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According to a study conducted in 2017, most people plan ahead of mother’s day on what they will get for their mothers. This means that more people who are old enough to purchase gifts for their mothers prepare for mother’s day by purchasing goods and services for their mothers. According to the study, greeting cards are the most bought items for mother’s day followed by flowers, special outings, gift cards, clothing and accessories, and jewelry among others.

There are many things you can do for mother’s day to celebrate your mother – most of which require you to spend some money. This article brings you activities you can do with and for your wife on mother’s day that both require you to spend money and others that do not require you to spend any money or very little money.

what to do for my wife on mother's day?


If you are wondering “what to do for my wife on mother’s day?” then the best thing to do for your wife on mother’s day is to book her a weekend getaway to a destination of her liking. You can make this into a group trip with your whole family, let her go on her own, or you can even team up with her best friend’s child(ren) and send them on a besties trip. This is especially considerate because it will give your wife days away to relax and focus on herself – which is most times much needed to alleviate stress. She will appreciate you for the time alone and away from the family and all her other responsibilities.


You may find yourself wondering “should I do something for my wife on mother’s day?”, especially if your wife is deceased and you don’t know what to do without her on the day that everyone is celebrating the mothers in their lives. Making a donation in her name is a nice and special thing to do for mother’s day to honor your wife. Make a sizable donation to a Charitable organization whose cause she aligns with. This can also be a good way to honor and remember your wife if she is deceased – it will give you something to celebrate on mother’s day a day that can be hard to get through when you don’t have a wife anymore. Giving back to the community and helping other people will help you connect with your deceased wife on a deeper level and create a long-standing tradition that can be continued even after she is gone. Here are a few charitable organizations you can make donations to on mother’s day that helps others less fortunate.


One of the best ways for you to ensure that you are surprising wife on mother’s day is to create a slideshow, which is perhaps the most sentimental gift you can make for your wife on mother’s day. Include all your children’s baby pictures, your wedding day, and the years before marriage. To make it more appealing and heartfelt, you should create a story behind the pictures and narrate it over the slides. It is going to be a trip down memory lane with all the greatest hits playing and your wife will undoubtedly love it. Just make sure you are ready for the waterworks when they start – so get tissues ready and close by. Here are other things to get your wife for mother’s day for inspiration. 


If you are thinking of an appropriate mother’s day surprise for wife, then getting her flowers is a standard mother’s day celebration ideas. Almost every mother in America expects flowers on mother’s day. It is important to remember that flowers and flower arrangements have meanings behind them. Make sure you ask your florist to explain the significance behind each type of flower and flower arrangement. It would also be a nice gesture to get her something else on top of flowers and not make them the primary gift for mother’s day. Here are some more things you can get for mother’s day. However, do not spread yourself thin if you cannot afford anything other than flowers – your wife knows you love her either way.



How can I surprise my wife on mother’s day?

The most common indoor mother’s day activity is perhaps making and serving her breakfast in bed. This is a nice way to start the day and pamper her for her special day. Make her a full breakfast with all the food and ingredients she likes and arrange it beautifully for great aesthetics.


Treat your wife to a spa day and let her relax and get pampered by professional masseurs and masseuses. You can even drive her to the massage therapist and have her call you to come to pick her up when she is done – if it is a singles massage. It is her day after all, and she shouldn’t have to worry about things like driving and dealing with other drivers and road users. Treat her like the queen she is and chauffeur her to and from the massage place. Alternatively, you can decide to make it a couples massage date and spend quality time with her.


Another thing you can do with your wife on mother’s day is to arrange a brunch for her and her friends. Alternatively, you can make her brunch and invite a few people over to celebrate her. If you come from a big family, you can make this a collaborative effort between you and other people who might like to celebrate her as well. 



To make mother’s day even more special for your old lady, you can sign up for a cooking class for both you and her. This will be a great bonding experience and you learn how to make a new meal along the way! If you were wondering where to go for mother’s day, just look up places near you that offer this service and make a booking for mother’s day.


Another great place to take your wife for mother’s day is the salon. With all that she does for you and your family – at home and at her job, she may be too overwhelmed to get herself a proper haircut every once in a while. Treat her to one on mother’s day, book her an appointment with a hairstylist and give life to her bouncy hair once more! Find more ideas on what to get wife for mother’s day gift


Whenever you find yourself wondering where to take your wife on mother’s day, remember that your wife is a person first, and as such, she would like to have fun every once in a while. With that in mind, take your wife out for a night out – go to the bars and have sweet cocktails and if she is feeling up to it, you can take her dancing in the best and most sophisticated nightclubs near you.



If you do not have money to spend on mother’s day, it doesn’t automatically mean you shouldn’t have anything planned for your wife. Chances are your wife will be happy just to spend some quality time with you especially if you both have busy lives and can no longer spend as much time together. You can do activities that she likes such as gardening, knitting, scrapbooking, etc. Just take an interest in any of her hobbies and spend mother’s day doing them with her.


Cooking is a fun mother’s day activity for both adults and children. It is a cheap and easy way to make your wife a special meal while also spending quality time together in the kitchen with your children and learning new recipes! 


Another free thing you can do for your wife on mother’s day is to do all the chores around the house. Wake up early, clean, pick up toys and other stuff that’s laying around, make breakfast for everyone, take out the trash, and do all the other chores she asks you to do without complaining. This is her special day, try as much as you can to avoid getting her in a sour mood.

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1. Does my wife deserve a gift for mother’s day?

Yes, your wife (and the mother of your children) deserves a mother’s day gift – this should go without saying. Even if your kids are no longer alive, even if your kids did not make it to this world, if your wife has attempted or managed to give you a child, then your wife deserves a mother’s day gift from you. Unless she says otherwise, always get your wife a mother’s day gift. 

2. Should I buy gift for my wife on mother’s day? 

Yes, you should buy your wife a mother’s day gift. However, gifts don’t always have to be bought and they don’t always have to be expensive. You can make a DIY gift for your wife, do an act of service for her such as the chores around the house, and so much more. Do not limit yourself to buying gifts, think outside the box and give your wife a thoughtful gift for mother’s day. 

3. What is the best homemade gift for Mother’s Day?

The best homemade gift for mother’s day is anything artsy and craftsy. And by this, we mean that anything, literally anything that you make your mother she will appreciate it and think it the best gift you have ever given her. Part of this is because arts and crafts stuff is hard to make and requires time, energy, and they are usually thoughtful. So even if it doesn’t come out quite like you expected or wanted it to, the thought behind it matters much more than the actual gift itself. Here are some things you can make for your wife on mother’s day


In conclusion, there are many things you can do with and for your wife for mother’s day to make her feel special, loved, and appreciated. Some of the things you can do are; take her on a night out, book her a spa day, take her out to brunch, cook her a special meal, and do all the chores for her on mother’s day. These activities require both money and time – with some falling on one more than the other. No matter your financial status always remember that your wife loves you as you are and she will be just as happy if you spent money on her or if you spend a good quality time with her as long as you make her feel special on mother’s day. Surprising wife on mother’s day is also one of the ways you can ensure to put a smile on your wife’s face – just make sure you surprise her with the right gift. 

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