What to Say When Your Girlfriend Is Mad at You - 11 Ways to Comfort an Angry Girlfriend

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You might not know what to say when your girlfriend is mad at you most of the time but trust me, you are not alone in this. A lot of guys out there have, at some point or another, been in a situation where they were completely at a loss with how to deal with an angry girlfriend and even ended up saying things that made it worse.

You might not know what to say when your girlfriend is mad at you most of the time but trust me, you are not alone in this. A lot of guys out there have, at some point or another, been in a situation where they were completely at a loss with how to deal with an angry girlfriend and even ended up saying things that made it worse.

First thing you should know is that whatever you say must be customized to the reason your girlfriend is mad at you. Your first step therefore, should be to find out why she is angry in the first place so that your words can be customized to the situation.

Another thing you need to do is to take your pride and lock it in the basement for the moment because women can be notoriously proud when they are angry. This can lead to a fight if you, as the man, don’t take the initiative to calm things down and you can’t very well do this if pride is in the picture.

We understand that her anger can be misdirected but when people are angry, getting through to them can be difficult. This is why it is best to calm her down first then go about proving your innocence.

Without further ado… here are things to say when your girlfriend is mad.

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1. Ask her to talk to you and explain

For all the talents that men have, being a psychic is not one of them. When your girl gets mad therefore, you can’t always be expected to know what the matter is unless you are told.

The first thing you need to do is to ask your angry lover what the matter is in a way that you, as her boyfriend, knows that she will be responsive to. For instance, relating to a point in previous fights where you both found out that it would be easier if the aggrieved party simply said what was wrong.

In order for this to work, good communication is a vital element in your relationship and if it isn’t there, you need to work on that as well because it can lead to deeper problems.

Another piece of advice from Teaching.com is that instead of looking for text messages to send to your girlfriend when she’s mad, it would be better if you spoke to her in person.

Most Acceptable Ways to Work Through Arguments With a Partner.

2. Apologize to her

When your girl is mad at you, an apology will go a long way towards pacifying her but you should never apologise unless you know what you’re apologizing for.

If you simply mouth off an apology without even knowing what it is that you did wrong, the apology might come across as cheap and could serve to make a girl mad at her boyfriend even more.

It is therefore important to find out what it is that you did wrong first, and then apologize to her for it. As we mentioned above, it is best to also apologize when you are not in the wrong to calm her down. Then you can explain the situation after that. Who knows? The tide might change and your apology will be returned to you with even greater affection.

3. Throw in a humor

Some ladies don’t appreciate humor when they are angry but others do, and your chances of getting away with it increase when you use more of an inside joke that is unique to your relationship.

You can also use other comic devices that you know she doesn’t mind such as a funny face or a goofy voice. You should definitely use your smile as well.

When using humor to deal with angry girlfriends, remember that the goal is to calm her down and then talk to her, not to distract her so that she forgets why she is mad. If you do this, you run the risk of making your pissed off girlfriend even more pissed off when she remembers her anger and your deception.

Here are other ways you can make your girlfriend smile.

4. Tell her that you don’t want to fight with her

When your girl is mad, you should let her know that you do not want to fight with her because you care about her and the relationship a lot, you don’t like to see her sad and angry, and you want to get past the current situation so that she can smile again.

This sweet thing to say to your girlfriend when she’s mad at you has a good chance of getting through to her such that she calms down and allows both of you to discuss the situation and resolve her issues amicably.

5. Offer to do something that she likes with a promise to address her anger

Not sure what to say to your girlfriend when she’s mad? Offer her an escape.

Mad girlfriends still like the same thing they like when they are calm so you could suggest doing something that she likes doing as a couple such as taking her out or watching a movie together.

In order for her not to think that you are trying to distract her however, you should also attach a promise that you will come back to the issue at hand afterwards so that she can say all that she needs to say without anger clouding her judgement and making her say things that she might regret later.

6. Tell her to take her time but to remember that you are there for her

“Sometimes when my girlfriend is mad at me, I find it best to give her space.” These were spoken by a member of our writing team and it was corroborated by several experts in the field.

These experts believe that when a person is mad, sometimes all they need is space to process those feelings. If you are looking for what to say when your girlfriend is mad therefore, you can suggest to her that she takes some time from you to process her anger.

Be sure to include that you will always be available and that you will miss her regardless of whether she’s gone for mere minutes. Your girlfriend will come to appreciate that you care about her that much.

7. Tell her you didn’t mean to hurt her

If your girlfriend is rightfully angry with you, that means you did something that hurt her feelings. Telling her that this was not your intention might come across as cheap, but that does not take away the importance of saying it.

Acknowledging that you hurt her and then telling her that you are sorry for this is exactly what to say to a girl when she is mad because it shows that you are owning up to your mistake. There is also the added bonus of responsibility being very attractive.

