19 Interesting Topics to Talk About With Friends

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Share of people stating that they had no friends in Italy, 2019

This survey from Statista shows that very few people have no friends. This means that you most likely have a friend who you talk to about various topics that affect you and that you find interesting. Those interesting topics to talk about with friends can range from anything in our personal lives, to when scientists plan on sending us to Mars.

That’s the beautiful thing about talking with friends – there are so many different types of conversation you can initiate. You can talk about funny things such as jokes and pop culture, serious things such as family matters and future plans, or even interesting things like a documentary on Nat Geo Wild.

Whatever it is that you do talk about, it is important that you talk. Friendship needs communication to grow and this communication needs to be diverse for your friendship to blossom. Imagine for instance, if you only talked about movies with a friend. That sounds like fun but chances are that you’ll probably only think about them when you want to, or have just watched a movie.

We also understand that while it is important to talk about various things, we also know that those things will occasionally skip your mind. This is why we have listed some subjects to talk about as well as interesting topics to talk about with friends for your convenience.

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5 Interesting topics to discuss with friends

1. Love

Love is one of the most interesting topics to talk about with your friends. Who doesn’t want to know what their friends think about one of the most important feelings a human being can have. There are several topics you can talk about under love that will keep you and your friends talking for a while.

Some of those fun talks include:

  • What are their honest opinions on love?
  • Do they think love is actually important?
  • Which do they believe that love is – a feeling, a choice, or both?
  • How much do they think they will change for someone because they love them?
  • Do they think it is possible to love more than one person at a time?
  • What is the wildest thing they have done because they were in love?

2. Supernatural

If the supernatural isn’t considered interesting stuff to talk about, what will be? It is a conversation subject that will help you find out about more of your friends’ spiritual beliefs which can be very important to find out how compatible the both of you are.

Some topics you can talk about under the supernatural include:

  • If they believe in the afterlife.
  • If they do believe in the afterlife, what do they think it looks like?
  • Do they believe humans have a soul?
  • What do they think about the existence of supernatural creatures such as ghosts, vampires, etc?

3. Space

Another interesting topic to talk about, space is the final frontier which makes it a topic of interest for just about anyone. Because of the vastness of it and the many mysteries that we will not clear up in our lifetime, we have our own speculation about these various mysteries and you could strike up a conversation with your friend on them.

Some topics include:

  • Are we alone in the universe?
  • How they think the universe is.
  • If they think parallel universes are a thing.
  • Has the government discovered something that they are hiding from us?
  • Would you go off to space to colonize a new habitable planet if you could?

4. Earth and Travel

This can serve as a thing to talk about with a new friend because it helps you find out more about them and the things they have done. Piece of advice; as this is a new friend, be sure that they actually want to be your friend and that they won’t mind the conversation.

Some topics under here are:

  • Places they would like to visit.
  • Places that they have visited – within the country and/ or internationally.
  • Most beautiful place they have ever visited.
  • Cultures that they experienced and couldn’t get enough of.
  • World events they would like to go to – Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, New Yam festivals of West Africa.
  • The way the Earth was formed that it looks so beautiful today.

5. History

History is one of the more interesting topics of discussion if you can find a friend that has an interest in the subject. The wonderful thing about history is its vastness and richness. There are simply so many things to talk about that you keep talking about history with a friend for a long time and not get bored.

Some topics to guide you are:

  • Most interesting historical facts they have heard.
  • Who, to them, is the most interesting historical character/s they know.
  • The most interesting historical events they know of.
  • History that they would like to learn such as that of the Native Americans and Africans.

6 Fun things to talk about with friends

6. Movies and Television

This ranks high on the list of favorite topics for just about everyone and no wonder. The world of movies and television opens us to a reality that appeals to many due to its diversity which ensures that one will always find something they enjoy.

List of things to talk about under this are:

  • What their favorite movie is.
  • What their favorite movie scenes are.
  • Movies that are not out yet that they look forward to watching.
  • Best movies they ever watched.
  • Best gangster movies they ever watched.
  • Favorite movie genre
  • Favorite type of television shows
  • Best shows they have watched
  • Current shows they are watching and whether they would recommend them for you.

7. Music

What’s a good topic to talk about? Music. You simply cannot go wrong with what feeds the soul. The different topics under music include:

  • Their favorite artists
  • Their favorite genres
  • Their favorite songs of all time – songs that they related with.
  • Albums they are currently listening to and their best songs on it.
  • Songs and/ or genres they recently discovered that they can recommend.
  • Musical events they would like to go to.

8. Hobbies

Hobbies are great facetime conversation starters that will allow you to learn about your friend more and keep the conversation interesting. Some topics along this line include:

  • What do they love doing when they are free?
  • Can they paint or draw or do other artistic things?
  • Are they into music and if so, do they know any musical instruments?
  • Are there things that they can’t do but would like to get into?

9. Technology

Technology is an interesting category to talk about with friends because there are so many interesting things being made every day and talking about it with your friends can open both your eyes to new things you might not have known about otherwise.

Some topics include:

  • What new gadgets they find interesting.
  • What new cars are out there?
  • What new inventions they heard about that they are looking forward to.
  • What interesting tech they found on the internet that they didn’t know existed for instance – I just found out about a treadmill scooter which was just amazing.

