21 Signs Your Wife Loves Someone Else

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“Signs your wife loves someone else” is not something that a Macaroni Penguin has to watch out for because they are known to bond for life. Once they find a mate, they basically mate with them and only them for life. They even get excited when they see each other.

This cuteness of the Macaroni Penguins and their love life is what we expect our marriages to be like for the rest of our lives. We expect to meet the right partner, settle with them, have kids (or not), and live happily ever after.

Sadly, however, this is not always the case. Sometimes spouses can meet someone else who makes them question why they even got into a marriage with their current spouses in the first place.

Should these feelings linger and develop into something more serious, they could lead to the spouse engaging in an affair with the other person whilst remaining in their marriage for one reason or the other.

And even if they do not get into an affair, this is still cheating because it falls under the realm of emotional cheating and as always, cheating will affect the relationship because the cheating spouse will begin to act differently to the spouse being cheated on.

If this is the case with your wife and you begin to wonder to yourself, “does she like someone else?”, you need to watch out for signs that she is interested in someone else so that you can chart a proper course forward for your marriage.

It won’t be easy and it will hurt but you need to do it for your peace of mind and the sake of your marriage.

To help you out, we have described some signs that she is interested in someone else according to experts in this article and if you notice them in her, it could be proof that she is indeed in love with someone else.

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1. She is secretive and protective of her communication devices

Is it okay for your wife to text another man? Of course it is. Being married should not stop your wife from talking to another man so long as that communication is neutral and does not threaten the sanctity of your marriage.

If she becomes overprotective of her communication devices such as her phones and laptops by refusing you access, changing the passwords or constantly holding onto them, this is a sign that she’s talking to someone else about not so neutral things and therefore has to hide it from you.

2. She is constantly communicating with someone else

In the same vein as above, if it seems like your wife is always talking to someone else then it’s quite possible that she has someone else.

For instance, if she is constantly making calls or texting on the phone 24/7 (and giggling for extra measure), she is most probably talking to another person who she had begun to fancy because communication flows easily when you first fall for someone else.

3. She talks about someone else to a lot

Your wife may tell you about her impending or ongoing affair indirectly by constantly talking about someone (aka the other person she loves) quite a lot.

We say impending affair because the reason she might feel free talking about them is that she hasn’t acted on her feelings and become an unfaithful wife yet so there is no guilt when she talks about them yet she feels the need to because she is so in love that she simply cannot help herself.

4. She lies about little things

If your wife loves someone else and acts on it, she will spend time with that person. To ensure that you don’t find out, she will sometimes have to lie.

If you begin to notice that she sometimes tells simple lies relating to her whereabouts around a certain time, this could mean that she is in love with someone else and was out spending time with them.

For instance, a friend of mine once posted on Facebook about how he knew that his ex wife was lying about cheating when she said she was out with friends on two occasions yet he had bumped into those friends at those times and she was nowhere to be seen.

To find out if she is lying, here are signs a spouse is lying

5. She is less patient with and disrespects you

If your wife falls for someone else you might find that she would begin to be more short-tempered with you. This could be because she is in love with someone else and so begins to subconsciously act out against you, the person keeping her from being with the person she loves.

She might also be less inclined to deal with your perceived shortcomings because the love she had for you that masked them is now beginning to dissipate.

Here are signs your wife is being disrespectful

6. She shows you less respect

Respect in a marriage often comes from the love that spouses have for each other which is why one of the major signs your wife loves someone else is that you begin to notice that she is being increasingly disrespectful.

This is because she might find it hard to love both of you and so in loving the other person, she will harbor less feelings for you and so less respect as well.

7. She is less intimate with you

Another major sign that she is interested in someone else, she could be reducing intimacy with you because it is now going to someone else.

According to experts, love and intimacy have a very strong correlational relationship especially with women so if you find that you are having less sex or other intimate activities such as cuddling, or even things as easy as saying, “I love you”, you should be very concerned because it could point to her being in love with someone else and so being intimate with them instead.

This is even more worrisome when more of her whereabouts have been unaccounted for as of recent.

8. She starts hiding details about her finances

A married cheating wife might in some cases, hide her financial details from her husband. This is because she might have unexplained charges such as hotel room bookings or dinner expenses that arose from her spending time with the other person that she loves.

She could also be giving or receiving money from that other person and so does not want you to know about it so that you do not question her about the source of the money.

9. She refuses to end a friendship you are worried about

Sometimes your gut tells you that your wife should not hang out with someone that they call a friend because you suspect that they harbor feelings for your wife or that there might be something going on between your wife and that person and so you suggest or tell your wife that she should end the friendship.

If she refuses to end the friendship, this could be a sign that she is in love with that person. Of course this is not reason enough to suspect her of being a cheating wife but if this happens in conjunction with some other signs on this list, then it is a red flag.

10. She spends less time with you

This is how to spot a cheating wife 101 because a person that loves you will want to spend time with you. On the other hand, if your wife is having an affair with someone else that she loves, she will spend more time with them.

There are not so many reasons why your wife would want to spend less time with you because after all, she is your wife. This is why you should take signs that she is making excuses to spend less time with you seriously as it could mean that your wife was with another person or that there is someone else in the picture.

11. She compares you to someone else

Another sign that your wife wants another man is that she might constantly compare you to the person because she wants those qualities that the other person has, in you.

She might mention their name or might just mention qualities that you don’t have. This could point to infidelity in your wife if she mentions qualities that she could not possibly know the other person has unless she has a close relationship with them.

