Surprise Birthday Ideas For Husband With The Family

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Oops, you have just realized that the year has gone by so fast and your husband’s birthday is just around the corner. You feel that you need to plan and organize something special this year, something that will surprise your husband and this needs to be done very fast if you want to have everything ready in time.

But What? You know that you want to surprise him, to make him feel extra special this birthday. You also know that you include the entire family as well because that is what he would like. But for this to be a surprise for your husband anything and everything that you do relating to his birthday needs to be hush-hush. So much so that he does not expect anything at all and maybe thinks that you have forgotten about his birthday entirely.

You feel that your mind is spinning in a million different directions and find yourself thinking that this is an impossible task to pull off. There is no way in your mind that you will be able to pull off something this big by yourself and without letting anything slip.

But wait, you need to take a deep breath and calm yourself down or you will not be able to think clearly or get anything done at all. Once you have calmed yourself down, you will realize that you don’t have to do everything on your own, you can ask for help from a few family members that can be trusted.

Then take a look at and answer the following:

  • What is your budget?
  • How big is the group of families you are inviting?
  • How can you get the family members to help?
  • What is the type of gift you want to get your husband?
  • Do you want to surprise him with something romantic at the end of the day?

Once you have your answers to the above questions then you can make your choice of the type of surprise that you would like to give your husband from some of the great ideas that we have for you below.

For a smaller group of family members

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You may be looking for some surprise birthday ideas for husband with the family that are also exciting and are fun ways to surprise your husband with a small group of family members. There are many options that you could choose from by thinking about what your husband likes to do or something that he has wanted to try.

The answer to some of these questions, like, is he adventurous or is he a laid back type of person? Will help you make a perfect choice.

Plan an adventurous day

To make your husband’s special day filled with lots of fun and adventures. Think about the things that he loves to do, where he loves to eat, and the places that he loves to go to. Plan and organize many different activities for you to do throughout the entire day with family. Making each new activity a surprise, this will make him wait in anticipation as you move from one activity to the next. For example:

  • Start off at his favorite place to have a delicious breakfast
  • Spend the rest of the morning doing something fun like water skiing, playing paintball with the family or going for a nature hike.
  • The afternoon could be spent having a picnic lunch in the park and playing fun games or sports with the family.
  • Then in the evening, you can go for dinner at either his favorite restaurant or a restaurant that has a live band or a comedy show where you all can have a little more fun by enjoying the entertainment.

Events or activities that are free

If you are looking for birthday ideas for husband on a budget you can do some research online or in your local newspapers on free events or activities taking place either on or close to your husband’s birthday that your husband would be interested in going to with the family, such as concerts, festivals or games.

A Dinner for two or is it?

Tell your husband that you have arranged a nice quiet and romantic dinner for the two of you at a great restaurant.

Once the two of you have arrived at the restaurant and have sat down at a table for two. Suddenly family members start arriving at the same restaurant in intervals and acting all surprised that you happen to bump into each other there.

To make this surprise work, you will need to arrange with the restaurant beforehand. Book a table large enough in a private section for however many people that will be attending. You can even arrange to decorate the section a little to a theme of your choosing.

Hire a Limo for the day or evening

If you have a little extra cash to spend on your husband’s surprise birthday. An idea would be to plan his day with some fun activities, a special event or a dinner at his favorite restaurant. Tell your husband that it will be just the two of you and that you planned something special.

Arrange for the limo service to pick you and your husband up from outside your house. And when your husband opens the limo door, he will be surprised to see that the limo is filled with family and friends that are waiting inside for him. This is something that will make him feel special and happy because it is something that you have thought of that is usual.

Pretend to forget his birthday

If you are okay with the idea of lying to your husband for a short while or you are really good at acting then you can pull this idea off. You need to be able to handle seeing your husband all down in the dumps because he thinks that you haven’t planned or done anything special for him.

For this to work well, you will need to convince your husband that you have had so many things on the go and that you completely forgot his birthday. You could maybe tell him something like, “oh well, we will celebrate it twice as hard next year”.

Then all of a sudden you come out with a huge surprise for him by giving him a special gift that he has had an eye on for a while or a surprise party or present him with some great adventures and activities that you have arranged for him with the family.

