is focused on bettering herself is very attractive to guys. When your husband sees that his actions are not stopping you from loving yourself and taking new steps to improve on yourself, he will have a change of heart.
  • Be kinder to him. Being kind to him does not mean you like what he has done, it is that you have chosen to treat him better than he has done to you and that you are willing to encourage him to do better.
  • Look for fun things to do together. Having fun does go a long way to ease couples’ tension and help them rediscover themselves.
  • Be determined to work on your differences better than you did in the past. Set new rules and new goals that will keep the both of you focused in your marriage.

2. How do you know that a married man loves you more than his wife?

  • He spends more time with you physically or technologically.
  • He will prioritize your needs.
  • He emphasizes his wife’s weaknesses all too often.
  • You’ll get the general sense that his wife knows about you.
  • He pays detailed attention to every milestone in your life and your relationship with him.


The best way to win your husband back from another woman is to pinpoint which wants and needs of his are not being met, what qualities and virtues are lacking in your marriage and how you develop and love yourself better.





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