Here are other things to tell your girl that she wants to hear.

8. Tell her that seeing her angry hurts you

Women want to know that you care when they are angry. When thinking of what to say to your girlfriend when she is upset, be sure to include that seeing her angry with you hurts you and makes you sad.

It would make her feel important but we must caution that you shouldn’t use this often because it might give off the impression that you are somehow selfishly making the situation about you and your feelings instead of hers.

9. Reinforce your love for her

Love conquers a lot and that includes the anger of a cranky woman. When you aren’t sure what to say when your girlfriend is mad at you, tell her you love her. Tell her that she means everything to you.

There is a good chance that this will calm her down for a moment which will provide you with the perfect opportunity to talk to her and find out why she is angry and how you can both get past it.

10. Offer to clear out your schedule to give her quality time

“She is angry with me, what should I do?”

You can offer to drop everything you are doing to find a way to make amends to her.

For people who are really busy, this is precisely what to say to a girl that’s mad at you because it shows that you value her so much that you are willing to set aside other important things just to make sure that she gets better.

11. Do not trivialize her anger

We’ve been focused on what to say when your girlfriend is mad at you but we feel it is paramount to mention one thing that you should not – playing down her anger.

Women hate it when they are angry and instead of their partners taking it seriously, they trivialize it by laughing it off or making remarks that show the source of her anger to be rudimentary and not worthy of serious concern without explaining why they think so.

This is akin to making fun of them and no one likes to be made a fool of – especially not when they are angry.

Quotes to convince angry girlfriend

In case you need help with some things to say, we have compiled some mad girlfriend quotes that you can use as inspiration.

I wish I were a psychic so I could understand everything about you and love you better but sadly I am not and I do not know exactly what I did to make you mad at me. Please talk to me babe so I can make it right.

Baby I am so sorry that I did something so stupid as to ________. It was wrong of me and I sincerely apologize. Please forgive me.

I have always wondered what a care bear would look like when they are angry. It is even cuter than I expected.

You are my baby girl and I love you. I don’t like fighting with you my love. Can we find a way to get past this?

I understand you are angry love and you have every right to be. But please sign a truce with me so that I can take you (something she likes). We can talk more when we come back I promise. 

I really messed up and I am sorry. I want you to take all the time you need to forgive this handsome face of mine. I will be one call away if you need anything.

I never meant to hurt you like that my love. I can be such a fool sometimes and I am working on it. Please forgive me.

I woke up this morning with a pounding head and some major heartbreak. It is hurting me but physically and emotionally that you are mad at me. Please forgive me.

I love you, I really do. And I know it doesn’t make up for what I did but I want you to know that I love you and you mean the world to me.

I know I messed up and I would like to make it up to you. How about I cancel all my appointments tomorrow and we can go do something you like?

I did an online search on what to text your girlfriend when she’s mad at you. I found hundreds of things but after searching for the past couple of hours, nothing I found could properly express how sorry I am. Please forgive me.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you say when your girlfriend is mad at you?

  • Ask her what it was that you did wrong
  • Tell her you are sorry
  • Tell her you love her
  • Tell her you are sorry that you hurt her
  • Offer to spend time with her to gain forgiveness
  • Tell her that you hate fighting with her and that you don’t like to see her hurt and angry

2. How do you comfort your girlfriend when she’s mad at you?

  • You need to both talk to and listen to her
  • Get her some food she likes
  • Take her out on a date
  • Show her some physical affection e.g. hugs, kisses, cuddles
  • Don’t trivialize her anger and don’t get angry too

3. When a girl is mad at you, does she like you?

There are experts who believe that when a girl gets angry with someone a lot, especially over insignificant things, it could mean that she likes them and is trying to gain their attention even if they don’t realize it. To be sure however, you need to look out for other signs that there is attraction before you settle on this.

In relationships, experts also agree that your girlfriend being mad at you means that she still cares enough to be hurt by your actions. So yes, if your girlfriend is mad at you, she most probably still likes you.

4. How to know if your girlfriend is mad at you.

There are several ways to know if your girlfriend is mad at you including:

  • She doesn’t text or call you first for a couple of days especially when she usually does so
  • She replies your messages late or not at all
  • She gives you very short replies like, okay, cool, yes, fine.
  • She shows less physical and emotional affection such as hugs and kisses or telling you that she loves you
  • She gets angry over little things
  • Her tone of voice comes across as aggressive quite often
  • Talk to her close friends


When your girlfriend is mad at you, you need to show her that she matters to you by using all of the above to try to resolve the situation. It will show her that you won’t leave when she is angry and will ensure that your relationship comes out stronger as a result.

Remember, It is your job to be the first one to try to calm your girlfriend down when she is angry as it is hers when you are angry. This is what a relationship is. If this is not the case, work on it.





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