12. She is emotionally detached from you

When there is love in a relationship, it will be expressed in emotional gestures such as asking how a partner’s day went and striking up a conversation from even the most basic of things because they genuinely like talking to each other. There is a general feeling of warmth from the other partner and everything flows smoothly.

If your wife is with someone else she will become less emotionally connected to you because the love she has for the other person might lead to her emotions being invested in them. This means that the emotional gestures that she used to shower you with will reduce and the marriage will begin to feel cold and forced.

If you notice this feeling, it could very well be that your wife has feelings for someone else who is taking those feelings away from being invested in you.

13. Her routine changes

If your wife’s routine changes and you find that she is now spending more time away from home, this might be because she is in love with someone else and spending time with them.

You might hear things like she has to work late or she is meeting up with friends to plan for a certain event when in fact your wife went out with another man.

A Youtube documentary I once watched of a man who thought that his wife was working late at work to finalize a merger, seeing his wife with another man on a date proved this point.

14. She accuses you of cheating

Psychologists say that sometimes when people do something wrong, they accuse other people of that very wrong to mask their guilt.

One of the signs your wife loves someone else could therefore be that she is accusing you of loving someone else and engaging in an affair with them so that she can feel better about actually loving someone else.

Here are other signs that your wife might be cheating.

15. She looks through someone’s social media a bit too much

When you are interested in someone, it is normal to try to find out more about them as best you can and with the advent of social media, this has been made that much easier.

If your wife has a crush on another man, it is therefore quite likely that she will go through his social media profiles often to see what he is up to. If you see this happening then the answer to the question, “is my wife thinking about another man” is probably yes.

16. She confides and communicates with you less

In a marriage, a husband should be their wife’s confidant because they love and trust their husband. If your wife falls for someone else this all changes because she would be unable to tell you about how she loves another person as that could ruin the marriage.

In a question of how to tell if she likes someone else, therefore, look to see if she confides in you as much as before. Her communication with you will also be affected either out of guilt or because she feels less attracted to you and more attracted to someone else.

17. She doesn’t take you along to certain social events

When your wife has to go to an event that arises from her social circles such as a work event or an event her friend is throwing, it is normal for her to invite you to come along.

If this has been the case in times past but then changed especially around the same time other signs here started popping up, it could be a sign your wife loves someone else and that the person she loves is at those events.

In going alone, she can get the chance to be with the person without her husband getting in the way.

18. She isn’t interested in conversations about the future

Marriage is meant to be for the long haul so you are expected to talk about future plans and goals to grow together with your wife.

This, however, is only possible if both of you plan to be in the marriage for the long haul as well. Should your wife have fallen in love with someone else, a situation could arise where she is no longer interested in planning the future with you because she doesn’t see a future with you in the first place but rather a future with the person that she now loves.

19. She takes better care of herself

When you hope to attract someone, standard practice is that you work on your physical appearance so that they notice you.

If you notice that your wife is taking better care of herself all of a sudden, it could be that she has fallen for someone else and is hoping to attract them aesthetically.

For this article, we watched a divorce documentary and came across a man who talked about how he knew his wife had not only fallen for another man but wanted to sleep with him as well. His words were, “I knew my wife wanted to sleep with another man when she started hitting the gym and using much more makeup and hairstyles after not bothering about such things for much of our 15-year marriage”. He was right by the way but they got back together after a year so good stuff.

20. She wants to spend less time with your friends and family

When your wife loves someone else, there is a good chance that she would avoid trying to be around your family and friends.

This might be out of guilt because she feels bad for loving someone other than her husband or it could also be to avoid friends and family noticing that she loves someone else which you would not have noticed because you were too close to the situation and could not make an objective assessment.

21. Your gut tells you

Then there is the almighty gut. Our gut picks up on things that we are yet to pick up on and several times would be right about. 

Call it intuition or experience from when you yourself were thinking of someone else while in a previous relationship, if your gut senses that something is amiss, don’t dismiss it. Look instead for other signs to either disprove or confirm your gut and try to be as objective as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you know if your wife has feelings for another man?

  • She takes more of an interest in her appearance
  • She is less intimate with you
  • She is very protective of her phones, laptops, and other communication devices
  • She becomes emotionally detached
  • She talks about someone (potential love interest) a lot
  • She spends less time with you

2. How do you tell if she has slept with someone else?

  • She avoids you out of guilt especially just afterward
  • She uses a new sex style when you have sex
  • She suddenly complains that you are not good enough in bed
  • She takes very good care of her physical appearance all of a sudden
  • Her whereabouts are not always accounted for
  • She has a second phone you didn’t know about
  • She is less intimate with you 

3. How do you know if your wife doesn’t love you anymore?

  • She is emotionally distant
  • She no longer confides in you as much as she used to
  • She makes it difficult for both of you to communicate
  • She gets angry with you at the slightest instance
  • She no longer bothers to argue with you
  • She is no longer intimate with you

Other signs can at signs your spouse isn’t in love with you.

In conclusion

It is important to note that we are in the 21st century which means that even though this article mostly made mention of your wife falling for another man, it is quite possible that your wife is interested in another woman as well.

Regardless of which it is, these signs are helpful when they occur concurrently as opposed to alone because there are other reasons any one of them could happen.

Regardless of which it is, these signs are helpful when they occur concurrently as opposed to alone because there are other reasons any one of them could happen.

For instance, your wife could be emotionally distant from you because of stress but if you find that she is emotionally distant, spends less time with you, and changes her routine all at the same time, this is a red flag.





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