For a large group of family members

If you and your husband have an enormous family that you intend to invite then it is best and a lot cheaper to have something at home. For a birthday surprise for husband at home, you could choose something like a surprise birthday party or fancy restaurant dinner party.

Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

A surprise birthday party for your husband to celebrate with family is usually a great idea, especially if you invite your entire family making it a huge crowd to cater for. But before you jump in and start to organize everything make sure that your husband is the type of person that would want to have and enjoys surprise parties.

Choose an amazing theme that fits perfectly with your husband’s interests with plenty of great decorations to match the theme. If your husband has favorite drinks and snacks, make sure that the surprise party has it. Make sure that the cake is his favorite flavor if he likes cake or replace it with another sweet treat that he might prefer.

To help make the party fun, interesting and exciting, organize some great activities for the guests and him to take part in, either indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.

Some ideas are:

  • Birthday Roast
  • Drop A Hint (guessing game)
  • Reverse Charades
  • Karaoke Roulette
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Escape Room
  • Many different drinking type games
  • Play games or outdoors sports with family by choosing a game or sport that your husband likes. It could be soccer, football, baseball, basketball, frisbee or any of the endless options that there are. Decide if you want it to be a little competition involved or would it be just for fun.

It is a lot of work to plan a surprise birthday party for your husband but you don’t have to do everything alone. You can ask family members to help. Ask some family members to help with making decorations, one to bake the cake or to help prepare some of the food.

An amazing idea to help throw your husband off about the surprise birthday party is to plan a fake event. Choose a close family member or a friend to play chaperone to keep your husband busy for the day before the party while you get everything ready. When the time is right your chaperone can then bring your husband home for the party.

Host a surprise family dinner

If a birthday party is not the way your husband enjoys spending his birthday. An idea would be to turn your house into a fancy restaurant, the type of restaurant that your husband would enjoy.

Make and set up your own menu of however many courses that you would want of your husband’s favorite foods and desserts. Set the table exactly how it is done in a restaurant. Then appoint a couple of waitresses to play along and serve drinks and food. For fun, you could even be one yourself.

Have all your family members arrive on time and make sure that they are seated by the time your husband arrives home. They can all surprise him by singing “Happy Birthday” when he walks in and sees all of them sitting there and waiting.

Surprising your husband at the end of the day for his birthday

Whether the day was an eventful day or not it is always a wonderful way to end your husband’s special day with a little romance. He will definitely be surprised, especially if he is not expecting anything else for the day. Here are some romantic birthday ideas to help:

  • Fill the living room in your house with candles and cut out the electric lights and enjoy a romantic evening by candlelight.
  • Some romance next to a fireplace. This could be either a fireplace inside your house or you can make one outside with a blanket, some soft romantic music playing, maybe some wine or champagne and just enjoy each other’s company.
  • Share a bubble bath together with some candles, some wine and just relax.
  • Pamper your husband with a relaxing body massage

If you are looking for some more ideas for a romantic evening with your husband on his birthday, you can take a look at some romantic evening ideas for married couples, which you can easily turn these ideas to focus only on your husband. But secretly you will enjoy them too.

Birthday surprise gifts for your husband

Giving a surprise gift to your husband on his birthday is a must because no birthday is complete without a special gift. But you find yourself asking what do husbands want for their Birthday? Well, this should not be too difficult for you as there is no one that knows your husband better than you do.

You could think about some meaningful gifts for him that he will treasure for years to come or you can decide to surprise him with something that he has mentioned previously and would really like to buy.

Then once you have decided and have chosen the perfect gift to give your husband then you can go through a couple of creative ways to give birthday presents and decide which one will suit your plan better.

An idea that includes the entire family

For one of many creative ideas for your husband’s birthday that can include the entire family and it could be an extremely special surprise for your husband. It is a surprise that your husband will definitely not expect. This is to collect letters from each of the family members. These letters or notes can be birthday wishes, inside jokes, messages of inspiration or even song lyrics to a song that he used to love when he was a kid.

Once you have collected all the notes you can place them all in a nicely decorated jar, box or in a scrapbook for your husband to read. He can then choose to either read them out loud while in the company of everyone that wrote one or in private.

Before you come up with some amazing surprise birthday ideas for husband with family you first need to work out what your budget is for your husband’s birthday and how large is your group of family members. Then you can decide on the type of surprise you want to arrange for your husband, the gift you want to give him and if you want to get the entire family involved.





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