10. Sports

For some people, sports is life. They could talk about it all day and every day and so they can serve as a daily conversation topic for you and your friend. You can start with finding out what your favorite sports are and if there are similarities, you can then keep up to date with the sport. This will give you more stuff to talk about on facetime.

Some topics include:

  • Favorite sports and why it is their favorite
  • Favorite team and why they support that team
  • Current events in sports they are interested in
  • Favorite athletes and why they like them
  • Sports they play when they can.

11. Animals

You need things to talk about with friends over texting? Try animals. Animals can be quite an interesting topic from pets to wild animals and their peculiar ways.

Talk about things such as:

  • What kind of pets they like.
  • Are they dog people, cat people, or both?
  • What exotic pet they would get if they could.
  • Most interesting animal to them.
  • Most beautiful animals there are.
  • What animals do they fear?

4 Random things to talk about

12. Worst things that have happened to you

A funny topic to talk about would be the worst experience that you and your friend have been through. It would help you find out more about each other as well as act as some sort of therapy for both of you. Of course, we do not mean the really messed up things that you’ve been through as those can put a damper on things – unless you are so close that you can talk about such things.

The more light-hearted things you can talk about include:

  • Worst food they’ve tasted
  • Worst place they’ve traveled to
  • Worst food they’ve ever eaten
  • Worst sexual experiences

13. Human relationships

If you are with a friend and are thinking to yourself, “what should we talk about?” Feel free to talk about the phenomenon that is humans and human relationships.

Topics that fall here include:

  • What fascinates them about the opposite sex.
  • What sexually and romantically attracts them to a person.
  • What characteristics their favorite kind of people have.
  • If they woke up one day as the opposite sex, what would they do?
  • Sexual experiences – first time, best time, and their most embarrassing time.

14. Food

Food is another random yet fun thing to talk about with friends. Lots of people love different types of food and you can use this opportunity to find out what kinds of food your friend likes as well as broaden your horizon.

You can talk about:

  • Favorite foods
  • Whether they can cook and if they enjoy cooking.
  • Food they would like to try, best.
  • Worst food they have tasted.
  • Which countries make great food?
  • Whether they would be interested in going for food tourism.

15. Volunteering

A positive topic to talk about is volunteering and whether your friend gives back to the community when they can. This is a fulfilling topic to talk about that can open you up to another side of your friend.

Topics included here are:

  • Whether they have volunteered.
  • Whether they would like to volunteer.
  • Whether they believe in charity.
  • If they have donated to anything before.
  • What they think about the world’s biggest philanthropists.

4 Serious and Personal things to talk about

16. Family

Family is very important to us as humans so if you are looking for what to talk to people about, this can serve as a great topic of discussion if they are willing to talk about it.

Feel free to make a conversation around the following topic:

  • Number and of siblings they have and their names.
  • The kind of parents they have and how they are like.
  • How growing up was for them.
  • If they have any family traditions.
  • Family members they don’t like and why.

17. Career, Business, and Future plans

If you are interested in the personal development of your friend – which is what good friends do – then this is an important topic to talk about.

There are several topics you can strike up a conversation about under this theme and some of them include:

  • What career path they would like to go into.
  • Whether they enjoy the work they do.
  • What they would rather be doing if they don’t enjoy the work they do.
  • What their coworkers are like.
  • Where they see themselves in 5 – 10 years.
  • Investment opportunities they know of – you never know, you might be inspired to go into business together or they might give you insights on investments

18. Religion and Politics

If you are going to talk about religion and politics with your friend, we advise that you only do so if both of you are capable of keeping an open mind because these are pretty sensitive topics that could deal damage to a friendship if not handled well.

Some topics to talk about include:

  • What belief system they subscribe to.
  • What their opinion of God is.
  • How important religion is to them.
  • What type of government they prefer.
  • Which political party they usually support.
  • What figure from an opposing party they don’t mind.

19. Current Affairs

Current affairs can be some of the most interesting topics to talk about with friends as it is an ongoing phenomenon that inspires a lot of opinions. As well as using this to learn about your friend’s opinion of different world events, it can serve as an ongoing topic of discussion that you can always go back to when you need something to talk about with your friend.

Some topics under here include:

  • Their opinion on things happening around the world.
  • Their opinion on the activities of certain freedom fighters.
  • What news they heard that was shocking.
  • What news has been occupying their thoughts.
  • Business news they are excited by.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some cool topics to talk about?

Some cool topics to talk about with friends include:

  • Their favorite type of music
  • Movies television series they like
  • What hobbies they get up to
  • Their opinion on the supernatural
  • What kind of pet they are drawn to
  • Their favorite sports.
  • Pop culture current affairs

2. What are some deep conversation topics?

Some deep topics of conversation to have with friends are:

  • What they think about love and whether it is a feeling or a choice.
  • Their religious opinions and what they think about the afterlife.
  • Where they see themselves in 5 – 10 years.
  • Their opinions on certain historical events.
  • What they would like to be doing if they weren’t in their current career.
  • Notable moments in their life.

3. What are good topics for small talk?

Topics for small talk include:

  • The weather of the day
  • Sporting activities and favorite sports teams
  • Favorite food and restaurants
  • News about celebrities
  • Favorite television shows and recommended shows and movies
  • Where a person grew up and why they left.

In conclusion

Remember that these are conversational topics which means that as you ask, you must be prepared to talk about your side as well. No one wants to feel as though they are being interrogated and it being a two-way street makes it more fun.





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